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Main Event Answer the Call

Discussion in 'Convergence In-Character Forums' started by Jeremi, Feb 28, 2019.

  1. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    Prologue - On hold


    The weather was cold and snow was starting to fall from the sky in increasing volumes. Most of the streets were empty which was peculiar for an evening in New York. The news was talking about the city being hit by the worst snow storm in over 30 years, but even then, that wouldn’t cause the streets to be completely quiet of either car or pedestrian.

    Perhaps the ongoing ghost invasion had something to do with it? All of it started as the very skies themselves turned red as a portal emerged above the city sending out a massive surge of ghastly apparitions on the unsuspecting populace. The resident experts, the Ghostbusters, had been called on by the mayor to try and get everything under control, but even by calling in practically everyone that could help they were still falling short.

    On top of that they just received a call about a freak electrical storm over at 550 Central Park West. The Shandor building created as a portal to other realms and the stage where the Ghostbusters first big battle was fought. Leaving the ongoing fight against the ghosts to their allies with the use of their trusty Ecto-1 the group drove through the empty city streets. While the snow was starting to fall more and more the roads were for the time being still usable.

    Soon enough they arrived at the address to a peculiar scene. The streets were clean of any snow and the only thing around were a group of people laying in the middle of the street. The gang could tell that something weird was going on.

    “You guys okay there?” One of the men jumped out of the car.

    “Yeah Ray, they’re just lying in the middle of the street trying to catch some sun.” Another one responded in a sarcastic tone. “You thinking what I’m thinking this is?”

    A man with glasses and a pompadour holding a device of some sort made his appearance. “If you’re thinking visitors from another world, then yes. The P.K.E. meter is showing a heavy dose of paranormal activity.”


    ”There any turtles?” The final one asked looking around before adding. “Or one of us?”

    “Don’t think so let me get closer,” The man called Ray moved closer to where the people were now slowly waking up and getting up from the street. “Greetings gentle travelers from beyond the cosmos. I am Dr Ray Stanz and these are my colleagues, Dr Egon Spengler,” He motioned towards the man with the glasses who seemed too busy with his device to give anyone a response. “Dr Peter Venkman,” Venkman gave the gathered group finger guns and a wink. “And Winston Zeddemore.” Winston gave them all a wave.

    “Now I understand you might all be in slight discomfort and potentially be suffering from either mental or physical ailments…but do you know how any of you got here?”

    A loaded question and one not easy to answer. Your mind was hazy and the only thing you could remember was a flashing light before you now found yourself here.

    Venkman smirked as he made his way closer. “Well whatever the case is you’re in luck. The Ghostbusters are on the case.” His smile didn’t fill any of you with confidence but at least they seemed to be professionals in...something?

    It was probably going to be fine.

    Cast list:

    @Archmage Jeremiah as Akira Kurusu
    @Bark as Cassata
    @Ver as Ethan Chandler
    @Hahli Nuva as Furia
    @Yun Lee as Grell Sutcliff
    @Takumi as Hassan of Serenity
    @MelodyMeister as Hazel Halfpenny
    @Crow as Jack the Ripper
    @Sark as James Corrigan
    @dark as Lt. John Dunbar
    @Kaykay as Kei Sakurai
    @Minerva as Li-Ming
    @Ottonomous Ghost as Lucian
    @Yazzie as Monika
    @Alex Azure as Mysterious Heroine X Alter
    @Gummi Bunnies as Penelope Dormi
    @York as Simon Henriksson
    @Atomic Knight as Shuichi Saihara
    @Lucky as Theo Raeken
    @CrunchyCHEEZIT as ZAC​
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2019
  2. Alex Azure

    Alex Azure Prince of the Multiverse

    Mysterious Heroine X Alter, with her mouthful of a name and all the glory that came with it, wasn't feeling so glorious. A massive headache clouded her memories. The last thing she remembered was fighting alongside Ritsuka in some conflict or another. Had she been summoned somewhere by the Holy Grail? Such was the life of a Servant, but she didn't remember dying or being released from Ritsuka. So how could she be summoned here?

    Looking around, there didn't appear to be any signs of her Master, nor her archenemy. She could survive on her own without a Master, yet she had a feeling other Servants were here as well. Perhaps a Grail War was oncoming?

    "I have an idea on why we are here, yet none of you appear to be mages. Perhaps you would have more information on how we could have gotten here?"

    @Jeremi @Anyone ​
  3. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN


    "Mother... mother..."

