Blackhaven: Fractured Faerie Tales


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Oriana got a laugh out of Declan, as the rush of using the mark was subsiding, more so due to her calming influence, he was not aware as he had practically collapsed in Oriana's arms that Merida and Ichabod were closing in nor was he aware that mayor White and Aurora were also close, this embrace was also being recorded by Winston and Friar Tuck, Zeus had declared one of the two added labors completed, this had been confirmed by Hades comments, but probably lost in his relaying it with the boom bada boom term.

The sorcerer had also not picked up on Merlin and Nimue's arrival initially, but heard the familiar voice of his uncle, more so that Merlin had made Gawain crap his pants causing him to get Nottingham to stand down, the cruiser Lancelot had been sitting in was now covered in Polyphemus' blood and Lancelot was wide eyed in horror over what he'd seen with Declan and Oriana. It was unknown if it was jealousy or just plain shock, he was snapped out of it by another splash of blood from the cyclops. Some of the crowd laughing at that sight.

All Declan could say when Oriana told him he needed a wash was apologetic.

"I didn't mean to get blood on you."

He'd gone pale, this always happened as Merlin had told him years ago, when blood magic was used, he wasn't shaking as he had years before after it's use, he'd mastered it a bit more, but the sweating and paleness...well that would take some time to recover from. Though parts of him it would be hard to tell just how pale he was as he was covered in his own blood as well as that of the cyclops and hydra.

Now ever the political shark, mayor White was going to use this to help her re-election campaign as Aurora was going to use it to help herself unseat mayor White. They approached not wanting to talk to Declan but Oriana instead, they knew full well what kind of answers they'd get from the sorcerer, who was sensing something about what Taliesin had been saying about him looking for the hero's welcome in Oriana's arms...he still didn't understand how that bard got his thoughts and desires and composed them into a song...but he wasn't able to really think about that, everything on him hurt.

Merlin keeping the police force back and trying to get the crowd to disperse, motioned with his head to Nimue to go help Oriana get the politicians away from them, the needed this moment and get back to the Arcana Cabana. Declan had a moment of clarity with Oriana.

"Oh we need to save one of those hydra heads for Wednesday..."

It was then mayor White spoke up and asked Oriana directly how it felt to save the town, and how long she'd been working with Declan. Aurora dared bring up what Pinocchio had fed her about working at the Tea Party. With the blood splatter on Lancelot he could not bring himself to intervene he was too embarrassed for himself and now that he had to drive with Gawain who had crapped his pants, they just wanted out as quickly as they could. Though Merlin had made it a key point to have Lancelot and Gawain's humiliation recorded for later use, he'd have it sent to Oriana care of Winston.

Of course mayor White was trying hard to now out do Aurora in the spin of this, conspiracy theories were being planted, some even thinking this was a publicity stunt for the mayoral elections.

Declan meanwhile still very much in Oriana's arms, was finding it difficult to stand, his legs feeling rubbery. He could hear Merida saying something to Oriana but couldn't tell what, to him it sounded like "about bloody time" or "hallelujah".

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Oriana had been completely fine simply holding on to Declan but her control on that famous temper snapped when Mayor White continued with her barrage of questions and went too far.

“So, do you think this was Declan’s attempt to garner sympathy? As for the damages done to the sidewalks, cars and properties don’t you think that you should offer to pay for it?”

Oriana tightened her hands into fists and slowly unwound her arms from Declan. “Why don’t you go sit in the car…Merida?” She’d heard the other redheads voice behind her and thankfully Declan was now supported by Merida and the stranger she assumed to be the boyfriend they’d been talking about back at the Arcana Cabana.

“Mayor White.” Oriana shook her blood covered arms and hands out, splattering both the Mayor and Aurora in the process much to their displeasure. “First of all, fuck off.” Her voice was loud enough to bring all the mutterings, questions and camera clicking to a still.

“Excuse me!?” Mayor White stared at her in shock and watched Oriana calmly pick up Excalibur and neatly chop off a protruding Hydra head that was visible from under the rubble. She took off her tattered jacket and wrapped the head in it, passing the quickly made package to Nimue to hold along with Excalibur.

“You’re excused.” Oriana cracked her knuckles and got up right into the Mayors face, who had no choice but to stand her ground and not take a fearful step back. After all, the cameras were still running.

“You’re all fucking excused! Because from now on Declan won’t be running to your aid every time you screw up and your stupid Nottingham and his piddly force can’t handle their own job.” If there wasn’t blood on her face from the cyclops, then they’d have seen her pale skin heating up with anger. “What the hell do we need attention or publicity? That’s your area isn’t it? God forbid you’d have to step down from your power seat and give it to this idiot either.” She gestured to Aurora who looked affronted. “Yes, I was a stripper at the Tea Party. Yes I worked in the VIP lounge! No I’m not ashamed of that! Let’s not forget what your Mother did prior to her death Snow! You don’t think this town has forgotten do you!” Oriana was referring to what her Gothel had once mentioned about the late Mrs White. “You can thank your commissioner Gawain for that lovely job opportunity alongside that overgrown weed you all swoon over, bloody Lancelot.” She’d only just got started, behind her Nimue tried to put a calming hand on her shoulder but Oriana shrugged it off. “No. Let me speak.” She pointed a finger at Declan. “From now on. He won’t be rushing to assist you at your every bid and call unless you bloody well pay him just like you pay those morons. If you can dish out the notes for those dirtbags so they can continue ruining Blackhaven then you can pay Declan to clean up the mess you all create. One minute you’re fawning over him and the next treating him like he’s a three-day old casserole dish that needs throwing out!” When Mayor White tried to open her mouth, Oriana shushed her with a dark glint in her eye. “And neither will I be assisting anymore unless I see appropriate payments made towards Declan for the past work, he’s done for saving your sorry arses. He is OWED compensation for the amount of times he’s got hurt saving you…you…worthless gits!” It was getting harder to control her tongue and not use even cruder language. By now Hades and Persephone had gotten to them, standing behind Oriana to show their support.

Somewhere in the distance she heard Phil whoop and cry out that the town was going to get its just desserts.

