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The Sorcerer
The ride back in the car was similar to how Oriana had seen Declan when the Addams children had picked them up, lying in the back with a towel over his head, Mushu finding a comfortable spot near Declan and obeying Snape's order to leave him be, he needed to rest. The effects of the geas were slowly fading but it had exhausted him.

The smoldering mess that was the Tea Party and part of the surrounding area was damaged, he was sure hear from mayor White about it, but he didn't care. There was something else on his mind...something Oriana had asked him about either at the restaurant named for his familiar, or on the walk home, he'd tackle that task once he was feeling better...and the last of his labors.

He took several days to take it easy and avoid Merida's phone calls, he was not interested in dealing with the Dunbrochs right now...he was trying to find that piece of paper Oriana had taken from Mulan's restaurant, a sister named Rapunzel or Zel had been mentioned and that she wanted to find her or help her...and he was going to do that.

There was another matter that she needed closure on, Lancelot, Declan knew where to find him...but with Excalibur returned to his aunt, there was going to be a need to defend himself from physical attacks, as much as he didn't like it, he was going to be forced to use that cypress wand, it was essentially going to be a dagger at this point, he could only pray that it didn't shatter much like what he did to Potter's ego.

The snow was falling and they were in for a blizzard in Blackhaven, with the Tea Party gone...but Declan certain the Hatter and Alice would start anew, the place he could find Lancelot was simple, the college, sadly most girls get their wild side out there and being what he was this would be no surprise, he'd sent Mushu to follow up the lead on Rapunzel, they feared him at Mulan's restaurant and would let the dragon poke around, Declan would also investigate other leads as well, Gothel had to have had something, he'd ask this last favor from Snape and Luna.

Dressed in his customary trench coat, this one leather, and a fedora type hat, he entered Snape's shop.

"Professor, I need a small favor, is there a way you could locate where Gothel was staying here in town? I need some information she might have."

He was not wearing his fingerless gloves, in fact he had leather gloves on that he was not removing, his stay would not be long...he was on the hunt for Lancelot.

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"Do you mean, before you killed her?" Snape scoffed, placing down his hot chocolate and glancing at the clock. Luckily Luna wouldn't return from her errands for another half hour which gave him enough time to complete the Sorcerers request. Indeed he could do a backwards scrying potion.

The only reason he did not like Luna being in Declan's way is due to her habit of going into a trance like state and blurting out facts which may hurt the mans feelings, she was able to relay what Oriana was doing and what state she was in. Often times he would walk past her bedroom door and listen to her sleep talking away to those residing in Avalon's waters. He doubted the constant reminder of Oriana not being around would help the younger Emrys.

By now, Snape had recovered his powers after drinking one of his own concoctions. He was in much better shape than the other week when they had sent Oriana into the lake. He was quick to master wandless magic too, relying less and less on his wand but it was still something familiar and close to him. "Let us see." From his office, he brought out a jade bowl and a vial of a smoking silver substance. He figured it was better to use his wand for this. Within the bowl he placed a small mirror and then slowly poured the potion on top. With a swish of his wand, Snape whispered "Quaerere".

The waters spluttered, bubbling and then started moving in a circular motion allowing him to see a tiny misty scene of Gothel on the day she had visited the Dunbrochs family meal. "...The Black Pearl." He answered Declan, tapping the bowl with his wand and murmuring, "Finite."

"It seems she had some connections with a Jack Sparrow...and bartered with some long blonde hair that he later sold." He was curious as to what someones hair of all things could do other than be added to a Polyjuice potion. "She had a frequent visitor there...a man in his thirties with curled brown blonde hair. I saw Gothel pay him a large sum of money."

Snape folded his arms and walked up to Declan, "...What path are you going down now Mr Emrys? It will not return her to your side sooner. What is for sure is that should you be harmed then that will not be the first thing she would want to hear upon her return now would it?"


The Sorcerer
"I have a debt to pay off...and promise to keep."

That's all Declan would say, if Snape or Luna needed more than that, they'd have to check out Saint Paul's across town. Declan adjusted his coat and straightend out his gloves. His hand waved and his payment to Snape was coming through the door.

"Be careful with that, it's a Hungarian rug trap, makes the floor quicksand like. Thank you again, if you need more answers than I can give, check out Saint Paul's, stay safe professor."

He had no delusions of Oriana returning sooner, but what he did have in mind was keeping that promise of finding her sister and putting an end to Lancelot.

Declan strolled through the streets much differently than he had since the geas was put on him, now he wasn't trying to hide his presence, those who feared him needed to get out of the way, those that saw him as the hero treated him with politeness and even greeted him. A small child from Rowlf's music school had tried to get him to do a trick while he walked by...there was disappointment in the child till Declan got to the cross walk, he then made small fireworks and colorful balls of light appear to the children's amusement.

For the first time in ages, Mr. Toad's cabs actually stopped for the sorcerer when he was walking the streets, no one dared follow him though.

It was when he reached the college putting his hand on the wall he tried to detect where Lancelot was going with the girls he wanted to film for those "Girls gone Wild: Blackhaven" adult videos. The hotel across the 316.

Lancelot was in the process of entering the darkened hotel room with one of the girls that was probably drunk or on pixie dust, it sounded like one of Belle's girls.

The light clicked on and there in front of a shocked Lancelot, was Declan, still wearing his black trench coat, but the fedora covering his face at the moment.

"Have a seat."

Lancelot tried to push the girl behind her, before he got an angry reaction from Declan.

"I said sit down!"

His command was obeyed, as Declan removed the fedora.

"You, you're one of Belle's? I suggest you collect your fee and leave, this man and I have a mutual friend he's wronged and I would hate for you to be his next victim, do that now please."

The girl did as she was told.

"Now, before you get any ideas..."

Declan quickly waved his hands, Lancelot's sword cane was sent flying to Declan's hands, as the disgraced knight of the round table found his wrists and feet bound by blue flaming hand and feet restraints.

