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Azaroth Bording School


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It was 7:00 AM in the morning as the students were woken from their sleep from loud buzzers set in each three-person room. A collective groan could practically be heard in the air as everyone sat up and got themselves dressed into their uniforms that they had to wear while going to the school, and they crowded and headed out of the dorm area to the wildly overcrowded three cafeterias on the other side of the building. Through the windows outside, the sky looked clouded to a blueish-grey, but the air seemed slightly warm, held in from the warmth of the day before. It was just the end of summer, about two weeks after classes had started, enough time for some of the new students to get into groups and some to had not.
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txxxxxShion Tachibana. Spectral. #2c267e

"Shadow stop. You're going to wake everyone," Shion whispered. He'd been awake for only fifteen minutes but Shadow must have been up for much longer because his side of the room was a mess. Overturned books, shredded papers, and dirty laundry were strewn all over the floor while torn snack wrappers had piled on his desk. It might not have needed to eat but it had taken to mashing potato chips against the floor.


"Don't bother, I'm already awake," a hoarse voice grumbled. Shining a light in Shadow's direction, the eldest of the dorm room sighed as the creature skittered away. Between his gray hair and full beard, it was hard to believe that Horuseus was the same age as Shion. He towered over the lavender-haired spectral at six feet tall and his broad shoulders only served to further the contrast between the two.

And that was to say nothing of his photokinesis.

"Sorry..." Shion mumbled.

Watching him leave with a towel and his uniform, Shion sighed and began cleaning up Shadow's mess. "Are you at least going to help?" Shion's words were met with a hiss and much like the rest of his morning routine, he continued in silence. It was only when the door opened that he saw a figure jump his way.


The walk was quick, but the line for breakfast nearly wrapped around the door. For all of Azaroth's flaws, its food was slightly more tolerable than the other institutions he'd been sent to. The cafeteria workers moved efficiently and none of them glared at him for Shadow's actions (even though he was sure they wanted to).

The staff at this school left him alone and that's how he liked it.
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Angela woke up in her dorm room to an alarm clock and got up in a daze. By the time she sat up, rubbing her eyes, her roommates were already up. She sighed as she put her feet on the ground and stretched, her wings extending behind her as far as they could go. As she looked around and at the feathers scattered around her bed, she realized that she may have forgotten to warn her roommates about the feathers she shed regularly. They got everywhere. Angela was pretty sure the scientists that had studied her had confirmed you were always less than a mile from an Angela feather.


Yeah, those were memories that were best left forgotten.

But this was different, she thought. This was a new beginning, a new chance. No longer were she and Blindfold wandering around like nomads, running from their supernatural signatures that always seemed to attract the worst kind of trouble. Now they were trying something new; they were going to try and stay in the same place. It was refreshing, honestly. She hadn't really been to a 'normal' school in a long time; Blindfold had taught her what he could while they were moving around, of course, some math, a bit of science, a lot of the supernatural, obviously not much reading, she had to learn that on her own - because, obviously, Blindfold had a hard time reading himself, but that was fine, Angela liked reading - but she was interested to know what people thought she should know about. Blindfold had been more interested in what helped her survive, but life, as she reminded him, wasn't about the surviving. It was about the living.

As she walked toward the cafeteria with the others, uncomfortable uniform on, the sun shining over the horizon, she looked forward to her first day of... school. She laughed to herself. It seemed childish, now that she thought about it, looking forward to school, and Blindfold had warned her that the excitement of the first day wore off quickly, but she couldn't help herself.

As she understood it, the rest of the students had been here for a couple of weeks; Angela and Blindfold had arrived a little late in the school year, partly because of ... complications ... on the way over here, and partly because of how short of notice the school had requested Blindfold's presence. Angela didn't know why Blindfold had accepted the job; he was very much a lone wolf type of person and didn't like dealing with annoying people more than required, so Angela didn't understand why he had done this. She would pester him about it later.

