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You can call me Scales (thanks to my profile pic that will never change), or Treasure (named after a nonexistent python), or whatever else you choose. I am currently pretty active and open to taking a couple of new partners. Down below are your typical about me's, what I expect, and what I'm interested in, but I am not a "set in stone" kind of person. If you have an idea you think I'd be interested in, go ahead and send it to me! I don't bite.

Unless you try to bite me first. :emoji_japanese_ogre:

  • I am highly active most days and can give multiple responses a day, but I understand this is not universal and am patient with my partners
  • I really like a lot of OOC chat, but I can understand why not everyone does
  • I encourage reminders and nudges, especially if one of us has been gone for an extended period of time
  • I will play either gender
  • I will often play multiple characters
  • I only do MxF, FxM pairings when romance is concerned
  • I tend to make a new character for every RP but will occasionally "recycle" one.
  • I am most comfortable at about 1-3 paragraphs in length but can go longer. I am not opposed to one-liners, but I do not use them often
  • I will do pretty much any genre, though I do not care for zombies, and romance must have a compelling plot, not just mush.
  • I can easily go dark in an RP, but I'm usually cautious about it to start with, and I'm not always in the mood
  • I am fine with either fluffy RPs or deep, heavy RPs, or RPs that hold a variety. If I have multiple RPs going and have too many of one (for example, too many fluffy RPs) I may turn down new fluffy RPs just for balance's sake.
  • I prefer to RP in the forums rather than PMs
  • PLEASE do communicate with me and tell me if you feel uncomfortable about anything at all or if you just have a bit of advice. Just please don't be condescending about it.

  • Do not god-mod
  • Do not control any characters that are mine, no matter how briefly I introduced them
  • Do not ghost me. Please, I beg of you, this bothers me more than anything else. I understand sometimes life happens, and you may not get a chance or even think of telling someone you just met you won't be online, but if at all possible, please just say you'll be gone, even if it's temporary
  • Mostly the usual here, so fill in whatever else you'd expect, I suppose

My Biggest Weakness:
If I am really enjoying the RP and if I have what I think is a brilliant idea, I will sometimes go off and try to control the RP and the flow. I recognize this as a fault, meaning sometimes I over-compensate and don't offer enough ideas. If you feel I am not communicating my ideas well, or if you have things you want to see done, please do speak up.

What I Expect in a Partner
Please communicate your likes and dislikes and if you are not enjoying something or if you want to try something
Please give me a character sheet/face-claim to work with no matter how simple
One-Liners or novel-length posts, that does not matter to me as much as the spirit behind them. That said, I find One-Liner-only RPs tend to die faster.
Just be nice, I suppose, and be patient with me and my strange sense of humor.

Plots and Ideas!

All plots and ideas are open for discussion and alterations
Nothing is set in stone
Except for the things that really are stone​

Fantasy Oriented

This is a Beauty and the Beast-type idea, a couple of them, really. In either scenario, I am perfectly happy ending it so it is not a romance, it's just vaguely inspired by one of the greatest and most re-told fairy-tales ever. (There are some seriously awesome takes on this tale, especially if you can tolerate really old movies.) I'd like to be the Beast in these, but I'm open to debate. And no, I don't expect the characters to be actually called Belle/Beauty or Beast. :)

In the first idea, we follow a pretty standard formula. The Belle's father gets taken for taking a rose (or similar), the beast captures him, Belle goes after him, Beast wants to keep him, she offers her life for his, and the father is freed. So far so standard. The difference to this idea is that this is a castle made up entirely of Ice, and there is a border of snow all around. Also, the Beast is a shape-shifting dragon, and not a pretty dragon, either. When outside his castle walls, he is forced to be in the shape of a hideous dragon, but within the walls, he is a handsome prince with a heart of ice. There are also servants, and they cannot leave or else they will melt. Here, the story can either follow a romantic love, or it can be a platonic love. I mean, after all, it's easy to love something out of pity, but how hard is it to cultivate a true friendship?

Second idea! Disclosure: I'm told this one sounds a bit like a TV series from about 2014-16'ish, and I think I saw a couple of episodes of it, but I have no real memory of anything about it, so any real similarities are coincidental. Anyway! The beast is a tortured creature who lives his life in the sewers. Again, he takes on the form of a draconic-type creature, and he is allowed a twisted version of a human form only so often. He has little memory of his former life, but he knows he was not always this way. He has no idea how he got to be like this, and he's basically given up trying to figure it out. He is not necessarily a bad fellow, but he can do a lot of accidental damage with that tail of his.
Meanwhile, the Belle is a reporter, detective, PI, or just your average snoop, and she discovers the Beast when she goes into the sewers for some reason (chased? hunting a story? tragic past?) and gets attacked by some unsavory fellows who followed her. The Beast saves her, and now he's a target for her curiosities. She believes he might be some kind of government experiment, or perhaps a lab rat for some independent scientist, and she wants to help him. Meanwhile... she probably has her own problems to deal with.