    The youthful lass looks around, intimidated and frightened by certain aspects. Was it the light?

    "Mother, where are you?"

    She is frantic. Instead of answering the presented question, she turns to the one who delivered it.

    "Have you... seen our mother? Because our mother... must be looking for Jack."

    The girl, apparently named Jack, then turns to the one known as Mysterious Heroine X Alter, eyeing her most suspiciously.

    "Have we met? You look like her, the woman who calls herself Saber of Red..."

    Jack approaches Mysterious Heroine X Alter, twitching her nose for a bit.

    "It is similiar, but clearly not her. Why do you look like her? Have you come to decieve our eyes? Your appearance fools us, but not your scent."

    @Alex Azure @Jeremi
  4. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    Prologue-Grell Sutcliff
    "Second Encore"

    Oh, great. This again.

    As Grell started to come to, that was the only thought on her mind at the moment. The flashing light, the waking up on a random floor, the new location and strange people...no doubt about it, it was happening again. Another one of those ghastly dreams. As if the last one hadn't been bad enough...well, not totally. There was, after all, him.

    But the chances of her darling Ethan being in this dream were astronomical, weren't they? After all, she couldn't control what happened in that dream...or could she? Had it even been her dream? She sort of tuned out after Ethan died. Let's see...what even happened near the end...if only she could remember! Blah blah blah, cruise ship. Blah blah blah, evil nightmare man. Blah blah blah, all the good-looking men were dead, so who cared? At least she had heard how to get out of it...now, what was it, again?


    "Hmm..." She shakily got to her feet, trying to remember how to wake up. "I know it's an...expression of some sort...let me see..." Suddenly, she clapped her hands. "Aha! Something like...'Blank me, I'm dreaming!' Now, what is that blank...slap me! No...kiss me? Hmph, if only! F-oh no, that one's far too naughty..."

    This...was going to take a while.

    @Jeremi @Ver @Alex Azure @Crow
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  5. Minerva

    Minerva Cyberbullied at K-Mart

    Prologue: Towers of Steel and Glass


    Li-Ming woke up in quite a shock. The last thing she remembered was slaying Malthael, the former angel of Wisdom turned Angel of Death.

    Last time she woke up like this, it had been after pulling an all-nighter studying magic books. But this... this felt different. She had travelled the world: Xiansai, Caldeum, Westmarch, Tristram. She had seen the splendors and despair of the world. She had seen the longest streets and tightest alleys.

    But this city was different.


    Towers made of glass and steel, pointing towards the sky, surrounded her. Large metal boxes made sounds and drove past. The size was grander than anything in Westmarch, larger than all of Caldeum. This place was strangely unfamiliar, and yet...

    The power felt strangely familiar.

    Light flashed around her, electricity in the power lines above her head, the fire in car internal combustion engines ignited, everything felt alive.

    Li-Ming shook her head to clear it. These men who had arrived, they called themselves the Ghostbusters? She had experience in busting ghosts and clearing the spirits of the dead.

    She stepped forward towards the men.

    I am Li-Ming, formerly and acolyte of the Yshari Sanctum. I believe you will not find a finer wizard.” she said, holding on to her staff.

    @Crow @Alex Azure @Yun Lee @anyone​
  6. Alex Azure

    Alex Azure Prince of the Multiverse

    MHXA muttered to herself, "Saber of Red... So definitely a Saber-class, and most likely a Saberface, if she looks like me. Did Master have a red-colored Saberface in her possession? Hm..." She absentmindedly took a piece of her Infinity Bean Paste and popped into her mouth. After taking a moment to savor it, she gave a full answer to the other servant who spoke to her.

    "I do not mean to fool you. Among all summoned servants there are those who walk the parth of darkness, the Alter. All Servants begin and end in Alter. I am one of those dark servants. I am Mysterious Heroine X Alter."

    "However, the fact that I look like Saber of Red is mostly coincidence. Among all servants, there are also several who look suspiciously like Saber. You wouldn't be the first to get us Saberfaces confused. I assume you are Jack?"

    "I believe the expression you're looking for is 'pinch,' although slapping you certainly wouldn't be out of the question."

    "Oh, a mage? Perhaps you are our Master? Did you summon all of us here? Or perhaps just one of us?"

    @Crow @Yun Lee @Minerva @anyone​
  7. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    "Wow is that a kid?" Ray asked concerned as he spotted Jack. "Someone fetch her a coat, I bet she's freezing!"

    This really wasn't like the other times. It's usually involved turtles and other Ghostbusters.

