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So! As some know we've been working hard to get more traffic to Storyteller's Circle, and one of our weakest points is back-linked content to help improve our google standings. IE, other sites linking back to us around the interwebs.

To work on this, we would like to see if we can generate up some interest in writing roleplay themed articles. Anything from informative guides to creative entertainment. This will serve both to fill out our Roleplayer's Codex forum here on Storyteller's Circle as well as give us some content to post off-site to link back to Storyteller's Circle.

Anyone interested in participating and donating some articles to this initiative, please jump right in.

These are some topics we would love to see done, but feel free to suggest other topics that we can add to this list. And more than one person can write a version of the same article so if one is crossed out but you really want to write your own version of it, go for it.

Just go ahead and post into this thread if you're interested in participating, or just want to submit some ideas. Completed articles can be posted right into the Writer's Circle and the Submitting Articles & Guidelines thread can be used to submit them to the codex. And if you don't want your articles posted off-site, let us know! We're happy for people to submit articles exclusive to our codex as well.
  1. A guide about the value of conflict in a roleplay, and why its bad to insta resolve every conflict.
  2. Some does and don'ts of character creation.
  3. A guide to roleplaying meaningful villains that players can relate to
  4. A beginners guide/introduction to roleplaying. Something that covers basic etiquette, the general system of free-form roleplaying, and common newbie mistakes
  5. An informative guide about over-writing details/posts.
  6. A guide on ways to respectfully drop out of a roleplay.
  7. A guide to recognizing toxic communities
  8. A guide to building meaningful NPCs
  9. A guide to writing combat in a collaborative environment vs a competitive environment.
  10. A guide to recruiting players for a roleplay
  11. A guide regarding metagaming (Tiko)
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I'd be happy to edit any articles as a way of contribution. I'll also try to write some if I feel I can write one on the list adequately.... But figured I should offer my editing services, since that's something I'm particularly good at and work with.


Demon Goat
That would be great! Long ago we actually had a designated editor on staff, but we don't have one anymore. So I actually wouldn't mind you giving a look over the one I already posted. I'll send you a copy.