Are your Oc's your Gender?


Most ocs I create tend to be female. I do also write male ocs but I don't have very many of them. It was thanks to dnd that I decided to jump out of my comfort zone and practice playing male characters.


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All my OCs are male. I've never been a female, I don't know what it's like to be a female. I feel like if I wrote as one, it would be a poor representation.

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I think play both. I tend to just assume people are inherently the same with just their upbringing and personality influencing how they behave.

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Most of my ocs are nonbinary or female, but I'm male. I used to id as female though so I think that's why

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A majority of my characters are male. Although I have begun creating female OCs put of boredom, I haven't played as any of them yet.


I honestly thought I was the only one that stuck to their gender. I guess because I am female I feel a lot more comfortable playing my gender. I don't really see myself playing other genders. That's just my preference and what I am comfortable with
All my Characters are my gender, Female, I've always been too afraid that I would wrongly portray a another (well I have done a non-binary) and I'm wondering what other people think about it. Have you ever been afraid to be a different gender? do you dabble in all? Or do you prefer to only do the opposite/no gender at all? I'm excited to see what others think, share your thoughts!
No, mine is a fleshy abomination capable of taking a human form of which it can change to whatever it wants in terms of sex. However it's preferred form is male and human so idk if that counts.