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"I had to bring you back...whatever it was that Gothel did it had to be undone, I couldn't live with the thought of her dominating you after all that hurt she caused."

He wasn't trying to excuse himself for throwing her in the lake, as he'd told her, people do crazy things when they're in love. Getting out of the cold was a welcome thing, he'd be content just to rest for a while, he'd been working hard to keep his promise to Oriana and Blackhaven's residents didn't make it easy on him.

Winston had decorated the Arcana Cabana more for Oriana's sake than Declan's, there was no sign of Merida or Crane thankfully, as Oriana would note on Declan when he was changing his clothes, was the mark on his left bicep changed, this would be his final mark. But also that he was a mess of bruises and small cuts on his back and torso, part of this was due to his encounter with his brothers, the others simply trying to find Oriana's sister.

He wasn't moving with any pain, he was merely trying to warm up a bit, he hated colder weather to him it seemed to last forever.

"I've got some mangoes, Winston was trying to get me to eat something other than sandwiches..."

The bulldog was in the process of making them something hot to eat as well as customary hot chocolate, he'd start Christmas dinner in the latter part of the morning, as now it was approaching midnight.

Declan placed the staff by their bedside, his specific side, their room hadn't changed at all, Declan was trying his hardest to keep things as Oriana had remembered, and if she wanted to rearrange things she could, but for now he was just happy she was home.

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Winston had done a fine job, and Oriana would express that and take it all in on another day. For now she was bone tired, her limbs moving slowly to their room. She sat on the bed watching Declan change and peeled off her own clothes which were slightly damp.

The scars and marks all over his torso made her sigh sadly, but her hands were trailing through the blankets as she stripped. Nothing had was a comfort but saddening at the same time. The wardrobe still held all her clothes, even the ones she had ripped and tossed aside in her previous fury had been mended and she picked out a simple black cotton PJ set. Before he could pull on a shirt she went over and inspected his skin, finger tips trailing across the mark to heal them up.

"Declan..." She started, then stopped. It was hard to put into words what she was feeling but Oriana tried anyway. "I didn't let Thumbelina talk too much for me...It didn't feel right. I did want to tell you one thing in person." Her hand cupped his cheek so he would look directly at her. "I don't need you to kill any more Lancelots...or find Zel. I don't need Blackhaven's Sorcerer...and quiet frankly neither does Blackhaven. If they want one...they'll pay up for one. What I do just you, the partner and father of this child." The brooms and mops were sliding in, between them carrying a large plate piled high with hot grilled salmon, two plates of greek salad and a bowl of cut up mangoes for dessert.

Christmas dinner would have to wait until tomorrow despite her cravings and she would settle for her mango for now.

"Nimue said...only a month has passed here." Oriana slid on fresh clothes, not interested in a shower yet. She'd been in the water long enough. "Time doesn't go by the same in the loch's been nearly two years for me." She watched the brooms place the tray on their bed. "I'd want you to think hard about...what it is that I have actually come back for...but I can give you a hint. It most certainly wasn't to see all those bruises, cuts and marks on your skin."
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It wasn't totally lost on him, sure there were parts lost on him, but not all he got the message she was trying to send.

"Only one labor is left, and it's done. I promise you I've tried to stay out of helping the city...these unfortunate bruises and scratches were from my brothers."

He wasn't excusing anything, but certain things were hard for him to express.

"It may have been a month up here, but honestly it felt like 2 years here too, I was trying to keep busy so that I wasn't brooding over you being in the loch...but after what Gothel did to you, I couldn't risk losing you...that damn song we've been hearing on the radio and I am guessing you heard in your dreams. I thought all along I was doing this to belong...when it was really just you I needed for that hero's welcome."

There was just one labor left, he no idea what it would be...Phil or Hades might know, but for now Declan wasn't interested in their company. He wasn't going to go further into what he found out about Rapunzel, it was only a starting point.

"I wasn't looking for Rapunzel or killing Lancelot for fun, at first it was because I promised you, granted Lancelot was a labor, it was actually because I wanted to, people do crazy things when they're in love."

