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But We Were Happy

A mysterious letter arrives, inviting you to a Valentine's Day Party. There is no return address, no way to know even how to get to the party. But you sure are bored and lonely, so it seems like a good idea to go- it wasn't. Once you arrive, you notice that a lot of other strangers are there. A lot of Single strangers. No one is quite sure the actual purpose of the party... at least until your host arrives and tells you that your objective is to get a date by the end of the night or there will be deadly consequences. The good news, it's only sunrise outside. The bad news, the doors are locked and there is no way out. Date or die.... the choice is yours.


1) All STC Rules apply.
2)No Godmodding/powerplay.
3)Duos are allowed (And can be from different cannons), oh, and nearly forgot the most important rule, the character must be single upon arrival. However, if you do a duo, the characters may NOT date each other as the party solution.
4)3 images/gifs per post. Mobile users don't want to be overwhelmed by your pictures and have trouble reading.
5)I plan to update as fast as possible, but this will be a main update on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays with sporadic short replies in between.
6)Be nice to each other
7) Have fun

Appearance: ( Image prefered, but description. Face claims, or random pictures )
Age (Optional since it is hard with some canons):
Canon ( Put OC if OC. If it's an OC from a specific fandom let me know):
Abilities/ Powers
Important Lore/ History about Them:
Extra Info:

Appearance: He has blond hair that is spiked and well groomed and brilliant blue eyes.He is quite well built and has white wings.He is six feet tall and typicaloy wears a red muscle shirt and a black leather jacket with jeans and sneakers.
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Faceclaim: Cam Gigandet
Name: Eros Valentino
Age: Unknown
Canon: Greek Mythology adaptation of the first Eros created
Abilities/Powers: Sexual manipulation, Desire manipulation, flight, super strength. immortality, advanced senses, archery.
Important Lore/ History About Them: Unknown
Extra:He owns a bow and love/ lust arrows. He was created on February 14th by Chaos. He's a god. ( Specifically of desire)

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Noah Maxwell
None, a normal human being.
Important Lore/History:
From birth, he was marked as a target for The Administrator, an eldritch being as old as time. In 2008, his cousin Milo had committed suicide in order to escape The Administrator. Noah dives deep down a rabbit hole and ends up getting stalked by not only The Administrator, but from one of his cronies, The Observer, as well. He is destined to become a god like being known as Firebrand in the future.
Other Info:
Taken from right before the Mary Asher Phone Call.​
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: Yashamaru Kurama
Age (Optional since it is hard with some canons): 20
Canon ( Put OC if OC. If it's an OC from a specific fandom let me know): Samurai Shodown
Abilities/ Powers:
Copy-pasting from cota2 lol
Yashamaru has inherited the bloodline of a tengu, and as a result possesses a few powers. The ones in particular he possesses are:
Wind Manipulation: Yashamaru can create whirlwinds with his sword, as well as use air to make his attacks more devastating. He can also manipulate air into feathery blades and use them in a ranged attack.
Flight: Yashamaru wears a cape that, when he wills it through magic, transforms into a pair of large red wings on his back that allow him to fly. Even when they are not in use, though, he is still more agile than a mere mortal, able to stay in the air longer and jump higher.
Agility: Yashamaru, in occasional spurts, can move so quickly that it seems he teleported from place to place. This may just be an additional boon from his air manipulation skills, though.
Rage: Yashamaru, when in combat for long enough, is able to temporarily become Enraged. In this state, his hair turns black, and he becomes something of a berserker, with heightened senses, speed, and devastating attacks. However, this takes a long time to build up once used.
Important Lore/ History about Them:
Yashamaru is known as Karasu Tengu, a notorious vigilante and thief that targets those who would otherwise be above the law. Blaming the Tokugawa Shogunate and their corrupt allies for the unjust execution of his father four years ago, Yashamaru has become a fallen samurai who will continue on this path of justice until the end.
Extra Info:
Taken from after the events of the 2019 game.

Name: Michiko Malandro
Age: Mid 30s?
Canon: Michiko and Hatchin
Abilities/ Powers: She doesn't possess any cool powers but does know how to shoot firearms, and use whatever she has available as a weapon. She can even fight armed men without a weapon herself.

Important Lore/ History about Them:
Michiko Malandro

She grew up in an orphanage, where the woman who owned it bought and sold children and claimed it was a "nice place" when Michiko knew it wasn't. At one point, as a young woman she ran into a man named Hiroshi Morenos, who she quickly fell in love with after headbutting him for pointing a gun at her (which turned out to be unloaded). Twelve years before the start of the series she was arrested and taken to Diamandra Prison for destroying properties relating to a syndicate named Fantasma. After making multiple escape attempts between her imprisonment and the start of the series she eventually does escape and from there takes Hana "Hatchin" Morenos from her abusive foster family to find Hiroshi, who was said to have died about eleven years prior-which she doesn't believe.

