Side Story Back Into The Cold And Dark


But We Were Happy

Spinning out into the world.


Welcome to the small town of Punxsuntawney, where it's been February 2nd..... for as long as anyone could remember. There's been a snowstorm. There has never been a day before or after Groundhog Day. Stuck in an unbreakable loop, the town created a portal to try to find him. The one who could break the loop.... but he was unreachable. Unknowable. His name, lost to the town residents.

You have been sucked in here from one of the many portals that landed you in this small town. And you have been so long that the days have become meaningless. Perhaps there is a way to solve this unbreakable loop, maybe if something could change in the town, someone else could learn a lesson, then maybe just maybe, everyone can go home.

This is a sidestory heavily based in the musical of Groundhog Day and Hadestown, with a few surprises

Character Restrictions

There are none. Well, expect three. Due to the town spiraling out of control since Phil left, you can't play anyone in the timeline from House of M to Zero Hour that you have previously played ( You can play beta incarnation if you choose too though) . You must play a duo who can learn a lesson from the other person. And this last one is an optional restriction, try to keep it musical themed, but I'm not stopping you if you play non-musical characters. Oh and nearly forgot, the main characters of Hadestown and Groundhog Day are not options to play. The side characters are fine though.

1) All STC Rules apply
2)No god-modding or meta-gaming.
3) No OCs for this game.
4) 3 Images/Gifs per post
5) Be Nice to Everyone
6)Have fun

NPCS/ PCS Already taken by Myself
Rita Hanson and Phil Connors- Groundhog Day The Musical
Orpheus and Eurydice- Hadestown