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Oriana breathed out to calm her racing thoughts since to her - he just wasn't getting it. He had already been redeemed for Excalibur's death. Surely there was a method to mark the labor null and void. They had a child to raise soon...was he with her on it or planning to traipse around Blackhaven for the benefit of the Gods to serve as their entertainment?

"Are you sure it was for love?" Oriana bit her lip in response, stopping herself from saying more and forcing herself to eat. It was more for the baby than her now dwindling appetite, she didn't want to fight him on her first night back. Her voice was quiet and strangely unlike the usual fiery response Oriana would have given a month back. "Let's just eat," She motioned to the tray of food, the unhappiness was clear on her face but her vibe wasn't to push him down especially given his brothers had already given him a hard time.

She had thought they would have learned a lesson by now...but clearly not. Perhaps the Dunbroch's needed a visit...namely Eleanor.

Oriana sniffed, controlling her breathing like Nimue had taught her to avoid a flare out. "Winston made good salmon." She commented, her voice was dull and disinterested even though she paid that compliment and continued to eat.

There was no future plan for them in his mind apart from the last labour and this disturbed her greatly. He hadn't mentioned a single thing about what he hoped for their usual, it was just 'business'. It's not what she had wanted to hear. Or had expected after returning from the Loch. Perhaps she should have listened and stayed with the Nymphs.


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"Yes I am sure that's what it was, I told you we're bound, did I expect to fall in love? No, but I for one am happy we did."

He wasn't too interested in eating, but given that Winston would give him grief and possibly Mushu, he picked a bit, eating little while trying to get comfortable, that mess with the boys was a little more annoying than he'd thought.

"You know...once I am free of this, and no you don't need to remind me that it's self imposed...we need to think of some baby names. Just promise me we won't go with family names...we don't need certain parents running about getting ego enlargement."

Oriana was the one to set him free, but what would the final labor be? He had to admit to himself that he wanted it over and done with so they could carry on with their lives, that big change with no longer being the hero and instead Mayor White having to pay for their assistance was going to be an adjustment.

"You also didn't say if you wanted a nursery...then again I didn't there's that...I guess all that can wait till the morning."

The only reason if Oriana could sense it, that he wanted that damn last labor done, was because he wanted get on with what Oriana had ripped Mayor White apart about and actually having a family where they didn't have someone saying do this, be there, stop that, see here.

Declan was trying, Oriana's chiding him about information overload had made him now a little less keen to open up on some things.

"We're going to have a child to raise, and we're going to have to train them too, but I want to make sure they get as normal childhood as they can...things will happen...though."

No way of knowing what...but he was trying hard to be open about this, though that labor looming over him and Horvath still out there clouded things. But he was his uncle's nephew in some ways.

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"Being bound could mean several things Declan...I think you expect me to understand it all sometimes without using the necessary words." Oriana stretched out, her eyes drooping. She wasn't ready to think of baby names but doubted they'd bother asking the Dunbroch's their opinions. In fact if Declan did there was bound to be an argument.

"I think it's best to just sleep now." Oriana picked up her bowl of mangoes, shuffling to the top of the bed to rest against the headboard and digging in. There was already water at the bedside table. The last time she had been in the bed with Declan...there had been distance which had been put between them due to Gothel.

Now the distance was due to her own doubts. Would this work? Did he want it to work? Was it just for the child? These thoughts weren't born of Gothel's machinations but her own.

At his suggestion of a nursery Oriana wanted to smile, but suppressed it not wanting to raise her hopes. "Nimue was mentioning that Morticia would be best suited to care for me during the pregnancy...that she would send her in a few days to do a check up." Make sure you are there and don't go wandering off on some mission. "I wonder what kind of name the Addams would come up with." She was trying not to be too sullen but it was difficult. After all, she hadn't suffered two years to come back to him and ruin their relationship but neither would she write everything out for him in big letters.

The glass rose he gave her was downstairs in the living area...but Oriana had a strong feeling even that hadn't been in his own idea.


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Sleep found Declan for the first time in a long time, he had been pushing himself pretty hard. His powers were no longer lessened has they had been with the geas, nor was he having rely as much on trinkets or other objects.