"I'll be quick...not only have your disgraced what was the round table, that's a matter between you and Arthur to be honest, but where I take issue, is what you did to Oriana at her mother's behest."

"I was only a professional doing a job!"

"Don't try and lie your way out of this Lancelot, we both know that's not the truth..."

He had the flaming restraints cause some major harm...pressing into his was searing pain.

"Wait, wait! I can pay you for all the damages!"

Declan shook his head.

"There's only one payment..."

Declan made a zig-zag gesture with his finger across Lancelot's forehead, all tapes Lancelot had made of Oriana (good and ill) would suddenly disintegrate.

"You'll find that fortune of yours has been reduced by the most inept police force in Blackhaven, okie dokie, this gone on long enough..."

Declan summoned another blue flame restraint, this time round Lancelot's neck...but it was what he did next that was gruesome, the top of Lancelot's cranium, as result of the mark, came open...exposing his brain.

"Your brain will feel no pain...but you're going to have some dinner guests."

A serpent and a raven...both appeared, this was no ordinary raven, it was one Declan knew; Huginn and the serpent was none other than Kaa.

"Enjoy your meal and don't bother clearing up."

There was merely a scream of horror from the sorcerer replaced the fedora on his head and walked out into the snow, he had taken the ring off Lancelot's finger, what would appear in Saint Paul's was anyone's one labor remained. Using the sword cane he'd taken from Lancelot he walked down the street again, in the direction of the Black Pearl, once again amusing the local children with holiday colored lights and fireworks.

It was of little joy to him without Oriana, but he had made some others happy if only for a short while.

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It was a lonely existence in the waters of Avalon, above the steady streams of this lake time went by as normal yet down under Oriana felt as if she had been submerged for years. The dark Phoenix form had curled up inside her heart, pushed down by the cold waters and most days she sat surrounded by water nymphs who tried to cheer her up but failed.

Nimue visited on occasion to give her vital lessons on self control and amassing her full potential but Oriana was rarely interested despite Declan's aunts words of caution. The longer she put off her lessons then the longer it would take for her to journey back to land. Oriana was simply too depressed. A Phoenix found it difficult to reside in it's opposite element plus without Declan and the fear their relationship had now ended...she felt as if she was now without purpose and nothing mattered. This was despite Nimue's assurance but as usual whatever she said fell on the redheads ears and off.

The only cheerful part of the day for her was when the tiniest little girl she had every seen who went by the name Thumbelina would come and visit her. Oriana's newly found maternal instinct would be overjoyed for the few minutes of watching the tiny blonde haired girl play with the other fish and frogs before dissapearing in the blink of an eye. Then Oriana would go back to leaning against some rock and staring off sadly in the distance.

Today, Thumbelina had started off by simply floating across her vision, idly laying on a waterlily and waited until Oriana broke out in a small smile. After a few minutes of simply staring at one another eventually, Thumbelina approached her and at first it was hard to understand or make much conversation. Oriana decided to stop trying to read the tiny red lips of the girl and instead closed her eyes.

I can go to the lands above. Thumbelina's voice came through as if it was made of honey.

And do what? Oriana asked, perching herself on a mossy rock and staring up into the rippling waters. Nimue would not release her and nor would anyone tell her what had happened to Declan. Yes, the anger and dark Phoenix was now at bay but occasionally Oriana would still wake up feeling the hurt and betrayal. Nimue would then have to intervene and repeat the story of what Gothel had done to her.

Denial was the easier road than acceptance. All she really knew was that Declan had tricked her by using her feelings against her and pushed her along with his unborn child into the lake. Trapping her here. Despite this knowledge, Oriana still fretted at what his condition was and how he was coping now that the geas was no longer going to be in effect.

Non of the water nymphs would dare step to the land and go find out how the father of her child was actually doing. Or find out what had become of her friends.

Speak to your Dragon, see how he is...deliver a message? Thumbelina wiggled her eyebrows and Oriana shook her head, placing her head on her knees.

He sent me I don't believe he cares what has happened or...even misses me.

Thumbelina rolled her eyes, wondering if Mushu ever had the same feeling of despair with his Master. Not that she had let on that Merlin himself had appointed her as Oriana's guide and should she succeed, her familiar. Despite Oriana's scary reputation there were many who were vying for this position. Only one way to find out...

When Oriana's tear filled eyes finally looked up and head nodded in agreement, Thumbelina spun in a dizzy circle and shot up the water until she was soaring into the fresh cold sky. It wouldn't take long to find the Sorcerer. Both Merlin and Nimue had gifted her more powers so she could better assist their Nephew and soon to be Niece in Law.

On the way, she asked many toads, birds, bees and worms for directions until she felt the Emrys bloodline energy pulling her to the doors of The Black Pearl.

This wouldn't be her first time meeting Declan, previously her instructions had been to guide him through Oriana's memories and to help him onto his right path. Now it would be to serve as a messenger for the two separated lovers. This after all wasn't a punishment but a consequence of the late Gothel's actions. When she spotted the Sorcerer heading in her direction she flew in front of his face, smiling and waving.


The Sorcerer
Declan in the meantime had worked his way to the Black Pearl, most of the crew there knew him to be bad business if they crossed him and good business if they played square. Cutler Beckett learned the hard way about crossing the sorcerer, that business with Davy Jones and Jack Sparrow cost an innocent, though obnoxious pair of lovers to be separated for 10 years till the debt was paid to the Dutchman.

Declan had had enough of hearts...that morbid thing Alice gave him for one of his labors made him shudder. His thoughts were broken by what he would call a pixie, but other may have a different name for Thumbelina, they had met before in the land of dreams where Declan and her had navigated Oriana's memories.

There had to be a reason behind her he could only guess his aunt had something to do with, but with no such certainty.

"Aye, we meet again have me at an awkward time, but I am hoping you're bringing word from either my aunt or dare I hope Oriana?"

He didn't dare hope it, but he had to go for broke, he was keeping his promise about Rapunzel and he'd completed one more labor.

