Open An Assortment of Ramshackle Ideas


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Hi! Don't know if you're still looking for someone to RP with those but... I got really interested in the Space Share one. If not, I'm also up for the Forced Marriage, Werewolf or Vampire one. We can even mix it all up a bit.



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Hello, if you are still looking I am interested, but I was wondering if we could go a little ~crazy~ and come up with a plot together. If not, please just disregard this comment! No need to reach out to me just to say no! :)


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Hihi! I'd love to do the Space Share role-play with you! If you'd like, we could PM to work out the details!


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I'm highly interested in the All in Your Head idea if it's still open. If you want, you can PM details.
You mentioned that you might be interested in a spy-themed RP, and I may have a few possibilities for that in mind. Before I go any further in that regard, though, are there any particular genres/fandom‘s/cravings/etc. that you might be interested in or willing to try for such an idea?


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Please do not reply here, just send me a message. I find that to be much more efficient and streamlined. Thanks!