Extra Info: Taken post-series.
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: Zangief, the Red Cyclone
Age: 35
Canon Street Fighter 2
Abilities/ Powers: Peak Human Condition. An absolute unit. Muscle Power.
Important Lore/ History about Them:
Zangief is a Russian Professional Wrestler who, with the full support of the USSR, travels the world in the hopes of improving both his body and the image of the Soviet Union. In his free time, he wrestles with bears and enjoys traditional Russian meals.
Extra Info:
Appearance: View attachment 4818
: Beetlejuice
Age (Optional since it is hard with some canons): Unknown
Canon ( Put OC if OC. If it's an OC from a specific fandom let me know):
Beetlejuice the Musical
Abilities/ Powers: Possession, duplicating himself, making a giant version of himself, warping reality.
Important Lore/ History about Them: Not much is known about Beetlejuice
Extra Info: Currently Beetlejuice can be seen by Eros. Beetlejuice is a bisexual disaster child.

Name: Edmond Honda
Age: Mid-30s
Canon: Street Fighter
Abilities/ Powers:
A master sumo wrestler and accomplished bathhouse owner.
Important Lore/ History about Them:
Born and raised in Tokyo, Honda is a professional sumo, having reached the rank of ozeki. Passionate about his sport of choice, he enters fighting tournaments in order to promote sumo wrestling throughout the whole world. Runs a bathhouse in his free time.
Extra Info:
Taken from after SFV.

Name: Passionlip
Age: Unknown
Canon: Fate series
Abilities/ Powers: Abilities
Important Lore/ History about Them: An Alter Ego of Love and Hate created by BB by amalgamating the Servant data of Parvati, Brynhildr and Durga. Her oversized breasts and metallic nails leave quite the impression.
Extra Info: Taken after the Pseudo-Singularity Extra: Abyssal Cyber Paradise SE.RA.PH arc in Fate Grand Order.
Switching out Yashamaru bc Im weak...


Name: Yan Qing/Assassin
Age: Unknown, but likely mid-late 20s
Canon: Fate/Grand Order
Abilities/ Powers: It's...easier to just read the wiki lol
Important Lore/ History about Them:
An Assassin-class Heroic Spirit based on the outlaw of the same name from the Water Margin. A reincarnation of one of 108 stars said to bring misfortune.
Extra Info: n/a

Name: Saki Haijima
Age: Unknown
Canon: When a Magician's Pupil Smiles
Abilities/ Powers:
Saki can create physical magical barriers in quick succession (faster than the normal 30 minutes it takes most magicians to do so) and can survive being stabbed through the heart. He has high amounts of magical energy (that's shown as an almost water like substance that's part of their life force) that can also heal wounds, however not all of his abilities seems to have been shown in canon. Due to his high amount of magical energy, he has contracts with many Spirits, and keeps a mental barrier up in his apartment to hide said spirits from the eyes of normal people.

Once a Magician forms a contract, they don't need to eat, their spirit doing it for them. If a Spirit is poisoned, it affects the Master and imobilizes them temporarily. If the Master is killed, the Spirit has about an hour left to live. A Spirit is affected by their Master's emotions and mental state due to being linked closely with each other, and in a sense, act accordingly to whatever mental state or emotion their Master is in. Though they've been seen to mostly act like children in most cases. An example of this would be Saki's main contracted familiar Levi (pictured above).

Levi is Saki's main contracted familiar. The spirit eats so much and is always hungry that Saki has to live in a "rundown" apartment. Levi can fly and change sizes to be larger than Saki himself, and is usually used as transportation and on one occasion, injured Ouka to keep him from attacking someone, and another time also carried both Ouka and Shou in it's mouth. It tried to eat Shou on their first meeting, and Saki almost let it until convinced not to, much to Levi's disappointment. Saki and Levi seem to understand each other.

Important Lore/History about Them:
The strongest Magician of his world, Saki doesn't care about being the Controller. Once when he was younger, he only held back half of his power so he wouldn't have so much expected of him.

Four months before the series takes place, he meets Ouka Namae right after the boy had killed his father and frantically wrote a message to his "other self" in a notebook. Saki had to stop Ouka from going on a killing spree, and had taken him as his apprentice to pass onto him the strongest magic. However, he plans to keep Ouka "half alive" to protect the world, and has made an enemy out of his ex-friend Leo Koenig, the current Controller and second strongest Magician.

Extra Info: I'm taking some liberties with him based on what was revealed in canon, and if allowed will have Levi with him unless the GM says no.
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Name: Janafai Parasta

Age: 23

Canon: Original Character from:

Abilities/ Powers
Force Push - A Telekinetic Ability within the Force that is used in a wave like fashion to knock back all surrounding opponents in the vicinity. The wave could send opponents flying depending on the power used. This variant could cause various levels of injuries or even death if caught in the radius.
Drain Knowledge - A dark side ability used to extract knowledge out of a sentient without his or her consent.Beyond simple reading of thoughts, the Drain Knowledge ability disrupted the Force to steal deep memories and information in a violent and merciless way. Such a process might damage the subject psychologically.
Breath Control - A Force Ability that allows the user to literally numb the body's instinct to shut itself down after long periods without oxygen, allowing the user to be able to go without breathing for longer periods than he or she ordinarily could by using the Force to reserve the amounts of air in the lungs. It was believed that some users of the technique could hold their breath for hours or even days with this power.

