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Beacon Prequels

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by TheGreenerGrey, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. TheGreenerGrey

    TheGreenerGrey Self-proclaimed everything expert.

    You begin aboard the Beacon Airship, a newly created marvel of engineering capable of traversing the planet in a matter of hours. You and those around you have been selected as Hunters, individuals capable of amazing feats, during this time of unrest. It is your job to protect the innocent and the weak against the forces of the Grimm, beings of malice with their seemingly sole purpose to destroy humanity. But that isn't all a Hunter of this age must deal with.

    A mere five years after the Faunus rebellion is hardly enough time for old grudges to settle. Hatred brews, verging on the point of violence as those who fought on both sides believe themselves slighted. And while they have not revealed themsleves yet, there are those who wish to capitalise on the situation. How this will affect the world, however, only time could tell.


    "... and today yet another peaceful White Mane protest was met with hostility as police made arrests left and right, after a few individuals sparked a street wide brawl. Authorities say that, despite showing up with weapons armed they-" At this, Charles turns the small screen off. Sighing, he stretches and looked around from where had been sitting. The hall of this 'Airship, was certainly large, and the amount of potential students here far outnumbered the amount of seats, and so he was met with a sea of bodies. Seems nothing had changed there.

    Looking out the window, he looks down to the sea far below, wondering as to the fate of his armour. It was a massive pain to carry anywhere, even for him, and had thus been moved separately from himself. He had been told it would be available for him upon arrival, but he wasn't sure when that would be.

    However, as negative a thought as that was, it couldn't really do much against the cold, tingly feeling of excitement in his stomach. He was finally at Beacon! The final stepping stone to becoming a true hunter. Looking around again with more excited eyes, he began wondering who on this ship, if they were on this ship, would end up being a part of his team. There were certainly a few that looked like they could handle themselves and he couldn't wait to meet his future teammates.

    "You attention please. We will be arriving at beacon academy within half an hour. Your attention please. We will be arriving at Beacon Academy within half an hour. Please make any necessary preparations now." A pleasant voice chimes over the intercom as the muted conversation that had filled the large room took on a higher pitch.
  2. Griffith

    Griffith Killer Queen Staff Member Designer

    The view from the Beacon Airship was, if nothing else, undeniably stunning. The distant waves below lulled in a hypnotic rhythm that Janeway stared absently at as they floated past, having lost track of time since some minutes ago. It could have been hours, but time was not of the essence here. She has never had the occasion to travel much, especially by air, and as such sought to soak in as much of the experience as she could. It was fortunate, perhaps, that she'd managed to obtain a seat, and one with a view at that. Janeway thought briefly that she might offer the seat up to someone else, but a few glances around and she quickly decided that she'd better keep it. Can't risk her sandals getting stepped on, after all.

    Her thoughts soon drifted off in a different direction, and Janeway wondered about the future that Beacon would bring. Just yesterday, before she departed, her mother had made a rare appearance back at home to congratulate her. "Carry yourself well," she'd said, setting her helmet on the dining table and pointedly ignoring the glare that grandmother had sent her way. "You are of Valkyrie blood. Do not fear, for the Gods watch over you." She'd gone on to talk about a lot more things that Janeway didn't bother remembering. It was always something or another about keeping the bloodline alive and upholding code of conducts, and Janeway had long since grown weary of those speeches.

    In truth, Janeway hardly cared much about carrying the family name. She knew her own limits, and was well aware that she'd do decently in Beacon and become a Hunter without a hitch. That was not what preoccupied her thoughts. Janeway closed her eyes and thought about her future team. There was no way to know what sort of people she'd be placed with, but Janeway had always gotten a kick out of dancing with uncertainty. It was what added a satisfying spice to an otherwise bland life, after all. She felt a thrill run all the way to her fingertips and let the soft hum of anticipation thrum steady in her pulse. She was in her element. It wouldn't be long now, before they landed, and Janeway could hardly wait for her new life to begin.
  3. Littlemankitten

    Littlemankitten I heal you, I hurt you. I heal you again. Forever

    Standing around in roughly the same spot for a couple hours was very tiring. Especially when you had to constantly make sure no one stepped on your otherwise perfectly clean overcoat. It was all the more tiring for Sapphire who was not a fan of being around people to begin with. She didn't even have the luxury of being able to look out a window. She was tucked in the corner of the hall and was hot, anxious, and put simply was in a very poor mood right now. Even if she wanted to move she couldn't to many people blocked her way, and to great of risk to her coat and herself she thought. She couldn't wait to get off this airship.

    Thanks to her predicament, she also had plenty of time to let her mind wander and come up with all kinda of ridiculous situations in her head. She thought back to her time in Signal, and how for the longest time she couldn't even so much as fight a Grimm or another student. Those were a painful few years, and the moment when she was finally able to fight was one of the most satisfying moments in her life. She was able to freely use her carefully made weapon without much judgement, and she could satisfy her quirk fairly easily on a few Grimm. However, she knew that the instructors at Signal were going easy on her. They would not throw something very dangerous at a 16 year old, and she knew she still had a lot to learn as well. And so, she kept thinking what would be thrown at her at Beacon, what would she be fighting, who would she be fighting, who would she meet? How would her instructors teach her thanks to her quirk? So many questions that she dreaded the answer to.