Still it was nice to have Oriana back in the bed. Christmas morning there other gifts he'd gotten Oriana, but did not want to spoil the surprise he'd let her sniff them out, all he could do was hope she liked them. He had gotten some things for the baby as well...he put them under the tree as gifts for "mommy".

He would see to it that Oriana and he had a real Christmas, this would be their first together and he wanted to give her something to look forward to when they fully became a family.

"Wonder if she'll be by herself or bringing Wednesday along."

He had to think about that comment about names.

"Probably something morbid if I had to guess."

He put his hand on her stomach again, told her he loved her, before falling asleep. One of the brooms indicated to Oriana about going downstairs in the morning. They knew Declan would sleep in late, he needed to, he'd been running ragged while she was gone.

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Although Oriana had nodded at the broom tiredly before falling asleep, Declan was simply far too warm a body to leave when the cold air hit her feet in the morning she simply burrowed deeper into his chest and pulled the duvet over their heads. If he was sleeping in late then so was she.

Winston came about padding in around ten in the morning to poke at her side, forcing her to sit up and eat fruit, take some vitamins that apparently had been sent by Morticia Addams and then pass out again. Winston merely looked at the clock and shook his head at the sleeping couple.

Eventually Oriana's slumber was well and truly disrupted by a wave of nausea which had been put on pause whilst she had been down in the loch. Stumbling out of bed she crawled to the bathroom to lurch out the contents Winston had just fed her and groaned in annoyance. Nimue warned me it would start up again like this...Just what I needed.

One of the mops sped in holding out a toothbrush and a mouthwash. "T-thanks." The mop was covered head to toe in tinsel. "Happy Christmas...I'll be down soon. Give me a few minutes." She had never seen them so excited as they all whizzed out of the room as if they couldn't wait for her to join them. Well, at least some of the residents in Arcana Carbana were acting like she had truly been missed. Declan hadn't even kissed her hello.

Sighing and flushing the toilet, Oriana pulled herself up at the sink and freshened herself up using cold water.


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Declan was still very much out cold, as Oriana probably had guessed aside from not eating well, he hadn't been sleeping much either. He had been reluctant to let her go when she got up, but he was still really asleep.

Nothing strange was downstairs for Oriana, merely the tree Declan and Winston had found, and the gifts that he'd gotten her and for their baby. The ornaments on the tree were generic, as this was their first Christmas together, he'd not wanted to get personalized ornaments for them till she was present.

Now the stockings he had nothing to do with, that was Father Christmas' doing, Oriana's was clearly visible, Declan's more off to the side, both marked clearly. Winston had already been in his and was using what he'd gotten to start the breakfast and would use again for dinner.

Merlin and Nimue would call later, but their gifts to Declan and Oriana appeared in their bedroom, the Dunbroch gifts, Declan had left those on the glass case in the main shop area, he wasn't interested in those...well maybe the one from Merida, but he was still not happy with Crane constantly buzzing around him when they were together.

Declan had bought Oriana something he'd left in the open, hoping that she'd see it first, it was another coat a longer one that took on the look of feathers around the collar area, but had almost that peacock coloration, it shined in certain lights, but could also look elegant or casual by turn. There was a simple line:

With love from Declan, Merry Christmas!

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Oriana entered the room, hoping he would be awake so they could go downstairs together but he was still asleep. Sighing to herself sadly, she went back in the bathroom to freshen up including a quick shower. Her hair was still damp when she pulled on a long black jersey dress that stretched over her bump.

When she checked on Declan he was still asleep. Shaking her head in disbelief she had to do some digging to find her fluffy slippers that usually warmed her feet but then noticed the boxes from Merlin and Nimue that had appeared. Although she was curious to see what was inside it didn't feel right to be the only one opening felt lonely.

Her stomach grumbled now that she had fully emptied it so she padded out the room, accosted by the brooms and mops she was led down to the Arcabana Cabana shining fairy lights and tinsel everywhere she looked. "It's very nice Winston." The butler tipped his hat to her and they all led her into the kitchen to sit and waiting for her was a large bowl of porridge. One of the mops tugged on her to look at what was under the tree but Oriana shook her head. "I'm sorry, I just...don't feel in the mood." Immediately, the TV was turned on and flicked through to the nearest Christmas movie and slowly Oriana began to eat.

