Art Gulag [ Come get this Commish! ]


Commissions are OPEN!


What's good friends! Setting up a thread for all your character concept and design needs. My favorite thing to do is design characters, so whether you want just a regular piece of art or something highlighting their design, I'm your huckleberry.

Pricing Info

  • Price is per one ( 1 ) character. Additional costs for additional characters
  • Payment delivered upfront and through PayPal ( larger projects can be split 50/50 )
  • Endless revisions up until final lines
  • All artwork will be displayed in my portfolio unless otherwise discussed
  • NSFW, gore, and other sensitive topics +30% base price
  • Ask me anything!

Full Illustrations and Character Sheets - Let's Negotiate!!

Contact Info

Want to find me somewhere else? Check me out on:

Instagram - young.lyndis
DeviantArt - young-lyndis
Tumblr -
Discord - Kaizarel ( please mention where you're coming from! )
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Revisiting my anime days filled me with nostalgic inspiration~! Have a look at some updated, classic, and colorful characters in a story about magic and mermaids.