"If you are on behalf of Ori, take this ring and let her know I killed Lancelot, I am trying to locate Rapunzel, and above all send her my love. Can you do that for me?"

His hands were in the gloves, there was no worries about injuries suffered with Lancelot, Jack Sparrow on the the other hand, things might get messy if he didn't give up the information he was looking for.

No bursting in, he was going to get a feel for it, and hope that Mulan didn't decide to help Sparrow, then again the could be in the 'off' part of their relationship.

Still Mushu would be ordered to keep Mulan's people at bay, while Declan scanned the Black Pearl using the evil eye, one of the small glass beads he'd taken from the Arcana Cabana that was blue but looked like an eye, this would allow vision into the building, this was not something he relied on often, as the last bit of time he and Oriana had planned out things like this...

The gloves literally would be off for this inquiry, if it was answered quickly and without incident, good business, if not...well one would only have to look to what the Tea Party now was. It was all on Sparrow.

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The ring was rather heavy for poor Thumbelina but she nodded, looping it over one shoulder and decidedly sitting on his shoulder.

Oriana is under the belief that she is no longer wanted on land...her grief and misunderstanding is causing her to ignore your Aunts advice...Tilting her head, Thumbelina watched Declan survey the Black Pearl and tugged on a lock of his hair to stand on his shoulder rather than sit. We are all failing to lift her spirits...will the news of Lancelots death cheer her? Thumbelina thought she knew what the ring was but just to double confirm, she felt the need to ask. Should she ask what this ring is for...what must I tell her? Or will she know?

Personally, she didn't think Oriana would be too pleased knowing he was on land risking himself but her job was to guide messages between Declan and Oriana. Not to make matters worse.

The nymphs check on the unborn Emrys every day I hear...the child is doing well considering but the effect of the dark Phoenix will require more time to heal. Declan hadn't asked but she reported it anyway, knowing that it would have been a concern had he not been distracted with his current 'labor' or task.

Looking up, Thumbelina noticed one of the curtains move to the side and a very quick glimpse of long blonde hair quickly disappearing from view.


The Sorcerer
"That's not true, in the least pixie...the ring is to show she no longer need to worry about Lancelot and that I am awaiting her return, tell her to consult my ring that she's been wearing, I think she calls it Draconus. Hopefully her spirits will raise, she needs to understand she has to allow the time to heal, things are just as they were at home, as if she's not left, we're taking the attitude she's on holiday and will return she's not been forgotten, as for our unborn, that's good to hear. You can tell her I am working on getting where Rapunzel is."

He wasn't sure if finding Rapunzel would count as his final labor, or what would be...that would have to come from a higher power. Still this was of his own will as he'd said he'd was time to enter the Black Pearl.

The door opened, there he stood in part covered in snow, but gloves removed, he opened his coat, slightly. Leaving the fedora in place for now, should this go awry, then it would be removed.

"I am looking for Jack Sparrow."

"That's Captain Jack Sparrow if you please mate."

Well Sparrow was out in the open...that was a plus.

"I think you know who I am, so I won't go through introductions, I am looking for someone."

"Last I heard mate, you threw your bonnie lass into the lake..."

"You get that one for free Sparrow...but I am looking for her sister, Gothel was seen in here talking to you and something to do with blond hair, I know you know what I am talking the sooner you tell me, the easier this is. Lie to me, and I am sure you heard what happened to the Tea Party. Savvy?"

Sparrow's eyes went up knowing who he was dealing with and sensing he was not in the mood, but giving out full information could put him in a compromising position but lying to the sorcerer would mean death and he did not fancy a trip to Davy Jones' Locker.

"Flynn Ryder, the name you're looking for matey, he'll have the answers."

Declan's eyes narrowed, there was something that reminded him of Oriana...a scent? Or was it some enchantment. Either way, if Sparrow was lying...there was going to be hell to pay.

"Don't cross me Sparrow..."

Declan turned to leave, the scent still haunting him, he'd have to research this Flynn Ryder...something about him being a businessman...he looked up at the upper floors of the Black Pearl, there was curtain that had been who?

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Upstairs, Rapunzel went back to lie on her bed morosely and stare at the ceiling.

A part of her had wanted to yell out to the sorcerer below and explain who she was but pride had stopped her.

The last thing she needed was to ask Ori’s boyfriend or ex, whatever he was for help. Plus, Flynn would return by tonight and swap her freedom for the items that Captain Jack Sparrow had demanded. If Flynn didn’t return by tonight though…they were going to shave her head.

It had been her own stupidity, and she was glad her ex-so-called Mother was dead.

In order to gain free board and living arrangements, Gothel had used her and Flynn…her stupid boyfriend had fallen into her trap and now she was stuck here.

Gothel had put the idea in Sparrows head and then gone off to get herself killed. If Rapunzel hadn’t been so stupid as to give her a second chance at mending the bridges then they wouldn’t be in this mess.

She would not be making the same mistake with Oriana. No matter what anyone said that woman could only be as evil as her Mother.

News in this place travelled fast and all she heard was the ‘Sorcerer’ that and the ‘Phoenix’ that. It was infuriating that they were the talk of the town.

No, she didn’t regret pushing Oriana away…at the end of the day, she was still Gothel’s daughter and a reminder of the time she had spent trapped in the tower whilst her captor’s daughter got all the freedom. She hadn’t been interested in Oriana’s excuses that day she had left, and Rapunzel still wasn’t interested today nor would she be tomorrow.

Sighing, she crossed her leg on the bed and looked down at her pet chameleon. “Oh Pascal, he will come tonight won’t he?” She was sick of being the damsel in distress. Part of her wanted to run away, to use her hair as a ladder and escape from here. The only thing keeping her back was what Sparrows men would do to Flynn should they not find her in this room.

Pascal merely stuck out his long tongue to catch a fly buzzing around her ear and chewed on it.