“He deserves more respect than what you have been giving him and until I see it don’t bloody well expect a thing from us.” Oriana waved her hand, the one with the dragon ring on it and snapped her fingers at Snow and Aurora. “Hop back to your electorate bullshit because that is all you care about. We don’t want to know. Happy to live a quiet life manning the shop floor! And if anyone has to pay out for the damages here. Take it off Panic and Pain hiding behind that moron Pinocchio. I’m sure their precious Achilles left them some form of insurance.” This whole madness was caused by that idiot and would end with him too.

“You can’t talk to us that way!” Aurora spluttered, the shock of Oriana yelling at them making her face redden with embarrassment. Although it had been mostly aimed at Mayor White but if she won the power seat then this whole problem would be thrown in her lap instead.

“I.” Oriana paused between each word to emphasize how much she didn’t care. “Just. Did.”

Oriana grabbed Mjolnir off the ground and that was enough to get the crowd to disperse around them, Ichabod moved out the way so Declan could go back to leaning against Oriana as she led them all away to where Merida’s car was parked. “You’re not taking anymore shit from this town.” It had been a request; the tables had turned and should Declan try to be his usual helpful self to who she believed were undeserving then they’d be having some full out arguments of their own.


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The good news is that the rental car Oriana had gotten, and was crushed by the hydra head and some of the debris that came from the Capricorn, was not going to be paid for by them, instead the bill for the car's destruction would be paid for under the insurance that Dionysus had for the casino. Though he was sure his sister wouldn't be too keen on her boyfriend's car getting covered in the blood that was still covering him and Oriana, most of what was covering Declan was his own due to Tinkerbell, the rest was from the hydra and Polyphemus, Merida had sighed at the sight of Declan being pale under all that blood, and more so over the immense bleeding he'd endured from that scar Tinkerbell was responsible for.

Ichabod Crane, meanwhile was fascinated by what the sorcerer and apprentice had done, he'd not seen that kind of magic before and was like a typical doctor, looking Declan over and muttering "fascinating, simply amazing". Merida could only roll her eyes.

"That's what you said about those four walking talking turtles in New York City, you know those ones that had the ninja skills..."

"Yes but that magic your brother did, that's not...well...magic I've seen before!"

"You do realize who our uncle is right?"

Declan was still leaning on the car for support before Oriana had returned from her verbal rending of the mayor and Aurora, he had enough energy left to raise his hand and wave in a motion that caused all the cameras to malfunction so that they could get out of there in tact. Ichabod took the cue from Oriana and rushed them into the car, while Merlin checked them over, Declan was fine for all intents and purposes, Oriana had snapped him out of it faster than had been done before. Merida nudged Ichabod to get the car started while Nimue cleared a path through the onlookers, before sliding Excalibur back in the back of the car where Declan and Oriana had taken seats, he fell over from exhaustion in her lap, almost as a child would have on a long car ride.

"One down kid, one more to go and you're clean!"

It was Phil, confirming what Declan knew, one of the two labors left had been cleared, he only had one more...and it would be for Oriana: Kill Lancelot. That would have to wait for another day, but that reckoning would be coming, Declan did not want him harming Oriana any further, but in this moment in time he let that matter be. He had gotten the hero's welcome he'd wanted since he was six, maybe this was where he was meant to be, with Oriana, it didn't matter how much this city was in shambles.

Ichabod was squeamish about the mess sorcerer and apprentice were making due to their current state, but Merida had turned round to speak to Oriana, Declan's position on her was not lost, but given their current exhausted moment, she didn't make any commentary about them like she normally would have, something told her that Declan had said something to Oriana that was still sinking in.

"Oi, Ori, he told you something didn't he? I can see it in your face, that red there isn't from rightfully telling off mayor White."

Merida wasn't going to press it further, but she needed to say something to ease and help her brother's cause.

"You know no one has ever been able to calm him the way you have, nor has he ever been as happy as he is with you. I am glad you bringing out the best in my brother."

Dr. Crane had interrupted asking where they were going...Merida looked at him as if to say, seriously? You had to ask that?

He sheepishly drove them to the Arcana Cabana, where Merida told Oriana that she was going to be moving in with Dr. Crane in several months and formerly apologized for the prank that had set off the firebombing. Declan had stirred by this moment, his vision was blurred due to the blood and having a short siesta on Oriana. Though she was right he needed a bath.

"We're off Ori, but I hope we'll see you two at dinner with the rest of the family."

"But Merida, dearest, I wanted to get a proper examination of your brother..."

"Ichabod, there are some things that are best left alone, as in this case my brother is not going to be under examination from you."

Ichabod blushed, and helped Oriana get out of the car, with Declan carrying Excalibur lazily, Oriana having placed Mjolnir on her belt. Hades and Persephone had gotten their belongings from the Capricorn before it was destroyed.

Winston greeted both of them as they walked in, he'd drawn a bath for Oriana upstairs in their bedroom, the butler had drawn one for Declan down in the Japanese style baths in near the training room.

"Ori...I have one labor left...and I promise you now, Lancelot will never bother you again when I am through with him."

He couldn't say more, as he hobbled off to the bath Winston had drawn for him, they'd need a few days to rest after this mess.

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The car ride had been spent in silence on Oriana’s part. Merida’s questions had her tensing her jaw, whilst her hand idly pulled out bits of gunk from Declan’s hair as he had rested on her lap.

Although she felt grateful to the people around them for helping out and getting them to Arcana Cabana, she just wanted to be left alone…to process her feelings and Declan’s words.

He’d told her that he’d loved her. Then limped off. In front of everyone.

They only knew each in person for a short while, but the Muses had sped up their emotions for one another with the help of visions and memories. The process of speeding that up obviously had them even more confused than if things had been left to naturally run its course.

When Persephone handed her the Tigerlily flower that Oriana had left on the bedside table of their hotel room she was even more grateful. The other belongings she didn’t really even care but that was the most significant item. She placed it on a nearby shelf for safekeeping and rolled her eyes at Merida’s inquisitive eyes.