    "That's what we're trying to figure out ma'am." Winston came up to where MHX and Jack was as he tossed a heavy winter coat over Jack. "There that should keep you warm when we try to find your mom."

    @Alex Azure @Crow


    "I believe the word you are looking for is pinch," Egon replied as he invaded Grell's personal space with the P.K.E. Meter. "And I can assure you that you're not dreaming. You've been affected by a temporal dimensional flux that has caused you to traverse to our dimension against your will. On a massive scale I might add. Are you feeling some slight discomfort? Nausea or headaches?"​

    @Yun Lee

    Ray was going to introduce himself but Venkman elbowed him to get past him towards Li-Ming. "I believe I wont." He gave out his hand for a shake.


    "Hi Dr Peter Venkman, you can call me a wizard too if you like."​

  8. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    "Pinch! That's the word!" Grell waved the PKE Meter away from her. "Oh please darling, this isn't my first dog show. All I have to do is pinch myself and I'll be right back at headquarters as if nothing happened!" Rollong up her coat sleeve, Grell gave her arm a sharp pinch.




    Hm. Maybe it wasn't hard enough?




    "Grr..." Grell began pinching herself frantically, yelling on each pinch. "Why! Is! This! Not! Working!"

    @Jeremi @Ver @Alex Azure @Crow @Minerva
  9. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    "There are many with this appearance, we see?" Jack ponders. "Thinking about it, you do resemble Ruler as well.

    Jack is what mother knows us as, and it is the name they gave us."

    Jack puts the coat on and nods towards Winston. "You and your allies will really find mother? We'd love to see her again. We hope she is here..."

    Jack looks around, before pointing to something in the distance - a rising, erect clocktower.

    "That over there... does that mean we are back in London? It has changed much... speaking of change..."

    Jack turns to Grell, who was repeatedly pinching herself.

    "You seem to be in despair... do you need our help in being freed from its clutches?"

    @Jeremi @Ver @Alex Azure @Crow @Yun Lee @Minerva
  10. Archmage Jeremiah

    Archmage Jeremiah You can't outrun your own reflection

    Prologue: Extending the Contract

    Balancing between the realms of the conscious and the unconscious, the sound of clattering chains filled Akira's ears, and the stiff cot he was laid on made his body ache. Awaking with a gasp, his attention traveled his surroundings - following the irons which dangled from the ceiling, to the familiar blue velvet which lined his cell. Springing up in a panic, Akira peered outside, but was relieved to be greeted by a pair of friendly faces.

    velvet room.png

    "Ah, the legendary Trickster awakes," Igor spoke as Akira stumbled out of his cell, powering through his drowsiness.

    "You had my master worried our efforts were for naught," Lavenza chimed in, "But now that you're here, you must listen close. We haven't time to waste," Akira blinked in surprise, and Igor followed up with a nod.

    "Indeed. It appears our victory was not as absolute as we had first thought; distortion continues to run rampant throughout worlds beyond ours, and yours," Igor explained.

    "And as if by a terrible twist of fate, another malevolent will has made you its quarry," Lavenza finished Igor's thought, her tone genuinely sympathetic, "From the bottom of my heart, I am truly sorry, Trickster, but you must do battle with the distortion once more,"

    Silently did Akira listen to their words, and solemnly did he process them. Stroking his chin in deep thought, Akira turned his attention to the empty cells all around. "What about my teammates?" he at last responded with a simple question. With a shake of his head, Igor answered.

    "Unfortunately, they cannot aid you in this task. It took a great deal of power to intervene as we did, and would take time to bring your allies along with you. Time we do not have,"

    "You will not be alone, however,"
    Lavenza added, "Others from distant worlds have also fallen victim to this malevolent will, and my master has no doubt they shall prove invaluable to your success,"

    Hanging his head, Igor appeared to share Lavenza's trepidation for a short moment. "But, since you will be in a world unlike your own, there is no telling how the distortion, or your powers, may manifest. Are you still up to this task?"

    With his usual bravado, Akira grew a smirk which reached ear to ear. "I'd never back down from a challenge," he answered, bringing light back to Lavenza's visage. Before long, bells began to sound throughout the room, and the Trickster began to lose consciousness.

    "Fare thee well, Trickster," "We wish you good luck!"