    Sapphire groaned at the announcement of thirty minutes. She knew that thirty minutes was only a fraction of how long shes been in this ship, but she wanted to get out right now, not in thirty minutes which she knew would last a lifetime. She fidgeted and whimpered slightly, trying to find a semi-comfortable position for about the eightieth time.
  4. Shadras

    Shadras Illogical

    Forest looked out of the airship, absently contemplating how the waves below were only slightly like the streets he called home. While they rose and fell and moved with some semblance of chaos, as did people on the streets, they lacked the sheer intensity and individuality of people. Lacked the same density of people, crowding up and down the thoroughfares. And they won't sound the same, he thought as the next song from his headphones came on, continuing to fill his two human ears with serenity. A calming playlist Onyx had compiled for him some months ago. Beacon too, would sound different. He could already tell. The dialects of most of his to-be classmates lacked the same same slur and twang of the streets of Vale. They sounded almost alien to him. As if they came from different lands, and not simply from differing parts of the kingdom. Or even different parts of the city of Vale itself. That much, his faunus ears told him. He doubted if many, if not any, had spent time in gutters, wondering if the next meal would be that night or next week. If they could perhaps steal some cash, or avoid the risk. If...if... there were so many "ifs" when the streets were involved, but it would not serve him to begrudge his peers, no matter their circumstances. It would not make him friends

    He smirked softly. That had been Aoi's advice at any rate. "Make a couple good friends, and you'll got someone to keep your sides and back safe." Aoi was likely right, just as he was about a whole lot of other things, including reading and writing. Two skills Forest thought he'd never have to learn, and now they would be needed to carry him through Beacon, his first school. It was lucky that Onyx had finished teaching him a month before that teacher or professor or doctor or...whoever the heck he was, scouted him out. The thought of friends brought him to the popular conversation on the ship. Teams. Honestly, he hoped that the rumor that students would merely be thrown together in an arbitrary way was true. Less likely that there would be established groups of friends to be isolated from.

    Thatch had had some thoughts on the subject. "Ya need to smell clean, look clean, and be open like a handbag. You can handle the latter, I got some soap for the other." When Thatch had picked off some soap, Forest never knew, but it was his and everyone's first bath in a month and a half, and Lil' Em's first in a year. She had not been too happy when she came home from begging, was promised the nicest dinner since her birthday, chocolate also stolen by Thatch, ran to the back to the "kitchen" to find a barrel of rain water and soap. It had taken him and Onyx a whole half an hour to clean her with enough splashing and a string of curses that Forest knew he had never taught her, that it likely gave him and Onyx a second bath. Afterward, she forgave them with chocolate in her mouth, on her face, her ragged clothes, and under her nails. It had been one of her better days.

    Onyx had pick out the clothes he would wear, on his way there, baggy short-sleeved shirt and baggy cargo pants, cleaned with the same soap they used for a bath. "To hide how bad we all look," she said. They had all agreed that Forest was to keep that his was a homeless boy from the streets on the quiet side. He was already a faunus, which would be strike against him, and he didn't need to look like some street-rat thief. They debated whether to hide his ears as well, but Lil' Em put her foot down saying, "Forest gots ta be himself. Ears in all!" And that had been that. The ears stayed visible.

    So here he was, going to Beacon. The thought did thrill him, but also frightened him. This was his chance, his one chance to fulfill his dream and become a Hunter. To repay the sacrifice Karen Thorn had made in saving his life. He fingered the locket with her hair in it under his shirt. This was for her, along with each of his friend's parting words. "This it it, make this count and you'll do grand as a Hunter," Aoi. "We're family, no matter what happens," Onyx. "Don't forget us, just get us out," Thatch. "Smile Verse! An' bring back lots of chocolate!" Em. Forest did just that. He turned away from the window, keeping a casual lean against the wall behind him, smiled, and tried to look open to talk to.
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2017
  5. Spike1d23

    Spike1d23 Everyone's favorite turtle

    Lacey was over in the corner of the airship curled up in a ball she hated heights being so far from the ground terrified her to no end. She has been like this the whole time she was keeping herself somewhat distracted with her puppets but it wasn't much tho it at least kept her from having a outburst.
    The people around her gave her the occasional strange glance but otherwise ignored her completely which was probably for the best.
    When lacey heard that they only had thirty minutes left she wanted to cheer she wanted off this deathtrap and on solid ground as soon as possible.

    Lacey remembered seeing some students from signal board the airship at least she would know some people kind of... even tho none of them really talked to her... But at least she had her puppets to keep her company they were her only friends but when they make her take that medication they always stop talking she hates it they force her only friends away.. They always say its for her own good but they are just a bunch of liars even her father... A small frown had formed on her face but it soon turned into a smile as the voices only she could hear comforted her. "Thank you..."
  6. ChelonianCommander

    ChelonianCommander Strength of Steel, Will of Iron

    Joint Conversion with Griffith

    "I pledge my life, body and soul, to the people whom I protect. No plea for help shall be ignored. No obstacle shall stand before me. No darkness shall taint the lands on which I ride. When the wall horns are sounded, I shall sally forth and fight in the name of home and family. That which is beautiful I shall defend. That which is innocent I shall preserve. That which threatens I shall destroy. For my just wrath shall know no limits. My honor shall be all. My life shall be enough. Rejoice, for we, the Demi-Lancers of Nrax shall be your shield."
    - Oath of the Demi-Lancer.