It didn’t help that when Declan made that statement about Lancelot the other redhead loomed up behind them despite Ichabod clearly making a face wanting her to back off. Oriana couldn’t even respond what with the bat ears around her, so made a quick exit and hasty exit from the main room.

When Oriana walked off for her own bath, she had the feeling she wouldn’t be left alone long.

She wasn’t wrong.

The first thing she did was to stand in the shower to get majority of the Cyclops gunk off after all her clothes went into a nearby basket Winston had left for her and then finally sank into the lavender infused bath water.

That butler of theirs was a God send. Surely.

Not ten minutes into sitting in the water came a knock on the door and Oriana looked up to see Merida holding some spare clothes and large fluffy bath towel for her.

“You didn’t answer me in the car…” Merida sat on the toilet whilst the other woman pondered if she would ever have any semblance of privacy.
“Merida…no offence, but what he said and didn’t say…. that is between Declan and me. I don’t need to explain it to you.” Oriana’s answer made the other girl scrunch her face up.

“I’m just worried and concerned that…he will get hurt and I’m pleased for both of-“

“You’re worried I’ll do a Tinkerbell.” Oriana splashed some water on her face to control her anger. The water bubbled around her. “Merida…you’re an amazing friend and sister. I just need you to leave us alone. Please. Go.” It was the most civil she could be especially with the memories of Merida and Eleanor standing back when Fergus ripped Declan a new one and called him a monster.

Luckily, Merida just sighed and left without the information Eleanor was probably gunning for wherever she was.

Oriana groaned and dunked herself into the bath water, but she wasn’t able to relax. Scrubbing herself down enough to be thoroughly cleansed without aggravating all her bruises she left, dripping water all over the tiles as she dried herself with the towel Merida had left and pulled on the pastel blue cami top and pajama bottoms.

Her buzzing mind took her to Declan’s room, usually she’d fall asleep downstairs on the sofa watching TV to avoid him but their time in the casino had changed her stance plus they really needed to talk.

Did Declan mean what he said or was it just a reaction to the memories of Lancelot and Gothel the muses had thrown at him?

Was it just in the heat of the moment because he thought he would die?

Was it only because Oriana was one of the few women who could touch him but the only one unrelated?

If that was the reason…then it wasn’t good enough to claim to love her.

Oriana hadn’t been ready to admit to anything when Hades had interrogated her, and she wasn’t now. Not without being hundred percent sure they definitely were on the same page.

But the fact of the matter was that she’d killed a man for Declan today and that would say much more than mere words.

Sighing and toweling her hair off she bounced on the bed, rubbing some of Declan’s moisturizer into her skin and wondering what the repercussions of screaming at Mayor White would be.

Even with Merlin and Nimue helping that didn’t mean it wouldn’t be a tough job keeping Declan from bleeding out for this damned town.

Speaking of which, he had better return to the room straight after his bath. Oriana needed to make sure he got bandaged up properly.

When he finally entered, she smiled tentatively at him. “Ah…we need to talk. I know you’re tired…but…well, we need to talk.”

Yeah you sound so damn articulate don’t you. Oriana mentally chided herself.


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Had Merida not caught Ichabod, he'd have followed Declan down to the Japanese baths, Winston also was a barricade to the sorcerer. Clearly sending a message that this was not the time to try and observe him or whatever it was that Dr. Crane was trying to do, sure he knew the occult, but nothing on the level of Declan and Oriana.

Dr. Crane had even tried to use the same method Merida was using on Oriana, but failed due to the bulldog, who took the clothes, gave a disgusted look, and then proceeded to have the brooms and mops pick out something that was more Declan than Crane had. Honestly...Declan didn't wear wife beater shirts nor did he wear yoga pants. Merida was flustered after failed attempt to talk to Oriana, and anger boiled over again seeing Crane not giving up on wanting to study her brother.

"Didn't I tell you this wasn't the time or place for that? You saw what Dec did to the cyclops, what do you think he'd do it you if you kept pestering him?"

"What would he do?"

"Well if he didn't turn you to ash, you'd either be an ice sculpture or outside impaled on those earth spikes! Now just leave him be!"

Declan meanwhile was cleaning off his blood, Polyphemus' blood, and the grime and filth that was covering the exposed skin, scrubbing hard in the warm water before in common Japanese style dumping the cold water over him to rinse it. The geas wound had stopped bleeding but it was clearly raw or tender, Oriana's trick with his ankle/heel had stopped the bleeding thankfully, it was still hard to put his full weight on it though. Now it was time to tend to the mark, very diligently he cleaned it up too.

Still one now could see the marks left by the hydra and Polyphemus, there were bruises galore across his torso, his arms ached he could feel the tensions coursing through his muscles. His hands looked as if he'd punched through glass or ice, the cuts littering them were of little consequence to him. He ached, he was physically exhausted when he finally finished bathing and pulling himself out of the tub. Winston had gone to tend to Oriana, while the mops and brooms helped him.

Though there was something else that caught his attention...a gong he'd not seen since he was that would summon a familiar, Archimedes the owl had brought it out from storage. No, he didn't need that attention now, that thing with Mulan and Oriana wasn't fully settled yet and summoning his familiar Mushu, would just add to the complications. He didn't want Mulan's people knocking on his door or Mushu to say something wrong to Oriana.

Declan ran his hand over the Japanese gong...remembering. Sure Mulan was Chinese, but the dragons were universal to China, Japan, and Korea. He'd been given this by Mr. Miyagi himself when he was 15 and it had been placed in the collection of items from the east. Declan had never intended to call Mushu again, but things might require his aid...not now.

Passing Merida and Ichabod, he noted that she held Dr. Crane back, but shot him a look of concern as he was limping, wearing a pair of work out shorts and a sleeveless t shirt with a Celtic cross on it. Little did Declan know that the gong was being moved to his and Oriana's bedroom. Ichabod tried to speak to him before Merida stopped him, reminding him that they did have that family dinner, even telling Declan that the boys would be arriving. One more thing to deal with, before labor number 12, he sighed and nodded.

