All that's left: After the magic apocylypse -- STORY IDEA.

The world of Aiura was a peaceful world...

Meanwhile in the lab.

The lab was located somewhere in the mountains. They were shrouded in cherry blossoms but there was one small hole in the mountains leading into the labs. There were elven and human workers casually tinkering with things. They were creating a gigantic mechine that resembled to be some sort of fusion-reactor.

A few hours later they were done. They had succsesfully created the strange magical-fusion reactor that they've been working on. Despite the gods had forbid them to use nuclear magic. But they were so horribly stupid and so horribly stuborn in their heads that they had finally made the mechine.

A voice that filled the halls would begin to speak. "Activate the number two reactor." The reactor began to pulsate and the experiment began. But the mechine began to have huge problems. "We have a problem! SIR! WE HAVE A PROBLEM" One of them shouted as panic began to fill the room that they were in. People tried to stabalize the reactor but they had ultimatly failed due to the magnetic stabalizer going beyond controll and they ordered an immidiete evacuation.

"EVACUATE THE FACILITY!" The man in the both said as they all began to run for the enterence. The reactor's pulsation began to roar louder as they approached the exit that was just a speck of light. "WE'RE GONNA DIE-" One man said before a blinding flash of light filled their vision. "AAAA-" Then everything went dark.

A horrifying light began to appear under the mountain and then everything blew up into pieces. The mountain was bulged into a gigantic sphere of fire that expanded to all directions with a horifying shockwave. The entire area was decimated and melted into nothing. As if they had made a horrifying hydrogen bomb that probabaly was just a magic-nuke of some sorts..

A huge fireball turned into a huge ball of plasma and the mushroom cloud was so huge that it could be seen from miles away. The explosion had decimated and flattned 116 096 km² of land or even more then TSAR_BOMBA. As large as Ohio to be precise which was the largest explosion ever recorded.

The fireball was so bright that it seemed to be brighter then the sun. But then the shockwave began to shatter everything around. Villagers and cities were absouloutly destroyed and eardrums and organs/bones shattered in the closeby regions with a lot of desert-heat waving in from the accident. People ran for their lives and animals and lifestock fleed. But from a very far distance they could feel the tramutising heat and those were far enough but they had to cover their ears due to the large explosion. It appeared as a huge fireball with a cloud that stretched across the skies and covering the entire area.

The energy wave that was sent was a magical wave and basically was a huge wall of magic that acted like some radioactive or ionising wave. It was thrown over the entire villages and areas were hit with it which was more like radiation. People started to die on the streets and horrible mutations accoured. Now there was no fallout as the energy wave began to weaken and everything turned normal.

...After 6 months.

There was a wasteland left. There was no life in the area of the detonation. There was only deserts and large dunes and presumingly some left over runes. There were no radioactive components as if it seemed to be clean. But it was hot and warm in the deserts as it seemed to cover the areas that has been destroyed. But there was still life! There was still hope left. Because the world wasn't that small after all. It's just mostly wasteland and the wastelands covered 50% of the planet while only 50% were flurishing forests.

The explosion was heard from across the planet. But the death tool was so horifying which made even creatures suffered for their dead children/parents. From demons,angels,elves, humans and other creatures suffering for the huge losses. The queens and kings including the people in the world will remember this. The gods and deties were furious and angered as if they wanted to rip the world to pieces and end it right here! But they didn't lose hope yet as one of them told. Which others disagree with. But something got onto their mind as they looked up towards the skies.

Will the stars give any answer?

But their world is slowly dying because appearently the explosion had caused the tree of Yggdrasil to take a slight damage due to the explosion but also due to the wave of magic that affected the heart of the planet which made life in the world a hard place. Magic was still to be used but the plants and animals were slowly dying and as if the deserts grew larger and larger.

Meanwhile the forests near the deserts turned gray and they started to decay out of existance. Animals died and people too. All because of these scientists that caused the absoloute mayhem and the entire destruction of a huge area. The deserts got more hotter and hotter and more breezy nights. But was there any hope left?

They did not lose hope so easily. They continued to fight for their survival. Merging together into huge cities and pacts.

But a hero will rescue us all one day as the propechy tells.
The propechy tells of a hero who falls from the stars. Who will save their world of magic.(My OC).
Now we shall wait until he arives. When the moon stands above our heads and when the moon goes blue he comes. He shall come under the blue moonlight and he will save us once in for all!

(Hope you like my story idea!)