Angela looked at her wings and realized that she had forgotten to clean them from yesterday; which had been a hectic day, to say the least, but they had gotten here alright. The free time she had yesterday while Blindfold talked to whomever he talked to was spent painting, her favorite pastime, and her best stress reliever, and when she painted, like her feathers, it got everywhere. She had showered last night, but her wings were too big to fit in there, so she had put them away, they going off to wherever they went when they folded out of existence at will. But apparently when they disappeared to wherever they disappeared they didn't automatically get cleaned. Now her pearly-white iridescent wings had splotches of multicolored paint on them. She sighed. She wished she had thought of that.

But now, she had a different problem. Angela looked around the cafeteria, feeling strange. Everyone seemed to be with others already, with their friend groups, so she wondered who she would sit with.

This was a predicament...


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Eita was up early in the morning, a bit before the alarm that went through the school. He was always early up, and this morning, he decided to go help out in the kitchen. He was always helping out the people who worked at the school, especially the cooks and servers when he was allowed to. He had a reputation in the school that the workers ignored, luckily for him. He was known by experienced students as not one to pick on, because of his powers. Really, he wasn't grateful to them-- they hurt people, they hurt him, and it felt like there was a bubble of distance where he walked. But one of the ups was that he couldn't get picked on. Except for when a new student came into the school, and hadn't been warned yet.

He quickly headed past the line, and nodding and apologizing to the people he squeezed past, then he went to the counter. He talked for a second with one of the servers, then was allowed a spot beside her to give out breakfast burritos to the people that passed. Really, he didn't look like anyone that people should be scared of. And he wasn't one. He was just shy and quiet, did everything he was asked and more, and minded his business. From him, everyone got nothing but "thank you"s and polite smiles.

Harley was already awake before the bells rung to wake everybody up, and was out of the building, against the rules. They hummed and walked around the outside of the building, peeking through the windows at the people in the cafeteria, letting themselves be seen. They liked to see the reactions of people as they saw the purple-haired person outside the windows, breaking a rule that had been very strictly set. The only reason that they hadn't gotten any harsh punishments yet was, well... Ms. Iwata saved the stricter punishments for the boys, but Harley confused the woman, who was used to cis students. They were born a guy, but had the chest and most of the appearance of a girl, and that seemed to break her poor brain. It was a lot of fun for them.​

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Arianna opened one eye lazily when the alarm rang. "Wh-what? Is it seven already?" She grumbled.

"I suppose it is since the alarm is never wrong.." Her roommate purred smartly. His name was Oliver, and as his name suggested, he was the world's biggest nerd, in Ari's eyes anyway. Oliver was always dressed in the baggiest hoodie he could find and jeans that were probably cheaper than a sheet of paper. "You'd best get dressed and prepare for the day, I heard the line's big for breakfast today."

"Yeah, yeah, I know.." Ari said sourly. She hated getting up early, even when she woke up naturally. She then rolled out of bed, put on her uniform, and when she was about to head out the door, she hung on the frame, then turned her head to Oliver, "You want anything, big guy?" She asked.

"Uh-huh, get me some milk, will you?" Oliver replied, running his fingers along the edge of the book he was reading, something about magical artifacts or something.

"Yep," Ari said, walking out of the room and shutting the door behind her.

When she got to the cafeteria, Arianna groaned when she saw the line. It. Was. Huge. "Ah, screw it.." She hissed, going to the lost-looking stranger. She wanted to make small talk to make the time pass faster. "So.. that line, huh?"


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Angela turned around as a voice sounded to her left.

"Hey, you must be new here. I'm Jansen."

Angela turned toward the voice. It was a girl with blonde hair - like her - and relatively startling amber eyes. Well, Angela wasn't one to talk about startling eyes. She herself had bright orange eyes - they even turned gold when she used her powers. Her naturally unstable powers. God, sometimes she envied Blindfold, with the powers that he seemed to be in complete control over. It wasn't that simple, she knew, but she wished she had more control over her abilities.
Anyway - where was Blindfold? Angela didn't see him at the teacher's table, and while almost nobody figured him for the person that liked formalities; Angela was a bit worried about his nonappearance. Would he even show up for class today? She hoped so - last night had been especially hard for him, and she suspected that even he wasn't fully healed. Angela had a couple of bruises herself, but nothing to the extent that Blindfold had been injured, mostly thanks to him. But that was how it was, as long as Angela preferred to remember. He looked out for her.
Realizing she was interacting with people right now, she looked toward the girl - Jansen, her name was Jansen - and decided her own introduction would be fitting. She smiled a warm smile at the girl and nodded.