He slowly opened the door to the bedroom, he could only hope that Oriana had cleaned up and he wasn't intruding. To her he'd look pale, one of those side effects of using blood magic, but he was cleaned up, she could probably see the sheer exhaustion in him. But he was more cognizant that he'd been then he was when Oriana was telling off Mayor White and what he'd been in the car ride home.

"Sure, we can talk."

It was all he could manage, he felt like he'd been pulled through a key hold backwards, but he went face down on their bed, yes it was their bed. Relieved that he could finally lose the tenseness that he'd had. Meanwhile the gong was now placed on Declan's dresser next to his emerald skull.

He had no way of knowing how his latest labor was being immortalized, but Winston was currently collaborating with Friar Tuck on it as they got settled. Ichabod had insisted on staying at the Arcana Cabana tonight, with Merida agreeing, but heeding Oriana's advice to keep a distance despite her looking out for Declan.

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Oriana nodded her thanks to the mops and brooms as they left without the strange Gong, they’d brought in with them but shrugged.
She didn’t question those guys.

Declan looked absolutely terrible so Oriana knew she wouldn’t be able to be as harsh as she wanted to be. Her heart wouldn’t allow her.

Her face softened and her hands reached out of their own accord when he landed on the bed, lifting his shirt to frown at the bruises and lacerations. Bending over slightly she retrieved the aloe vera balm from their bed side table and began massaging the substance over his skin lightly.

More than the balm it was her natural healing ability that started helping the discomfort ease.

It was only after a few minutes of applying the balm did she finally speak again. “Today…was something I’ll never forget. I killed a man.” Her face twisted in the strange emotion that invoked.

“I could have let him go…or subdued him…but he kept insulting you, so I took it that one step further.” Oriana bit her lip, moving down to work on Declan’s ankle. It wasn’t as if she wasn’t bruised herself, but she’d hardly faced down a Cyclops. “That doesn’t worry me as much…or scare me as much as what you said though.”

“We haven’t known each other long. Granted I saw your past and you saw mine…but how can you be sure, so sure, that you…do love me. Or did you mean it in a platonic sense and I’m the one getting confused.” Her voice was a little stutter as she asked for the clarification that had been causing so much doubt.

“A-and did you say it because you thought you’d die…and only for that reason?” Oriana shuffled up and sat cross legged at his head, finding the various swollen bruises on his scalp and working them over. “I won’t blame you if you did…but everyone was looking at me…and expecting me to say something…and I couldn’t because…I am confused. So utterly confused.”

Sensing the awkward pause in conversation she grabbed the first aid kit from under the bed and started unrolling some bandages, rubbing the material in her hand to heat it up slightly so it would help soothe him more. “And…I need to know honestly…putting everything we saw at St Paul’s to one side…because if you’re conflicted and only doing this because you think that’s what everyone wants, or that’s what Merida wants and those damn Muses…then I don’t care if I’m back on the park bench. I can’t do it for those reasons.”

Oriana could only stay if Declan saw something just about her that made him feel that way if that feeling was real and true. Not because of what had been written by the crappy Fates."In short, did you really mean it?"


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Using blood magic took a toll, this was no different for Declan and Merlin who had mastered it, they were the lucky ones in that regard. Others died using it and some became corrupted to the point of their own destruction. Declan and Merlin merely just suffered fatigue, sweating, and paleness almost like having the flu or something a long those lines. This didn't mean they were not aware of what was going on around them, though it would take a couple of days to fully recover.

Gone was the jumping, recoiling, and confusion about Oriana's touch, he now found it calming somehow, the pain also subsided as it hadn't in all the years he'd been doing these labors. Still he didn't think there was another way he could have stopped the cyclops that wouldn't have resulted in using blood magic or even the mark, not after the hydra and not with Oriana at risk.

Whatever this invisible touch she had was, he could tell she had grabbed hold of his heart, but in a good way. To Oriana this wasn't a game and she didn't like losing. Still she wasn't going to fuck up his life and his wanting her just the same wouldn't change.

"Ori, don't dwell on killing Achilles, he would have killed you had you not killed him. Chauvinistic to the end and we're better off without him. I would have done the same for you had he been insulting you. You don't think Gwen did that for Arthur? It happened."

She was working on his ankle now when she expressed the scared portion of what he'd said, she went on...he let her finish. He knew about her guarded heart, she knew about his.

"Did I think I was going to die? Yes. Did I say that because of it? No. I meant it, I wanted you to hear it and know it. If I had died, I didn't want you to be left wondering."

The fates be damned as well as what they saw at Saint Paul's. Truly his tiger-lily gesture was meant as a way to show her what he'd seen in the vision he had received.

"Ori, you've seen the pain I've endured for someone I loved. You know I wouldn't have said that if I didn't mean it. It's not a big deal you didn't react or do what they wanted you to do. I wanted you to know, I am sorry that it came out in that moment...though, I probably could have said that in a better place."

Was he in too deep? He didn't know. All he could think was there were too many people, making too many problems and not much love to go round. Blackhaven was becoming the land of confusion.

He had to admit the sound of her laughter when he held her tight, in what seemed long ago...around that time at Sleepy's. But he wouldn't make her promises that he didn't intend to keep, and admitting he loved her was one of those promises he would keep if she let him. Admitting what he'd said and that every word of it was meant, he could only think that Merida was going to have a field day when it came out...but that was another matter for another time.
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Again the silence was prevalent as Oriana processed his words. If he looked closely then he would have found both her cheeks coloured a deep red and by the time he was done talking her hands nervously shook out the bandage. "I need time." It was essentially too fast for her, and although she wanted to admit her own feelings to him, there was that harsh fear still sticking out her back.

If things went down the drain then Declan had his support force. He had Merida, Eleanor, Merlin and Nimue. He even had Hades and Persephone.

She couldn't say the same. Gothel and Rapunzel hardly amounted to much. Heck, they equalled a big fat zero.

"I can' as brave as you. I am scared." It had gone from not wanting to fall in love to suddenly being in love, having that repciprocated but in such a rollercoaster way that all her insecurities were at play. The words were refusing to leave her lips.

She smoothed out the bandage on all the neccessary places and applied some red tiger balm before tightening it over his legs, ankle, arms and chest.

