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Discussion in 'Character Sheets' started by Otomos the Crazy, Dec 5, 2016.

  1. Otomos the Crazy

    Otomos the Crazy That Which Resides in the Stars Beneath the Land



    Gender: Female

    Appearance/Smaller Details: Aside from her carrying a rifle that outdoes her in terms of height, she pretty much just looks the same as she does in the picture. Bulky-looking clothes, a small satchel tied to her waist, and a hat that covers a part of her hair that covers a missing eye.
    Anri's clothes are deceptive in appearance. Though they don't seem to hold much, the inside of her clothes contain several pockets, in which she carries all sorts of small objects. It's not overly complicated, but most others would cut themselves on one of her knives if they went through her pockets without any idea of her system.


    • Stiletto
    • Five Throwing Knives
    • Magic Rifle (varying ammunition at the moment)
    Background: What would one resort to, when in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding? How far, would one go in order to achieve a goal? Some are bound by ethics, others are not. Anri was the result of one who had denied those shackles. Her life before the guild is a mystery to most, and those who do know the full story are likely not to tell. Anri was born of an unwilling mother, and an uncaring father. Her sole purpose was to assist in providing the kind of materials that others would most likely refuse to use. Her mother didn't die from bearing her, but she could never look upon the babe and accept her as her own. Her father...well, let's just say that he's the reason Anri's missing an eye.

    Anri was raised to be obedient. She did what she was told without question. She even butchered her own mother after her father had told her to. She almost never got the chance to experience life the way it should have been experienced, and the only consolation were a few lessons on how to talk and read, and a few books. Then one day, someone arrived, and Anri found herself wandering alone. Memories became a blur around that part, but she remembers feeling ecstatic afterwards. When she found herself chasing birds, the foreign emotion overgrew. She had finally found the happiness of freedom. Unfortunately, that freedom was a bit too much.

    She found herself learning on her own on how to fight and how to vanquish. She took what she wanted, and learned what she wanted, and with both being so vast, it was inevitable that she became some sort of oddity. Of course, it was simply a part of her life, like any other. And like all parts of life, she transitioned from it to another. This transition took the form of saving another child from wild wolves. She sung as she fought and scared away the beasts. When the kid thanked her, she felt a different type of happiness. Something that she wanted more of. This feeling would only ever come when she saved someone from misfortune and danger. So, she sought it out, and found herself doing what was considered "Good." And maybe a little bit of what was considered "Bad", but the concept was always strange to her. Sure, she was instructed to temper herself, and revert to how she was before, but it was the feeling that mattered more to her than even herself.

    There are two parts that make up Anri's personality. The first part is the calm being simply known as Anri, whose expression rarely deviates from a straight face, and performs certain requests from others without question, if she believes she can do it. Then, there's Anri the Child, whose bombastic happiness carries on throughout everything they, themselves want to do. Whether it's kicking down doors to take what she wants or needs, or killing a group of wild animals to save a poor family, if she made the decision on her own, then she'll be loud, impulsive, and probably singing as she does it.
    Though some would think that she had two souls or personalities, the truth is that both parts make up one individual. Both are open (for the most part), both do what they must, and both are strangely good at what they do.


    If you can't see the picture up top, then just look up "Emerald Herald Child" in Google. You'll find the image enlargened for your viewing pleasure...Or you can just look at it from your phone. That works too.

    Theme Song
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  2. Otomos the Crazy

    Otomos the Crazy That Which Resides in the Stars Beneath the Land

    Current Skills:
    • Knife-Throwing (Has learned how to toss and catch throwing knives. Accuracy is not quite pinpoint, but still more than the average entertainer's.)
    • Childish Energy (Hyperactive, Agile, Devious. Sometimes scary, but only on rare occasions.)
    • Abnormal Strength (Can carry a rifle on her person,and many other things in her clothes. Sometimes even bash through a wooden door. Can't lift a boulder twice her size, though.)
    • Rifle-Accuracy (Not a marksman at longer distances, but knows how to shoot at a target)
    • Knowledge (Not as vast as an actual scholar, but has obtained the insight of how magic guns and bullets work and are made. Can Identify the ingredients needed to create ammunition. Knows how to modify a firearm, though sometimes doing it to the point where it becomes useless.)
    • Miscellaneous (Knows basic cooking, hunting, and thieving techniques courtesy of trial and error from when she was first free of her father.)
    • Prodigy (Has been shown to do what no normal child has been shown to do, and was first recruited in order to be molded into a more skilled heroine. Still able to learn and grow.)
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2016
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  3. Otomos the Crazy