It seemed they were all desperate she wasn't being her usual exuberant self, that and perhaps non of them had ever experienced a homely Christmas and had been hoping that upon her return there would be a bit more of a lively atmosphere but Oriana didn't feel up to it.

"Send Declan up some food...make sure there is protein on it. He can sleep again after that." She instructed Winston, feeling a bit odd of sorts. Back in the waters she had ended up in a routine.

There was nymphs who would talk to her on daily basis, merpeople who came to her for advice, tasks that had to be done with Vivien and Vivian and now she was just here.

Eventually she just got up and left Arcanan Cabana, preferring to sit outside on the road and watch the people go by. The snow was falling still but with a flick of her fingers a ring of fire surrounded her which meant that she didn't feel the cold at all.

Blackhaven hadn't changed one bit. Snape's shop seemed to be doing very well - that was good to see. It looked very busy in there so she decided to pop by at a later point to him and apologise for her previous actions.


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Mushu finally got Declan up, the sorcerer needed the sleep, like his uncle with Camelot he'd been pushing himself to the limits with little rest and minimal food. Mushu and Declan could not remember the last time they slept like that.

Declan never liked porridge so he passed on eating it, despite the brooms trying to get him to do so. He was having some difficulty moving around due to sleeping past his normal time, but once he'd gotten some caffeine he'd be alright. Winston had indicated Oriana had gone outside, Declan rolled his he'd gone and laid things out and put all this decor up and she had decided to go outside in the cold.

It was snowing again, Declan had a feeling this was going to be one of those winters where they got a large amount of snow, while Blackhaven was calm due to the holidays, things would change after the new year, but who would raise trouble was another matter that didn't need focus now.

Declan followed Oriana outside, not making noise as he walked, as he often did when he wasn't wearing shoes. I reverse embrace and quick kiss on the cheek to Oriana before speaking.

"I doubt the people of Blackhaven are going to wish you a merry Christmas, but I am going to, this is our first one together after all. Come back in before Mushu and Thumbellina start causing a ruckus."

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"Merry Christmas Declan." Oriana replied quietly, reluctantly allowing him to pull her up and bring her back inside. "It was just nice to see people other than the loch-folk." She further explained. And you were traipsing around exhausting yourself so wasn't awake in time. Still, his affection felt nice and warmed her up more than the ring of fire she had left behind. It was a little pitiful - at least in Oriana's eyes - how starved of physical touch she had been that didn't belong to a webbed creature.

The ring of fire hovered in the air behind her. She hoped one of the Dunbroch's walked past and got burned by it - but not too much. She didn't want any of them dea-well maybe the triplets.

Oriana reached for his hand when they settled on the couch and glanced over at the tree. "Did Winston do all this himself?"

In response Winston just walked past and dropped a blanket in her lap which she unfurled to pat across her lap and Declan's. He still looked exhausted unfortunately. Whilst she held his hand under the blanket she kept tracing a rune across his palm to help heal him, she wasn't able to last night on account of her own exhaustion but Nimue had also warned her off tiring herself out during the pregnancy.

The TV got put on and Oriana asked for the remote so she could flick past Mayor Whites Christmas Speech and settled to watch the Grinch, not noticing who or when passed Declan is caffeine and her a large cup of cinnamon spiced cocoa.

"Oh and did Merlin and Nimue say when they'll come by?" She could spell the Christmas dinner being prepared and the whelp of Mushu being kicked out of the kitchen by Winston. Thumbelina's tinkling laughter could be heard - ah she sounded a tad drunk, must have tasted the eggnog she had seen bubbling away.

"Nimue has something I wanted to give you along with all my belongings. That figitus spell of yours doesn't work well under water...I'll add it to under the tree when she comes." She knew the mops and brooms kept peeking in, wanting her to open her gifts and see her reaction but the desire to look wasn't there yet.


