New User Aye! (Introduction)


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Hey there! I'm mino c:

I'm 23 and I've lived in Colorado for around 17 years, so I've got a lil' bit of yeehaw mixed with a dash of Mexico (since I now live there). I'm more into traditional roleplaying and not so much into D&D or any other tabletop games - I just stick to typing and direct messages.

Been roleplaying for about 13 years now. I started out with Death Note and Black Butler roleplays, but now I'm more into crafting my own storylines and characters. Fandom roleplay still happens, but it's definitely rare.

So, I'm into RDR2, Sims 4, and Stardew Valley.


My favorite Teen Titans superheroes
Hi there. I'm geniusinmath or you can call me Michael. Welcome to the STC family. We hope you have a wonderful time. If you need a RP partner, say hi, or whatever just let us know.


Hopefully, you still active. I’m new here as well, though I guess I do try to keep personal information private. I used to live in Colorado, once upon time, other than that, I hope you find more interests beyond the comfort of traditional RP, haha.