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Blackhaven: Fractured Faerie Tales (1X1)

Discussion in 'Fantasy' started by Hawke, Jan 25, 2019.

  1. Hawke

    Hawke The Sorcerer

    "Kiss you? Now who is being forward? This seemed like a good spot for a date, plus you know this gets us away from the rumors and of course now that you've told Mayor White we're for hire...well we need the break and I wanted you to be happy..."

    Declan was engrossed in the menu, as Oriana had suspected he was getting hungry and it was nice that this lot here didn't know who he was or if they did they sure weren't saying much about it. But Oriana had failed to notice a set of eyes on her that were not Declan's, no they were small yellow eyes, lizard like for those who wouldn't know it, whatever it was kept away from Declan, the presence knew Declan to her it would feel like a guardian spirit or something similar. Now of course Declan couldn't sense it unless it made itself known to him, despite what some people had theorized familiars and masters or mistresses can't sense each other unless they made their presence known.

    Declan clutched Oriana's hand while he was looking over the menus and brochures, part of him wanted a nice soak in a hot tub, the colder weather was setting in and that was nice way for him to relax. Though he had to wonder if Oriana would actually join him or was it a hope? He didn't know at the moment, all he knew was the moment needed to last. The ravens watching them as they moved up the stairs, whispered to each other, Declan knew who they were, in fact one of his rewards from a labor was the raven that preferred to perch itself on the bust of Athena above his study's door, he'd named it Poe. Odin never parted with his ravens, but this one bonded with Declan.

    It was then he'd heard Oriana mention ice cream and the various flavors, he couldn't remember where he'd heard about the alley Oriana was excited about.

    "Special bunch? The Addams' are special bunch, this group makes that clown faced villain in Gotham City look tame...not Natalya's fancy huh?"

    He didn't know much about Natayla but he had questions about her that would need to be answered, though he wasn't going to use magical or other means, he'd let Oriana handle that one. Declan's literal Jack O' Lantern was a device to detect evil spirits, ward off certain magics to include hexes and curses, and to dispel illusions. The wound Tinkerbell inflicted had not re-opened either to his and he could only guess Oriana's relief, though the looks he was getting from some of the pixies were interesting.

    "I smell a geas on you sorcerer."

    Declan turned and looked to see who or what had said that. It was one of the pixies who was looking him over trying to see what he wanted to order as he and Oriana were getting ready to enter their room.

    "You best be careful sorcerer, they get wind of that thing you could be in for some trouble. Now do you know what you want sent up?"

    "Thanks for the...uh...concern. I'll take the precautions. If you could send up the fried cod for two, with chips and mashed peas that would be great, we'll step out for dessert."

    Declan slid his fingerless gloves off now and was in the process of removing his overcoat, when the room they got looked very nice, much better than the casino. Once again it was one bed, they'd been accustomed to sleeping in the same bed...but this one looked like more than sleeping could take place.
  2. Angel In Red

    Angel In Red Active Member

    Oriana looked around the room, still smiling from Declans response. Forward? Well if she didn't say anything then would he take a step forward or hesitate? The en-suite was great with a large bath and seperate shower. Once they had dinner she defintely wanted to relax in there later.

    "I am just saying that you missed a vital step for tonights date." She rubbed the back of her neck, there was only Declan in the room but there was a nagging feeling of being watched. Oriana shrugged the feeling off, defintely had to be the nosy muses again. Blast them.

    Sighing she dropped herself on the bed and looked up at the plain blue ceiling. "I am happy though..." It had been a lovely day, now all she had to do was make sure he never saw her on the news until the hype died down about her calling out Mayor White. Inwardly, she still cringed. God she must look like a crazed woman on the television...

    The pixie who had taken their food order had been very odd, but Oriana was getting used to random people and beings coming up to both of them and whispering nonsense. Hades was a prime example.