Once her job was done Oriana lay down next to him with both arms stiff at her sides. "I...we should probably speak about this again when we are both rested after a few days." Oriana wondered if he had even noticed her rant out against Mayor White.

Surely that was an indication of what she felt without her being forced to actually say it. Hades voice popped up in her head and she could have groaned.

"Although...most guys tend to take the girls they like out to dinner and stuff before they say the three words. Or so I have heard from Natalya. Maybe even...that Twilight Zone Museum." It was a pretty strong hint and Declan would be stupid to miss it.

Oriana may have been strong headed and had that fierce independent streak about her but that didn't mean she didn't want to be treated like other women her age.


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"It's okay Ori, I do understand more than you'd know."

Exhaustion was getting to him, his whole body was screaming at him to rest, the healing was going on, but the sore muscles from their gauntlet run were telling him to take it easy. He was still awake just trying to get settled, though he'd notice Oriana wasn't in her normal position of being draped over him, despite what pain he was feeling, he reached for her hand at least, if she wanted to hug him he was clumsily attempting to show her it was okay.

Her commentary about what guys normally do, wasn't lost on him and he made a reach for his cell phone, and began thumbing through to see what a good ticket time for the Twilight Zone museum and Night Gallery were.

"Well I am sorry it wasn't said in a better time or place, but...I am getting us tickets to the Twilight Zone museum and Night Gallery for...1400!"

He didn't use the cover name this time for their admission, he clicked on the TV, it always helped him sleep a bit, he didn't want to watch the news tonight, and flipped right past it. No interest in Mayor White or Aurora's political campaigning, in a way they let Achilles run loose and the police department did squat.

Sitcoms...that's about as good as he was going to get tonight. This one was that one that starred Romeo and Juliet as a lower class family that struggled through life with four kids. Juliet playing the powerful but obnoxious matriarch of the family and Romeo playing the hard working but uneducated husband. It was humorous, which given the circumstances they needed.

They just needed a day to themselves, at text to his uncle Merlin followed, using Scots-Gaelic he told his uncle he needed a day with Oriana by themselves without interference from family, friends, and of course the mayoral office. Merlin simply replied he had it under control.

Declan went back to his phone to see what was of interest at the museum and gallery, nothing new for this time of year, but come Spring there was going to be several new exhibits plus some new portraits...Declan noted the one of Viggo the Carpathian was coming to Blackhaven...strange he'd dealt with Viggo in Transylvania during that mess with the vampires and chernabog...he was young and stupid then too.

"Got our tickets, how about we grab a bite afterwards?"

Declan showed Oriana their tickets, under their names via the cell phone while still holding her hand as he could. To him now the TV was just background noise to help him settle in and sleep, the cuts and other lacerations were healing, the bruises had become less tender, but his ankle needed to pop and he moved it as he could to get it to do so, finally getting it to pop, he relaxed a bit more, no longer wincing with movements, but moving as one would when they were just sore.

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To say she was pleased would have been an understatement and the night went on as peacefully as it could, the only mild disturbance in their slumber was the will-o'-the-wisps hitting the windows lightly yet Oriana sensed they were only doing it to be humorous and spy on the couple, so all it took was a few steps and closing the curtains before she lay back down with a thought of how strange it would be to actually go on a date with Declan.
Ignoring and avoiding Merida was a challenge but one that Oriana readily accepted. Ichabod was easier to dodge since all it took was a few threatening fiery bells towards his precious books and he would stutter out that he would behave. Despite waking up at the crack of dawn and untangling herself from around Declan and the blankets…the other couple were awake and ready to pounce on her for information. Merida took some persuading, but Ichabod was easily dealt with.

That man truly was a book worm.

Breakfast was a quiet affair since she shooed the meddlesome twosome off. Breakfast by herself helped gather her thoughts about yesterday and box the death of Achilles away. Two toasts with jam and a cup of tea later she found herself standing dumbfounded at their wardrobe.

What should one wear to the Twilight Zone museum…he wanted to go eat somewhere afterwards too?

Since it was still rather cold outside, she could still always use one of his jackets so settled for a simple grey vest with blue jeans. It would be fine for the time they had in the Arcana Cabana this morning until they left later on in the afternoon.

Oriana popped downstairs again after showering and changing, it still hadn’t hit 0700, Declan’s usual time to be up but Winston was pottering around.

Unfortunately, the look their butler dog gave her was clearly unimpressed. One day she would shock this damn dog Oriana vowed.

“What?! It’s just a museum…I don’t want to be seen to be trying too hard.” Oriana self-consciously tugged at the loose necklaces around her neck and tutted at Winston who rolled his eyes and was off again, newspaper in his paws. How Winston even knew that she was under dressed for a date was beyond her.

Sighting the newspaper, Oriana quickly tugged it out of his hand and winced at the headline. “We aren’t giving this to Declan.” She told the silent dog whose only response was another roll of the eyes. No doubt she couldn’t hide her argument with Mayor White forever but the headline ‘Fire Witch threatens Mayor White.’ Hardly did her any favors. Oriana rushed off to place the newspaper in the trash can outside. “Be gone mood-ruiner and stress-giver.” She ordered the greyscale paper and closed the lid on her problems for today.

There were other things to worry about.

Such as how she could possibly explain her feelings to Declan as bluntly as he had.

Every time she thought about it, Hades damn voice filtered through her mind and the stubborn side of her reared its head.

Then there was that damn text message that beeped from her phone.

A reminder from Eleanor that she was invited to attend tea with the family and that it was 'no rush' but she was being 'missed' and that they had ‘much to discuss’. Granted it would also be ‘lovely to see her’.

A gentle but forceful Mothering way of ordering one to get their asses to the Dunbrochs residence.



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Oriana had been up well before Declan, despite being close to her in now their bed...and the healing effects she had done on him whether she knew it or not, he still had expended a lot of energy the day before, he'd told Oriana in training that some their gifts had a cost...she'd seen that now first hand the powers Declan wielded the ones that got him labeled a "demon" much like his uncle. He moved with a stiffness, to say he was weakened wouldn't be correct.

