New User An Introductory Entrance


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As I'm required to do this, I'll introduce myself:
"Hello, I'm Coolguy, nice to meet you Admins."


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Touche. My username is just my favorite wild berry, honestly. It used to be Little, but that was bad for my self esteem so my therapist made me change it. xD


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Hi, I'm not an admin, but I can still say hi to you. How is it going?
Fine. Though If I may suggest, the privileges that new users inherit seem a bit suppressing If I say so myself. By the way, what does a benefactor mean in terms of a title? I'm curious.


Anonymous Me
Coolguy, I think you may have missed the Account Approval Guide. It does not take long, or too much effort to become a member. If you have questions about the approval guide please give a shout.