    Lorne had memorized that quote from before he had even joined Signal. The young lad of 17 had just graduated the combat school and is now on his way to Beacon where he shall learn to be a Huntsman. It is one of the ways for him to join the Demi-Lancers as a Captain instead of spending the next decade or two working as a Squire polishing boots and fetching mugs of Nrax Ale. He didn't know much about the school, but from what he can see from the windows the place is a grand structure, a marvel of modern architecture. He had never seen anything like it in Nrax, nor anywhere else until now. He didn't know how to react or respond except with awe. Still even with this grand sight, he still wouldn't get anywhere if he didn't get any information about the school itself. Lorne walks up to a girl wearing what looks like blue sundress and sandals.

    "Hey excuse me miss, are you going to school here? If so may I ask you a few questions about it?" He asks.

    The girl startled, turning to him and blinking as though she'd woken from a long dream. For a second he thought that she didn't hear him the first time round, until her mouth stretched into a grin, showing neat white teeth.

    "I was under the impression that everyone on board this ship is going to Beacon," her tone was amused. "I'll not guarantee any right answers, though."

    The girl's smile was a bit unnerving, but it was fine. The girl seemed rather friendly, enough to talk to him at least.

    "Yeah I guess that was kind of obvious. The first bit I mean." He replied jokingly "So...you know anything about the school, how it works, schedules and such? I'm kinda new to the city so I don't really know what's going on at the moment."

    "Hm." The girl cocked her head, seemingly deep in thought. "Well, I can't say for sure. I'm just as new as you are, after all." She raised an eyebrow at him. "I have a question for you, now. Why worry so much? You will know what you need to all in good time." She reached up to tuck a strand of curls behind her ear, and regarded Lorne with mirth. "Just relax and take it slow. Term hasn't even started, you'll turn grey from thinking too much."

    "I guess. There's no harm to knowing what you're getting into through right?" He asks the girl. She had some weird energies but it could help her relieve some stress or perhaps she was powerful and wealthy enough to be so lax. "Anyways you don't look like everyone else. Don't you have a set of armor or the like? I'm Lorne by the way." He holds his hand for a shake.

    "Janeway Braun. Pleased to meet you." Her hand was cool and smooth to the touch, though she dropped the handshake after a brief moment. "I do have a set of armour, I'm just not in the habit of wearing it outside of the field." She might have winked at him, but when he blinked it was gone. "A lady has appearances to maintain, and plain old armour just won't cut it, don't you think?"

    He was a bit jarred by the blink. Was she...flirting with him? He thought, but shrugged it off when he blinked."Alright...what kind of armor would cut it if I may ask? I mean you're saying as if your armor ugly or fits weird that's one thing, but wouldn't it be a hassle to take off and put on your armor whenever you want to battle?"

    Janeway merely waved him off, even when the perfectly reasonable question was posted to her. "A necessary sacrifice for style. We're still Hunters in training, remember? I don't see a need to be in armour all the time. Besides," her eyes glazed over for a moment, "the sort of armour that'd "cut it" for me would be very expensive, very impractical and very, very shiny." She looked him square in the eyes, her own dancing with a playful light. "That would be more cause for concern than my current lack of armour, I'm sure."

    The girl looking straight into his eyes was a bit awkward, but he kept from looking away, as it is rude to look away from a lady. Her answer was rather strange, as why would she want armor that was impractical and shiny just for the sake of fashion. He personally didn't understand it but to each his or her own he supposed. "I guess. I personally like the peace of mind you know. Just in case and such." He replies. "Anywho I guess I'll see you on the ground then. Nice to meet you Ms. Janeway." He walks off to find a seat to take as he waits for the aircraft to dock.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2017
  7. KrispyNugs

    KrispyNugs League of Legends addict

    Cerise stood around looking out the window's of the airship. It was a stunning sight, one she always loved to see. When she heard the announcer's voice she looked up towards the speakers, and then around at the people gathered in the same area as her. She looked to see who would be getting on and who would be staying until they reached there destination. It appeared as if only a few people would be staying. She could hear the conversations of those who were excited to get on the ground and into the school, while others said merely nothing. Cerise was one of the people who did not speak. Although, that was mainly due to the fact that nobody wanted to meet her unnerving blue eyes.

    She closed her eyes at the looks she was getting, and let out a little sigh. It was always like this so Cerise was used to it, although it didn't make her feel any less lonely. Hopefully at Beacon she would be able to make some great friends who wouldn't look away from her just because of her eyes. She was really a great person, albeit a jokester, but she thought she was easy enough to get along with. All Cerise brought with her were a few spare changes of clothes, any necessities she needed, her shin guards, and her gauntlets. While she kept her gauntlets and spare dust in a bag thrown over her shoulder, she always wore her shin guards since they were comfortable and easy to walk around in. While if she wore her gauntlets it would be a bit awkward for her to do things.

    Anyways, Cerise turned to look back out the window at the approaching school in the far distance. She only ever really saw pictures of it. However it was a breathtaking every time she saw it, and even more so up close and personal, even though it's still roughly 30 mins away. Cerise smiled to herself and placed her free hand on the window. She couldn't wait to be there and train more. Looking back over her shoulder she could see many people she might be with in classes. A girl huddled in a corner, a man leaning against a wall, another one taking a seat, and many more. Cerise could tell this would be a fun year and she couldn't wait to get started.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2017
  8. Lucifer

    Lucifer Lord of Twats

    He stood still, like a wooden plank.