The Sorcerer
Declan never did trust Sparrow fully, but given he had nothing else to go on, he knew the Captain Jack Sparrow wouldn't be stupid enough to lie to him again. But the sorcerer was convinced that Sparrow left something out, that was the norm.

Leaning on the sword cane he'd taken from Lancelot, he gazed at the window, no further movement, was it worth the time to post Mushu there? No...he needed to follow the lead to Flynn Ryder and Mushu needed to come with him, besides the dragon could move faster than he could should it be needed.

There was another score to settle, these pirates all knew each other...and Declan needed to repay James Hook for the previous visit.

"Mushu, get me an old brass alarm that winds up."

The dragon knew the game Declan was playing at here, and quickly obeyed.

The walk to the Jolly Roger wasn't a terribly long one and Declan knew that Peter rarely visited the place...and he probably had some explaining to Wendy to do after what had happened or simply he could be off plotting revenge for Tinkerbell, with him one never really knew.

No showy entrance from Declan, merely one that regulars would make. Hook himself went wide eyed at the current appearance of Declan but returned to his usual menacing self within moments.

"I need information Hook, on Flynn Ryder...and don't give me any bullshit about Sparrow he gave me the name and I know you know something."

"If Sparrow told you the name, then why bother here? I don't have anything to do with this Flynn Ryder of whom you speak."

That annoying Irish accent suddenly broke through.

"Shall I be ticklin' this 'ere sarcerer wid Johnny corkscrew?"

Declan turned to Mr. Smee who was holding that curvy blade he called Johnny corksrcew, he wasn't drunk, so he could only be assumed that he was trying to impress Hook.

"Mr. Smee, put that way before you get hurt, and you cause James here to get hurt."

Hook's eyes went red, like Sparrow, the title Captain was insisted upon, however Hook waved Smee off, putting the steel hook that replaced his left hand very close to Declan's face.

"Look here sorcerer, I don't have anything for you, now before I plunge this hook in you, I suggest you leave."

"Oh but I think you do...."

Declan held out the alarm clock and Hook's demeanor changed drastically, he was terrified.

"Ye gods man! SMEE! Get that accursed thing away!"

Declan's eyes narrowed as he threw Mr. Smee off to the side using a magical blast.

"Flynn Ryder...where is he Hook?!"

"Business district, he's doing a favor for Sparrow...that's all I know I swear!!"

Declan put the alarm clock away tipped his hat and threw some coins on the counter before departing.

"Why the business district Dec? Doesn't sound right for Sparrow."

"No it doesn't."

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The days were passing by too quickly.

Thumbelina's message back from Declan was over a week ago yet she still didn't feel fully right. In her heart she felt rejected, the hate was fully gone...but the need to have a direct answer from him was there. She wanted to ask him why he pushed her in, and no matter how much Nimue tried to explain on his behalf the answer really needed to come from him. The news about Lancelot had definitely lifted her spirits and the fact Declan was searching for Zel was heartwarming. There was no reason for him to do any of that apart from wanting to keep his word to her.

At least that showed not all was lost.

When Draconus was returned to her it had been an eye opener. It had surprised her to finally realize that it had no longer been on her hand.

It had taken a while for her to figure out when it had gone missing off her finger. When had she removed it?

Eventually Thumbelina had shown her a memory of herself in a fit of rage before she had tried to seduce/threaten Snape. Oriana figured that had been what had allowed Gothel's poison to fully take effect. Until then the ring itself had kept the Dark Phoenix from truly rearing its head but that had been up until the ring had been cast aside.

There had been genuine despair and regret on her face when she realized what she had nearly done to Snape and how she had nearly betrayed Declan. In response, the Nymphs had guided her deeper into the lake. Where she had met different beings of good nature. There seemed to be a lot of other fairy like enchantresses here, they were all women of the lake. Yet Nimue was the only true Lady of the Lake.

Coventina, a Goddess of wells and springs had appeared before her in her travels down and blessed her and her baby. Until then, Oriana hadn't fully registered the fact that she was due to become a Mother until Coventina had blessed the child with a lifetime of both the parents love.

That had hit her hard. Since that was something amiss from her life and Declan's. It made her realize that she needed to put someone else before whatever had happened between her and the Sorcerer.

There were other minor ladies of the lake, those who dealt with matters of Logres in Nimue's absence but who reported to her directly. The most prominent being Viviene and Viviane. Identical twins...and both rather ambitious as far as Oriana was concerned. She didn't take too well to them but didn't dislike them either. It had irked her when Viviane admitted to assisting Lancelot as a child and 'spoiling him' rotten. In fact Oriana was surprised that the woman was sad that Declan had ended Lancelot's life.

How ridiculous.

She did however understand why Merlin was with Nimue rather than any of the others here after that conversation.

It seemed Lake Logres didn't allow any evil being to last long with it. Stupid. Yes. Yet no true evil could lurk here...nor will any darkness last long within its waters before it was cleansed.

The Nymphs had located her a temporary home within the waters, a deep cavern and had decorated it with water lilies and bowls of glowing fish to illuminate the space. Various beings came along to gift her with pearls, little trinkets, one group of frowning Mermen had marched in like soldiers and silently handed her some kind of staff. Once they had passed it on to her they had left - making her feel as if they were more like mercenaries than Mermen.

Being rather distracted by their rather chiseled torso's she had simply placed it on the pile of gifts that was steadfastly growing.

Within this lake Oriana didn't need to consume a thing, the powers of the water itself sustained her and allowed her child to grow within her. Still she worried what this would do to her unborn. She had expressed this to Nimue who had simply smiled secretively, explaining that it would only assist her child in the future and not to worry about a thing.

"Just heal Oriana...that is your only task for now."

"I feel as if I have healed..."

"If you had done...we would know. You would not just feel it...the whole Lake would."

"How so, I no longer if I must lash out. I will harm no one I promise you of that. Surely I can travel to the surface now?" Oriana argued back, even her words feeling old to her own ears now. It was the same every day that Nimue came to visit her.

