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January 1st, 2020 A.D., London
The European Assassins' Brotherhood has been eradicated. The Bloodlines of the Sages have been erased. Order has been brought to a chaotic world. The Templar Order Rules supreme.

Although the Assassins are dead, their legacy lives on. Their message of freedom has spread across the world. They have become martyrs. Symbols. Across the world, new groups are starting to search for the men behind the curtains.

A series of hacks and attacks have shaken the heart of the Order. They fear that their rule might be short lived. To keep their people in line, the Grand Masters have reignited their search for the Pieces of Eden. One such piece, the Golden Wreathe of Hercules, could grant the Order with enough power to erase the Legacy of the Assassins for good.

New Years Eve, 192 A.D., Rome
The Era of the 5 Good Emperors is at an end. Emperor Commodus has come to power following the death of Emperor Aurelius and re-founded Rome in his own image. Declaring himself to be Hercules Reborn, the Mad King has placed himself as the fountainhead of Roman life, culture and religion. The eyes of his statues and portraits watch the streets at all times. He has renamed the months of the year to honour his dynasty. He has slaughtered his political rivals En Masse.

A Piece of Eden sits upon his head.

The Hidden Ones have marked him for death.

But the Assassins could never have predicted the consequences of their actions.
Commodus' fall marks the start of the reign of the Assassin-King.
In his wake, rises the another Emperor. Then another. And another.
By the end of the year, the Era of the Templar Kings will begin.

In the space of 12 months, 5 different men wore the Wreathe of Gods. The Empire entered into an era of turmoil. Wars were waged. Kings rose and Kings died.

By the end of the year, the Wreathe of Hercules was lost, never to be seen again...

Janurary 1st, 2020, Rome
After studying the texts of the Templar Kings, the Templars has deduced that the Wreathe of Hercules was hidden under the orders of one of the 5 Emperors. In order to find where it was locked away, they've turned towards their old foes- the Hidden Ones. If anyone knew where the crown was hidden, it would be the Kings' protectors and killers. However, the legacy of the Hidden Ones was erased during the Purge of the Assassins in 2000 A.D.. Without the living descendants of Hidden Ones, the ancestral memories of the Assassins of 192 A.D. will forever sit outside the Templars' grasp.

Thus, the Templars have turned to the multiverse.

They have tracked down the genetic-counterparts to the Descendants of the Hidden Ones and taken them from their home universes. They have wiped their minds and filled them with the memories of the Last Assassins. Using the Animus, the Templars seek to crack open the genetic memories of the Hidden Ones and track down Wreathe.

Every time you leave the Animus' Simulations, you feel your mind fracturing into three parts. The mind of the person you were. The mind of the person the Templars want you to be. The mind of your long dead 'ancestor'. Reality begins to break down. It's hard to tell what is real, and what is simply an illusion. You only know one thing to be true: the Order of the Ancients cannot be allowed to hold the Wreathe of Hercules.

The Fate of the Free World rests upon your shoulders. The Fate of the Multiverse rests upon your shoulders.

Lucky for you, greatness flows through your veins. It's embedded in your very DNA.
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An Illusion Game is a Convergence series Rp format. For this game, you will play as 3 characters in one body. Let me explain.
Your first character will be your canon character. After getting kidnapped by the Knights Templar and brought to their universe,
your character will have their minds wiped. However, over the course of the game, their memories will slowly return.

Your Second Character will be your 21st Century Assassin Character. After your canon character's mind has been wiped, they will be implanted withthe memories of their Assassin's Creed counterpart. This OC will share their DNA with your Canon character, and they will have fought against the Templars for most of their lives.

Your third and final character will be your Hidden One's member. This character is one of the ancestors of you 21st century assassin.
This character will be a member of the ancient Roman branch of the Hidden Ones, a cult of assassins who seek to protect the Empire from tyrants.

Using an Animus, your 21st century assassin will access the memories of their Hidden One ancestors. However, every time they leave the animus, a flicker of their previous, canon lives will return to them. Slowly, the 'illusion' created by the Templars will fall apart, and your canon character's memories will return.
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Your Assassin Class will affect what skill and feats your Hidden One/ Roman character is capable of. Warriors-Assassins specialise
in combat. They'll be armoured, like traditional Roman soldiers, and have access to spears, swords, shields etc.. Hunter-Assassins will be lighter, and they'll specialise in bows, throwing knives, poison darts etc.. Traditional-Assassins will specialise in stealth, berserker darts, smoke bombs and rope darts.

