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Avatar Roleplay (Character Sheets)


Friendly Local Cat
Interest Check: Avatar Roleplay Interest Check


IC: To be added.

1. You can have as many characters as you want, but please keep track of them.
2. Please try to be active as this will be a large, long, and plot-driven Role Play. I understand that not everyone can get on and that's okay! Just please let me know if you're going to be gone for a bit or if you wish to leave, so we're not waiting forever for you.
3. Romance is allowed and openly encouraged! Keep it PG13 though!
4. This Roleplay supports and accepts LGBTQ+ characters. Don't like it, don't join.
6. There will be some amounts of blood within this Role Play as there will be fights happening. Nothing major of course, but do expect it.
7. Be sure to include other Roleplayers in your posts. No one likes feeling left out. So do your best to include other people's characters in your posts.
8. No godmodding, powerplaying, or controlling other people's characters.
9. No Mary/Gary Sues. No character can be perfect.

Character Sheet









(Family, friendships, crushes. etc)







Friendly Local Cat
Name: Zolan

Nicknames: Zo, Zol, Zo-Zo

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Alliance: Good

Nation: Fire

Elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth

Skills: Firebending- 2/10

Earthbending- 0/10

Waterbending- 0/10

Airbending- 0/10

Abilities: Fire- He can create basic fire to defend himself and others with, but that's about it as he's only had himself to train with and what little he'd seen of others.




To be added.

Relations: Mother: Mazo (Arrested, fate unknown)
Father: Seere (Arrested, fate unknown)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Appearance: 429812_8RtXfuQj.png

Zolan is a spirited young soul, a noble hero in the making. He's has a drive for battle and to get stronger. He wants to get stronger to more easily protect those who can’t protect or defend themselves. He's resourceful and selfless, and not afraid to speak his mind, as well as a sassy teen at times. However, he can be rather modest, honest, and soft-spoken, especially at first, until he becomes more sure of himself. He is a courageous boy with a thirst for adventure. He is determined and he can be rather stubborn on top of that, refusing to back down from something, especially if it's something he strongly believes in. He can be reckless at times, especially when others are in trouble, often leaping in to help without really thinking things through. He is very compassionate and caring, a kind soul. He is rather skillful and intelligent, taking charge when the time comes. He's a natural-born leader and quite the caring boy on top of that. He's loyal and will defend those he's close to with his life. He feels guilty about how the world has fallen into chaos and wishes with all his heart that he can make things right, even if it's not totally his fault. He never asked to be the Avatar and given this huge goal. Failure frightens him, knowing that if he fails, the war will continue but not only that, more people will get hurt and die. He has a lot of stress, doubt, and anxiety due to the weight of the literal world on his shoulders and he hopes he'll be able to make things right for everyone.

History: Zolan lived with his parents in the Fire Nation. All was well until he showed signs of being able to bend the flames of their nation. His parents told him to keep it a secret, not show or tell anyone. They were protective, keeping a close eye on him. Even so, he was sneaking out at night to practice his firebending and he still wasn't great at it, nowhere near a master as he only had himself to train with. He'd need to find a master firebender as well as soon, to his surprise, the other three elements. A Fire Nation general and a few soldiers came to their house. His father had seen them walking up and told Zolan to hide. His mother hid him in a compartment under the floor of their house. One of the generals questioned his parents about him but they refused to answer. Eventually, they were arrested and taken away. The soldiers searched the house, but after a couple of hours of not finding anything, they left. Zolan waited until nightfall to leave his hiding spot. He packed what he could carry before he fled, going into hiding, trying to avoid capture. It was during these travels that would lead him into running into his allies and even enemies in his unknown quest of mastering all the elements and saving the world from the war that had fallen over it for so long.

Other: Avatar. He'll speak in red.


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Mei Fukuhara




Southern Water Tribe


Herbal Medicine ~
Due to her love of books, and the illness of her grandmother, Mei had spent a lot of time, researching medicine as well as herbal medicine. She used this knowledge in hopes to find a remedy to heal her grandmother, or at least prolong it.
Lock-picking ~
Mako was a bit of mischievous child and showed the girl how to pick locks that would she would keep handy for the future.
Agile ~
Mei is physically not that strong, and could not make it through close hand-to-hand combat, so she makes up for this with her agility and stamina.
Singing ~

A calming relief for Mei. She would only ever sing for her grandmother, However after her death, she would rarely ever sing again.. But, you can sometimes catch her humming lullabies she used to sing for her Nana when she is in deep thought or caught off guard doing a task.

Basic defensive and combat waterbending styles
Blood-Bending - a style of waterbending she refuses to use unless absolutely necessary, it terrifies her.

Carries around a small canteen for when there isn't water around her to allow her to bend.
Has a special needle she wears in her hair that allows her to pick locks or as last resort for self defense.