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Declan didn't let on that he'd helped Winston with the decor, given he did so reluctantly, this was not something he was accustomed to, generally he'd spend Christmas with his uncle, he had tried a few times with the Dunbrochs, but that usually ended in disaster.

"I am not sure if they are coming by, but we'll know if they do. My uncle doesn't just drop in without warning...well unless he needs to."

Declan glanced a Mushu, he never did know when to stay out of the kitchen or even the way for that matter, that dragon's stomach often got the better of him. Things were not going crazy at the Arcana Cabana, most houses would have been bustling with holiday this and that. They kept it low profile, it just wasn't a big deal as it was to others.

"Oh? Well I have something for you laid out over there on the rocking chair, I had that rocker made for when the baby comes, I tried to adorn it with a little of both of us."

He was indicating the coat, the other things were under that tree and he was not in any hurry to rush into that, he was content to be on the couch with her, he wasn't paying any heed to the TV or the newspapers or the damn snow starting again. At least Winston hadn't put a Christmas style blanket on them...just a neutral warm one.

He was trying to sit with one arm around Oriana and one hand free so he could drink his much needed tea, he did try and take some of the hot cocoa as well, but that wasn't a preferred thing for him now that he was an adult.

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"Thats's a pity." Oriana thought it would have been nice to have company for the Christmas dinner Winston was working hard on. She side glanced Declan, noting he wasn't overly enthused about the idea of company today. Personally, this was the first time something like this was happening - well, ever.

Oriana got up slowly, setting her mug down and finally went over to the rocking chair. She pulled off the tinsel and other deceleration pieces from it to test how it would feel. "This feels nice." It fit her well, and had room for when she 'grew'. The chair itself was well cushioned and she rocked on it back and forth a few times with a small smile at him before she got up to crawl under the blanket and sit next to him again. "I'll open my presents together with you when Nimue comes." If he listened, it would be clear that she wanted to do things today jointly as a family.

Thumbelina flew by lazily, in a zig-zag motion singing jingle bells accompanied by a few hiccups and Oriana looked at her as if she was a disgrace. "Honestly, it's not even dinner time yet Thumbelina." She chided but the small woman just slumped onto a nearby cushion to rest.

The next few hours passed by like that, Winston occasionally sending a bowl of mince pies and teas to the couple on the sofa until the door jangled indicating someone had arrived. Oriana peered over to see Nimue had finally arrived with Merlin in tow.

They were both dressed warmly, with long coats and serene smiles as they looked around. Oriana had a feeling they hadn't seen the Arcana Cabana liked this before.

Merlin waved a hand as he entered, and Oriana heard a thump from upstairs and raised an eyebrow.

"Your belongings." He confirmed, allowing the brooms to take his scarf and gloves.


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Merlin looked over his nephew, taking a seat in the leather recliner that Oriana had designated their consulting chair for when they started taking clients for their services to Blackhaven. Declan couldn't remember where that chair had come from honestly, but it didn't matter they were not taking clients till after the new year.

"You don't look as if you've been resting or eating much my boy. But it looks as if you both are settling in to this family life."

"Trying to."

One of the brooms was moving Prospero's Staff to a display case in the front room, when Declan waved a hand stating no, that needed to be left out for easy access.

"Oh, I see your engagement has begun, have you two set a date for the wedding?"

Declan reacted with a bit of surprise, he knew there had to be a reason for the staff, there always was with his aunt and uncle a hidden motive or meaning. He didn't think Oriana knew anything about it.

"I didn't realize we were engaged...I was going to wait for New Year's to ask."

"Oh you know very well things don't go as planned, granted you will have to ask properly, I have little doubt she'll say yes, but it will have to come from the heart, I know you've been shielding it and I know I've tried hard to curb that anger. You have to let her in my boy."

Declan had to agree, he was trying but it was hard for him as Merlin knew, the trials and tribulations had taken a toll on the sorcerer.

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Oriana had taken Nimue up to her room whilst Merlin and Declan chatted, as they walked up Oriana found Nimue staring at her. "...Is something on my face?"