"My name is Angela. It's nice to meet you."

Angela hadn't really had friends before. Well - that's not true, she guessed, there were a couple Wolf cubs that Angela had made friends with at the Pack that Blindfold - and eventually Angela - had become friendly with. She would play with them when they went to visit, and Blindfold had even dropped her off with them a couple times when she was little, when Blindfold would go on his more - interesting, he called them interesting - adventures. Sometimes he would be gone for a week or more, though Angela wasn't sure if that was because his adventure took a week, or because it had took him a week to heal from whatever happened. Blindfold rarely talked about those - interesting adventures.
Though the organization that had kidnapped her had been real quiet ever since he stopped going on them.
In the next couple of minutes, though, another girl had approached them. The girl looked normal, but Angela - she didn't know. The Angel was trying to tell her something, Her voice echoing in the back of Angela's mind, but Angela couldn't tell what it was. They had a hard time communicating most of the time. Angela didn't know why their bond wasn't as strong as the Man's and Blindfold's - maybe it was because she hadn't had to rely on it so much? She knew it had been a matter of survival for Blindfold, since he was on his own for so long - but Angela just didn't understand the more complex things the Angel was trying to tell her.
Speaking of which, she didn't have any dreams last night, which was a good thing.
Thing is, with Angela, and especially Blindfold, dreams were rarely just dreams. they were omens, their patrons contacting them from Infinity to talk, or just plain old confusing. It was rare to not dream, and Angela was grateful for the peace last night. She had needed the rest.
She supposed she should say thank you.

Thank you, Angela pushed against their mental bond, trying to get it through.

You're welcome, The Angel pushed back - faintly. Like echoes, whispers in the void.

Angela smiled. She hadn't even been sure she'd get a response.

"So... that line, huh?"

Angela shook herself out of her pensiveness.
Another girl was standing close to the pair, mentioning the line for breakfast. Angela looked. It did seem long, although Angela had gotten here relatively early. Angela smirked. She was glad she already had her lunch in her hands - the fragile-feeling cardboard tray providing interesting textures to her.

"Yeah... does seem long... " She said back, feeling sorry for this person and craning her head to look at the line.
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Jansen's lips formed a smile after hearing Angela's name. She seemed like a friendly girl, though a bit on the shy side like many of the residents here. Moreover, she looked...lost? Perhaps that wasn't the right word but the look on her face stretched beyond merely being in a new environment.

Maybe she's like me. Maybe she doesn't remember... Angela, angel. Jansen, Phoenix. The more that she thought about it, the more the whole thing made sense to her. They were both students descended from the heavens, fighting for a chance to get back!

But she was getting ahead of herself.

"So that line...huh?"

From the corner of her eye another student had approached the two, joining in on the party.

"Yeah, they really need to split this cafeteria. There's no reason we have to wait alongside those mortals," Jansen sighed. "So Angela, what are you here for?"


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Angela raised an eyebrow at the expression that the orange-eyed girl made, saying mortals like it was a bad thing. More curiously, the girl seemed to not include her in the category. Angela wasn't sure about that. Angela wondered if she was mortal - Blindfold certainly wasn't, at least in the literal sense, Angela had seen him fight, and he looked like a god on earth - but Angela didn't know herself. Angela sure felt mortal. Pretty much all of the time.
Angela blinked at the girl's next question. What was she here for? What were they here for?

"To learn," Angela said, and that was part of it. "...and to be safe, I guess. We've been moving around for as long as I can remember. I want to stay in one place."

The initiation of contact earlier with the Angel seemed to have stirred the eternal being. Echoes now reached Angela, whispers that she couldn't make any sense out of. She couldn't hear the Angel. What was she saying? Angela would try to talk to her later.

"And I want to make sense of my abilities," Angela said, sighing. "I can't do much with them right now."