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Annie's Girls


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These are my main girls. I am open to suggestions for role plays, I prefer to play the female role. I do not do romance of the same sex, not because I have anything against it just that I am no good at it. I like to play sister roles, best friend roles and romance with the opposite sex as well as friendships with the opposite sex, so our characters do not have to date to do a male and female role play. If one of my girls catches your attention please PM me or reply to her character sheet and I will message you. Please try to keep in mind my character's species when you request a role play with her. I try to stick with her in the way I created her. If it says she's a wolf shifter then that is what she is. In rare cases I will say they can be a human first and then become a species, such as a vampire or were wolf.

Alana Luminos (Demi-goddess)
Marcella Vivica Monroe (Kodak Bear Shifter)
Lyrica O'Rourke (undetermined yet but will be supernatural)
Cynthia Jade Vitale (Dragon Shifter)
Anastasia Noel Hampshire (Human for now) - Staring in: The Vampire and The Detective with Treasure
Mariah Cross (Wolf Shifter)
More to come.

I have done Alana and Cynthia's character sheets. Marcella and Lyrica will have to wait, I have to rewrite theirs because I can't find the original. Plus I have some vampiress girls to include in the list as well as some other shifters. PM me if you want to know about the others.
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Alana Luminos
Denim Pretty.jpg

Full Name: Alana Megan Luminus
Nickname(s): Lana, Megan
Age: Timeless
Age Appears: 32
Species (Supernatural RP): Elemental Demi-god



Alana has her mother's angelic qualities such as kindness, tenderness and a calming spirit when needed. She also has her father's temperament when angered. Watch out for lightning bolts and other manners of wrathful elements that can be thrown about (ice, snow, fire... I think you get the idea). Most of the time she is easy going and laid back. Alana's emotions show in her eyes more than anything, eyes are the window to the soul. Anything else... well Role play with her and see.

History (supernatural RP):
Alana is the daughter of Minda Luminus, an angel, and the god of thunder, Zeus. The Thunder God doesnt know he has a daughter as she was not born in a realm he would be able to 'see', she was born in her mother's home realm, Haven. Minda kept Alana's conception a secret from Zeus out of fear that he would take her from her and she'd never see her again so she had retreated back to her home.

Minda had met Zeus when they'd gone to the mortal planes to take care of some of their different charges, one of them had been where both of them had to work and the two had hit it off. It was a bit of a rapid affair that, at least where Minda was concerned, turned into love. Minda fell for Zeus but him being a god with a godess for a wife and him having larger responsibilities it would never work out. Worried that his jealous godess wife would come for her or the child she was sure she carried, Minda sought shelter in her home realm.

When Alana turned the human equivalent of ten, Minda decided she had to tell her daughter about her father. About their love affair. She told Alana about her concerns that the godess Athena would be jealous and want to harm them to hurt Zeus. Alana had started to show signs of having the ability to control the weather and other elements, Minda figured it was time she told her daughter the truth, and it was time to tell Zeus. He could help their daughter learn to control the lightning and thunder and maybe know who to get to help her with her other talents. Minda taught Alana all she could about her angelic abilities as well before she sent a message to Zeus.

As Alana grew to the human equivalent of sixteen her abilities got stronger and her parents agreed she needed further training. Alana was taken, by her mother, to a place on earth that was mutual ground for herself and Zeus to train her and teach her. She and her mother, Minda, lived in a secluded area where no one could interrupt their training. Minda lived with Alana,
keeping up appearances that a teenager did not live alone. They had to blend in. When Alana appeared to be the age of an adult that could live on her own Minda returned to Haven and the mortals were told her mother had moved elsewhere. Minda still visits her daughter from time to time.

As time goes on Alana periodically has to move to new places, at least for a while, but she always goes back to her original home in the secluded area her parents had first set up. Both Zeus and Minda always know where she is. (she has a sister and if there is an interest I may bring her sister in and edit this information here.)