"Not at all...apart from the fact you don't look as happy as I thought you would considering-" Nimue paused and narrowed her eyes, "Unless you don't know."

"I don't know a lot of things apparently." Oriana rolled her eyes, and when they got to their room found the jade blade within her belongings and began to wrap it up. "I'm fine...things, didn't change here."

"But you changed." Nimue helped her by placing a finger on the ribbon so the redhead could create a bow.

"I realized what I wanted and I thought he had done too but he still has Blackhaven on the mind and isn't letting me in." Oriana grumbled, "Didn't even welcome me properly because he's all bruised up because he's been traipsing around town, killing Lancelot, searching for Zel and getting caught up with those triplets. When he came to get me from the Loch it was - lukewarm. Just all words but no action as to whether he actually missed me. Even Mushu made fun of us." Oriana shook her head, "And yes, I get that he did miss me and I know he loves me. But he doesn't show it clearly and just expects me to understand. Why should I be different to any woman out there just because I'm a Phoenix?" Nimue was simply letting her rant. "He's got Winston to do up this place in a festive spirit but he's barely participate. He's not looked after himself so when I got up this morning he was still sleeping and I had to come downstairs on Christmas morning alone. I don't think he gets what I want right now."

"Those are all small things which over time -"

"Small things build up to bigger things Nimue. He's disconnected and even with me being stuck in the loch hasn't changed that." Oriana finished wrapping the gift up and wrapped her arms around her knees. "There is distance between us now. I turned Dark but he could have stopped it long before I threw myself at bloody Snape. He gave me the space and allowed me to fester more doubts because he doesn't know how to tell me what I need to hear. I've been locked in a basement most of my goddamned life and now that lake for two years - it's taking a toll, the least he could have done is tell me what we are. I try to meet his needs why is he not getting mine?"

"Merlin will speak to him, you shouldn't stress yourself or the child out further. Try and enjoy Christmas day."

Oriana got up with a roll of her eyes. "Yes Nimue - that is what I have been doing." She sighed, "I'm going to give it a few days but...I think I need my own space. I'm not going to remain here if he is going to continue this path."

"Oriana." Nimue was chiding her, "Give it time. You're rushing through all these emotions because of your time in the loch. Come, let's just try and think positive." It was worrying her the way the girl was talking, as if she was giving up and preparing to make her own way and path. From the sound of it Oriana didn't know she was engaged and breaking it to her now would only make her feel like another choice had been taken from her.


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Merlin was putting his nephew through some training, not strenuous there was no need for that sort of thing. There was not much he could do to ease the pains of what the labors had brought or the damage Tinkerbell had wrought or recently Gothel. That was up to Oriana in one sense, she was the one that could get through, Merlin could only give advice really in this situation, mostly because neither of them knew of the their engagement.

"Yes my boy, you do have one labor left and you have responsibilities here as well, namely Oriana. She did you a massive favor in giving Mayor White a verbal rending I must say, and that will make raising the child much easier. It won't be what you had to endure, nor what Oriana did."

That was a relief to Declan, he'd hate to impose on his uncle.

"No kid deserves that sort of thing uncle, what I don't understand is distance Oriana has been keeping from me. I don't have your ability to see in the future or minds, I think I am expected to be a mind reader and I simply don't have that--"

"Yes I know, this decor was not your idea, you did it simply to make her feel like you all were a family. That seems to have been missed going by her actions, hopefully your aunt will sort that or we're going to have to resort to measure I don't want to. The last thing you both need is to feel that a choice has been made for you. The one thing that we've always been proud of with you is your sense of duty, and do have a duty here as well, you cannot forget that. The city will stand that's not of concern once you've done the last of those dreadful labors, you don't owe the people here a thing unless as Oriana put it, they pay for it."

Merlin had one of the brooms bring him some more tea, while he had Declan sitting in front of the fire place and focusing almost as if meditation, this was more training he could give...the rest was up to Nimue.

"Declan you have to unlearn, yes keep the wall up, but Oriana needs to understand, there is no divide merely your lack of understanding her needs...she needs to vocalize or at least be clear as to what she needs, but you also need to heed this..."

