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Atlantis - City of Dreams


Dream as if you were dying.
Welcome to Atlantis!

The City of Dreams welcomes one and all to the glorious paradise where you will find all that you desire close at hand! Explore the vast waterways from the comfort of your private vessel or tag along for the party barges. Enjoy the nightlife or sleep all you like. If you’re feeling frisky there are plenty who would be happy to indulge your tastes. Fill your appetite with endless cuisine from around the world. Whatever it is you want can be found. Come play in our paradise and indulge in the sin of your choice.

Hello everyone!

I'm here trying to see if anyone is interested in the sort of multi-thread RP that I am planning. In brief, it is about an island that was discovered in the 1800's and slowly was built into a island of paradise where all that you dream could come true. The over all premise after that is the main story arc I will be working on that will effect all of the rp as a whole. In this paradise land there are seven districts known as Precincts in the story. These precincts are controlled by wealthy lords/ladies. There are only seven positions, four of which have been filled at this time. If you are interested in that aspect send me a private message and we can chat about it.

For those that don't want to be a lord but still want to be apart of this dark world in the island of paradise there will be clansmen positions available. Please message me about this as well as there will be limited positions as well as we would need to make sure one clan doesn't have an over amount of members.

After that we will need civilian people. These people will be woven into the story line bit by bit and my experience something unusual. Civilians can be nearly any sort of human. A common street thug all the way up to a celebrity. I really want to see a wide variety.

As of now I only need one other person to tell me they are interested for me to send this to Tiko and the other admins for approval. Leave a message below or PM me if you are interested!

~Thank you!~
Ryuna Siege


Dream as if you were dying.
@Zephyria That's awesome! I've one more position available for the lords otherwise known as Devils if you are interested please PM me. :3

In other news! I have sent the request to Tiko and Dashmiel yesterday. I'm waiting for either of them to reply. We have a grand total of seven people interested six of which have started working on character sheets. I'm still looking for people to join. They only Devil position I have left is for Gluttony who see over the Boar Precinct. If interested PM me. I'm open for other characters I need civilians and clansmen.


Overpowered Loner
Wahh! I don't understand.
I mean I checked out the link but I still don't understand. Where did you mention the names of the precinct and what is the devil thingy? Where is the supernatural and superhuman part of this rp mentioned?
I don't understand.:confused::emoji_cry:


Dream as if you were dying.
@AnonRex Thank you for you questions. Allow me to explain the best I can without giving away much of the plot. Let me start with the last question first. The supernatural and superhuman elements of this RP are found on the island. The precincts each have their own way of bending the laws of reality to those who have never been to the island the place would simply feel different nothing would look unusual during the day. At night the magic of the island takes hold of all who are on it. Murder can happen with the only repercussion being that the person killed wakes up the next morning in bed unsure of what happened that night. They may remember bits or none of it.

The devil thingy. This is something I'm less able to explain but will tell you this much. The Devils are the select seven beings that control the precincts. They may or may not be aware of the other devils. Most people that come to the island will know nothing about them only that their names are legionary among the field they excel at. Those that are followers of the Devils are considered clansmen. They will do anything that the Devil they are loyal to asks of them. I hope this explains a bit more.