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Cynthia Jade Vitale
Cynthia Jade Vitale- Nina Dobrev.jpg

Full Name: Cynthia Jade Vitale
Nick Name(s): Cyn, Jade
Age: 20
Species: Dracon (dragon shifter)

Dracon Info/Appearance:
Size: Slightly larger than her brother Zavier Vitale.
Scale Color: Jade (greenish blue) See Image below
Wing Description: See image below
Eye Color: Greenish blue

Human Info/Appearance:
Height: 5'5
Hair color: Brown with lighter brown streaks (all natural)
Eye color: Hazel

Dragon form_Human.jpg

Blending into the night sky in flight, breaths ice not fire.
Shifting from human to dragon.
Sculpting ice with her ice abilities.
Cosmic healing like her mother, heal herself and another if needed.
Glacial Daggers- calls up twin daggers made of enchanted icicles (they never melt).

Cynthia is generally a quiet person. She likes to find quiet places to read, think or just reflect on the day. Cynthia loves to be outdoors and you can usually find her in remote spots not many people come to so she can 'commune with nature', so yes she is a nature lover. She is a cosmic dragon that breaths ice instead of fire so she likes to fly at night. Cynthia is a loyal dragon to the friends she has and her family.

Other information:
She has a special broach or cloak pin that will be a trinket she gifts to her mate/guardian (or other person she deems worthy). She only has one of them so if you are given this gift it is super special and to return it will be equivalent to breaking her heart/denying she is anything to you.

Dragons Gift.jpg
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Anastasia Noel Hampshire
Black n Red.jpg

Anastasia Noel Hampshire
Nickname(s): Stacey or Noel (Noel mainly for her guy only)
Age: 26
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Personality: She can be willful. Goes her own way, marching to the beat of her own drummer. She can listen to orders but doesn't always take orders unless her life depends on it. She keeps up a bold, takes no BS front but deep down she is nervous, a little scared and unsure of herself. She will tell it like it is if necessary and tries to avoid trouble but it has a way of finding her. She's loyal and will take up for and even fight for the people she cares about or deems worthy of her friendship.
History: Anastasia comes from a semi wealthy family, her father has had some questionable associates and business deals and her mother was at one time assistant Mayor of their town. She is closer to her mother than her father. As she got older both parents started taking longer and longer business trips and now that she is an adult and working as a junior detective trying to uncover some shady deals her parents have moved away and left the house, which Anastasia doesn't really want to her.
Favorite Quote: "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is."
Appearance: Long/shoulder length dark, blackish brown hair (depends on the lighting), her eyes are deep brown with gold flecks, she has a tattoo on her left outer thigh with 'born to be wild' written within tribal flames (a rebellious thing she did when she was 19 because of a fight with her dad)
Now: She is on an undercover case to find out why there have been disappearances of girls her age and younger.


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Mariah Cross

Full Name: Mariah Karine Cross
Pronunciation of middle name: Kah wren
Nicknames: Mariah, Wren (close friends), Maria (only her man)
Age: 28
Species: wolf shifter

Shape shifting wolf to human and back. self healing, speed,
quick reflexes, heightened senses.

Human Appearance:
Hair: blonde shades (depends on lighting)
Hair style: No longer than shoulder length
Eyes: hazel (grey/green)
Build: Just right. Not too heavy, not too skinny
Height: Average

Wolf Appearance:
Fur Color: Blonde
Eye Color: grey

A bit of a mystery. She doesn't let people in easily, though once she does she's very reliable and loyal but treat her like a tool, or fool or take her for granted... well you don't want to be on that end of the spectrum. She's almost a kick ass, ask questions later type person, given a good reason. Her soft spot is children. It's also a sore spot, abuse a child in anyway and you will find out why children can be a sore spot for Mariah, that's one of those kick ass ask questions later times.

A good red wine
Steak and potatoes
Cedar or Pine furniture/ knickknacks
(the smell of it is very pleasing)
The outdoors

Abuse of any sort
Destroying nature
Sand in her shoes

A family of her own
(shh don't tell you'll ruin her tough girl rep)
Finding her life mate

Losing everything
Living without a mate