"You are a Phoenix...water is not the element you need to be in, but in order to be in your true powers you need to conquer the environment you are in and be able to be your true self even in Lake Logres. Without destroying what is around you." Nimue insisted, trying hard to keep her patience. "Until you gain full control, there is a danger of the Dark Phoenix being unleashed once you truly wish to risk your child?"

"...No." Oriana whispered, "I don't to do what it is needed though."

"From tomorrow your training will begin. I will show you how. We have given you enough time to process what happened between you and Declan." A soothing hand stroked Oriana's hair back briefly before Nimue left the cavern, her white dress floating around her as she disappeared from sight to return to Merlin with another update.

When Thumbelina visited Oriana a few hours later, she found her redheaded mistress finally sitting up and conversing with the Nymphs. They were entertaining her with stories from Avalon. Some were exaggerated and others true. Thumbelina was happy to see a bit of light now shining in Oriana's eyes. Before they could spot her, she swam away and went back to the surface.

There was no night or day within Lake Logres, but now that she flew out into Blackhaven the moon had risen and all the unpleasant creeps were out and about. Luckily, they did not notice her as she flew through trees and between buildings to search for Declan. Eventually she found him sitting on the highest branch of The Faraway Tree.

"The ring worked. She is...speaking again now. To others." Thumbelina whispered into his ear, sitting onto his shoulder to rest her poor legs and wings. "I searched for you past your home and all across town." The little blond haired woman looked around, knowing that this a hotel but as far as she was aware it simply acted as a doorway to other realms and wasn't involved in any significant criminal activities. "Why are you here?" The last time she had come to update Declan, Flynn Ryder and his girlfriend were long gone from Blackhaven but she hadn't the time to find out what had exactly happened in order to update Oriana.
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The Sorcerer
Declan hadn't given up on trying to find Rapunzel for Oriana, he had been thinking increasingly about how he needed to keep Blackhaven decent in order for he and Oriana to raise their child. Though he had to admit to himself that no matter what, Peter, Wendy, and Hook would always be a thorn in his side.

Now where Thumbelina had found Declan on top of the Faraway Tree hotel, he had been keeping watch over the city as he'd been doing since he rid the world of Lancelot, the papers and news kept commenting on the figure seen on the roof tops in the fedora and long coat often seen on the grotesques or gargoyles, however tonight's new cast was noting that Declan was never seen at Saint Paul's, they were going on about his decimation of Dorothy's low ranking gang, the munchkins and Mayor White claiming she'd bring charges on Dorothy.

He trusted his aunt with Oriana, knowing a bit of what the waters could do and that Excalibur the sword was cast in so that Oriana could heal or be healed. The sword was never rightfully his, his uncle had asked for it to be given to Declan for a limited time.

Now he'd been rejecting calls and invites to dinner at the Dunbroch household, he was waiting for Oriana to return, that simple. The rooftops allowed him a view of the loch so he could keep watch, much like a dragon he paced about the roofs as if they were his rather large cave.

Thumbelina's arrival snapped his though process, with some good news. He'd sent Mushu out to get some more information on Ryder industries.

"Good I am glad she's talking, hopefully my aunt able to answer her questions. I am still keeping watch for her and trying to find her sister."

He moved off the roof of the Faraway Tree, he could see the round headed bellhop that had taken bags when he and Oriana stayed here, still grumbling as he could hear.

There was a light snow falling while Declan, with Thumbelina on his shoulder moved to the alleyways, it was getting late and colder he didn't want to be out too much longer, but he was going to pay the loch a visit tonight.

"Hamish! Hubert! I've found the demon!"

Not this, not now...

Declan placed a hand on the brick wall he was next to, trying to figure out which building or shop this was, it turned out to be an apartment complex, he moved ignoring his brothers in the direction of the loch, though he would have to cross the docks district.

"Oh look, we've hurt the demon's feelings!"

"Do demons even have feelings?"

"This one does since he threw the only person who gives a damn about him in the loch tisk tisk."

Declan kept moving, despite his brother's jibes and insults about Oriana, he was luring them. He was trying not to laugh too hard, their hair still had not fully grown back.

"Oh come on Declan-demon, can't stand to hear about your deceased girlfriend?"

"Yeah we liked her tons better that Tinkertbell, despite the fact she probably didn't put out right? Like dad said do what you need with her then move on."

"No Hamish, Hubert, Dec's a demon, they can't find but one to love them...and as everything our brother touches it turns to dust."

He had to fight the urge, but the boys never did know when to stop with Declan, but then again he'd been forbidden to use his powers on them. What they failed to realize, Fergus, Merida, and Eleanor were not here to protect them nor where they in the Dunbroch household.

As Declan stepped through the arch of Monstro's fresh fish, he whipped around suddenly, much to the boys shock.

An orange glow came from his eyes, and a wave of his right hand brought one of the old style lampposts down and it coiled itself around Hubert, a move of the finger brought the light to burn the peach fuzz off that he'd grown, he screamed before Declan had the lamppost knock him out, however it remained coiled.

Before Hamish could react Declan's left hand waved and the brick portion of the closest wall grabbed Hamish, one could only see the boy's head and feet in the wall, Declan made a punching hand gesture and a brick fist knocked Hamish out cold.

Harris had been the nicest of the three to Declan, but not by a whole lot, so the sorcerer took it easiest on Harris, feeling that the other two influenced him. Declan merely engulfed Harris up to his neck using the street itself. He didn't knock Harris unconscious.

"I'd lay off the demon comments, also, tell mom, dad, and Merida I'll come round again when Oriana comes back, but not before."

Declan thought for a second.

"Oh and if any of you insult her again, be it behind her back or to her face...I will unleash the dragon on you."


Mushu once again returned at an awkward moment, no matter. One last hand gesture palms up, Declan made a blowing motion, it summoned a powerful wind, as if this cold night needed one, still it sent the triplets back to the Dunbroch residents still in their restraints.