Though the use of blood magic was still evident, Declan was fair skinned normally, but now he was almost chalk white like Uncle Fester from the Addams family, still his blue eyes looked brighter than they normally did due to this effect. His hands were still shaky but that would pass in time, though his appetite was slower to come back. His step mother's text, aside from Oriana leaving the bed, had awoken him again. Still insisting on afternoon tea or a dinner, though again he heard some shuffling between Oriana and Merida.

One of the overheard things was again Crane asking to examine Declan, to which Oriana and Merida both told him in their respective ways to fuck off. A broom brought him some plum tea to get started. It was then he noticed the gong had been moved into their room...Mulan would have a shit fit if she knew that Mushu was bound to him in the form of a familiar...however Declan was not going to summon that dragon...not until he was needed. There was no need to go into the whole familiar thing yet, Oriana wasn't ready for that just yet, she needed to get to the 400th circle.

Now it was time to clean up and meet Oriana downstairs, as they were heading into December it was time to start dressing warmer...still Declan picked a shirt that was very much in his tastes, a collared casual shirt that had three buttons. It was a dark blue one that had pineapples on it, the pineapples were a darker blue. He selected a dark gray pair of cargo pants, and his dark brown loafers. At some point Winston eyed him up and down drawing in on how pale Declan looked from use of not only blood magic but tapping into the blood line.

The much cooler temperatures outside had him donning a fleece vest in a dark brown color along with one of his leather jackets, the black one. No hood this time, as he was trying to look decent for his official date with Oriana, no master-apprentice type attire. Though he made a point to get his leather gloves in his jacket pockets.

Always silent when he walked, but soundless in his bare feet, he made his way down stairs not sure if Oriana had noticed him or not. But instead decided to let her know he was here instead of scaring her as he'd probably done countless times.

"Ori? You ready? Did you want to walk or take the subway over?"

Declan hadn't officially been to the Twilight Zone museum and Night Gallery, he'd been too busy, but a message from Friar Tuck told him he had just one labor remaining. Winston had the news on, but nothing of interest, just the whole scene of the neon district and Mayor White going on about raising funds to repair the damage done, even stating that she was not going to have Declan or Oriana pay for it, but to him it sounded like a forced apology or thank you. He didn't know why, nor at this point did he care.

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“Yeah I’m ready…but it is rather early still.” Oriana checked her watch quickly and rose from the sofa she had been idly laying on and watching tv, “But I didn’t have a big breakfast and ate rather early so we could walk to a nice café if you want…maybe see the local book shops before we go.” Great, I sound like an old lady.

Oriana looked him over with some concern, “The question is…. should we be dragging you around.” He looked a lot better than yesterday, but there was no color whatsoever to him and still looked exhausted. “You know we can go another day…perhaps go for a movie where you don’t have to do much but sit, or a theatre. Walking around and dragging you about is hardly going to help you re-energize.”

If they did head out, then she would be stealing one of his jackets. Ever since she’d worn Draconus her powers helped heal her and keep her warm. The cold didn’t affect her as much.
“Although…we could do with a break somewhere. Even if it is just sitting in the park because your sister and Mother are both doing my head in.”


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"I'll be fine, remember when I told you certain powers have a cost? Well...this is just a side effect of that. But making sure you were unharmed was worth it."

The suggestion of a café or bookstore seemed more than reasonable to him, he just didn't want to lie about in bed all day, though he probably needed to. None the less he kept drinking the tea that was being given to him by the brooms and even the stern looks Winston was giving him.

"I've not had anything to eat, side effect again, so that sounds good to me."

No more texts on his phone, thankfully, but he needed to address the elephant in their room...well more specifically the dragon in their room.

"Did you notice that gong by any chance?"

He had no idea who had put Mushu's gong in their room, or even if the gong had been rung, well if it had Mushu hadn't made himself known...yet. Though Declan did fear reprisal from Mulan and her syndicate should the dragon rise. True Mushu was Declan's familiar but before that Mushu had been the guardian spirit of the Fa family, he was unsure of what that dragons allegiances were now...but his uncle had seen to it that Mushu would be bound to his nephew.

Familiars would be something Oriana would need to get accustomed to, she would understand in time as she would need her own familar, it was part of the powers they wielded. Still the news on TV broke the silence...yet again. This time it was Mayor White announcing that they were going to start contracting out for issues that arose in the city.

Declan had no way of knowing that it was he and Oriana that Mayor White was referencing. Nor did he know anything about Oriana telling the Mayor and candidate Aurora where they could stick things.

Instead he looked over some more of the Twilight Zone museum and Night Gallery exhibits, there were a couple of things of interest, some he had to question on if they should be in the museum or gallery...but it wasn't his place.

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Oriana gave a sheepish look to the TV and went to stand in front of it, lest they showed a clip of her making a right idiot of herself. “Yeah I did notice but I was too tired to talk about it and really who am I to question your mops and brooms?” She patted the top wooden head of one broom, smiling a little as it creaked at her in appreciation and accepted one of Declans jackets off it. “They must have had good reason to place it there. Why, do you recognize it?” If he was asking, then it had to be something important.

She slid the too large jacket over her smaller frame, zipping it up and folding it in so it didn’t look too out of place and rolled up the sleeves but not too much, her hands would be covered by the sleeves that way and they’d stay warm. “Now I’m ready to go…” Ideally she’d prefer to zip out the door before Merida came thundering down asking questions.

Oriana wondered if the excitement showed on her face and if it did then she was actively trying to calm herself.

This was her first date.

Not just with Declan but her first date in her lifetime.

Lancelot surely didn’t count; he never took her around officially but simply took advantage of her earlier on naivete.

After all, say ‘no’ to that man and he will think it means ‘yes’ and ‘get lost’ meant ‘take me I’m yours’.

In Oriana’s case, she had said ‘get the hell off me’ and that had apparently meant ‘pass me around to your friends’.

Oriana shook her head, pushing away the memories that were threatening to loom up on what she hoped would be a very good day. “I’m thinking we should go somewhere that does French toast and peach tea. Something simple so we can have a nicer lunch later on.” She curbed the need to bounce on her feet.