Revenge of the Myth:
In the days of yore, a young woman is accused of witchcraft so another man might take over her father's lucrative business. She is the only child, her mother long dead, and her father poor of health. During the rigged trial, the father dies of a heart attack, and the villagers take her out and tie her to a stake for a wolf or monster's meal, but the type of monster that shows up is not the kind she expects. An intelligent dragon who has the ability to shape-shift into human form only at night but must maintain dragon form during the day. For whatever reason, he agrees to help her get revenge, but it turns out to be a tricky business, and is revenge what she really needs?

Elf Among Us:
Elves are actually from another planet and are hiding among humans. There are not many of them, only a handful centered in a single city. They have been trying desperately to get back home again, but so far they haven't been able to figure out how, being a bit unclear as to how they ended up on earth in the first place. What I'm looking for is for someone to play a manly man against my Elf, or it could be a tough woman. Someone who is confident and has that confidence shaken, but then is too proud to ask for help or let their friends/family know they are hurting. The Elves in this story are trying to hide, so your character doesn't really notice much difference between them and a regular human at first except for perhaps some odd phrases and the occasional misunderstanding. The Elves are tall, humanoid beings who don't stand out much other than being on the tall and lanky side, and there are only men.

I do not have a specific story for this idea. I would like to play the Elf side against someone willing to be a human, and somehow the human discovers what the Elves are. I have a couple of vague ideas, but we can bounce around some thoughts.

Sci-Fy Oriented

Asteroid Vegas:
A few hundred years from now, give or take, the asteroid belt is a major vacation destination, a sort of Vegas of the cosmos. One asteroid, in particular, is a fully self- sufficient den of vice and bad behavior. What better place for a PI to make a bit of cash? Lost husbands, runaway children, and cheats trying to avoid paying the piper. Not exactly glamorous work, but it pays the bills, and who knows what kind of trouble one might stir up? This one I have the setting in mind more firmly than a plot beyond I would play a PI, but plot possibilities are nearly endless! This one is intended to have mature content, so I will ask that my partner in this be at least close to adult age. Not that I can really check, just know that this will not be for the faint of heart.

It's a futuristic setting, but still fairly similar to what we have now. To get to Asteroid Vagas will be like an expensive airplane flight. I don't think they've gotten too far past out Asteroid Vagas, but there's probably some exploration going on and maybe some small mining settlements and similar. Maybe a high-end expensive, clean-cut resort that's really hard to get into near Asteroid Vagas. So a slightly different payment method, little tweaks to things like phones and such, and the richest people can have like AI's for customer service, at least for the straightforward stuff, like, for example, a hotel or something could have a holographic 3D image running the front desk. For the most part it's the same as we know, just tweaked, and feel free to add your own tweaks as we go. I make up half of this stuff as I go, anyway.
I feel in this world there is a lot of corruption and is mostly run by the owners of the biggest casinos and pleasure houses and such. The government and law enforcement are still present and effective, but they mostly take a hands-off approach. Except! They will not tolerate anything at all that would hurt tourism as tourism is the lifeblood of the asteroid. So things like pickpocketing, murder, and such are met with harsh consequences. If you're caught. The residents thieving amongst themselves, eh, not as important.
Also, I don't think weapons are allowed other than the non-lethal kind. So no guns or big knives. The logic following the last thing you want a guy who's drunk and just lost everything at a casino to have is a firearm. Stun guns, tasers and the sort are quite popular. They make it easy to neutralize someone and no permanent damage. The police rule heavily populated tourist areas pretty firmly, not interfering with the tourists' illicit activities but instead with protecting the tourists from wannabe pickpockets or potential kidnappers.
The police are galaxy governed organization for the "official police," but hired mercenaries would be very popular for certain people's, uh, private affairs. Wink wink. I think the police would likely be easily bribed for a lot of little stuff, but on the whole, they have a line that they will not cross for how much they will turn a blind eye to. If that makes sense. The official police force that can be bribed but not for things that damage the overall reputation. So things like theft, murder and such are not allowed and relentlessly prosecuted but everything else can slide under the radar especially if it's kept out of the public eye. There's going to be a lot of corrupt influence and personal 'enforcement' agencies.
Gambling, brothels, and recreational drug houses are allowed here, under supervision, and they have to be inspected and such, but still allowed while back on Earth most of that is no longer legal at all. The lights are kept low and warm, there are few clocks, giving the entire planet an illusion of timelessness. You can lose all track of time here, becoming fully enveloped in the carnal pleasures.
Hence the rise of the Private Investigator. Most of the jobs available are family members trying to find other family members, and the second most popular job is tracking down people trying to skip out on their debts, but there are plenty of other "darker" jobs available to those willing to take great risks for great rewards.
Side note, there are no "sex slaves" here. Only willing women, or at least women who only view it as "just another job." They get paid well, and there is no market for that sort of thing.
I don't think there would be very many natives (if any) to this asteroid since it's like 95% commercial. Not very encouraging for family people. Granted, there could be people who've lived there for so long they consider themselves natives. There are some living areas for the people who work there.
And lastly, punishment for rule-breakers. It would depend on the severity, but I don't think they'd be allowed to exercise the death penalty here. Most severe would be an escort to Earth for trial, smallest would be some jail time, middle ground would be deportation. Unless they aren't a resident, then perhaps troublesome tourists would get deported.

