Ask my Original Character Max!


The Tsuki Royale
It's kinda like one of those things when you ask an OC and you get to know that character better.


"There is no power on this earth that can stop me"
That's such a cool idea! Alright.
  • How would your character react to the real world?
  • How would he react if he met you/knew you were writing him?
  • What about games like X-Factor? Could he perform?


The Tsuki Royale
1. He'd think its a piece of cake. He's a superhuman called a Destinial, you see, who are kinda like Magical Girls, so... yeah.
2. He'd probs just ask if he can have some new ultra-strong-universe-breaking powers.
3. His voice has been known to make one of his friends' ears fall off.


"There is no power on this earth that can stop me"
Oh, so he's powerful?

  • Who's the most powerful character he can kill?
  • What are his powers?
  • Limitations?
  • Weakness?


The Tsuki Royale
4. Hmm... That'd be Xander Blitzen (a rogue). Xander has a 7/10 chance of beating him though.
Max has photokinesis, and two moves called Comet Climax and Giga Arrow. He has a bow named Divine Life, which is strong enough to blow up a skyscraper.
Max is known to fight with his friends, and usally loses without them. Max's limitations are that with a strength, there's a weakness. He's known to taunt an opponent, which makes the opponent vulnerable... but Max usually gets hit as a result. Plus, he sucks it hand-to-hand combat.


"There is no power on this earth that can stop me"
I see, so city buster.

How does he deal with loss?


The Tsuki Royale
5. Happy most of the time, so... that's out of the way. He is pretty bratty, gets sad when things don't go his way, and if his disappointment gets too meta, then he can become... MAD! When he's mad, he unleashes this new side of himself, like a kuudere guy. He isn't mad much.
Fear? He doesn't experience that a lot, considering he's with his friends for most of his life, but when he's scared... he's scared. Like girly-scream, scared of shadows scared.
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The Tsuki Royale
6. It's just a nickname he gave himself. His full name is Mackenzie Peterson Irvaron, though he hates "Mackenzie" because he thinks it makes him sound like a girl, so he just calls himself Max.


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What does he like to eat?

Does he ski?

What are his views on morality?

Does he believe in aliens?


The Tsuki Royale
7. Max is really big on fried foods, though he knows he's not able to live on them. He absolutely loathes vegetables, however.

He doesn't do it regularly, but he's gone skiing about seven times in his life.

Max honestly doesn't care all too much about all the grey inbetween, and really only sees people as good, bad, or someone who isn't involved. He gets called out on this several times, however.

He's met a lot, so definitely yes.


What does Max look like? Is he introverted or extraverted? Cats or dogs? Worst childhood memory? Favorite childhood memory?