    The commotion of the gathered crowd filled his ears, and the pavement he was laid on made his body ache. Awaking with a gasp, Akira was quickly met with the cold which stung his face like thousands of tiny sewing needles, and granted his breath ephemeral form. Slowly sitting up, he clutched his head in his hand, noticing immediately he was no longer draped in thief's clothing. Thankful he was at least dressed in warm clothes, Akira rose to his feet. His attention danced from his colourful company, to the new environment he had found himself in. Narrowing his eyes, Akira faintly recognized the sights laid out before him from the very fringes of his memory. Fuzzy images of travel brochures and online advertisements filled his mind, but were muddled by a still-present lightheadedness from traversing time and space twice consecutively. Again clutching his head, Akira grunted, trying to power through his symptoms and clear his head.

    @Jeremi @Alex Azure @Crow @Yun Lee @Minerva @Ver @Bark @Hahli Nuva @Yazzie @Ottonomous Ghost @Gummi Bunnies @Atomic Knight @CrunchyCHEEZIT @Lucky @dark @MelodyMeister @Takumi
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  11. Takumi

    Takumi Member of the Yato Club

    Hassan of Serenity Prologue: Unfamiliar Territory

    Oh? Well this was odd. She had just been with her Master before coming here last she remembered, so...was this a Grail War? She didnt see her Master anywhere, so she wasnt sure what was really going on at the moment. She couldn't even remember that last thing she was doing, just the fact that she was with her Master shortly after meeting them.

    Turning her head to gaze at the Ghostbusters from behind her skull mask, she spoke quietly and in slight monotone.


    "Where are we?" She asked simply. If the cold was bothering her, she wasn't showing it in the slightest.

    @Jeremi @Crow @Alex Azure @Others​
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2019
  12. MelodyMeister

    MelodyMeister Flagship Character(s): Cute Anime Girls

    Hazel Halfpenny: Prolouge:

    OwOwOwOw....what was with this weather? It was...imperfect, unlike her own? No, more then that it was freezing. Where was she? Definitely wasn't her perfect town, that's for sure...Hazel, after rising up and taking a look around, began to do the first instintual thing she would do in this situation; check if she had her belongings. After all, her pen was irreplacable, and if her notebook fell into someone else's hands...

    "Ah. There it is!"

    Low on energy due to being groggy from...whatever happened, and being cold as hell, Hazel stood up, but smirked, her notebook was there, and so was her phone (even though it was out of battery. Oh well, this seemed like a modern place.) So not everything was completely hopeless. First things first...

    "Uh...where amm I?"

    Saying that into thin air, Hazel was obviously not working well under the temperature. She wasn't used to this. She wasn't used to the unpure air, the coldness, the lack of people, but the large amount of people at the same time. It was all just so...confronting.

    And exciting. Well, once she had logic warmed up back into her brain.

    @Jeremi @Open for interaction (Sorry its so bad!)​
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  13. Bark

    Bark Patren X

    Cassata let himself lay on the street for a bit. He had assumed due to the large frequency on his nightmares that he had forgotten where he and his charges had stayed in, that wasn't so unusual. But... no. This voices were unfamiliar. Had... he been called by another Master Attendant? No, impossible his tie was severed long ago. The red-haired man turned quietly and stood up, using his gun as support. No... he didn't recognize anyone, but that didn't mean much. Using his good eye he scanned the surroundings. Unfamiliar.
    The weather seemed to be of no issue, of course, he was almost always covered completely. But some of the others around him...
    Tugging the extra muffler from at his waist, Cassata offered it to who looked a regular girl, though she seemed to be clutching a notebook. "You don't wanna freeze out here." As he had learned from the Princess, it was better to extend a hand to those around you. He also rarely had concern for himself. Besides, if everyone else asked where they were, what was the point of him asking too? He kept an ear open for an answer, though.

    @Jeremi @MelodyMeister @the others
  14. Minerva

    Minerva Cyberbullied at K-Mart

    To the woman who called herself an Alter, Li-Ming would shake her head. “I do not know if I am your master.” she said, calmly. “Though I have read many times of arcane and forbidden lore, though I have never heard of Servants or Alters. Though, it’s very possible I may have skimmed over those parts and inadvertently summoned you

    To Venkman, she would give a sly smirk. “Really? And to which of the Mage Clan do you belong to?

    @Crow @Takumi @everyone​
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2019
  15. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    "Despair? Me? Oh, please, I'm perfectly fine!" Grell, looking down at her arm, replied. "But something! Isn't! Working!" Oh for the love of...! This was ridiculous! Plus, her poor arm was starting to turn blue...such an unbecoming color!