    "So where should we go tomorr-" Oriana paused, shooting up to a sitting position and turning her head to one side. "Did you hear that...it was like a dong?" It went off again as if it was right by her ear making her jump.
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  3. Hawke

    Hawke The Sorcerer

    Declan hadn't heard the dong he was too busy checking out the bathroom and hanging up the coats, he was trying to figure out where to put the overnight bags, though he had noticed Oriana seemed satisfied with their first official date, though her commentary on missing steps in their date was lost on him. Still he wasn't interested in clicking on the TV or even the laptop at this time, he was hungry and trying to get settled.

    "Dong? I haven't heard anything other than the pixie and you and I talking, did it sound like deep gong being rung? If so..."

    He scanned the room, looking for what he thought it could be, if it was who he thought...it meant someone rang the gong back in their bedroom at the Arcana Cabana, and only three people could use the gong: Declan, Oriana, and Merlin. Declan hadn't rung it, in fact he was surprised to see it in their bedroom he had expected that to remain in the museum portion of the Arcana Cabana.

    "It's not anything bad if you are hearing it...it just means my familiar may have been summoned."

    Declan drew her attention back to the brochures sitting on the bed next to her and well, getting affectionate wrapping around her as if they'd been married for years all the while waiting for their food. There were so many places they could go many of which Declan hadn't been to so it would be new to him as well. He adjusted his hand from Oriana's shoulder to her waist pulling her closer in as they reviewed it, he couldn't explain it, this seemed normal for him.

    The romantic embrace or touch lasted till the food arrived, Declan again scanning the room for the presence that wasn't making itself known, but the sound of the gong Oriana was hearing was what he was trying to locate...
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  4. Angel In Red

    Angel In Red Active Member

    His familiar? Ah, well she had heard all Sorcerers tended to have them. Why was she hearing the gong keep going off then? Was it just a way for the familiar to welcome her? Say hello? Or was the familiar not liking her presence around Declan? Who knew?

    Oriana had just been leaning forward close to Declan’s lips when he had abandoned her for the food, she grumbled to herself and rolled her eyes thinking that if the night was going to end with just a cuddle, as nice as it was then there would be words to exchange. Before she could express that there was a mysterious fog that suddenly started permeating the room, red and misty vapors circled the room making her stand up in defense.
    The team of pixies who had brought in their food and laid it on the coffee table swarmed away with tiny coughing pops coming up from their tiny throats. Oriana felt sorry for them as she fanned the space around them and opened the door to let them out, “Sorry! Sorry we will fix this! Declan, what is thi-“

    This time there was a loud gong that made her rock back slightly on her feet and finally the fog cleared to show a tiny lizard like creature standing with the back to her. “Who are you?!” She asked, exasperated and annoyed that this creature had interrupted her date with Declan.

    “Who am I? Who am I? I am the guardian of lost souls! I am the powerful, the pleasurable, the indestructible Mushu!” The creature had a manically excited voice, and as the so called Mushu turned Oriana couldn’t help but snort out her laughter.

    “You’re um…” Oriana threw her head back and laughed heartedly, this short lizard like creature had just described itself as indestructible.

    “Intimidating, awe-inspiring?”

    “No. Tiny. Very tiny.”

    “Of course, I am travel-size for your convenience. If I was my real size you would die of fright.”

    “Why are you here anyway, we didn’t invite you. Am I to guess you are Declans familiar?”

    “I’m here to help you-“

    “Declan, you’ve been sent a little lizard to help you!” Oriana started laughing again, moving to sit at the table so they could start their dinner.

    “Hey! Dragon! Dra-gon. Not lizard! I don’t do that tongue thing.” Mushu hissed at her and then bounced over to Declan, slapping him on the ankle with his tail. “I’ve been watching, you’re failing at this boyfriend thing. I just had to come to do damage control.”
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  5. Hawke

    Hawke The Sorcerer

    Declan had not summoned Mushu, the fact he was trying not to roll his eyes was obvious, in fact he wasn't even sure how this was even summoned. The manic rapid fire speech of the dragon had been something he'd almost forgotten, the dragon consistently joked about and the impressions and voices Mushu did, made most laugh.