    Neatly tucked away at the side of an airship, his legs were stiff and the only movement to be seen is from the infrequent blinking of his eyes. Sinoy was lost in his thoughts. Only listening to the low humming of the airship as it glided through the random disorganised arrangement of clouds that filled the sky. The brilliant colour of blue shone bright as if carefully crafted to stand out in the background of such a vibrant and imaginative world. It was all very nice to gaze at. However, staring at the scenery would be uninformative and therefore, a waste of his time. Briefly, he wondered if he could get his hands on the blueprints of the modern airship. He might be able to find a solution for any problems people seem to be having about it. Allowing his eyes to scan the room, he looked at all the different people he could possibly be partnered with. Meticulously planning on his approach towards other people, should the time come.

    Everyone seemed perfectly capable of handling themselves. Strong, self-sufficient, quick or witty. All of these traits could clearly be seen in the sea of personalities that laid before him. Grunting, as he felt a shoulder hit his back and someone quietly muttering an apology, he decided to turn his head to the side of him. A few people stood near the walls, leaning against them in a non-caring manner. Sinoy made sure to take extra care of where his foot placed themselves in order to take the least amount of space possible, that way it would be more efficient and the chances of him hindering anyone's time is lessened.

    The muttering of students grabbed his attention and he shifted his head to see if he could catch bits of important information. It was the least he could do, after all, there wasn't much information about Beacon Academy to be found in any of the books he had acquired from the library he frequented.

    Looking towards the large infrastructure that was approaching them, he smiled. Practical application of knowledge is always the best way to learn.
  9. TheGreenerGrey

    TheGreenerGrey Self-proclaimed everything expert.

    -30 Minutes later-
    After a small while, the Airship eventually began to slow and the energy of the room seemed to increase tenfold. They had arrived at Beacon Academy. Students gather at the side entrance of the Airship, each eager to see their home for the next four years. After a few minutes of people pushing past one another and general excited talking a burst of steam emits from the doorway and it descends.

    Students are greeted with the sight of beacon academy in all of its glory, the towers rising above archaic architecture while the paths are lined with flags demonstrating the world's current technology. It is here that the students will be learning the path of becoming a hunter.

    Eager to see more than just the school from a distance, the students at the front hurriedly rush forward (in some cases, are pushed forward by those behind them). They manage to leave the ramp before they find themselves immobilised, the outlines of their bodies glowing a muted pink as a woman that had previously gone unnoticed steps forward. The frozen students, especially one student easily larger than the others, created an unpassable wall for those behind them.

    Clad in a white gloves, tailcoat and pants with accents of pink, with similarly long, flowing pink hair and green eyes she marches her way towards the immobilised students and those behind her. Coughing to clear her voice, she makes sure to raise it so those further behind her can hear. "Greetings new students. My name is Michelle Mauvelle and I will be responsible for you for the next four years. Should you have any concerns during your time at Beacon Academy, please don't hesitate to come to me. Now, as you are the last batch to arrive, I will be guiding you all to the ballroom. Come along now." She states, her voice formal and clear.

    Spinning around, she waves her hand and the previously immobilised students stumble forward, able to move again. With a few nervous glances between students, the group begins to follow her towards the academy, marching along the path.


    Charles shook his body, trying to remove the tingling feeling that remained after being frozen. Whoever that woman was, she was terrifying. He had never felt so powerless before. One moment he had been barreling his way down the ramp, eager to get started and then the next it was like he was a spectator in his own body. Shuddering, he slowed down just a little, falling a bit further back into the crowd to get away from the teacher.

    Looking around him, he couldn't help but notice the rather eclectic people around him. It seemed that every hunter here and some sort of quirk or special thing about them. At least he saw a few faces he recognised from signal. That girl Cerise got in, although it wasn't much of a surprise. If he managed to make it, it was pretty much assumed she would as well. Perhaps he should say hi? Then again, they never talked much back in Signal. Maybe he should just wait and see who his team is first?

    Charles continued wondering what to do as he followed the teacher.
  10. Griffith

    Griffith Killer Queen Staff Member Designer

    Janeway was never one to feel apprehension. As a child her grandmother had called her the "little devil", because of all the times she'd gotten herself into trouble without care for what the consequence was. She wasn't the type to let other things menace her- never was, and never will. The woman that'd stopped an entire Airship of students in their track seemed to have done a number on a good percentage of the gaggle of students around her, but Janeway was more impressed than anything. Mauvelle was powerful, immensely so, and she wondered if one day she'd manage to control her own Semblance as well as her teacher.

    Janeway walked in the back of the crowd, having alighted last as everyone else scrambled to get off the Airship. Everyone else seemed to be overexcited about the upcoming orientation, and Janeway observed her peers as they passed by, either huddled in small groups or walking alone like she was. She recognised a few familiar faces from her time at Signal, though none that she knew that well. She's had many acquaintances but not a whole lot of friends. She was a bit of a social butterfly, but right now there was no one she could see that was close enough to her for her to bother to go and interact with them.