Space! The final frontier! Okay, yeah, not a Star Trek rip off, but it kind of is in a way. A race of aliens - the Zebek - are observers of the universe. They send out ships to observe other parts of the universe, galaxies that may know of the existence of aliens or they might not. One such young Zebek (My Character) has just graduated from the academy along with his best friend, the only human (also MC) to ever live among the Zebek. They are scheduled to board their own vessel to go explore the universe on their first mission, but they still need two crewmembers to fill out their crew. Needed positions: Medic, cook, ambassador, and first scout. You can either chose one position per character or double up. For example, the medic could also serve as the cook. Again, looking for two crew members. My two are the Captain and pilot, and the Engineer.

A human is captured from Earth and taken to an alien planet. The alien who kidnapped the human misunderstood, thinking humans were animals and not sentient. The human is treated as a pet by a strict alien, and there is no escape back to earth in sight. How are they going to get out of this? Can they befriend the alien? Can they overthrow the alien? Can they somehow trick the alien or steal a ship to get back home? Open for this one to be a romance or just friends, more interested in the friendship aspect.

Supernatural Oriented

A young vampire is taken under the wing of an elder vampire. Can be a romance, or it can be purely an apprentice/master story. Alternatively, a similar idea, but in this one, a human has a great desire to become a vampire, and so gives themselves over to an elder vampire as a slave until the vampire chooses to Turn them. Again, can be a romance, or it can be purely a servant/master story.

This one is a little vague, so I'd love to get a partner to help me flesh it out and come up with a plot. What if "Werewolfism" is a genetic anomaly. It is active in males, making them go all hairy and turn into wolves on the full moon (able to turn at will any other time). Females do not go "wolf," but they are carriers for the anomaly and must choose whether or not they will pass it on to the next generation. Some think being a werewolf is a thing of pride, some think it is a shame, and some view it as a condition to be controlled but otherwise don't care. What could be done in a world like this?

Slice of Life, usually with a twist

A pair of roommates, housemates, or flatmates, whatever you like. The twist is one (or possibly both!) isn't as they seem. Perhaps they are a ghost who needs a living person to help pay the bills, or perhaps a strange race like a werewolf looking for a place to hide, or possibly just a woman and a man who didn't expect to be sharing space with the opposite gender. Open for this one to be a romance. If we go the fantasy route of having one (or both) be something supernatural, they will need to hide their true nature from the other. Looking for a lot of awkwardness and comedy in this one.

Misc. Ideas and plots

I'd kind of like to do a spy-themed RP, but I have no real plot for that, and I'm terrible at mysteries, so if you have an idea, I'd be happy to roll with it.

A young man (my character, preferably, but I'm open to discussion) is absolutely convinced aliens are in charge and controlling humans. He came to this "revelation" after a head injury he claims reset his brain. Everyone else says it's just the damaged part bringing out the paranoia. He refuses to believe this, as is proven what he writes in his journal: "Life seemed completely normal, but the thing is that I believed they were observing me because I was in a play. We all were. Every alien was assigned a human, when that human was born, the script for the play was imprinted in their brain and so we would live our lives for the entertainment of our designated alien that would watch us in some sort of theater." Is he right? Or is it a story his mind came up to cope with the pain? (I don't actually know these answers)

A rarity for me, an actual romance-themed RP! Our two characters are arranged to be wed for political reasons. My character is a king of one land, your character a princess of another. The marriage is intended to strengthen the bonds between the two lands, but neither character is exactly thrilled with the idea. The story for this one is more slice-of-life than anything, I suppose, with the two trying to alternately avoid or woo each other. This one might have a fantastical twist to it.