Get a grip Oriana.

Although it was just a museum it was a lot better than some prattish restaurant that would make her feel inferior or unworthy. It had her comfort zone written all over it.

“I rather like the idea of that activity…the one where they are doing that murder mystery.” She was looking over his shoulder at his phone screen. “For once it won’t be real and look it says they will have the Paranormal Society there too and…a historian invited. That better not be Crane.” She narrowed her eyes.


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The suggestion of French toast and peach tea was a good one, Declan nodding in approval of it. But he needed to explain the gong a bit and what it was or in this who it was. Keeping secrets at this stage could be dangerous or even put someone in danger...something he was not willing to do.

"Well that gong would summon Mushu, he's familiar, remember that brief instruction on familiars? Well I was training in Japan and well, helped with a demon or Oni, and this was a reward of sorts. Just be careful, you ring the gong and you'll summon Mushu. Once you get some more training you'll have the chance to find your own familiar."

He didn't go much further with it, choosing instead to focus on them and their date, her interest in the murder mystery and the guest historian, he wasn't sure who it was, but like Oriana he hoped that it wasn't Crane, he sure didn't want Crane trying to study him while he was on his date with Oriana, and he couldn't be sure that Oriana wouldn't slug Crane at this point with that.

Still her blocking the TV was odd, but he didn't pay it any mind, more interested in taking her hand and walking out the door to their destination of small cafe that served the French toast and peach tea. They didn't end up paying for their meal, the owner of the place was grateful for their efforts with Achilles and the hydra, one of the few grateful people in Blackhaven which was a change but of course there was always something brewing in town.

The book shop that Oriana wanted to visit was huge, Declan finding himself getting lost in the cook book section. He always like those parts of book stores, the historical stuff and the pop culture books were interesting too...but he had his preferences, even at this time in the day, the local perverts were in the sexual section of the book store. Declan had to wonder how many copies of the Karma Sutra there actually were...and what exactly they found interesting about it. Tinkerbell had been all about those types of books, but they'd have to go to the porn shops for them, that was an experience best forgotten.

He purchased a cook book in hopes he could replicate the recipes, this one was good one in his mind. He wasn't sure if Oriana was going to purchase a book as well, but he found himself looking over the books that had the daily comic strips, Oriana wouldn't have a hard time finding him.

He checked his phone to see the time, they still had plenty of it before they needed to be at the museum and gallery. Declan again was curious about who this historian would be there, it wasn't going to deter him or put him on guard, there was no need to...unless things got out of hand.

Rod Serling had been a former Mayor of Blackhaven, however since Mayor White took over, he'd not been seen in some time, in fact it was thought he'd entered the famed Twilight Zone and disappeared. That was far from the truth...while he had access to the Twilight Zone, he brought it to Blackhaven, in the form of the museum and gallery. It was a known that not everyone in town could handle it, and Mr. Serling ran things from Serling Towers in the high town district.

Declan's uncle Merlin had some dealings with Serling, but what they were in nature, was not known and he had only given Declan caution in dealing with the museum and gallery. Things were not always what they seemed and strange things did happen.

As one entered the museum, they were greeted with the following:

"You are about to enter another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop, the Twilight Zone!"

Declan had no idea what any of it meant, but he was looking forward to seeing it with Oriana.

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She hadn’t brought any book in the end, mostly because in her rush to leave with Declan on their date she’d forgotten her purse in her room. Having him pay for the tickets was one thing and she’d been forced to remain silent as he’d paid for the breakfast. Luckily it had been light and enjoyable.

Oriana had spotted some intriguing titles in the occult section but had simply made a quick note on her phone for another day. One day she’d have a bigger collection than Declan that was for sure.

The ambiance of the museum had the hairs on the back of Oriana’s neck standing straight and her hand found Declan’s wrist gripping it tightly but not enough to bruise.

“It may be said with a degree of assurance that not everything that meets the eye is as it appears.” She told him with a warning look. No one else seemed to be feeling the same vibe.

As they walked in there were some strange masks hanging off the walls, of warped faces and some she was unsure if they were even depicting humans and from the stereo’s overhead was a strange tune being played. It made her feel likes she was in a mystery movie and someone was going to jump out at her any second.


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Declan had found himself drawn to a strange wax type scene depicting some time in the 1960's an old diner with a man that had three arms, and the man behind the counter had removed his hat, one of those hats that were worn by people who ran those old counters, it revealed a third eye. Declan's hand touched the glass that this "scene" was behind.

Oriana led Declan to a case that was missing it's display, a small card read Willie, they could only guess that it was a ventriloquist's dummy or maybe a puppet. It was odd, nothing indicated where this particular display had gone. She had almost seemed excited but weirded out at the same time, she pulled Declan past another exhibit simply called The Elevator, this one Declan knew about on some level, there had been rumors of some scientist that was trying to solve world hunger and developed a food source that caused things to grow. Unfortunately, it caused several animals to grow, dogs, cats, and what caused the deaths of many creatures to include the scientist and his sons: a spider. Declan could see the eight eyes but the spider would not come out...fearing the sorcerer.

There were some flying saucers, and little space men. Oriana interest was again sparked by five figures, a clown, a ballerina, an army officer, and a bagpiper. Looking at the way this particular exhibit was laid out, it looked as if they were looking down the Salvation Army donation barrel, but to both of them the figures looked as if they were alive.

Another exhibit caught Declan's eye, it looked like an old 1960's air plane and another air plane that looked like it was from the 1980's, each had a different looking gremlin. Declan had heard about gremlins but not these particular type, sure in WWII there were stories of pilots aircraft failing and it being blamed on these creatures. One looked more ape like...the other almost reptilian or demonic. Still the fact of the matter was according to the exhibit's card that one one person could actually see these gremlins. The two in the exhibit were merely stuffed representations of the ones that were reported in 1963 and 1983.

