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Gather round, internet friends, and get some snacks, for I'm about to tell the backstory of this possible roleplay. Here is a crackling fire to listen to, to set the mood of sitting around a campfire. Now that we're comfy...

A long, long time ago, perhaps decades, perhaps centuries, perhaps even millennia, a seemingly average man who is now only known by his last name, Ardin, discovered an incredible power that mankind wielded. The power to control four aspects of our existence. No, not life, love, or any of that. No, the whole reason why we're able to live on Earth. Air, earth, fire, and water. Air, the wind. Earth, the dirt, mud, and flora that are the building blocks of the earth we stand on. Fire, the flames that we use to cook food, burn incriminating things, and other stuff of that sort. And water, what we need to survive, even more than food.

Yes, my fellow roleplayers. In my fictional universe, much like in Avatar, mankind could control these four things. However, instead of all of the human race being able to control these elements, there were some who could, and some who couldn't. In this universe, these two are called elementals and non-elementals. Now, back to Ardin. "How did he discover this?" you may ask.

Well, in Ardin's village, rumors circulated that there were four humans in the world who could control these elements. These four's names are now unknown, and in some adaptations, they are removed from the equation completely, Ardin being credited as being able to control all four elements. But I digress.

Now intrigued, Ardin left the village and journeyed the land to try and find these four. He was successful after a long time, but these four, let's just say, despised each other. "Oh, please, you four, please reconcile and teach me your ways!" He pleaded. His begging almost came to no avail, but, feeling sorrow for the now old man, the four reluctantly agreed and gave him the knowledge they possessed, which allowed him to create a school for the elementals who oh so desperately wanted to learn of their ability, but had no way to do so.

Of course, he required the help of the four further with sifting through the non-elementals and elementals, which he received. After the plans being refined over and over, the school was finally opened to the public and gained popularity very very quickly, with potential students flocking to join, and the non-elementals being turned away.

Now, though Ardin and the four original elementals are long gone, their legacy and the school lives on, still being filled to the brim with elementals to learn how to control their element, even now, in 2020 (Without every terrible thing going on). And that is where you all come in.

I request that you join with elemental characters to fill the teacher roles or the student roles. You may make both if you feel the need to. The ideal first year age is 11, and the ideal last year age is 17.

Comment with your character's name and either a reference picture or a description of what your character looks like, their role (student/teacher), and if teacher, their subject. We'll figure out your character's personality when we start this. If I like your character, I will react to it with a Love.

If you have an idea for a new subject, TELL ME.

  • Introduction to the Elements (Not taken) {Single class for first years}
  • Temperature Manipulation of the Elements (Reserved) {Fire and water specific}
  • Offensive Nature of the Elements (Not taken)
  • Combination of the Elements (Not taken)
  • Defensive Nature of the Elements (Not taken)
  • Medical Healing with the Elements (Reserved)
I will see you all in class.

Fun fact: I was listening to the fire video while making this.

I'm so sorry for switching back and forth.

Character Sheet Template

Reference Picture (Anime or Realistic):

Background Info:

Don't include the either and or. The space is where to put the reference if you're using one. Remove the looks and appearance if you're using a reference, remove the reference section if you're using looks and appearance.

Character Submission Thread/Character Sheet Just put your character in here, and if I approve of it, I'll react to it with Love. If not, I'll either like it which mean there's a minor thing that can be changed, in which case you PM me for the exact details that need changing, or I won't react at all, in which case, the character will need to be changed completely, aside from looks.
Discussion Thread
Multi-thread Check out the layout before proceeding.

Rules: No being rude, no godmodding, ask for consent to kill, please don't use script style, please don't use one-liners, any amount of paragraphs is welcome, have fun, but there are two more important rules than have fun. If I have clarified that something was or wasn't in this world yet, and you want to include that something, ASK ME TO CLARIFY. PLEASE. THAT'S WHAT RUINED THIS IN THE FIRST PLACE. And just because this has magic doesn't mean that this has mythical creatures. Ignore the werewolf in the character submission thread/character sheet, because that was submitted before this reopening, and the creator has been asked to change their character slightly.

When they have arrived at the school, the students are greeted by the current headmaster/headmistress, given a small speech, and then the new ones are sorted after the older students go to the dining hall. The method of the sorting is:

  1. The potential elemental's name is called based on the alphabetical order of their last names.
  2. The potential elemental goes past the headmaster/headmistress into the sorting room.
  3. There are four stone pedestals, one in each corner. Each pedestal holds a representation of their element.
    1. Air is a floating mist sphere that the potential elemental has to touch, at which point it will fall no matter what the potential elemental is. For an air elemental, the ball of mist will shatter like a ball of glass.
    2. Earth is a stone that the potential elemental has to throw to the ground. For an earth elemental, the stone will bounce like a rubber ball.
    3. The pedestal for water is more of a bowl which the water fills perfectly. The water will not spill no matter what the potential elemental is. The potential elemental has to press their hand on the water. For a water user, the surface of the water will not break unless extreme force is used, and even then, it will look more like glass which has been shot, although it will not feel as such.
    4. Fire is a log of everlasting fire that the potential elemental has to put their hand into if all else fails. For a fire elemental, their hand will not burn.
  4. If the potential elemental is not an elemental at all, they will be taken to the infirmary to get their burns treated, allowed to rest, then sent back home.
  5. If the potential elemental is indeed an elemental, a teacher named Rylan (Who I will make the Temperature Manipulation teacher, so that is reserved.) will come to bring the elemental student to the dining hall.
Also, I'm going to say that water elementals, earth elementals, and fire elementals can summon their own element. Meanwhile, air elementals cannot. The reason is that the air is all around us, and thus there is no need to summon it. I want a fun requirement for earth elementals to be able to summon whatever could be considered earth, so I think that a fun way would be like the bunny hat magic trick. You know the one. Bringing their hand into a hat and pulling out whatever thing they want or need. You wouldn't need to put your hand into a hat of course. Your hand would just need to be out of sight.
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Oh I didn't know to come here first I already posted some characters up on the character submission thread

Lila Renn

Hell on Earth.
Dying of the Light GM
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Just so ya know the RP was discontinued ;c

Lila Renn

Hell on Earth.
Dying of the Light GM
Playing With Fire GM
The Most Random of Powers GM
Everything was locked remember? Snapey boi said it themselves,

Lila Renn

Hell on Earth.
Dying of the Light GM
Playing With Fire GM
The Most Random of Powers GM
She said somethin about her being a bad GM and everyone being confused.