Grandmother - Yuuki Fukuhara ~ deceased
Yuuki, or Nana in Mei's case, was Mei's mother's mother. Nana had raised the girl from the age of four to fifteen and taught her the ways of her ancestors and how to water bend and to become a healer within her village in her older teen years. She was very dear to Mei, and her death had left a longlasting pain deep within her heart.
Childhood friend - Mako Ankiyuma ~ deceased
~ Mako was Mei's first love interest that had tragically passed due to fire within her village that was unknownily caused. Mako and Mei had grown up together after Mei's grandmother had passed away and she began living on her own. Mako was one of the only other people she allowed to get close to her and get to open up her shell that she had closed off to everyone else around her. He was also the one that had saved her from the fire he was killed in, resulting in her trauma.
Shen ~ pending… ~ Alive




A quiet soul that was raised to be independent especially at a young age. Her believes are that things can and should be done alone, for it’s easier that way and she doesn’t have to depend on anyone but herself. Mei is stubborn to a fault and won’t ask for help unless she truly needs it, and even than it’s hard for her to admit. She is strong willed and wise beyond her years, being quite a book worm due to her lack of friends as a child.
Although she may front as cold and distant, she has a softer side that can be shown if one were to break her shell that she tries so hard to keep close. Mei even has a motherly side to younger child due to the fact of never having any younger siblings, but helping her grandmother at her village’s temple where she would soothe the younger children during a healing session.
Mei can become attached and this is one of her worst fears due to the fear that she will be abandoned in the end.

"outsider" "orphan"

These were just some cruel nicknames the village children would call her, as she sat in her favorite tree with her nose in a book. All she wanted was for the annoying bullies to piss off and do something better with their lives then waste their time saying already obvious things. It was true, Mei was not born within the walls of the Southern water tribe. She was the only daughter of two non bender merchants, who had delivered her within the walls of Ba Sing Se. This is what grandmother, Nana had told her at least. She had no memories of her birth place however, as all her younger years were a blur. All truly remembered was standing drowsily infront of her grandmothers hut, as her parents had left her standing alone, with a bag of clothes, and a letter. She had been abandoned. Her Nana had said that her parents would come back for her one day, she just had to patient. But the longer she waited, the more she got distracted with her grandmother and learning to accept where she was now. She was content were she was, all she needed was her grandmother and no one else. She was the only person that wouldn't abandon her... right?
By the time Mei had turned fifteen, her grandmother had contracted a sickness, that not even the best healer and doctor within her village could name and heal. Mei was at a lost. What would she do now once her grandmother was gone?
"My dear Lily, there is so much more to the world than these walls and me. Go out and discover it. I just want you to be happy."
That was the last words her grandmother had uttered to her before she had quietly passed. How was she suppose to do that?
A year went by and Mei remained within her grandmother's hut alone and learning to grow up quickly to care for herself, this is where she had meet a "obnoxious" boy named Mako. No matter how much she didn't want to admit it, he had saved her from a dark place that she was slowly closing herself into... but just like everything else, it was in that short time, she had also lost that light.
Fast foward to our current time period, Mei is still that same quiet girl that all of the village elders speak in hush tones about if she will ever come out of her lonely hut to interact with the rest of the village or become a closed off pearl within clam of her home. The older Mei had become, the more her beauty became more prominent. However, due to the cold and distant atmosphere she gave off to her suitors, harsh rumors became that she would die a lonely woman. She loathed these rumors. with her whole being and wanted a way out of the judgement she faced. She just wanted simple, and calm life.. alone.
This would not be granted however would news of foreign ships had arrived on the tribe's lands. All she remembers from that day was soldiers calling themselves war recruiters, requested that all benders abroad their ship to aid in the war. It didn't matter the age, young or old, if you had the ability to properly bend, you were forced to join.. those that rebelled were immediately punished and killed in front of their families. What kind of people were these? She had thought this type of war had ended years ago.. But here she was, right in the middle of it. She watched as some of her tribe's warriors try and aid the escape in some of the benders but before she could find a time to escape, she was captured and dragged into the ship. What felt like days and turned into a least a couple hours before they managed to capture most of the remaining benders onto the ship from her tribe. She looked around the cabin they were all forced in and locked eyes with benders of all kinds, all looking like wild animals trap in a cage, some looking like fragile as glass, as if they might break any second.
Mei decided it would be best to find a quiet corner and wait it out, but it wasn't until a fire bender had started to make a plan to escape, which ended up causing the side of the ship to blow, forcing the captain to sail towards the closes land available to repair the ship that had been damaged. Although the flames terrified her, seeing a golden opportunity to escape, she took it and followed the rest of the escapees through the damaged opening and made a break for it. Mei ran as fast as her legs could carry her. She could hear the wails of children and men as it seemed that some did not make it far. She was going to live, and live the way she wanted.. She had to.

She has slight fear of fire and closed spaces due to trauma during her childhood.