    Setting her sight straight ahead, Janeway spotted a familiar head of brown hair in the crowds. Making her way through the block of students in front of her, Janeway greeted her new acquaintance- Lorne, wasn't it?- with a poke in his side, a smirk creeping up her face as he startled and turned to face her. "Hey there, I missed you on the way out of the 'ship. Fancy seeing you here again."
  11. Littlemankitten

    Littlemankitten I heal you, I hurt you. I heal you again. Forever

    Sapphire knew that Beacon would be on a entirely different league than Signal, and wasn't much surprised at the woman who managed to stop most of the students. In fact, she was thinking that there were probably even more spectacular displays of power waiting for the students. Those who boggled where simply unprepared, or at least, easily amused. Neither of which could apply to Sapphire. She was more focused off getting the damn airship anyway, the rush of cool and dryness and clean air that came with going outside made her almost trip over her overcoat and fall on her face as she breathed in the air.

    Sapphire composed herself and looked among the crowd, having the first real good look of all the people around since she got on the airship, her position not lending her the luxury of being able to see the most of the people. She recognized a few faces from signal, she had only really ever talked to one of them though, and even then it was under forced circumstances. That student would be Lacey, whom Sapphire was expecting to be here, Lacey may be a tad crazy, but no one could doubt her combat prowess. Lorne was here to, talking to that Janeway girl who was always hopping around people at Signal. Once again, she was expecting both of them. The unmistakable figure of Sinoy was also here. She didn't recognize that many other people, though a girl with striking blue eyes caught her interest.

    After she was done looking, she walked with the crowd, hanging alone way in the back, she may of recognized many of the people here, and indeed many probably recognize her, but she was never one for talk. She always kept to herself and was that good grades no friends kind of girl, she had a feeling that trend would continue onto Beacon as well, then again, who knows who she'll be teamed up with.
  12. Shadras

    Shadras Illogical

    Forest had been expecting powerful teachers, but not one's powerful enough to stop the half dozen to dozen students with a casual flick of the wrist. Almost giving out a nervous laugh, he began to realize just how much he could learn here, and how high the mountain of becoming a hunter was. It was both invigorating and daunting, but it only caused his smile to broaden at the challenge it offered. The expanse of the grounds, however, failed to impress him. It was evident that there could easily be metric tons of lien dumped into building it. Certainly more than enough to feed him and his friends for the rest of their lives. Is it really needed to have such a large an'...ornate campus to train us? He thought as he disembarked from the airship.

    He kept to the back, outer fringes of the crowd. Being in the center of things was never really his style, or comfort zone, unless it was a fight or dancing was involved. No one had come up and chatted with him yet, but this didn't surprise him. Despite any attempts from him and his friends, he probably still looked decently impoverished. That and he had absolutely no idea as to who anyone was. To his eyes, they all looked interesting. There was, indeed, the expected slew of emotions ranging from excitement to nervousness to borderline drooling. Ok, that last one is odd, but everything else makes sense. Some had weapons, some had small bags, some had neither of which. Forest could feel himself being pulled under the popping of the tension that had been building since the airship ride began.

    Rallying his draining social battery, he picked a person on the fringe at random, in this case a faunus girl with dark blue eyes, black hair in ponytails, and cat ears and said, "Hey, how's it going?" Ok, maybe it wasn't completely random, he admitted to himself, but we're both cat faunus, right? So maybe it'll be a good starting conversation topic? Maybe?
  13. Spike1d23

    Spike1d23 Everyone's favorite turtle

    As soon as the hatch opened from the airship lacey was one of the first ones out she wanted off that death trap and was never going to fly again as long as she could help it. The feeling of the solid ground beneath her was amazing and she was starting to calm down... well calm for lacey at least.

    Once she was outside she noticed the women that was waiting for them she seemed powerful... she would make for a good puppet maybe. The thought put a smile on her face. Looking around the crowed Lacey saw some familiar faces and others she did not know. The crowed of students began to move to the school so lacey waited until the crowed passed her until she was in the back and then followed them.
  14. ChelonianCommander

    ChelonianCommander Strength of Steel, Will of Iron

    The airship opens up to let out the students and Lorne was one of the students who wished to bolt immediately out to see what the school had to offer, but he changed his mind when a woman with pink hair had just froze the new students with no sign of how she did it, at least none that he could see. The woman immediately had his respect and his attention. She gave the students an introduction to the school and ordered them to follow. Once she lets him go, he had a weird tingly sensation afterwards but it goes away after a few seconds. Taking some time to gather his bearings Lorne followed the students off the airship. While walking to the school's ballroom, he feels a poke in his side, startling him a bit.

    "Hey there, I missed you on the way out of the ship. Fancy seeing you here again." Said Janeway. Lorne turns around to see her smirking at him.

    "Uh...hi. You're Janeway right? Have you been looking for me?" He asks her.
  15. KrispyNugs

    KrispyNugs League of Legends addict

    Cerise had walked off of the airship with the rest of the crowd. It didn't really surprise her that they had a teacher that strong already, it was Beacon after all. The best of the best came here to study, and now possibly are teachers. She smiled when she felt the teacher Mauvelle's power wash over her, she didn't mind that she had been one of the many that were stopped in place. If anything it brought a rush of excitement to her. Cerise honestly couldn't wait to learn everything the teachers had for her. She didn't care how hard an assignment she was given was, she would take it in full stride. Cerise was more in the back of the group, however she didn't stand closer together with the rest of them. Instead, she stood more off to the side of everything to take a look at everybody. There were quite a few people from Signal that Cerise recognized, but nobody that she really talked to. There was Charles, Sapphire, Lacey and Janeway, just to name a few. Cerise knew that those who had gotten into Beacon were good fighters. She had seen just some of what they could do back at Signal, but this year would be fun.