The famed wax figures, represented some famous killers, but one was missing, the famed Jack the Ripper. Oriana quickly wanted to move past this one as it was known these figures had committed several killings. Now, they stopped in front of another interesting one, a huge math problem with someone trying to solve it, and a demon trying to get person trying to solve math problem, and through the exchange (on a box that one pressed the button to hear what happened). The demon being arrogant gave the person attempting the math problem to give him a question he could not answer or something that was impossible for the demon to complete. The reply was simple "get lost".

Throughout the walk of the museum Declan had refused to let Oriana's hand go, he wasn't unnerved, though some of this could be very unnerving he was happy to not be alone in this place, and enjoying the fact that Oriana seemed to be having a good time. True the lighting in this place seemed like it was that either early evening or that time just before sunrise.

There was no magic in this place from what Declan could tell, but he was unsure of how if these things were actually still something to be worried about in Blackhaven or simply just museum pieces now, it would bear watching given what Mr. Serlings reputation was.

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The night ended around six in the evening with some words that caused a chill to go up Oriana’s spine.

“This is the last stop on a long journey, as yet another human being returns to the vast nothingness that is the beginning and into the dust that is always the end.” Serling seemed to have been looking straight at her as they left but she chose to focus on the hand holding on to hers, clenching it tightly. She had enjoyed the night of mystery until he had thrown that sense of foreboding at her.

The moon was up as they strolled through the streets and Oriana distracted herself by looking at Declan’s side profile every now and again. In her other hand she clenched a gift bag, she had purchased a few things as keepsakes for herself and Merida. “You’d think my hand would have gone numb by now.” She commented with a teasing glint to her eyes, it wasn’t a complaint, but she wanted to push his buttons to see what reaction she got. “Is that the end to our date? No surprises?” It was her way of asking what was next or where they went from there. Oriana turned so she was walking backwards, if she stumbled he would steady her.

Part of her didn’t want to go home, both Merida and Crane would no doubt hang around to pester them in some way and Winston would give them that ‘look’.

They were passing some hotels; one caught her eye. It was shaped like a winding tree on the outside and had lanterns hanging outside the window of each room. Such was the design it looked like the rooms were carved into the trunk. “The Faraway Tree…I think Natalya mentioned that the special rooms here act as doorways to other lands. They are mostly used by those on their honeymoons. Saves a plane ticket I guess.” A short man with a very rounded head ran out carrying a laundry bag and pushed it into the back of his car, “Moonface, do the dishes. Moonface, mop the floors. Moonface, greet the guests. Sits up there doing nothing herself all day.” He was muttering angrily under his breath as he toddled back in, making Oriana grin.

“I hope you don’t whinge like that one day about me…” She laughed once the man was out of earshot.


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Where to next was the question, going home was an option but it was only early evening. Declan wasn't hungry yet either so going to a nice place to eat wasn't in the cards yet, but something aside from Oriana caught his interest, Mr. Serling had slipped something into his pocket. He showed Oriana the request he was looking to hire the sorcerer and Oriana for a task...some wax figures of some famous murderers had come to life.

They could worry about that at their leisure per the note, Declan would, he was not interested in taking on something like this until his final labor had been completed, more so with Tinkerbell still being out there as well. Where would they go though? It was then Oriana showed him the hotel...she'd mentioned that Natalya had said these were portals to worlds...

Declan muttered something and waved his hand, Oriana and his overnight bags appeared.

"Why don't we see if we can check in, have something to eat, and pray we don't end up in the world with the vampires, that experience I had years ago really was quite...draining physically and emotionally."

Declan did however make sure he had is lantern, the one that looked like a typical Halloween Jack O' Lantern, but there was something more interesting about it.

He laughed at Oriana's comment about him grumbling about her one day.

"I doubt you'd let me, now any particular room peak your fancy? Hopefully your friend Natalya won't be here tonight."

He turned his attention to either room service or having something delivered, he wasn't sure what looked good...of course he noted that Electric Mayhem was going to be playing in the ball room, and that Gonzo's pizza did deliver to the hotel, he'd heard the chicken wings were good there.

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She deftly picked up her overnight bag and gave him an amused look as they entered The Faraway Tree. “Overnight bags already Declan? Aren’t you jumping some first date steps? You’ve not even kissed me yet.” She was only teasing him, but there was a pause as she looked through the brochure at the front desk. Moonface was yelling for someone called Bessie to bring the food menus. “Excuse me, can we have a double room please? We are just staying for one night an- Oh! What’s this, Diagon Alley?” If they were staying overnight, there was nothing to say tomorrow they couldn’t go on a shopping trip and be back for the afternoon to head home. “Look Declan, they have an ice cream shop that does every flavor ice cream!”

There was a sharp buzzing sound, Oriana looked up to see a pixie flying around with a tiny bucket of water and angrily splashing it on the counters to clean up small spills or dirt. There was someone who didn’t like their job. Behind her jangled away a man ladled with saucepans and kettles. “Mr Watzisname is busy tidying the storage room with Bessie, here are the menus. Ring down to us and we will order whatever food you like..”
“Thank you.” Oriana passed the menus to Declan, knowing he would be hungrier than her at this time. Moonface handed her the room keys and indicated she wait for someone to take them up.

“Pardon?” Mr. Saucepan man jangled at her again, peering at her lips to read what she had just said. Not that it was a surprise he could hear her over that ruckus.

Oriana repeated herself again with a tired sigh and luckily he understood this time.

“No problem Missus.”

From the spiraling wooden staircase thudded down an elderly woman with a large basket of laundry and a bucket of soapy water. Oriana watched them all, her lips twitching at the sight of all the strange personalities around her. “Special bunch right? Didn’t think Natalya would like a place like this…” She whispered to Declan. A little girl came running up to them, who she presumed to be Bessie and led them by their hands up the staircase. The lantern that Declan was holding gave an eerie glow up the wooden staircase.

“In the morning, if you take the staircase to the top of the Faraway Tree you can go to your chosen location. I see you already have the brochure. Travel time is 9am sharp.” The blond-haired child informed them with a slightly creepy grin, “You have twelve hours maximum to return however if you miss your return slot…you will be stuck at your chosen location for a month.” She skipped away down the hallway once she had led them to their room door.