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Are your Oc's your Gender?

Dodoco King

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I have characters of varying genders, though most of them tend to be cis male or cis female. I used to only write my own gender but it got boring after a while I wanted to branch out (plus female roles tended to get taken quickly). Nowadays, gender is only dependent on which gender a character "feels" like to me.

Hecate Arcana

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Not really. Though I do make my main OC in an RP my gender. Other than that, I find it fun to make additional OCs there the opposite
It depends on the setting and how I'm feeling. While I'm male, sometimes I'll want to play as a female character for flavor. Or sometimes a male character just doesn't work in the situation.


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Question for everyone since it's somewhat related to this. Would you guys ever play as a different gender other than male and female? Or play a trans person? I haven't but I would like to try. Would you guys?
(please don't respond to this if you're just going to be homophobic or transphobic. Thanks!)

Edit. I play mainly male characters but I liked the couple of times I played a female one
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I can only play a male character now. I tried to play a woman character before but I couldn't get into it, wasn't me.

Mistress of Anarchy

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All my Characters are my gender, Female, I've always been too afraid that I would wrongly portray a another (well I have done a non-binary) and I'm wondering what other people think about it. Have you ever been afraid to be a different gender? do you dabble in all? Or do you prefer to only do the opposite/no gender at all? I'm excited to see what others think, share your thoughts!
Mostly my gender tbh


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Since most of my own original characters are male, that'll be a absolute yes. Though, I can make a decent original female character, with what I'm trying to put together.
I've always been very secure in my gender identity, but because of that I tend to default to same gender in many areas. Not only OC's (at least main characters in writing), but also any kind of video game or avatar.

Vasara Glyndark

New Member
I am male. I almost exclusively play female characters. The only time I play male is when the character is canon. Even then sometimes I have found ways around that.

Last time I played a male character was Wolverine from Marvel.


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Honestly...NONE of my OCs have genders but rarely there would be one with a confirmed gender. And it's usually opposite of mine!! (which is ironic because by me being genderfluid I don't feel I'm tied to any gender unless I feel strongly in any of them at that moment LOL)
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As far as I know, the roleplaying community in Sweden is pretty small. The main website shut down and moved to another website as only a feature, but that website is mainly targeted towards women. Because of this, most people I've roleplayed with before going over to international forums like this one have been other women. So I've played more male characters than female even though I'm a cis woman. It never bothered me and I think it's a comforting thing for me to do. But I create all kinds of characters.


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I am male gendered, and although I started writing male gendered characters, I ended up finding writing female gendered characters end up being the core of my stories now. I think it's pretty interesting this isn't that uncommon!