    She couldn't wait to see who her team was. Cerise knew that no matter who she was teamed with it would be fun, due to the fact that they all had unique personalities, and unique fighting styles. It would be good to get to know the people she recognized, if they were on the same team and she could even learn from them through their fighting styles. Cerise didn't show it on the outside, but on the inside she was giddy with excitement. It had to take all of her self control to not bounce up and down giggling and smiling like an idiot. So instead, she stayed calm, looking around her at the people and surroundings. It probably gave her a cold look, but right now Cerise didn't care. Instead, she just followed the teacher with the rest of the group.
  16. Lucifer

    Lucifer Lord of Twats

    Beacon really lived up to its name.

    A dazzling infrastructure took Sinoy's sight with pride, its height and size making any building he had ever seen seem inferior. Its structure stood with such a firm stance, it must have taken years of planning and re-working for engineers to get the measurements and shape just right. He could only imagine a fraction of blood, sweat and tears put into such a marvelous building. The entrance was as magnificent as the building it had been placed on, taking up most of the frontal area of the building and the attention of the young male. Fascinated, he took long strides to get out of the airship quickly, excusing his way through the barrage of students that he recgonised as a wall between him and the most beautiful building he had ever laid eyes upon. A lengthy avenue was displayed before him and he quickly ushered himself to the front of the crowd.

    Before abruptly stopping in place.

    Unrelenting, his entire form shivered in place as he tried to move his still muscles. Realising it was better to just submit, he calmed himself down after cursing the force that stopped him from admiring the exquisite sight up close. Carefully looking up, his body was stiff as he silently acknowledged the figure of authority before him. She spoke with a firm tone, her voice was unwavering and strong. Respect immediately flowed out of him, a sense of pride coursed through him as he silently commended Beacon's qualities. He felt grateful he was able to even attend this great institute of discipline and knowledge.

    Unfortunately for him, he was paused in a rather awkward pose and therefore when released from whatever had stopped him in the first place, gravity pulled him to the refined bricks of the floor he was admiring just a few minutes before. Or at least, it should have, had he not instantly placed his arms out, casually did a push up and stood up straight in a matter of seconds. Which, to be completely honest, wasn't planned for at all. He thanked his instincts and reflexes internally, leaving the students who had noticed him confused and bewildered by his actions.
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  17. TheGreenerGrey

    TheGreenerGrey Self-proclaimed everything expert.

    The group was quickly marched through the surrounding area and into the main building itself, its arching passageways and large windows catching the last rays of the sun as it nears the horizon. It seems that they really were the last batch, to have arrived so late. Ms. Mauvelle confidently strutted her way trhrough fhe buildng, ignoring looks from the new students and only bothering to say to the group "Please stay with the rest of the group." when another student started to wander off.

    After a small while of walking, during which the sun finally set, the head of year for the first years stopped at two large, wooden double doors. Turning to face the amassed students, who's eager faces shone through the artificial light, she cleared her throats once again before raising her voice to talk to them. "Beyond here is Beacon academy's ballroom. You will be sleeping here tonight as the departing students wrap up cleaning their rooms. Once you go in, on your left are the women's toilets and change rooms. On the right are the men's. They are signposted. I trust no one here will mix up such basic instructions." She adds with a small look to the crowd.

    Spinning to the side, she rests her hand against the door. "You will undergo initiation tomorrow, here your team's for the next four years will be decided. So I recommend you quickly claim your spot, get changed into something more comfortable and get to sleep." She tells them before knocking on the door twice, it swinging open automatically.

    The students are greeted by the sight of a large, circular room filled with small inflatable mattresses lining every available space.

    Looking back at the students, Mauvelle gestures claps once to knock them out of a small stupor. "Well, get to it!" She says, before walking off down an adjacent corridor. Slowly, the rest of the students entered. At their entrance, the multitudes of students already in the room turned to look at them. A few waved, others ignored them, some actively scowled. It seemed as if the students that had arrived before the, had claimed all the space except for those closest to the entrance, so that was where the final batch would be sleeping.


    Charles looked around the room and at the rest of the students. None were his size he noted with a small hint of pride. Wearing a small smile at the thought, he quickly made his way over to a mattress at the side of the room, closest to the wall holding the female changing rooms some twenty metres down from him. Looking up towards the entrance, he counted that he was... 4 rows down from the from wall.

    Dropping a small duffel bag holding most of his clothes on top of his claimed mattress, he quickly roots through them for his pyjamas. Pulling out a large grey hoodie and a pair of grey track pants, he bundles them up under his arms and makes his way towards the male changing room across the room giving a few nods to people he recognised as he make ships way across an past a lot of people with the same idea. No way was he going to be sleepy for the most important moment of his life.
  18. Griffith

    Griffith Killer Queen Staff Member Designer

    This was much more like a sleepover than Miss Mauvelle probably intended, and Janeway nearly laughed as she waited for the mob of people in front to finish clambering onto the mattresses. The prospect was strangely exciting, though sleeping in a hall full of strangers wasn't her cup of tea. There was a first time for everything, she supposed. There's no harm in trying it all.

    Eventually she claimed a spot near the entrance of the Ballroom against one of the walls. To her side were girls that she vaguely remembered from Signal, and she nodded at them as she settled her own duffle bag down. Glancing up at the snaking queue that was quickly assembling in front of the ladies', Janeway made the wise decision to unpack first. After all, there was no point wasting time competing with the hundred or so other girls for a spot in a ten-person changing room, and she could always get changed later.