She wears a pendant that a clay maker friend had given her as gift during her childhood for her grandmother. However, after her grandmother passed away, it was the only thing she had left and now she protects it with all she has. It is now a memento and the first gift that was made especially for her and her grandmother. She treasures it.
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Character Sheet (Not finished nor updated)
Name: Shen

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Alliance: Neutral

Nation: Earth Kingdom

Element: Earth

  • Clay work: one of the first skills Shen learned from his mother. For the most part, he worked his art by hand since earthbending is drastically weakened when it comes to clay.
    • Pottery
    • Gems: Shen learned to bend gems enough to integrate them into his art.
    • Prints/Impressions.
    • Painting
    • Sculpting
  • Housekeep: Another skill from his mother.
  • Meditation: For years, Shen had meditated every day without fail. He usually wakes up right before dawn breaks.
    • Through meditation, Shen can better control his anxiety, anger, and other emotions.
    • During meditation, Shen’s power transforms. Earth acts like clay, and he weaves designs of flowers onto them.
    • The movements are derived from the basics of his martial art.
  • Cooking: Shen has taken up an interest in learning cuisines of all cultures. His skill will never be on par with his mother’s, but it makes traveling comfortable.
  • Wayfinding: A year of travel and another of wandering has honed Shen’s skill as a guide.
  • Finance: Shen wasn’t good at it in the beginning, but time with his father has improved his financial skills.

  • Combat Training: For years, Shen has been learning the common martial art of the Earth Kingdom from his father. Shen practiced every morning even when his father was seldom home, so he understands the core concept very well. At the age of 15, Shen’s combat style underwent a drastic transformation. He had learned a different martial art from a mysterious traveler. He took the basics of the new style to his heart and adopted a block hard, strike harder with an immediate counter-attack approach that differs from the common principles of endurance and tolerance. Shen incorporated the new martial art into his core training and modified his style for unrelenting aggression.
  • Earthbend: As a child, Shen had no trouble connecting to the earth and displayed an average talent for earthbend. When calm, he can perform the basic techniques of earthbending perfectly; however, Shen has chosen to sacrifice stability for explosiveness in combat. That is partially due to the loss of control over his emotions during battle.

  • Body: Shen relies on his martial art.
  • Earth: Shen focuses on the destructive aspect of his power.
  • Technology: His best friend Lee makes various supportive gadgets.
  • Tactics: His best friend Yu is the brain of his entire operation.

  • Ai (deceased): Ai is the most important person in Shen's life. She is his mother who also took on the role of the father. Shen loves everything she loved. She died, killed by Avatar Zolan's pursuers while Shen was on a business trip with his father; Shen blames her death on Zolanand swore vengeance against the Avatar.
    • Ai.jpg
  • Long (Alive): Long is Shen's biological father. Due to his clay-selling business, he was almost never home for Shen. Shen elected to distance himself from Long; however, he still loves his father very much.
  • Master Wu (Alive): A non-bender who traveled with Shen and Long for three months and revolutionized Shen's approach to combat.
  • Shen-Lee-Yu Trio: The trio of good friends from Shen's hometown that Shen was a part of.
    • Lee: The oldest (barely) and the glue of the party. Optimistic and talkative, he is a self-taught genius mechanic that creates gadgets for both Shen and Yu. In the darker days of Shen's life, Lee gave Shen unabated support from beginning to end. Lee was Shen's pillar and without him, Shen would have fallen apart long ago. Lee handles a lot of tedious tasks from securing supplies to making positive connections with any possible allies. Lee always feels uncomfortable around Yu, and he does not know if it is a subconscious attraction or an intuitive warning.
    • Lee.jpg
    • Yu: The youngest (barely) and the most adventurous of the bunch. She had always led the rest on somewhat dangerous journeys outside of the town. She has two secrets that no one knows. First, she is a waterbender. Later on, she would secretively use waterbending to influence Shen's emotions and decisions. Using Shen, she will fulfill many of her wishes and desires; however, she also guided Shen through his darkest thought and feelings. She will only be able to use mindbend on Shen as she had experimented on him for years and has intuitively learned how to bend his mind. She tried the same thing with Lee but gave up once Lee came close to figuring out something is wrong. Instead, she controls Lee through Shen. (pending: Her second secret is that she was the reason Ai died. She gave Zolan's pursuers leads with an intention to see Zolan and his party captured, instead it resulted in the death of Shen's most beloved person in the world. She buried the guilt under the excuse that she did it for Shen's sake. Afterward, she will keep in contact with Zolan's enemies.)
    • Yu.png
  • Mei Fukuhara (Alive): Pending
  • Xiao Ping (Alive): A good friend that he met on the edge of the Earth Kingdom during the business trip.
  • Zyn (Alive): A non-bender that Shen was briefly infatuated with while in the Fire Nation. They had their romantic moments. She is the second person that Shen gifted his own amethyst from his own lucky charm.


Personality: Shen was a perfect mix between a talker and a listener. Somehow, he often achieved the perfect balance between words and silence. When silence was needed, he provided it. When it was overbearing, he filled it. In that way, Shen was a perfect company for he could create a sense of solitude without leaving. That quality of Shen's had helped both Lee and Yu through many hardships, as they had helped him in their own ways. Shen has a stoic face, so he often appears unaffected by emotions. That misunderstanding was deepened since Shen took the core principles of earthbending to heart, so he endured and tolerated everything; however, Shen actually has an intensely emotional soul. In fact, his emotions are the root of his actions and decisions. As such, he is very vulnerable especially when his emotional wellbeing is dependent on social connections.