He walked to the loch, though noting he could not walk on water, created a bit of an ice walk way for himself, he wasn't going to stay long just long enough for Oriana to sense his presence and to ease Thumbelina's trip.

"Give this Oriana, it's that broom she wanted when we were at Hogwarts. I've left a private letter for her inside the bag, don't worry the broom will take full size when you give her the bag...higitus figitus works wonders."

He'd stay long enough for Thumbelina to rest a bit, Oriana to get a sense he was there, if not his aunt would tell her, and he'd leave when Thumbelina went back to Oriana.

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Time within Lake Logres was different to that above. What would have only been a few weeks above on the earth, down below it was getting to nearly two years and much of it was spent rather restlessly by Oriana.

The turning point had been the letter Thumbelina had passed to her. It opened Oriana's eyes further...making her realize that she was being missed and needed to return as soon as she could back above. The letter had been protected by some preservation spell, so Oriana was able to keep it safe under her bed.

Nimue would only allow it if she fully gained her powers and that too, surrounded by an element that went against her very nature, so Oriana poured her heart into the tasks that were given to her. It was no different to the labours being put into this position.

Her pregnancy was slowed down, she was still growing her child within her but at a much slower pace. Which was the only drawback since she alone put up with the symptoms of it but then again Oriana tried to see the best part of it would be that her and Declan would at least go through the process together in the end.

The broom was the bane of existence for the fish and water creatures. Often, Oriana would be found whizzing past them on the broom laughing and chasing Thumbelina.

Over time, Nimue had her handling the issues of Lake Logres. Nymphs, merpeople, water creatures, faeries and enchantresses would come to her for advice or decisions. Silly little arguments that needed mediating. It was a good method to distract her and Oriana made more friends here than she ever would have in Blackhaven. Her training relied on a lot of meditating, sitting cross legged on a log surrounded by a strange orange light that emanated from her occasionally. Every time she would feel a connection deep within, the waters bubbled around her and turned warm. The Nymphs loved it, forcing her to sit in the same place so they could build a circular rock wall around her to create the illusion of a warm bath of sorts.

It was the night before Christmas, well according to Nimue. There wasn't exactly a sense of time down here for her to know otherwise. Oriana now looked much different to when Declan had seen her last.

Her eyes which had usually been a light green were now more glittering, almost like emeralds and her hair which had been a dark red auburn had some light streaks that had grown alongside her powers. There was a slight bump instead of her usual flat stomach, the only thing that showed that she was with child and the skin on her back had started to show some strange pale red scars. Nothing that looked too prominent, but when she asked the Nymphs to describe it they could only tell her they appeared as unfurled wings. The scars only became more pronounced the more Oriana connected with the Phoenix.

To celebrate Christmas the Nymphs had brought her an interesting gown to wear. Thumbelina for some reason was nowhere to be seen. It was then that she got curious. "Why do I feel...that this is a goodbye. You’re all looking teary eyed? Something you aren’t telling me?"

Back in Blackhaven, poor Thumbelina was beating her tiny wings hard and forcing them to move through the cold air. The last time she had come, the sorcerer had been dealing with his three idiot brothers and since then Nimue had asked her to remain with Oriana. So now, she had no clue where exactly Declan would be.

All around her were decorations and the jingling of fake Santa’s moving around the streets. Scoffing at the ridiculous shenanigans of Mayor Whites desperate last attempts to gain the approval of the residents by throwing a large Christmas party ball, Thumbelina finally reached Arcana Carbana and zipped into the building with a pant.

“Where is the sorcerer?!” She asked in a panic to the first broom she saw but couldn’t understand the strange movements it did. Her voice was too small to have much of an effect, so she carried on flying hurriedly to room by room calling out the sorcerer. The place was deadly silent unfortunately. “Oh poof, what do I do now?!” Thumbelina fretted, not wanting Oriana to be alone at the lake when she arrived.


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Declan felt the snow crunch under his feet as he moved into the business district, here is where all the tycoon types like Scrooge MacDuck and the other legitimate business types headquarters were. Despite it being the holiday season, he was not interested in spending it with the Dunbrochs, the last few weeks had made him sick of his family and the recent visit of the triplets further irritated him. Besides he didn't want Crane buzzing around him trying to figure out what made him what he was.

The leather trench coat was this evening's attire, along with the same fedora that to some would look like a wizard's hat, he moved through the over done Christmas decor, the colored lights occasionally getting a look at his face as he approached a fancy high rise labeled Ryder Industries, from what he'd heard Ryder hadn't the cash to run a all of a sudden here was this corporation.

His attention was shifted however, as Mushu who had been riding on his master's shoulders as usual, got the sorcerer's attention to a presence behind them.

Declan slowly turned as if to expect a confrontation, instead there was Father Christmas also known as Kris Kringle, Santa Claus, and Saint Nicholas.

The long red fur lined coat, trimmed with fur lined leather boots and gloves were impressive, but he did not match what many believed, his fur hat was green and his beard was not that long, still the glasses showed a kindly old man and like many that knew the magic arts, he had his ways, how else could one man deliver gifts to the world and get in and out of chimneys?

"To what do I owe the pleasure?"

"Oh come now Declan, that's not how you used to greet me when you were younger."

"I've grown up a bit, it wasn't easy though."

"Yes I've seen, I only come out once a year but I've seen how you've grown. But that's not why I am here, I believe your presence is required at the lake you've been watching for a while, I would tarry too long it's going to be cold tonight."

"I'll head over there now."

"Oh and Declan? Merry Christmas."

"You too."

Ryder Industries would have to wait to be investigated, at least he had something for Oriana now about Rapunzel, though he had no way of knowing if Rapunzel was along for the ride, against her will with Ryder, or they were an item. If what Father Christmas said was true and he was needed at the loch, this would have to wait.

Mushu, instead of wanting his master to walk, had summoned the flying carpet, the same one Declan had outwitted Aladdin and his genie for.

"Mushu, what in the world is that glass rose?"