    Unzipping her bag, Janeway pulled out a travel pillow and blew it up, before getting out a thin comforter that she spread over the bed to serve as her blankets later. Rummaging in her bag, she decided to temporarily forgo the small case of makeup that she brought with her everywhere. There'll be no use for it tonight, and she'll be washing the grub off her face later anyway. Janeway made a note to wake up early so she could have uncontested use of the changing room mirrors to apply makeup tomorrow.

    Grabbing a bottle of makeup remover and a small towel, Janeway looked at the queue to the changing room again, noticing with pleasure that the line had already diminished. Grabbing her grey pyjamas dotted with small floral print, she started making her way to get changed. She had to be well rested for tomorrow's activities, after all.
  19. Littlemankitten

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    (The conversation with Shad)
    Rallying his draining social battery, he picked a person on the fringe at random, in this case a faunus girl with dark blue eyes, black hair in ponytails, and cat ears and said, "Hey, how's it going?" Ok, maybe it wasn't completely random, he admitted to himself, but we're both cat faunus, right? So maybe it'll be a good starting conversation topic? Maybe?
    Sapphire didn't directly look at the cat faunus, her eyes did move towards him, but she kept her head facing forward. She didn't recognize him, definitely not a student from signal. His posture was wrong, and he gave off the air of someone that had yet to receive formal training. She sighed internally. She had hoped to stave off from conversation for a little while longer, but it looks like she would have to say something now.

    "I am well....." Her voice was soft and quiet, just a little louder than a whisper. She said nothing else for a few seconds, as if that was all she was going to say, but suddenly continues "I do not recognize you, you are not from any of the combat schools are you?"
    Forest had to strain a bit to hear her, but he did. Her whisper was almost a put-off as, with all the noise the crowd was making, one would need volume to really match it. Then again, he hadn't taken off his headphones so he couldn't really say he gave the impression that he was giving the stranger his full attention.

    He plowed bravely on though saying in what he hoped was a normal voice, "good to hear." In the silence, he scrambled at something to say. Before he remember that he was going to talk about them both being cat-like faunus, she had continued speaking and he hurried to respond. "Yah, I, uh, didn't go to a combat school." Forest had no idea how she was able to tell that by just glancing at him. Was it really that obvious. However, it was a conversation topic that he could work with. "Did ya, I mean, you go to one? Was it good?"

    Inwardly, Forest groaned. He was probably coming off as a real idiot right about now. Thank goodness I didn't talk about being faunus, he thought, at least fighting schools is interestin'.
    Sapphire finally turned her head towards him. She looked him up and down, deciding what to think of him for now. Her blue eyes then locked onto his, like two deep pools of twilight water. She was doing her best to read him, while she wasn't much of a talker, she had learned to read a person fairly well. It was clear he had yet to receive formal training, yet he still managed to get into Beacon. Or did he? Did someone pull some strings so a child could live his dream, or wad he actually a brilliant fighter that had caught the attention of the teachers here. Only time would tell.

    "Yes, I went to Signal, you know where that is yes?" Her eyes continued to stare into his for a while longer, before she instinctively pulls her massive overcoat more towards her as he almost steps on it. She frowns a little but says nothing about it, mostly used to people not watching out for it.
    That's her semblance, he attempted to joke with himself, she can cow them jus' by starin' at them. Forest knew that it was, overall, unlikely that it was her semblance, but he didn't fully rule it out. At least he could continue the conversation.

    "Ya, I've seen it a couple a times while trekkin' the streets." As she moved her coat, he realized he'd almost tread upon it and rushed to apologize. After doing so, Forest further realized that he just gave away where he lived, Vale. He began to wonder what'd she think about him not going to any combat school, despite living in a place with one. No good thinkin' about that, he chastised himself, gotta just keep talkin'. "What was it like there? Good classes, fun battles?"

    So he came from Vale at the very least. If he had made it to Beacon cause of natural combat prowess, wouldn't she have heard about it? She wasn't sure, but she had a feeling that perhaps he didn't get here through legit means. She couldn't really decide on that until she saw him fight, but she had a hunch.

    "No worries. And yes there were good classes, I learned much about the history of the world and the concepts of Hunter's, Grimm, and even more powerful beings. I have fought a few Grimm and other students at my time there, though nothing major, I have a feeling the time at Beacon will be much harder.... Where did you live?" She thought about his accent. He definitely did not come from a rich part of Vale, and he was obviously in walking distance of Signal. That left either middle class resident, or a street urchin.
    She had dropped the question. Alarms blared in Forest's head and he considered his options. He was no liar, that had always been Aoi's or Onyx's or Thatch's job. No, he was the powerful one, the one that lead and helped keep the family together, and one of the skilled stealers. That skill set lacked anything regarding a silver tongue. Sure, he could say the right things to make peace or tuck a kid into bed, but lie, not usually. Forest felt he couldn't risk the truth yet. What if she just walked away knowing he couldn't even afford to come here without scholarship, or even own the headphones on his head. Worse, what if she spread it around and he was ostracized on his first day. Just as problematic, he couldn't talk about his own combat prowess as it usually involved illegal street fighting rings, street fights without the rings, and multiple memories of standing victorious with palms bloody with blood from someone else.