    Otomos the Crazy That Which Resides in the Stars Beneath the Land

    Anri's Opinions! (Part 1)
    Treisgar, the Monk: Monk from a Glasaf Temple. Somewhat different in comparison to other monks that share his beliefs...at least, from what I've read about them. I haven't asked about his background, though observation shows that the subject seems to cause him discomfort. Relatively calm in most cases, and obsesses over maintaining calmness via meditation and spiritual highs, possibly connected to his Past.
    Uses a bo staff and martial arts, utilizing multiple runes to enhance attributes related to combat.
    An old man with weird pictures drawn on him. They look like stuff from Daddy's books and my dreams! He has very pretty hair. I wanna put a ribbon in it! Maybe it'll make him smile more!

    Page, the Lazy Scholar: Half-Elf Scribe of the Guild. Tends to talk excessively. Observation shows that he has interest in the arts. Observation also shows that he seems to avoid anything having to do with the practice of magic, save for alchemy. Unconfirmed information. Further observation necessary.
    Keeps information of past missions and profiles in tomes. Note: Attempt to obtain tome and view its contents.
    Uses magelocke firearms (several different types of ammunition available), and a dagger.
    He has pointy ears. Like Ms. Turnip! He talks a lot, but people say he talks too much. He's got a gun like mine! I wonder if he'll let me try to make it better? I'm gonna ask sometime.

    Jack, the Raven: Scout of the Guild. Clothes assist in allowing him to hide while sneaking around opposition. Field observations indicate honed skill in assassination. Face mask seems somewhat tinkered with. Subtle adjustments indicate some sort of ability to assist him.
    Past is unknown, even to Guild members. Consider consulting Page about this later. Battle tendencies indicate background in assassination, according to written accounts on attempts to understand. Unconfirmed, but likely.
    Uses twin daggers, and a bow with arrows.
    Masky looks like a hunter! But I never see him hunt. I wanna look at how his mask works, but I don't think he'd like that very much. I might try to take a look at it while he's asleep!

    Nymbryxia: One of two Dragons within the current Guild team. Deceptively heavy in human form. Observation shows Draconic abilities outside of the influence of magic. Partial transformation and possibly weapon conjuration. Has been shown to switch between human and Dragon forms. She seems to be blunt and honest in most vocal interactions. Physical interactions (I.E. sparring) is a different story.
    Utilizes Dragon magic and abilities for combat in both forms.
    She's a Dragon lady! Very pretty and scary! I'm gonna poke at her wings!

    Ellyxia: The second Dragon of the Guild's current team. Physically blind. Better insight into magic as compensation. Similar abilities to Nymbryxia. Sight-related abilities seem to be the kind that father was attempting to replicate. Further observation required.
    Seems to be much softer in personality in comparison to her sister.
    Mainly uses magic to heal the wounds of others. Specifics have yet to be obtained, but the runes under her eyes seem to assist in her. Lacking information on offensive fighting ability.
    She's also a Dragon lady! Also pretty! I'm gonna pat her on the head!

    Tirnel Zylinel: A Moon Elf that acts as the true archer of the current team. Observations show that she and Jack fight in similar ways. Major differences in approach. Where Jack acts as an assassin, Tirnel acts as a hunter. Patient, waiting for the perfect time to strike down a powerful target.
    Like Page, she does not use magic, though elves have been known for having talent for it.
    Seems laidback regardless. It seems common among rangers within the group. Perhaps a coping mechanism? More information needed.
    Uses daggers and a bow with arrows.
    I can say her name right, but I like to call her Miss Turnip! Why? I dunno. I just like it!

    Merl, the Sorcerer: Powerful magic-user that once acted as an advisor to the World Government. Further observation needed for personality traits. Equipment seems to enhance his enchantment magic.
    Primarily uses enchantments in battle.
    Pointy Hat! He makes things move! People say he's super old!

    Shish Krim Baub: No information available.
    What? Shishkebab?

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