"You know what it's for, come on now your brain isn't mush yet, besides thought it would be a nice Christmas gift for her."

The sorcerer remained silent as the carpet rose off the ground and flew off into the winter sky in the direction of the loch.

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Thumbelina eventually gave up, and was returning to the lake when she noticed a strange carpet above her in the sky. "It's the sorcerer!" She cried happily, forcing her tired cold wings to beat harder so she was hovering just by his ear. "I finally found you!" She looked down and noticed the dragon, "....You have a strange looking pet dog."

Back beneath the lake, there was a mass gathering incurring around Oriana's cavern much to her astonishment.

In truth, she could feel it in the water and within herself why they were swarming around her. Her gaze turned up to the surface of the water, hoping the familiar shadow of a man would loom up there and give her hope. Sometimes, and her new friends would tease her relentlessly if she commented on it bu she would feel as if Declan himself was nearby somewhere but then the feeling would quickly disappear.

"It is time Oriana." Nimue said behind her, buttoning the back of her black dress and sliding Excalibur onto the belt on her hip. The dress itself had a plunging neckline and a tight bodice but here most of the water creatures, nymphs and merpeople usually swam around topless.

Oriana raised her eyebrows. No one had ever ‘dressed’ her before. "You are free to leave." Nimue tried to ignore the ecstatic smile the redhead gave her. "You will need to take this with you." Nimue entered Oriana's cavern and retrieved the staff that was gathering dust hidden under piles of the other gifts that the Phoenix had been presented with. "Prospero's can't return empty handed can you?"

Oriana was surprised when suddenly the Nymphs started to cry. "I will visit." She promised and closed her eyes. Her back itched and finally a blaze of fire erupted from her skin, it harmed none and simply brought the feeling of warmth to the other bodies around her and her legs kicked up. In one hand she held the staff, swimming towards the surface of the water with it held high above her head.

It would go down in the books as one of the most memorable moments of the lake, as the water bubbled in green glitter and the woods around it felt the sudden rush of heated energy causing branches and leaves to snap and fall to the ground. The first thing that broke the water, causing a rippling effect was Oriana's pale hand, swirling the staff within her fingertips.
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The flying carpet hovered, over the loch, commanding it to move was useless as the boisterous Mushu had found out, thinking the damn thing had suddenly just stopped or ran out of gas.

"Damn gas prices are high enough, maybe I should have eaten that burrito with extra beans..."

"Mushu, really?"

The dragon tried to laugh it off, his master again had that strange pixie that called him a dog this time...he was in normal dragon form so he was confused as to why that comment was made, but quickly forgot about it when Declan had him eating a bucket of fried chicken.

The suit the sorcerer was wearing would look familiar to Oriana, it was one of his uncle's designs just colors were different as Declan preferred darker, his button down shirt sans a tie, was dark green, the rest of the suit was black though he did have a gold chain with the vest, it led to a silver pocket watch that contained the zodiac complete with birthstones. He still did not remove his hat as the water began to ripple with the effects he knew all too well.

It was the hand that was different and caught his notice, and hope. It wasn't his aunt's or either of her sisters thankfully. He couldn't see if his ring was there or not nor did he really care this moment, there was so much he need to get Oriana spun up on...though one interesting thing had happened as Oriana's hand emerged.

The mark on Declan's left bicep area, had changed. No longer was it a circular he had the mark of Avalon, still it was blood red but no longer did it look as if it was burned into his arm, no this looked more like drawn in with a dagger or a claw of sorts, not horrifically, more so with loving care.

He did not stand up yet, merely was in a kneeling position, awaiting his time to stand.

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The ripples of the waters turned into swirling waves, and very slowly the hand twirling the staff turned into an arm, then a fiery head and torso. A flame bird roared it’s why up high over the lake, Oriana’s face could barely be seen as it was illuminated by the blazing wings behind her that unfurled to nearly amas the whole lake.

Sitting at Declan’s shoulder, Thumbelina clapped excitedly at the visual. It was almost like a fireworks show. She jumped down to sit on the bucket of fried chicken, ignoring Declan’s pet dog to intone. “Oriana…second in command to the Lady of the Lake…and a Phoenix of Avalon returned to Blackhaven.” She didn’t bother adding her surname, after all it was soon to be changed if Declan knew what he was doing.

Mushu tried to swipe at the tiny girl. “Hey! It’s me who does all the introducing around here. Dec, your girl is back!” He cheered, waving a piece of chicken in the air.

Across the lake, Oriana turned in the water and breathed in and out for a while trying to calm the phoenix down which was trying to soar now that it was out the water. She brought down the staff into the water and at once the flames receded, leaving nothing but steaming glittery green water. She padded through the water, her eyes focused solely on Declan with a questioning look in her eyes. She reached out with her ringed hand, waiting for him to pull her out.

The wet dress clung to her body emphasizing the bump of her lower abdomen. Oriana didn’t speak a word, but listened to the bickering of her familiar and Mushu.


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Declan ignored the nonsense going on between the two familiars, he was too busy scanning Oriana certain now that whatever Gothel had done to her had subsided.

Admittedly he didn't know the extent of his aunt's secrets, those were strictly for the females of Avalon, as a male of that same thing his duty was keep the balance of both worlds, though he and his uncle had different roles. Declan had done his own walking through flames, but this sight was more interesting than his, this was more graceful, birdlike. His was more chaos and death.

He took Oriana's hand without question or comment until he got her on the flying carpet, the belly bump hadn't been lost on him either, but it would have been rude to comment in his mind.

Still it was snowing and cold, Thumbelina handed Declan the coat Declan had made for Oriana, he draped it over her shoulders, he removed the fedora and tossed it in the loch, perhaps it'd find it's way on that snow man that came to life with a magic hat, he didn't care really he was never a hat person, but it helped in his cover while he'd been trying to find Rapunzel and deal with Lancelot.

"You have no idea how glad I am to see you. There's been a bit going on, but I think seeing as it's Christmas eve, we'll take a magic carpet ride around Blackhaven, before going home."