Growing up, Shen's personality was heavily influenced by his mother. Ai was his role model, and he did his best to mimic her mentally and physically (growing out his hair). He was very helpful to his neighbors, friends, and strangers. He was always helping out at home as well. Everything that his mother did, he did it with her no matter how tedious or menial it was. He is the same when traveling with other people. Shen just loves completing tasks with at least one other person. For the most part, Shen lived like a non-bender at the request of his mother. She wanted him to learn to rely on himself rather than his power. He stayed true to her desire and used very little earthbending except during daily training and meditation. That habit helped him conceal his identity as an earthbender as he had never openly displayed his ability.

Everything fell apart when Shen lost his mother. He distanced himself from everyone and grew quiet. The atmosphere was always heavy around him as he prefers solitude. His kindness was buried with his mother, and gone was the Shen that loves to help everyone with anything. He began to use earthbending in anger. No one could get through to him during that time, but Lee and Yu never left him. They eventually pulled him out of his depression and became his support. Now Shen is extremely dependent on his two best friends for they are all he has left. Shen never fully moved on though, instead, he now lives for vengeance. His misdirected hatred for Zolan will drive his goals until the end.


  • Clay work
  • flowers
  • gems
  • breeze
  • cooking
  • cleaning
  • company

Objects of Importance
  • Pendant: The first clay work that Shen made with Ai. It is a heart imprinted with lavender. Each petal of the lavender is a slot for a tiny amethyst crystal. There are two slots missing an amethyst crystal. The topmost petal was given to Mei Fukuhara. And Zyn holds the second one.
  • Lung Yin: The book that teaches the intermediate form of dragon kung fu.

Endurance, stability, and roots in the ground. Shen remembered the words of his father, Long, as he rotated and lowered himself into a cross-legged squat. Then with a single fluid motion, he returned to an upright position. The earth moved with him, carrying him upward with a twisted-column of solid rock. The spiral contour of the rough pillar resembled clay work with a flat top which is imprinted with an image of lavender. The same image that is on Shen’s necklace which he has wrapped within his right palm. It is a clay heart with rounded edges. The impression of the lavender rose from the point and followed the curve of the heart. Its petals were lined with amethyst. It was his first creation with his mother, Ai. She had worked clay for a living, creating the most beautiful art pieces from the most basic element of the land. Then his father would return home several times a year to collect her works and share them with the world. As such, Shen seldom gets to spend time with his father; he never bore any ill-feel toward him, for Shen had grown to love his mother wholeheartedly who had a big enough heart to be both his parent.

Endurance, stability, and roots in the ground. Shen raised his arm from his side towards the sky with a deep breath inward and gathered his hand towards the central meridian while reversing his breathing. He repeated the motion several times over several minutes. The column of the earth followed his motion quietly as it slowly rises and sinks to the rhythm of his breath. Shen recalled the happiest moments of his life. The peaceful days when he would help his mother mold clay and learn the delicate process that gave life to the details of her artwork; the precision, accuracy, and focus that he always lacked.

Endurance, stability, and roots in the ground. Shen slowly swung his arms opposite of each other in a continuous circle as he steadily shifted towards the edge. And as he seemingly danced along the edges of the 20-foot column, thick lotus petals rose upward to encompass the platform as if to shield him from the world. The lobes ending just barely above his waist. Shen then returned the pillar into the ground leaving only the lotus-shaped platform. Earthbending is a meditation. It allows one to join the ground, and gain a sense of stability and security. Shen sat crosslegged at the center. His breathing was deep and peaceful. His back was straight and upright. His eyes were closed as he lives through another joyful memory. The year Shen turned 15. His father took him on his business trip outside of the Earth Kingdom selling his mother’s hard work. On that trip, Shen learned that he was not a good salesman. That he was clueless about the business. But he improved slightly over the year, and he would add his creations to the sales. The best part of the trip, however, was experiencing different cultures and meeting different people. The clay art and pottery sold much better outside of the kingdom, and the father would travel months at a time for business opportunities. Shen loved the history, food, performances and shows, living designs, and people. The amazing choreography involving traditional fan that has supposedly lasted for hundreds and hundreds of years. Friendships that would last a lifetime regardless of distance apart. The warmth of handholding under the bright moonlight. Memories that he should have never made. Memories that caused the death of his beloved mother.

Endurance, stability, and roots in the ground. The platform that Shen created burst into shards. Tears were flowing freely down his cheeks. His creation would never be as good as his mom’s. Shen gripped the necklace tightly as he ripped apart his platform and turned it into the sand. If he had never left on the business trip, then his mother would still be alive; he would have been able to protect her. Instead, he returned to find her buried for three weeks. He never found the full story behind her death. All he had was the name of the recruiter that was last seen with her. If Shen finds him, Shen will show no mercy. They left the town after that. Shen and Long gathered everything. The road is now their home, and they will continue to make living by selling his mother's art.

