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School History

A long time ago, longer than anyone can know, a man only known today by his last name, Ardin, found that man could manipulate four elements. Air, earth, fire, and water. He also found that one could only control one of those elements. Intrigued by his discovery, he dug deeper, found four people who knew how, and created a school to teach people how they could control their element with the knowledge of those four. Though Ardin is long gone, his school remains open, with potential students scrambling to join. Despite the amount of sparring that the different houses do with each other, they are encouraged to unite, not as their respective elements, but as one, the secret ultimate protection for the school. The appropriate age to join is eleven, and the age at which most students leave the school is 17.

School Layout


Sorting Process

When new students come to ASE, they are first sorted into a house that represents each element. The way a student is sorted is: Said student enters a completely stone room that has a spiral cut into the floor. There are four pedestals in each corner. The water pedestal is more of a bowl with water inside, the fire pedestal has a piece of wood burning, the earth pedestal has a rock, and the air pedestal has a ball of mist floating above it. The student who's in the room then goes to each pedestal and touches the element on that pedestal, fire last for the student’s safety. If the element they touch does the opposite of what it normally does, then the student belongs in that house. With water, it would be harder to break the surface. With earth, it would bounce. With air, the ball of mist would fall, but not break. With fire, it wouldn't burn the student.


Fire students are stereotyped to be bold, protective, and the ones with the most offense, along with Earth. Water and Air students are stereotyped to be the thinkers of the four and are more careful.


  • Introduction to the Elements
  • Element Essentials (Teaching of this subject is taken)
  • Uses of the Elements (Teaching of this subject is taken)
  • Combative Nature of the Elements (Teaching of this subject is taken)
  • Uses of Mixing the Elements (Teaching of this subject is taken)
  • Healing Properties of the Elements
  • Manipulation of the Elements

Can you learn how to control your element, or teach how to control it?

If you're interested, feel free to submit a character or a few!

Character Submission Thread
Approved Character Thread
Discussion Thread
Entrance Hall/Sorting Room

Once there are teachers for the vacant subjects, I shall start the roleplay.

Rules: No being rude, no godmodding, ask for consent to kill, script style is okay to use, please don't use one-liners, any amount of paragraphs is welcome, and most importantly... HAVE FUN!
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