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With blood comes life, with life comes death.
All posts in IoS IC have been deleted. They can be retrieved upon request, so make sure to pm me if you want to use it still. Before you do so, make sure you review the content we discussed in tonight's meeting.

1. Keepers give you 2 weeks’ worth of Anima

2. normal people give 12 hours’ worth of Anima

3.write in 3rd person

4. Chronology/ posting order should allow for people to post before we move on to the next poster you should not be jumping from morning >afternoon > back to morning.

5. Keep your Post’s in a separate document in a time orderly fashion so you can post it when you’re at the right time. also PROPER GRAMMAR and More detail in post’s

6. Death, you can die in certain situations when you do something ie. Attack the reaper.

7. The Siphon-Gorge

Effect Keepers- Following the death of a familiar, a keeper will absorb a huge amount of mana, which, due to sheer quantity and lethality, will soon explode the soul of the keeper.

Familiars- When a familiar loses their keeper, they lose all the anima that was currently stored in their keeper. Without a proper supplier, their soul will eventually wear away into nothingness.

8.There will be an encounter system attributed to encountering other familiars. By a random chance of dice roll.

9.your actions can cause suspicion form the government.