He made sure they got comfortable, with him holding her close as they sat on the magic carpet, while Mushu and Thumbelina argued over which route around the city to take. At some point Declan remembered the glass rose.

"Oh this is for you, just a little 'love you' gift, I am hoping the broom and note found you well...I do have some news as well, but that can wait till we get home, Winston will have some hot chocolate for us."

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Oriana took the glass rose with a small smile, not realizing how exhausting the journey up to the surface had been until he was holding her and she was slumped against his chest with the coat covering her. She took the glass rose, and opened her mouth to question if he was truly glad to see her or was he just saying that? She changed her mind and closed her lips. There was one thing Nimue and the water had never managed to cure her of and that was the doubt that Declan truly wanted her and not just the Phoenix or just because he was the mother of his child.

That however was a conversation for another night clearly, instead she placed the staff next to him. "For you...I've been told it's yours to keep..." She didn't know anything of its power except that it had been strong enough to withstand her energy which meant it could be a pretty good defensive weapon. "I have missed you terribly." Oriana confessed, shivering now that the carpet was soaring back up in to the very cold sky. "The note kept me going...and Nimue will come by another day with all my belongings from the lake." That, and all the pearls and gold that had been gifted to her. "You look like you haven't been eating well..."

Mushu watched them both with aghast sky, "She's not come back from a business trip Declan!" The boy could make the Gods weep with how dense he was. Thumbelina watched him kick his master with interest, doubting it caused much pain with the dragons tiny feeble leg. "Is that all you two have to say to each other? Brooms and hot chocolate?"

"Well that was anti-climatic." Thumbelina pouted in agreement, watching the two most powerful of Blackhaven just sit together as if nothing had happened. "What am I to tell my friends?!" If she returned to the water with this tidbit then she would loose face. "I'll give you an idea." She struck a pose, standing on the edge of the nearly empty bucket of chicken. "True love is a durable fire, In the mind ever burning, Never sick, never dead, never cold, From itself never turning - " She jumped when a competitive Mushu pushed the bucket and she landed on the carpet with a frown.

"Bad doggy."


"Who are you again?"

"“Who am I? Who am I? I am the guardian of lost souls, I am the powerful, the pleasurable, the indestructible Mushu - ”

"Then do better than me and prove it."

Mushu coughed and then raised his arms, "Allow me. To serenade both of yous and you - mini blondie. Shush." The red dragon snapped his, a mic appearing his in claws and in a tone deaf voice began waking up the sleeping children below - and not in a good way.

"For a long time we've been
marching off to battle
In our thundering herd
We feel a lot like cattle
Like the pounding beat
Our aching feet aren't
easy to ignore
Hey, think of instead
A girl worth fighting for
That's what I said
A girl worth fighting for
I want her paler than the
moon with eyes that
shine like stars
My girl will marvel at
my strength, adore my
battle scars
I couldn't care less what she'll
wear or what she looks like
It all depends on what
fingers, and -"

There was a howl as Mushu was smacked in the face with a chicken wing bone, his voice stalled and fists balled. "Why you little-"

"Enough Mushu..." Oriana allowed Thumbelina to come sit at her hip. "Or both of you can leave now so Declan and I can return home in peace."


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Declan was not one for drama or over the top romantic, it was something that got torn from him due to the last couple of women, his duties, and his unfortunate family life. He was more able to show affection as Oriana had seen through gestures and them simply holding hands or hugging, that kind of thing.

Declan drew his finger across the staff, the name Tempest went through his mind, true his uncle had a staff as well, this staff encompassed all elements...much different from Excalibur had been, it could be sorted out later, knowing what he knew about his aunt, there had to be another meaning behind it.

"You've been missed, the bed has been lonely, and true I've not been eating much, I've been running around. Lancelot will trouble you no more, and I have some news on your sister as I promised."

He put his hand on the belly bump lovingly, but didn't overstep his welcome there.

"Any strange cravings? You still look lovely by the way..."

The magic carpet took them to the castle, then the clock tower that was changing from red to green for the holiday spirit, it was approaching midnight meaning it was almost Christmas Day. He had no plans for Christmas Day other than hopefully a dinner for them and just some much needed quiet time.

He was trying to avoid information overload on Oriana, though he was happy to see she had a familiar, though he wasn't understanding the doggie thing with Mushu. He was tempted to give the dragon a task...but it was Christmas...

"Okay Mushu enough nonsense, let's get home, I don't think either of us want to hear the silver bells going off signifying it would soon be Christmas day in the city.

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"I've not eaten..." Oriana confessed, "Since you pushed me in..." There was a bit of hurt in her voice which she quickly brushed aside. "The waters of Avalon sustain you...but I would really like a Christmas dinner in bed with you." Maybe with the TV on and no Mushu or Thumbelina judging their every tiny action towards one another, and a nice large mug of hot chocolate. "I've never shared Christmas dinner with anyone before....but yeah, cravings I keep thinking of mangos.."

Now that they were speaking more of food, both Oriana and the baby were protesting at being kept hungry and her stomach gurgled loudly.

Thumbelina giggled, "The tiny Emrys is hungry."

Oriana placed a hand over Declan's, keeping it in place and rolling her eyes. "You are more exuberant above water Thumbelina." There wasn't a harsh tone to her voice, just gentle teasing. "Home time Mushu!" She urged the dragon who groaned and forced the carpet to start heading to Arcarna Cabana with some speed.

She had heard about Lancelot and Zel from him...and had nodded her head at his words without adding to that conversation. Oriana didn't want to share him with anyone else tonight as crazy as it sounded. "Forget them all Declan...let tonight just be about us." Yes Zel mattered to her, but right now she had returned after two years from the lake and wanted to put some dry clothes on, return to their bed and be fed. The carpet finally hovered over the roof of their home and Oriana brushed the wet strands out of her face.

"Strangely, I missed Winston too and his cooking."