    Sighing in frustration and rolling her sleeve down, Grell started to look toward the girl. "I doubt we're in London, if the American accents of the locals are anything to go by. I would guess that we..." She trailed off, finally taking notice of Jack. "Wait a moment...do I know you from somewhere?"

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  16. Ver

    Ver Endearing Misanthrope Staff Member Moderator The Convergence Series GM

    Ethan Chandler: Prologue - Come, Gentle Night


    Ethan Chandler was haunted by sleepless nights.

    Even after all this time, he couldn't bear to fall asleep. It felt like he was falling apart as a man. It was always for something different. Sometimes, it was because he was afraid of what might happen if the moon shone out of his favor. Sometimes, it was because he was scared of seeing Vanessa in his dreams. And sometimes... it was because he was haunted by the other dream. The recurring dream that he remembered more vividly than his other dreams, for better or for worse.

    A little girl of white hair, a drunkard of a man who brandished a whip, and so on. But the one who stayed in his memory the most was a maiden of strikingly blood red hair. He remembered none of their names, only flashes of what they did together in the dream, wandering aimlessly, and it all ended for Ethan when a grey monster killed him, bringing him to a rude awakening.

    His "father" couldn't help him. Cate couldn't help him. No one knew what to make of it. But maybe it was better that way. London hadn't felt like home in a long time, and Ethan didn't know if it would ever quite feel like home again. It was just as well, it wasn't like he ever quite belonged here. He was just an intruder. A traveler who ventured somewhere he didn't belong, even if Sir Malcolm might try to tell him otherwise.

    And to think, it was the one night he was confident he'd be able to get a decent night's sleep that Ethan dove into the dream once more, deeper than ever before.


    There was a lot to take in. Tall buildings littered with glass like it was a vision of the future. Four men in uniform packing strange looking contraptions on their backs that looked like something that came straight out of Victor's lab, speaking as though trying to assuage their concerns. A group of people who looked just as confused and discombobulated as he did. Even beyond the equally confused people, there was something familiar about this whole set-up, but with one less annoying fucking midget, at least.

    But once he caught sight of that striking red hair again, Ethan could hardly believe his eyes.


    "Gre..." He uttered, the name stuck in his throat as he struggled to remember, standing behind her with, frustratingly enough, no way of aptly getting her attention as he could hardly remember her name. What was it? What was her name? It was... It was...!

    "Grell...?" He finally let out, his eyes full of bewilderment as he could hardly believe it, even now. His gaze then moved to Jack, also definitely recognizing her. "And you... You two again... Is it really...?"

    @Yun Lee @Crow
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2019
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  17. Atomic Knight

    Atomic Knight Bear With Me The Convergence Series GM

    Rise and shine~

    There had been a flash of light, and then... emptiness. The boy had lost all sense of self. Everything was gone. Only a void remained.


    His eyes still closed, pushed himself off the ground slightly and lifted his head. Thoughts and feelings began to ebb back into his consciousness. He blinked his eyes open and gave a bewildered look at what he saw. This city didn't look familiar to him, and neither did--


    "Ahh! Aaugh!!!" The boy shot up to his feet, recoiling from the people in front of him. Not a single one of them looked familiar. What was he doing here? Last he remembered, he was... he was...

    The boy closed his eyes and let a deep breath run through him. This was not a time to panic. There was probably.a reasonable explanation for this... there had to be!

    The boy's hand went to his chest out of fear, feeling an overwhelming sense of despair begin to wrack his body. He would have fallen to the ground all over again, if not for a strange, unknown feeling coming upon him.

    All the more reason to stay calm. Gymnopedie No. 1 by Erik Satie. Try to imagine that sorrowful melody filling your head and soothing your heart--

    The boy opened his eyes, feeling a sense of calm wash over him. He wasn't sure why, exactly. He knew that, deep down, there was no use panicking. An explanation had to be found.

    Nodding to himself, the boy approached the group of seemingly armed doctors that clearly new the most about what was going on. The one named Ray Stanz seemed unoccupied, so the boy approached him. He imagined he looked unassuming. He was just a regular boy dressed in a high school uniform.

    "U-Uhh... Well... Hello." He looked away for a moment to eye the crowd, unsure what to make of the diverse group. When he looked back at Ray, his expression was a bit lost. "I'm... Shuichi Saihara. I don't believe you've mentioned yet where exactly we are...?"

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  18. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    That voice...it sounded so familiar, and yet matched no one she knew back home. Wait. Wait! It couldn't be him...it couldn't! Or could it? Anything was possible in a dream, after all. And if she turned and saw him, then...well, she'd be furious with herself for trying to wake up so suddenly. A gift from her subconscious that she almost rejected!