    "Real size Mushu? You are your actual size and I see your humor hasn't left you."

    "Listen here laddie, do I go and call out the way you look? I don't think so!"

    Mushu walked around Declan three times in a circle looking him up and down and in a voice that sounded like Jack Nicholson said something to Declan.

    "All right, Sparky, here's the deal. If you wanna court the little lady, you gotta be a straight shooter. Do ya got it?"

    Boy Declan hadn't missed this, Mushu was clearly trying to push something, but what wasn't know was the dragon's powers, sure all dragons possessed some degree magic but Mushu's was a wilder form, more so after that mess with Mulan, the less said about that the better.

    "Mushu, need I bring up the Mulan mess again?"


    Oriana would have noticed there was something more than what these two were letting on.

    "Oh you hold on now Dec! What about that fire you started when you were a judge on Hell's Kitchen? You know Gordon Ramsay wasn't happy about that! You really borked that up it was so much borking bork!"

    Declan rolled his eyes, and to cause a distraction to the situation, he walked over to Oriana lifted her chin and gave her a deep kiss.

    Mushu's jaw dropped to the floor he couldn't believe it, he wasn't sure what Oriana was thinking but all he could say.

    "Alright whoop-whoop, you go Dec!'
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  6. Angel In Red

    Angel In Red Active Member

    Everything was happening so fast Oriana had barely time to swallow a chip before Declan was kissing her, and the fork dropped from her hand in surprise. After a moment or so, the surprise gave away to a strange sensation of her head spinning and a dizzying spell. She broke away from Declans lips reluctantly and pressed a hand to her head, “Sor-sorry I don’t feel well.” It hadn’t been a bad feeling, but just as if she was being reeled into something.

    Then again, she frowned. Why had Declan kissed her? He’d been avoiding intimacy with her all night beyond hand holding and hugging up until Mushu had come. She lifted her head to glare at the little dragon. “That’s it.” With wobbling legs she got up and grabbed the squealing mite out of the room and slammed the door on Mushu’s indignant face, leaning against the door to catch her breath. “You don’t have to prove or do anything for his benefit Declan.”

    Oriana didn’t want him to be coming close to her if it was for the benefit of someone else, not Merida, Crane or now Mushu. It had to be more natural than that or from her demanding the attention. All these years it had been a lesson hard learned that you couldn’t force love from others. Rapunzel and her Mother had been prime examples of that. “Why is there always someone that has to come between us?” She grumbled to herself, ignoring the tiny thuds of Mushu hitting the door to gain entry again. No doubt that he could form up some fog and come in but perhaps he didn’t think that far ahead due to being so angry.
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  7. Hawke

    Hawke The Sorcerer

    "Excuse me? Are you lookin' at me? Did you ring my gong? Did you wake me up? Did you bring me here? And all of a sudden you're throwing me out? I don't think so, not right now. You're getting my services, so sit down!"

    Neither one was paying Mushu any mind at this point, more so since Oriana had tossed him from the room the dragon took the hint, butt hurt, but took the hint. What had spurred that reaction from Declan? He couldn't say, instinct? Something he wanted to do? It wasn't known.

    "I did it cause I wanted to, not cause he was putting me up to it, it's like that stupid thing Sebastian said, you wanna kiss the girl..."

    Declan has noticed the dizzy feeling, Merlin had told him what would happen, and this was it, this time he gently kissed her, deeply but short enough.

    "Ori you're going to see my memories, some things may disturb you others...well you'll have to make your own judgement on. I don't know how it will be presented to you given your arcane gifts, everyone will see it differently. Just know the fates or the muses have nothing to do with this, the druids do."

    He wasn't sure Oriana was going to continue eating or not, but he tried to help her sit again and eat. He was being slow about his own eating sure he was hungry, but this wasn't thankfully diner food, so many of these darn places borrowed from the local diners, this place actually cooked it's own foods.

    "Ori who rang Mushu's gong? I sure didn't and I don't think you saw it in our bedroom..."

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