Endurance, stability, and roots in the ground. Shen started a series of punches, blocks, and kicks. The martial art differs from normal earthbenders. It was one he learned from a traveler during his trip. The main ideas are block hard, strike hard, and rush into positions. It abandons the core of earthbending: endurance, patience, counter-strike. Instead, Shen has taken the basic forms and absorbed them into his fighting technique. He will bend the earth unrelentingly to his will, sacrificing stability for explosive powers. The closer the enemies are the more damage they will take. With a stomp, Shen raised a boulder and shattered it with a straightforward strike, sending shards into the edge of the forest. His unforgiving and fierce eyes bore hatred. Hatred for the world, for soldiers, and himself.
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Name: Wei AKA "Mogwai"

Age: 17

Gender: Agender (he/they)

Alliance: Neutral Good

Nation: None

Element: Air

Skills: Gliding, Hunting, Ingenuity, Wielding polearms

Abilities: Airbending - Wei is proficient at manipulating air in both defensive and offensive capacities. To name a few:

-Enhanced speed, breathing techniques, stamina
-Gusts, blasts, and swipes
-Nullifying flying objects
-Creating an air wheel (modified air scooter)
-Manipulating the volume of sounds via air vibrations

Weapons: Spear, Wind Sword, Smoke bombs

Relations: Feng Shi - Primary Mentor of Yidma's Army (Living)
Monk Uryu - Lead
Jinora Sui - Mother (Unknown)
??? - Father (Unknown)

Sexuality: Pansexual

Appearance: Xiao, Genshin Impact

Personality: Wei has little issue with being alone. Even before becoming a nomad, they spent much of their free time on their own whether it was reading, collecting insects, or cloud watching. If they needed help they would sooner go through trial and error than ask a friend or family member. Combined with their blunt speech pattern, people often see them as arrogant and uncaring. That is only half true however. He doesn't undersell himself and if he believes that something he suggests or does is superior he has no issue speaking up. At the same time however, they acknowledge their own shortcomings. Though they aren't as vocal about their flaws, they will try their hardest to overcome their weaknesses, often to the point of exhaustion.

When they aren't training however, they are an introspective soul. Whether it's way that the elements balance one another, the spirit realm, or a world where he was born in a different family or was never born at all, they can talk for hours on end. Questions about life, death, and balance constantly run through their mind, like a cold whirlwind. He still feels burdened by what the Yidma taught him and his relationship with Airbending remains contentious. They grapple with the morality of killing and outside of utility or defensive purposes, has not touched Airbending. Nowadays they avoid fighting altogether, preferring to walk (or glide) away whenever possible.

History: Wei remembers little of their parents. They were raised by the Yidma, a large faction of Airbenders that excised themselves from the Air Nomads two hundred years ago. Unlike the majority of Air Nomads, they rejected pacifism in favor of proactive action and wanted to seize more land to build their own community. Whether you were male or female, young or old, bender or non, you had a role within the faction and Wei was no exception. The moment he showed signs of bending, the Yidma trained them to be a soldier. Lies about defending their country and reclaiming what was rightfully there filled the heads of him and his clan mates, urging them to pledge their loyalty to the "new" way of Airbending. Wei took these words to heart and devoted his childhood to mastering both Airbending and weaponry. In their mind, if they couldn't find their parents then they could at least build a better future for the other Yidma. Despite devoting their mind and body to their clan however, Wei couldn't devote their soul.

During one of their first battles, Wei's mentor and her team ambushed a Fire Nation army before capturing the general for interrogation. After five hours with no success their mentor took them aside and asked them to use that technique. If the general wouldn't talk, they would take away his ability to speak. Pulling back their hands, Wei enveloped the general's head in a sphere of air, demanding answers to where the army's next attack would be. Yet the general refused to speak.

Kill him. Feng commanded, putting her hands around Wei's own. They shook their heads, pleading with the general to comply. Despite his depleting air supply, the general kept declaring fealty to the Fire Lord and eventually he suffocated under Wei's hands. Silence fell over the makeshift camp as the teenager dragged their feat back to camp. He stayed silent for the rest of the night, contemplating what he'd done and once the sun rose, Wei was gone.

He wandered several years before coming upon the Southern Earth Temple where a clan of monks gave him shelter. In exchange for cleaning and tending to their gardens, they housed Wei and helped him get in touch with his spirituality. Rather than treating Airbending as a weapon, the monks taught them how to use Airbending as a philosophy and lifestyle. They believed in pacifism and only resorted to violence when self-defense was necessary. Unfortunately, not everyone respected their stance. Ba Sing Se sent an mercenaries to slaughter the residents, offering a high bounty for Monk Uryu, the head of the monastery.

Though monks fought valiantly against the invaders, they were overwhelmed by the sheer power that their enemies held and their numbers dwindled until only five remained. Blowing back the mercenaries did little to deter their onslaught and their armor rendered them immune to the air blades that he sent their way. On the verge of death, Uryu commanded that everyone flee. He declared that he and the rest of the monks would fight off the mercenaries. Despite Wei's begging, Uryu shouted at him to leave as he didn't want the child to have anymore blood on their hands.