    With these thoughts chasing themselves around Forest's head, he vaguely responded with a random address he remembered stealing cash from, hoping it would satisfy her. He then quickly flipped back to the topic of her education and asked, "sounds pretty' thorough. Wat, I mean, what did you enjoy the most?" He wondered if he was sweating.
    She didn't believe the address he listed, the street was way to high class for someone like him. Even if it wasn't that high class she couldn't believe him, he was way to nervous, and seemed almost as if he was about to pass out from anxiety. The thought 'maybe its cause I'm a pretty girl to him?' crossed her mind but she quickly dismissed it. She currently had no interest in that kind of thing currently, more likely it was cause he made an obvious lie. Regardless, she decided not to press the topic.

    "It was. Honestly, I enjoyed the combat the most I think, sure the history and the anatomy and sociology was very interesting and enjoyed it, but I went there to learn to be a hunter.... Where did you learn to fight if not a combat school?"
    Forest's relief until she asked her next question. Seriously, why did I let the conversation stay on combat schools! he thought, of course we'd get to fighting and where I learned it because, if you don't go to school, it's naturally odd!

    He was silent for a few seconds, before he came up with a surprisingly decent blend of falsehood and truth. Perhaps he pulled it off because there was more truth than lie in the first place. "Yah, I agree, combat is the best. With me an' learning, it, uh, came from my parents. They really got me kicked off if ya get my meaning. Taught me a bunch, but, after awhile, let me find my own way. Develop my own way of fightin. Just sort of carried on until I got here and I wouldn't be here without them." It was true, in a twisted sort of way. Karen Thorn and Cobalt were both his major inspirations throughout life and he considered them the parents he never had, despite never getting to know Karen. He gave Sapphire a smile, perhaps his first genuine one to her. Bright and happy like a blooming daisy. His friends would often remark that it was his best smile.
    She would finally smile, it was more of a smirk, but still. It made sense to her, a most likely poor family would have to teach their kid how to fight if they were going to survive in that kind of world, indeed, she had a minor respect towards it.

    "I see, it must of been pretty good training if it managed to get you into Beacon. After all, Signal is a very rigorous school for the inept, and in order for you to get invited, you have to showcase quite the skill... I would love to see you fight sometime, maybe even fight against you." She had a full blown smile now, it was one of those 'cute and innocent' smiles. Yes, she was very interested in what this guy had in store. Whether he got here legit or not, coming from that kind of background straight to Beacon made her very interested. What kind of weapon did he use? What was his fighting style, what was his semblance? She didn't want to ask outright, in a way she wanted it to be a surprise, though she wouldn't mind knowing now.
    "Likewise!" he said quite cheerily, relief and conversational success bolstering his voice and bringing his accent fully to bear, "I'd love ta see what you've got." She's got a nice smile when she wants it, he thought, hope that means we're friends. Or at least comin to be friends or something. Then he realized something so simple and obvious, he almost smacked himself in the forehead with his palm. Forest didn't know her name. Correcting this mistake, he said, "I'm sorry, I shoulda said this straight out. I'm Forest, Forest Thorn. It's a pleasure to meet ya! What's yours?"
    "Most don't. And It's Sapphire." Forest. She wasn't sure how she felt about that name, it was an apt description of him so far. Wild, green, lively. She mused about the similarities for a while before returning her attention back to the world, and looking ahead, seeing how close they are to the orientation room. "Looks like we're here."
    He spun his head, and indeed, their conversation had carried them to the entrance itself. Pleasantly surprised, Forest was now eager to get inside and get started. But he didn't miss her first words: 'most don't.' What could that mean? he wondered, sure, the conversation was awkward as all heck at points, but it ended up alright in the end, right? She seems pleasant enough once ya get past the initial bit. He worry about it later. There were other introductions he'd no doubt have to muddle through before the day's end. So he just smiled and said, "so we are."
    Sapphire sighed heavily when she saw that she would be sleeping in a massive room filled with other people. So far her impression of Beacon is actually quite low. She wanted to go and battle and meet a cool time and whatnot, she knew that wouldn't happen immediately but this is kind of ridiculous in her mind. Either way, she figured she had to make the most of the situation so she went to the corner of the room against the wall that held the entrance and girls changing room and set down her bag. She unzipped it and brought out a quite large fuzzy blue blanket and a blue pillow and set it all up her mattress.

    Sapphire didn't bother going to the changing room, she pretty much wore the same thing 24/7 and occasionally washed it when she was alone. So she just sat on the mattress and watched everyone do there thing. Smirking at the giant lines that are forming.
  20. Shadras

    Shadras Illogical

    Forest froze. Not even noticing Sapphire move off to claim a corner, he battled with himself as multiple instincts all struggled for control. The first was to get out, onto the roof, and sleep there for the night. The second was to find cot, wait for everyone to fall asleep, and then steal from goodness knows how many open bags. The third and final was to do neither of those things, find a bed, and try to act natural. Eventually, the third instinct won out and he sought to find a mattress by a window, an easy escape route. He didn't know who he crashed by and, until they decided to comment on his existence, he didn't really care.

    There wasn't a point in waiting to change as he didn't have any clothes that were cleaner than what he was wearing. Hopefully, no one would really notice it, or notice that his "duffle bag" was much more of a rucksack than an actual backpack. He registered that the bed was more comfortable than what he usually slept on before closing his eyes and hoping that no one spoke to him until sleep eventually could claim him. Again, the thought that there was too much glam in Beacon for the students crossed his mind.

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