    Well, it was now or never. Grell turned, and sure enough...


    It was him! And he was every bit as handsome as she remembered! My, she really had good memory, didn't she? He looked so real, so lifelike! And, most importantly, not a bloody heap on the ground! Oh, how marvelous her luck turned out to be!


    "It's you! It's really you!" Grell was far too excited to stay in place, instead practically dancing around Ethan with pure glee. "I was so lonely in that dream once you were offed! And all my other dreams have been utterly subpar! Finally, you're here with me once more! I can't say I'm very excited to be surrounded by total strangers again and not alone, but...I'll take it!"

    @Ver @Crow
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  19. CrunchyCHEEZIT

    CrunchyCHEEZIT Giga God Crunchmeister

    [ Zac Prologue ]
    "The Secret Weapon That Slimed Me"

    ...It's quiet.

    It's too... quiet.

    These were the first thoughts that came to his mind.

    Consciousness was a strange and challenging thing to grasp at the moment. He felt... well, he felt nothing. He - I'm... I'm a he, right? - felt like nothing. There was just nothing beneath his nonexistent feet. His mind lay submerged in some indescribable blackness that encompassed the feeling of complete and utter detachment from existence: no body, no senses, no memories, nothing to call a proper thing.

    He could hear himself think, at least. He was producing words within his mind - hey, that's a start.

    This is weird. Where am I? Who am I? Give me a second.

    He tried to think. He couldn't. There wasn't anything to recall. No thoughts or memories to pick up and hold in his hands like a solid object. It was like a computer returning an error - no data found. Damn. Try and think harder, idiot.

    He dug deeper within the only thing he knew existed at the moment; himself. Suddenly, lingering thoughts and feelings began to crop up as his consciousness started to rapidly expand outward like a massive explosion. Memories of a world. People. People living within a city stuck within a hidden place. There it is. That's where I am. And I am... well, my name is-- wait, hold on. Something ain't right about all of this. Something is missing.

    Ugh, hold on. Let me get out of here first. Hnnngh--!!


    Everything came back online at once.

    Suddenly, one of the sewer grates next to the everyone in the group began to squelch with an uncomfortable wet noise. The openings in the grill began to leak with a viscous ooze that slowly maneuvered itself up from the grill and on to the city street without much hesitation. The slime - a vibrant green in color - quivered as it forcibly dragged its entire mass along the ground in an attempt to bring every droplet of ooze slipping out from that cramped place.

    It doubled in size like a sickly green dough, slowly gathering globs of its mass and shaping itself into a specific shape; several appendages stretched out and expanded from the center mass as they formed into more specific features such feet, fingers, and faux 'muscles.' An elongated appendage shot out from its top, dragging up a roundish shape that would resemble a forming 'head' - the ooze was forming into some bipedal shape. A grumbling noise resonated from within the transparent slime - a voice?

    "Mmmgh... mmmmmrrrghhl,"
    the ooze groaned, as it raised one its newly formed hands and forcibly tore open space in the creature's 'head' that would shape into a jagged mouth. A pair of yellow, round lights could be seen traveling up the creature's partly transparent body and reaching its head before phasing through the membrane slightly and... blinking.

    Zac furrowed his brow and glanced around the surrounding landscape.


    "Jeez, that took way longer than I expected. I'm starting to get rusty!" Zac grumbled with a much clearer voice, deep and masculine. He casually flexed his newly-shaped arms a few times, bulging out the defined ripples in its membrane. "Now then..."

    Zac turned around to the entire congregation of people staring at him, grinning wickedly. "I gotta say it; you guys don't look very Zaunite to me. I'm gonna assume that isn't where I am."

    @Jeremi @Ver @Alex Azure @Crow @Yun Lee @Minerva @Atomic Knight @gang gang​
  20. dark

    dark Active Member

    [Lt. Dunbar Prologue- Lost in Foreign Time]

    An older man, used to simpler times during a routine Frontier visit found his vision fading from his view and some sort of emptiness filling his vision. He held in his grasp some old fashioned gun that looked to be about Civil war age. He grasped on to his horse, which weirdly faded just as well.

    He and his horse seemed in a new place.

    The young Civil War soldier stared down the city trying to grasp just what happened to him and everyone around him.

    ".... My head hurts, What just happened? What year am I in? What happened to the Frontier?!"

    The man grasped hold of his horse and pulled himself on it.

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