Once again on their own, Wei continued traveling across the land, wrought with guilt over their mentor's death. Should they have killed the mercenaries? Would they have found another way to stop the bloodshed?

Other: Speech and thought color is #50C878. Due to their fierce fighting style, they earned the nickname "Mogwai" as a child.
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Name: Akune

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Alliance: Neutral Good

Nation: Fire Nation Colonies (formally). Wanderer

Element: Fire

Skills: Hunting, Fighting, fire bending theory, chi blocking, engineering

Abilities: n/a
Had his bending taken away

A standard issue pistol, given to him when he was drafted into the Fire Nation Army. He had acquired a second one in his travels.

A personalised set of a dagger, short sword and long sword. A gift from a helpful earth/lava bender whom he had saved on his travels.
a set of gauntlets. He has one on each hand when being a vigilante. Each one has a dark launcher, a grappling hook and a hidden blade.
Sexuality: Straight

Personality: Akune is a stoic individual. Years of travel and losing those close to him have largely closed him off to the world. He doesn’t like to see the innocent being oppressed. Which was one of the reasons his bending was taken away. He carries guilt from his past, so while seeming cold and distant, he is searching for redemption. Traveling the world, he doesn’t want to settle down, and won’t turn away from those in need. He is slow to start a fight, but quick to end one.

Akune was born in one of the Fire Nation Colonies that were established in the Earth Kingdom. Effectively being a frontier as the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom fought over whether or not the Colonies should stay. It became quite militant in some Fire Nation cities. Particularly the one where Akune was born. Strict curfews and more horrifically the Fire Nation discovered that exposing a child to fire would let them determine if the young child was a bender. As such, every child of the age of five had their hand plunged into a burning hot flame. The pain causing the child to realise any dormant bending, and the non benders had to live with the scars of a burnt hand.
While this practice never became common place, the Fire Nation city of Xung-Shi became notorious for this barbaric practice. It was here that Akune was born. Going the the ritual burning, and at first being happy the flames moved away from his hand when he pushed them.
This happiness would be short lived as he was moved into a boarding school, where he began his training as a soldier. It was a horrible experience. In the Xung-Shi barracks, benders weren’t seen as people, but weapons of war. So Akune did what he was told. He rose in power. Worked his way up through the ranks. By the time he was 19, he was a lightning bender in a special forces squad. His unit striking hard and fast in the dead of night. A flash of lightning and nothing but smouldering remains by morning.
He spent a year doing this, before the gravity of the whole things set down on him. So one night, he let himself get captured on a raid of the Northern Water Tribe. He was going to defect, but the night he chose coincided with a full moon. When he pledged that he was done with the Fire Nation, the chief used the power of the full moon to Blood Bend. Taking away Akune’s bending. Akune was then released and sent back to the Fire Nation as a warning.
Akune didn’t take it well. He never returned to the Fire Nation. Instead travelled around to try and find a way to restore his bending. He gave up after a year, and decided to be a vigilante. Help those who can’t help themselves. He has since been on a journey of redemption, with the Fire Nation believing him to be dead, he was relatively free to pursue being good, to finally make up for all the bad he had done.



Writer of Wrongs, Righter of Wrongs
NOTE: I have not proof read this yet, however I did make it prettier for lookin’ at! Let me know if there’s any info in here that doesn’t fit with the structure of this rpg in terms of plot or setting! Also, if any one has any questions or critiques please feel free to share them! I love hearing feedback from others. :) And if there’s any other Earth Kingdom soldiers or warriors don’t be scared to hit my line.

Character Sheet
Name: Rook Gozen Sloane
Nickname: Rookie
Age: 20 (Birthday: April 6th)
Gender: Male
Alliance: Loyal to his family first; Loyal to Ba Sing Se not pro-war and not anti-Avatar
Nation: Earth Kingdom
Element: Earth

  • Basic Combat Training
  • Basic Earthbending
  • Enhanced Hand-to-Hand Combat
  • Combative Earthbending
  • Basic Emergency Medical Response
Advanced Skill in Basic Earth Bending as well as Intermediate Skill Earth Bending techniques taught to him in secret by his Grandfather who has spent years creating an arsenal of dangerous, banned, and unheard of Earth Bending scrolls.

Quarter Staff (Proficient)
Katana (Proficient)
One-Handed Heavy Hammer (Advanced)

Relations: (Family, friendships, crushes. etc)

Paternal Grandfather → Com. Knight Gozen Sloane “The Stone Wall”
Father → Lt. Bishop Gozen Sloane
Sister → Queen Naja Sloane
Mother → Gemma Ramona Sloane (previously Gemma Ramona Kamau)
Paternal Uncle → Gunnar Kamau
Maternal Cousins → Callan Kamau, Champion Kamau; Oasis Kamau

Sexuality: Asexual Biromantic (still confused himself, resigns not to be involved romantically or sexually)

Appearance: Rook is a slender young man, the muscles on his body rock hard from the pummelings that come with Earthbending against men like his grandfather for years. His face is youthful, his light brown skin smooth and firm, while his faint green-yellow eyes appear perpetually tired and sunken-in. His face is long with soft edges except for the sharp corner of his jawline, which he cloaks behind the kinky curls of a one or two-day-old beard. His hair he keeps braided down, so as to accommodate the stipulations of appropriate military standards of dress and his own personal comfort.