This one it is more of a character study than a straight-up plot (though plot will also be important). There are four (or more, four seems like a good number) people who end up trapped on a boat. They are unclear how they got there, and they are in restraints. There is food and water, but they have to figure out how to get to it. They have to figure out how to get out of their restraints/cages, then they have to try to figure out why they are in the ship, how they got there, where they are going, and who would do this to them. As they slowly make their way through the ship, they find it's nothing but room after room and each one locked in a different way. They don't see anyone (at least at first), but the ship is clearly moving and huge!

Most of the time, I desire some kind of sign up with backgrounds and similar, and I love doing that, but in this one, you would only do a detailed physical description and a name. You would know more about your own character, but nothing is given out as these characters know nothing about each other. Can they even trust each other? Or is someone sabotaging them? When locked in a ship with three other strangers, your brain can come up with all sorts of scenarios that may or may not be true.

My plan is to have one other partner, and each of us take two (possibly more) characters and basically wing it from there. Lots of frustrations and infighting with the potential of alliances being formed, all sorts of shenanigans.

Normally, I don't do mysteries, but this plot kind of came to me, and I think I might actually be able to make it work! Here's the story:

Two kids are sent to stay with their two uncles at a factory/sugar mill/ranch. The elder of the two uncles - Zedekiah - is known to be the creative backbone of the place. The younger brother - Uriah - is a savvy businessman and takes care of things on a more day-to-day basis. Uriah has been happily married for three years, no children, to Abigal. The kids have never met Abigal, and it has been a couple of years since they have seen either of their uncles, but they remember their uncles fondly, especially their Uncle Zedekiah, and thus are looking forward to a grand time of running riot all over the estate over the summer!

When they arrive, however, they find a house hushed with secrecy and tension. Uncle Zedekiah, as it turns out, has taken a bad mental turn. Uriah is doing his best to keep things quiet to not hurt the brand, but there is no mistaking that without Zeddekiah at the helm, the company is slowly going down. However, something more sinister is afoot.

The kids are convinced that what is happening to Zedekiah is not natural. Someone or something is driving their beloved uncle to madness, but who will believe a couple of interloping kids with no proof?

I have a few details still to work out with this idea, but I intend to control Zedekiah, Abigal, and Uriah as well as one of the kids. I would expect my partner to have one or more of the kids, ages anywhere from 12 to 16, young enough to snoop and not be taken seriously but not too young. Yes, I know who-done-it and why. If interested, hit me up!

And there we are! If you have a plot or idea or just a vague seed of a thought that you think I'd like, please feel free to hit me up! I'll be happy to chat about it.

I do not currently have any particular "cravings" and will play anything. I'd be partial to a friendship themed RP, but I'm not picky.
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I will bump this as I've changed a couple of things, added a new idea, and fixed a few mistakes. Mistakes are neverending... just as perfection is truly unattainable... but that doesn't mean we shouldn't still reach for it!


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Are your current cravings listed still up to date? Either way I would be interested in starting something with you, you have some truly wonderful plots there, so shoot me a PM if you feel like it :D


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Heya! Been reading through the 1x1 bulletin for a while, and I gotta say your ideas had me hooked!

I do have a few I find especially cool, but I'd honestly be willing to run out any of the ideas you've got listen down here since they're all pretty darn unique.
La Belle et la Bête (both variations!) and Vampires! are the ones that jumped out the most; I already have a few bare-bones concepts in mind for characters to use. But, if you've already found some people for those prompts, I'd love to try out any idea you've got-- Or collaborate to make a new one!
I'm pretty new to the site but I'm hoping I'll take to it as soon as I join in ^^'

If you wanna discuss details and stuff, feel free to PM; Or I can send one-- whichever works better for you ^-^


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I can do The First Idea of La Belle et la Bête Or Revenge of the Myth or Space Share where my character is a ghost that can only move stuff but at night, is more visible to the human eye since people believe more in ghosts at night. So the more the other character believes in my ghost, the more visible they are. We can do more with that plot if you want.