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Pirate Role play
DMs: @Lil Proton and @Blue winter rose
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The great world of the Aether. A realm of floating continents submerged in the great gases(sky ocean)with mysterious creatures lurking deep below. Many people made this realm home, including dwarves, goblins, elves, fairies and a few humans. In the slums of the great elven city Eurji (E- row-ga), five young humans have been kicked out of the orphanage. They got into some deep trouble, and staying in the city means only trouble. So there's only one thing to do. ADVENTURE!

The role-play is character-driven, although there are quests and things for the characters to react with. The main quest consists of the five orphans(between 14 and 19) surviving without the former protection and exploring the world. That is steampunk with a mix of magic and science. The first quest of their adventure is to obtain a flying ship. We are looking for three more people, to end up with a total Cast of 5.

The magic can be divided into three political categories, commercial, wizard and tribal.

Commercial magic
The common generic magic, relatively easy to learn and the type of magic that is used by the government. This magic is usually used to enchant objects, for example, armour or weapons, but also for more innocent things like toys. Commercial magic is also used to make potions.

Wizard magic
Elite magic is reserved for wizards. Anyone can be a wizard, but the universities where the magic is taught are only open to the very rich. Wizards are often researchers for the government and businesses, but also control who and how magic is practised. The wizard magic mostly consisted of spells.

Tribal magic
Tribal magic is practised by tribes and ethnic Minorites. This exists of rituals, potions and enchanted objects. It is looked down upon by the wizards and deemed illegal. For this reason, lively black markets have sprouted in most big cities. Almost anything can be found on these, but not everyone can be trusted, and items bought on the market could be both very helpful and Unpredictable.

For the characters, we were inspired by the five men band archetype. Each role is described underneath:

Leader(19 years): The leader is self-explanatory, normally a balanced mixture of intelligence and experience to make proper decisions. In this context, the leader would be the eldest, hence having the older sibling position.

Lancer(19 years): The second in command. The lancer is often the best friend of the leader who may be the one to doubt or challenge the Leader’s authority. In this context, the lancer would be the best friend who’s just as old as the leader but just doesn’t have the authority

Muscles(17-18 years): The one that is strongest in combat and does the most damage. In this context, the muscles may not be strong, but possess a skill or talent that’s very deadly.

Moral compass(14-16 years): The younger, less experienced character, everyone adores. This is the character that keeps believing when everyone else gives up. Frequently also the glue that keeps everyone together when they are arguing. In this context, the moral compass is the youngest and while less experienced they are not completely helpless either.

Smart person(17-18 years): The most fluid of labels can switch upon context, but the smart guy is normally the one who understands relevant topics at hand. Within this context, the subject could be steampunk, magic or some mix of it.

The roles are not absolute, some characters can know things the smart person doesn’t know. And in some situations, the lancer may act as the leader.

Pick one of the available roles above
Look at the chosen role to see what ages are available

Give us two or three strengths
Give us two or three weaknesses
Weapons/tools/important objects:
Describe how they got it, and what it does. They are in an orphanage, so it’ll be things like rusty knives they stole from the kitchen, something they made etc. etc. nothing too fancy.

Cast list:
Leader 1/1
Lancer 1/1
Muscles 1/1
Moral compass 1/1
Smart person 0/1
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Name: Axise Blight
Gender: Nonbinary, afab
Height: 5'9"
Appearance: Athletic body type. Pale skin, short dark brown hair cut like Atsushi's (Bungo stray dogs, look it up), big bright blueish-purple eyes
Personality: Axise... well, she's pretty quiet, despite being pretty people-oriented. They're okay with crowds and public speaking and stuff, but if given a choice she'd rather not. Once they get over her anxiety, she can usually make friends relatively easily. They've got the common sense in the group, but she usually decides to do the thing anyway because why not? That's led to several stupid injuries. She's got some anger issues, which lead them to blow a gasket sometimes. It's not fun when she does, because they feel so bad afterward. (Guilt complex much?)
Strengths: Bravery- They're able to do things that usually require a lot of bravery (or stupidity). They're one to run headfirst into a fight in order to protect the ones she cares about.
Craftsmanship: She's really good at making things. You name it, they can probably make it. While some of their stuff isn't the best, it usually still serves its purpose. She loves making new things, especially weaponry.
Weaknesses: Impulsivity- Their impulsivity sometimes gets them into a lot of trouble. They have several dumb injuries from stupid things she decided to do despite knowing that it wasn't a good idea.
Anger- She gets angry pretty easily, but usually tries to just keep it to herself. But sometimes they just explode into a ball of pure rage. She feels so bad about it afterward because they tend to say some pretty mean things when they're angry.
Weapons/tools/important objects: A letter opener, she swiped it from the head boss' desk at the orphanage. A small silver necklace in the shape of a sword. This was left with them when she was brought here a long time ago. It's her most valuable possession, and if anyone tries to take it their fingers will be broken.
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@TheZanta Sorry I only now see this. We were just about to start, but if you are fast, you could still join. I will send you a discord invite. That is if you are still willing to fill the spot.