Personality: Rook Sloane is a quiet, brooding type who prefers to contemplate in peaceful isolation. Rook is a strategist by nature who takes pride in his preparedness. Rook has a natural charm that draws others in and yet Rook as trouble keeping people interested, as feeling close with others leads to feelings of vulnerability which leads to self-withdrawal or self-sabotage. He worries that friends and peers will grow bored with him and move on, carrying With them nothing but disappointment. As a result, Rook keeps to himself, usually won’t speak unless spoken to, and prefers to spend time mulling over dilemmas and problems on his own before taking action.

History: Rook Sloane comes from a lineage of strong military leaders who are considered Hero’s of the War in Ba Sing Se as well as across most other regions of the Earth Kingdom. His grandfather was an abrasive, cold-hearted man with an impressive reputation as a powerful military leader in Ba Sing Se. Rook’s father, an impulsive, fearless bender who regularly flirted with death, upheld his father’s legacy by rising through the ranks becoming a Lieutenant of equal rank. Both Rook’s father and grandfather have high expectations that he will bring honor to their family name by surpassing their ranks and reputation as formidable Lieutenants of Ba Sing Se.

The pressure is on Rook to succeed at influencing the outcome of the war and his family has never let him forget it. As little boy, Rook’s mother sang to him of his destiny to become a great war hero spreading aid and relief to sufferers. As a youth, Rook’s father lectured him about the high expectations he has set before him in his lineage all the while coming at his own son in closed quarter combat, training him to fight relentlessly. At age 13, Rook’s grandfather seized control of Rook’s training and education. Commander Knight Sloane immediately established a distinction between the man who was Rook’s grandfather and the man who was Rook’s trainer. Hours were spent in grueling Earth bending lessons taught to him in secrecy, the demolition of boulders bouncing off the mountain ranges and dissipating into the sky.

For a long time, Rook harbored a quiet resentment for his grandfather for being so cruel with him and his father, too, for allowing it to go on. He never broached the subject with his father, but he theorized silently in his bed some nights that his grandfather has taught his son through blood and bruises and did very little to spare Rook the same fate. As time when on, Rook’s aches turned to hardened muscles as his lessons became practice rounds and his grandfather stayed hard and unyielding. The challenges only increased in adversity and Rook grew angrier, stronger. He grew quieter. Deadlier.

At age 16, Rook was honorably accepted into Basic Training for the Earth Kingdom’s militia. As time passed, Rook rose through the ranks, the hard lessons of the men who raised him gave him an undeniable edge. However, Rook felt empty and withdrawn, as if his soul was taking a backseat while mindless violence commandeered his life. He lost faith in the war, and soon after he lost faith in seeing an end to the war.

The situation only darkened for Rook as he began to learn more about the perturbing internal status quo of the Earth Kingdom’s elite warriors. His father, still an active member of the Earth Kingdom’s militia, began to keep secrets from Rook, his actions clouded by doubt, concern, and mistrust. His grandfather, a decorated, retired war hero yet still an influential man with a hidden finger on the pulse, seemed shrouded in blatant suspicion, as he trusted no living soul with his truest intentions.

At age 20, Rook is saddled with one final goal: do something noteworthy and heroic in battle, be rewarded, continuing to survive all future battles until retirement and be honorably discharged like his grandfather has done, and like his father has nearly finished.


1. While training with his father from ages 4 to 12, Rook was made to face and overcome every challenge and lesson without his bending. In a world where the knowledge of one’s bending can be used against them, with rumors circulating always telling of some horrific way to block one’s bending using this technique or that.
2. From age 12 to 16, Rook trained with his grandfather, who taught him his Earthbending is his most valuable weapon and that he must honor it and use it for the good of his family first, the people second, and leaders last. These teaching starkly contrasted with his attitude and demands for true obedience from subordinates while he served.
3. Rook struggles to build friendships and trust as he has become disenchanted with the nature of people and the order of a war-torn world. He is intimidated by intimacy while desperately longing to share in intimacy with somebody.
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Name: Karasu
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Alliance: Good, Formerly Fire Nation
Nation: Fire Nation
Element: Fire
  • Master Swordswoman
  • Expert Combatant
  • Fire Bender
  • Medicine
  • Tactician
  • Archery
  • Blazing Rings & Arcs
  • Blocking Fire
  • Fire Blade
  • Fire Daggers
  • Shield of Fire
  • Flame Redirection
  • Airaya's Katana: A Red Bladed Sword that has been passed down in her Mother's Family from generation to generation.
  • Asomi's Bow: An Ebony Bow with Silver Blades and Tribal Engravings. Once belonged to Karasu's Eldest Sister.
  • Akano's Dagger: A Dagger with her Father's name etched into the blade.
  • Throwing Knives
  • General Akano (Father, Deceased)
  • Colonel Airaya (Mother, Deceased)
  • Captain Zereen (Eldest Brother)
  • First Lieutenant Azorun (Brother)
  • Maijun (Brother)
  • Colonel Asomi (Sister)
  • Aisulo (Sister)
  • Zeiyu (Sister)
  • Aomara (Husband, Deceased)
  • Aiyura (Daughter, Unborn)
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age Appearance: Looks Younger then she actually is, often mistaken for 19-22
Length and build: 5' 10", Athletic
Weight: 121 lbs (Pre-Pregnancy), 155 lbs (Current - She is 36 Weeks Pregnant)
Scars and tattoos:
  • Has a Tattoo of the Fire Nation's Emblem on her right forearm
  • Floral Tattoo Sleeve on her left arm
  • Scar on her right elbow (Slashed by a Dagger in a Fight)
  • Scar on her ankle (Grazed by an Arrow Strike from a Bow)
Personality: Karasu was once a Gentle, Kind and Patient young woman, but now she can be described as Cold-Hearted, Hateful and Hot Tempered. The execution of her countrymen have stripped her of the gentle heart she has once retained and the Fire Nation of its pride, replaced by a desire. Her Hardened and Cold Exterior still belies a Gentle heart as a Mother's Love must also be just as Gentle as it is Fierce.