Important Lore/ History about Them
Janafai didn't have a home planet as she and her family lived on the move on a personalized Civilian Cruiser. Her mother and father were historians and had a keen eye on old history. With the threat presented in the Galaxy by pirates and slavers, their home Cruiser had various defense to protect them from threats that were posed to them, while the interior was designed to support a regular life as if they were on a planet; with atmospheric air-conditioning and a large storage of food and drinks. Janafai admired the tenacity of Jedi and Sith; the power of the Force and the deadly efficiency of a Lightsaber. In her spare time when she wasn't helping family with their occupations, she practiced the ways of Echani Martial Arts in combination with a melee weapon in which she proved to hold herself when they were attacked by wild beasts.

During the Clone Wars, when Janafai was 18 years old and purchased her first ship; her immediate destination was Korriban where she discovered that she was Force Sensitive. The native beasts that laid in wait were attracted to her as in the books that she read, beasts that hungered for the Force were attracted to those who were sensitive to it. She ran for her life as her blade did nothing against the beasts as they kept coming, and martial arts weren't able to save her from these breeds. She feared for her life until someone dropped down in front of her and cut them all open with ease. She noticed straight away that the person's weapon was a Lightsaber with a red tint and was in awe; they were actually real. This Sith took her into the abandoned Sith Academy there and using what was salvaged from ancient computer terminals and whatever books were still intact at the Library, the Sith taught her the ways of the Dark Side; to use her fear as a weapon of power; to use the Force as a tool; and helped her forge her first Lightsaber; a Curved-hilt variant at her personal request.

Once she had undergone her training and finished it, the Sith challenged her to a duel to seal her fate. Despite the confidence in the Sith's abilities; dealing with a new trainee, a Apprentice, they never took her seriously. She had natural talent for learning quickly and studying on the field, and combined with her experience with the Echani Fighting Styles and Martial Arts, she had slain the Sith Warrior in cold blood. She got a feel for her new strengths and wanted to put them into use as now she had a way to survive on her own, and make people who got in her way fear her. She spent the last five years training, studying, adapting, and surviving on various planets, until the news came that the Clone Wars had come to an end; and a new Empire had risen in the Republic's Place. She had also learned of a new order in place; Order 66. Hunting down the last Jedi was the objective, and the end goal was clear. She took her fighter and flew to a Imperial Controlled System, aiming to locate a specific training program known as the Inquisitorius; a program designed to create Jedi Hunters. Once she entered a camp, her decent into the Dark Side furthered, her fighting style made more deadly and refined, and given her a purpose...

To hunt down any remaining Jedi... and kill them.

Extra Info:
Additional Information can be found about Jarafai here:
Appearance: View attachment 4823
Shazam Form appearance: View attachment 4826
: Pedro Pena
Age (Optional since it is hard with some canons): 26
Canon ( Put OC if OC. If it's an OC from a specific fandom let me know): Shazam 2019
Abilities/ Powers:
Divine Empowerment
: After shouting "Shazam!" while holding the Wizard's staff, Pedro was given the ability to transform. When transformed, Pedro has many powers and abilities, which exceed the capabilities of humans.

  • Superhuman Strength: Pedro is superhumanly strong, being able to hold up a Ferris wheel and contend with the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • Superhuman Durability: Pedro's champion avatar is able to withstand and support the weight of a Ferris wheel.
  • Flight: Pedro is able to fly.
Important Lore/ History about Them:ña
Extra Info:
He got to the party before everyone else and had some food and went exploring. Said food aged him mentally and physically and as such, he is 26 for now. He's gay.
dont mind if i do with oc


Witch of Deception


Original Character

As expected out of Metaworld denizens, she is able to use magic. Feats such as levitation, summoning, and spellcasting are second nature to her. As Witch of Deception, she specializes in tricking those around her, even if it means weakening herself in the process. She is permitted to use the Red Truth and Blue Truth.

~Important Lore/History About Them~
As her title says, she is the Witch of Deception. As such, not even the powerful Endless Witch Beatrice can see through the deception that masks this Witch's identity or true purpose. For this story, she will refer to herself as "Witch" for temporary namesake. There is no need to further elaborate, for there is no meaning to convey the truth when she is only deception.

~Extra Info~
Nothing of upmost importance.​
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: Master Roshi
Age: 323
Canon: Dragon Ball Super
Abilities/ Powers:
Ki Mastery, Increased Strength, Speed, Stamina, Etc.
Important Lore/ History about Them:

Extra Info:

"I'm just glad I can inspire others to dance on the sparkling stage."

Akizuki Ryo


Canon ( Put OC if OC. If it's an OC from a specific fandom let me know):




Abilities/ Powers:


Important Lore/ History about Them:


Extra Info:
Former crossdressing idol, now a full-fledged male idol.
Has a cousin named Ritsuko.​
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