Don't think too hard about your class. We'll deal with weapons and gear IC. Just go with the class you think fits your character best.
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No! This game is designed to be as welcoming to newcomers as possible. This game is set in the Assassin's Creed universe, and is part of the Convergence Series. But no prior knowledge of either series is required. A quick outline of the Hidden Ones and The Order of the Ancients can be found bellow-

The Hidden Ones
The Hidden Ones were a group of assassins founded in Ancient Egypt. Since the 200 years, they have been watching over world politics and covertly removing tyrants. The Hidden Ones played key roles in the assassinations of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar. The Hidden Ones exist are known only as urban legends in Ancient Rome. They strike down the wicked, and vanish into crowds before they can be hunted down. They have been romanticised as being Champions of the Oppressed by Rome's downtrodden. The Hidden Ones are all trained in free running and swordplay, and are typically spotted by their white hoods, hidden blades and missing ring fingers.

The Hidden Ones, and their successors, the Assassin's Brotherhood, will be the game's main protagonists.

192 A.D., they exist under the leadership of Publius Helvius Pertinax, a Roman Consul and the son of a freed slave.

The Order of the Ancients
The Order of the Ancients is a secret society devoted to bringing peace and order to Rome at the cost of liberty. Otherwise known as the Snake, the Order has operatives in every facet of Roman life. Priests. Politicians. Generals. The Snake targets influential public figures and indoctrinates them. The Order have allied themselves with emperors, cultists and dissidents alike in order to further their agendas. The Order has been known to use its wide influence to acquire powerful Pieces of Eden. The Pieces of Eden could grant the wielder a variety of incredible powers, from immortality to teleportation to mind control. These ancient technologies were remarkably rare, even back in the 2nd century. In the 21st century, they are all but lost. Via the animus, the Knights Templar- the modern incarnation of the Snake- seeks to track down the final resting places of the Pieces of Eden and acquire them in the modern age.

The Order will be the game's main antagonists.

In 192 a.d., they exist under the leadership of Emperor Commodus the Gladiator. Due to Commodus' madness, the Snake's 'true' Grand Master is Septimius Severus.
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This will be your character's 'true' self. You won't have access to this character's memories
or abilities for the majority of the game, but you will see flickers of your past life at the end
of each mission.
Appearance: (A Picture is fine)
Canon: (What Series/Fandom is your character from?)
Powers/Abilities: (A wiki link is fine)
Brief Bio: (A wiki link is fine)

This character will be played during the game's main
missions- the Memory Sequences/ Flashbacks. Set in 192.A.D.
Rome, your character will take on the role of an ancient assassin fighting
in the name of freedom.

Appearance: (A brief description is fine)
Brief History:
(A brief paragraph as to who your Hidden One is and how they came to join the early
Assassins. Remember, this ancestor was born and raised in ancient Rome)
Assassin Class:
(Is this ancestor a Warrior, a Hunter or a Traditional-Assassin?)

You will play this character during the game's 'present day' segments. This
character will be a Templar prisoner for the duration of the game. Their goal will be to unlock their
'true' memories and escape the compound before the Templars can locate the final resting place of the
Wreathe of Hercules.

Appearance: (A brief description is fine)
Brief History:
(A brief paragraph as to who your 21st Century Assassin is)


1. All usual STC Rules Apply

2. No Godmodding or Meta-Gaming allowed

3. Be respectful to the other players. In the event of any disputes, the GM's word is final.

4. This Rp is part of the Convergence Series, a multi-fandom Epic Roleplay Group on STC.

If you're new to the group-- Welcome! Don't worry, no prior knowledge of our lore is required.

5. Most of our OOC talk takes place on our discord server. If you're new, we can send you an invite.

6. Remember not to post your CSs straight into this thread. Send them to me first. Your canon character in particular
must remain secret prior to its IC reveal. I'll DM you your edited character sheets once they've been approved.

7. When choosing your Canon character, remember that only human characters or close to human characters are allowed. Your Character will need to have human DNA for plot reasons.

@Capri as Neroblanco/Canis (192.A.D.) and Dexter Wolf (2020.A.D.)
@Yun Lee as Tertia/Licinia (192.A.D.) and Zion Christos (2020.A.D.)
@Takumi as Nicabar/Florin (192.A.D.) and Eve Crawford (2020.A.D.)​
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A younger man with short jet-black hair that brushes against the top of his ears. He has no facial hair, and a noticeable scar near his neck.
Neroblanco (born Canis)
Brief History:
Neroblanco was the illegitimate son of an unknown man and the prostitute Vulpesia under the name Canis. His desire to be something greater than his past lead him to abandon his old name and adopt the name Neroblanco. He became a fairly successful politician under this pseudonym. However, his desire to eliminate the rampant corruption in the Emperor’s court lead him to join the Hidden Ones to protect his town from danger. His scar was caused by his mother when he first attempted to leave.
Assassin Class:

A young man who bears a striking resemblance to James Franco. He has combed back black hair, glasses, and a gun holster that contains a Bop-It.
Dexter Wolf
Brief History:
A loner for nearly his entire life, Dexter only barely knew who his parents were before a car crash resulted in both of them dying and him growing up in an all-boys orphanage. There he was outcasted and bullied by all the other boys there, and one day, he ran away to live the rest of his life alone. His first encounter with the Templars were when he was 15, and he has been learning how to defend himself for a while. Joining the Brotherhood at the age of 20, Dexter has involved himself in the war against the Templars for 3 years.​
Hidden One
Appearance: Long black hair usually kept in a braid, olive skin and golden eyes. Tall and a bit stockier due to muscle, usually wearing simpler clothing due to her profession: a white wool tunic with a grey palla when going outside, though when undergoing a mission Tertia tended to dress in more freeing, ambiguous clothing,

Name: Tertia (Licinia)

Age: 33

Gender: Female

Brief History:
From birth, Tertia's life was one of misfortune. Born to the Carpinatia family, she was impoverished as a child, the shame of their ancestor hanging over their heads. Their father's only chance to save his children from their dishonored bloodline was to sell them into slavery. It was here Tertia's life turned around, as she was sold to a man who immediately freed her. Adopting her as his third child, Tertia received her new name and her new surname: Licinia. She also received training to become an assassin, her freedom coming at the price of becoming a member of the Hidden Ones. Reaching womanhood and needing an excuse to remain unmarried, it was decided Tertia would play the part of a midwife for wealthy families, using her time with them as a cover for her own missions.

Assassin Class:
21st Century Assassin
Appearance: Usually seen in a black leather jacket, ripped jeans, and black combat boots, Zion has the same features as their ancestor: Tall, muscular, with olive skin and golden eyes. Their hair, however, they've bleached and dyed silver, styled in a sleek diagonal bob cut.

Name: Zion Christos

Age: 33

Gender: Non-binary

Brief History:
At some point, it is known that Tertia fled Rome and eventually had a child, her descendants settling in Greece before moving out westward over the centuries. They would still continue their lineage as Assassins, Tertia's blood continuing to run through them. The most recent of this bloodline, Zion, became a bartender in London, a good cover for themselves. From the outside, their upbringing was humble: the third child of a small Greek family who started working right out of high school. But in reality, Zion had devoted their lives to their cause that Tertia had started so long ago: stop the Templars and bring honour to their family.
The Hidden One
Appearance: A tanned man with short wavy/curly red hair and blue-grey eyes. He has a scar on his right cheek that stops at his jaw. He stands at 5'6" with a slightly lean and athletic build.

Name: Nicabar (Florin)
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Brief History:

Born with the name Florin, the young man grew up poor, and from a young age began to steal to try and help his family get by. Eventually, the thief was caught and was put to death in the Arena as a consequence. While the audience expected him to die at the hands of the arena's Beasts, Florin used the skills he learned as a thief to get the jump on the animals and survive the night.

He would eventually become a career Gladiator and use his smarts to survive against lions and bears twice his size, trying to earn his freedom. He encountered an old Assassin who called himself Lucius and saw potential in him and became his mentor, hoping to help Florin hone his skills. One night, they tried to escape, Lucius taking a blow that would of surely ended Florin's life instead of his. To honour his friend's sacrifice, Florin took on a new name and chose to take his place in the order.

He tries to play the 'strong and silent type' to be more like his old mentor, but when he's not standing in ceremony, his real, dorky personality comes out around friends and those he trusts, and he has a much easier time smiling and laughing around those he trusts with his life. Due to his past before becoming an Assassin, he never officially married, be it out of fear of his children being caught up in the mess his Gladiator days could bring, or simply out of precaution for the well-being of those involved with him should someone place a target on his back and deem him an enemy, remains unclear.

Assassin Class: Hunter

21st Century Assassin


Wavy/curly red hair that stops mid back, Eve has tan skin and blue eyes. She stands at 5'6" and has a slightly muscular build, which has gotten her mistaken as male once or twice. Mostly wears hoodies, t-shirts, and jeans with sneakers or boots when going casual. Occasionally, she'll put her hair into a messy bun or braid to keep it out of her way.

Name: Eve Crawford
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Brief History:
Eve didn't know about being part of Nicabar's lineage of Assassins until her preteens, when she started being trained by her mother in hopes to teach her daughter to protect herself should she run into any of the Templar Order. When Eve graduated high school, her mother had grown sick and passed, and at 20 had her first run in with the Templars. Didn't join the fight against them until she turned 22, however.