Prior to the War being dragged out, Karasu was never inherently Cold-Hearted or Hateful, even though she came from a Family of Soldiers and Fighters. Might did not always make right and unlike her Father or her Brothers, she thought it was better to show people mercy, believing that prisoners should not be killed and that no one deserved execution, especially for the wrong reasons. Over time, as her fellow fire benders were killed off in the nation's long and hard war, this belief slowly dwindled...and finally died when her Father was publicly executed. Although it has been a few years since she has taken up the sword and willing to take matters into her own hands, she believes that her enemies deserve everything that they get, death included.

Deep down, despite the Hatred and Anger that surges through her heart and her very mind as well as the Cold and Fierce exterior that she puts up, Karasu is just a Heartbroken, Lost and Vulnerable Woman who very deeply misses her Family, which had been torn apart twice, once when her Parents died and her Siblings all taken away and imprisoned. The second time was when her Husband was executed. Without Guidance, or the Love of Family at her most Vulnerable, Karasu also has her doubts about being a good Mother to her Daughter, as she is torn between wanting to raise her Daughter and taking up her Sword to pursue Revenge. In the end, she can only hope that a Mother's Love will guide her towards the right choice.

History: Karasu was born into a Military Family within the Fire Nation as the Youngest Daughter, having three older brothers and three older sisters. Her Father was an accomplished General while her Mother was a Combat Instructor. Although her Mother was not a Bender, she still excelled in a different way and was a skilled Archer, Swordswoman and Tactician. While all her Brothers inherited their Father's abilities, Karasu is the only one out of her Sisters to possess this trait, while the other three inherited their Mother's skills. All seven siblings would go to continue their familial tradition of serving in the Fire Nation's Military.

Despite taking part in the long war, the Fire Nation suffered its share of losses and her Father was publicly executed by the Air Nation, igniting hatred in her heart and mind. After her Father was executed, all three of her Brothers were captured and sent to Internment Camps, while her Sisters were taken as Prisoners of War, sent to Labor Camps. The last strike to her heart was her Mother's Death, brought on by heartbreak from losing her husband and all her children...gone.

Alone, Karasu fled the Fire Nation had to learn to conceal her Fire-Bending abilities, which, over time, became dwarfed by her skill with the Sword. Now living in Ba Sing Se, Karasu eventually married, but this was not to last as her Husband would be executed for deserting the Fire Nation's Military, much to her own disbelief. But before his death, he left her with one last gift...

Shortly after becoming a Widow, Karasu learned that she was expecting her first child. Now on her way to being a single mother, she is faced with two choices: Spend the rest of her days in solitude and in hiding, or lend a hand to a growing resistance and attempt to create a world where she can raise her child happily. Weary, terrified, but determined, Karasu will one way, or another, show the world's War Hawks that nothing is more fierce then a Mother's Love. But before she can take the fight to them, she must first prepare to welcome her Daughter into the world.

  • Tea, with Peppermint being her favorite
  • Practicing her Swordsmanship
  • Sitting By the River (She finds the sound of the flowing stream to be relaxing)
  • Floral Dresses (They go very well with the growing belly - Would Iike to keep wearing them after her daughter is born because they really complete the 'Mom Look')
  • The Avatar (Karasu considers them a spineless coward)
  • Cabbages (She just thinks they're gross)
  • Losing her Unborn Baby (While it is any Expectant Mother's Worst Fear, her child is her last gift from her late husband.)
  • Sharp Objects near her stomach (Temporary because she's pregnant - She will start crying if it gets too close)
  • Her Fire Bending getting exposed in public (Because her Husband got killed over this)
  • Safely Carry Her Pregnancy to Term
  • Free Her Siblings from Captivity
  • Bring an End to the War so that the souls of Her Father, Mother and Husband can all find peace
  • Build a World where her Daughter can live happily