Merlin leaned back again and called up the stairs.

"Nimue? I believe Winston is ready to serve the hors d'oeuvres and do the gifts, you too Oriana you need to come down and spend some time with the father of our grand child, you don't mind us insisting on being called the grandparents do you?"

Declan shook his head, he didn't mind, but did Oriana.

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Oriana wasn't sure if she did or didn't, but Merlin had helped them during the Hogwarts debacle and she knew Declan respected the man. Her relationship with Nimue was better too although more as if two friends were speaking than an Aunt or niece.

"If not you two then the child would have no one to call Grandparents." Oriana quipped back, unlike most she held no fear of Merlin just general mistrust as she hadn't spent that much time with him. Next to her Nimue was silently communicating to Merlin what Oriana had said upstairs and the worry over informing the girl that she was already engaged. Both were suprised at Oriana's comment. It was clear she had no desire to link with the Dunbrochs again.

No one wanted an angry Phoenix rising so Nimue changed the subject. "Declan...Oriana spent weeks making your present." She nudged the girl to pass the box to him.

Inside the box was a jade dagger, that Oriana had spent many hours chipping away at to get the blade nice and sharp. The most interesting part was the engraving she had done of a entwined Dragon and Phoenix. "It's not magical."

Oriana had simply wanted to give him something meaningful and hoped he understood her feelings with it.

Nimue went to collect the coat that Declan had brought and held it out to Oriana so she could try in on.

"Merlin, when was the last time you made such a nice gift or brought something this luxurious for me?" Nimue was ribbing the elder Sorcerer as a way to lighten the vibe between the younger couple.

The coat felt wonderful and fit Oriana perfectly. "Thank you..." She murmured at Declan, wondering if he liked the dagger.


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Declan had been thinking on his uncle's words, cryptic as they were...he knew they were engaged, but not in the way Oriana would have wanted...this would possibly mean he would have to step up his time tables...annoying as that was, but the Arcana Cabana was probably a better spot to propose than Sebastian's restaurant where they were to go for New Year's.

"Oriana, I love it, not as much as you, but the care and love put into this is unmatched."

Merlin was laughing at his wife's commentary, but prodding Declan about what was in the coat's pocket wasn't before the elder Emrys had moved it and was prodding his nephew on silently.

"That's good we'll be the grandparents."

Merlin was opening something from Declan that made him laugh, it was a another walking stick.

"Ori, check the pocket in the coat..."

The ring was one Declan had done himself, it was golden ring to match the silver Draconus ring, however this one he'd carved the phoenix as best he could and topped it with a blood ruby, he no intent to buy her an engagement ring, this one he crafted, she could enchant it if she chose, he had no intention of it, aside from one that would make it fit her finger.

If Oriana could sense anything, he was not asking because of her pregnancy, not due to some sense of duty, or any other negative thing in Oriana's head, this was real...he just hadn't asked yet...he wanted her to get a look at it first, he was however in a kneeling position.

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There was a period of silence where Oriana could sense the mops, brooms, Thumbelina and Mushu suddenly appearing out of nowhere to crowd near the sofa where they had all been relaxing, well up until Declan had prompted her to pull out a beautifully carved Phoenix ring and dropped to one knee.

At first she stared at him, thinking had he fallen? Was something on the floor? Then a glance to Merlin with narrowed eyes, had he pushed him down but the man shrugged at her innocently and Nimue just smiled again at her as if to say 'I told you so.'

Most women would have yelped out a yes and hugged their other half but for Oriana the moment felt too good to be true, after all her ordeals and Gothels repeated betrayals, her upset at Declan's lukewarm (in her opinion) welcome and Nimue's insistence to give him almost felt like a setup. She couldn't help the doubt creeping up her spine. Pregnancy hormones filled her eyes with a sheen of wetness but she managed to control any actual tears - that was more Declan's habit with his blood magic.

If no one else had been around, Oriana would have blasted him with tens of questions to confirm - yes, this is definitely what he wanted and he was not doing it out of a sense of forced duty. Instead with their audience, she had to simply search his eyes and face to check whether he was indeed asking what everyone assumed he was and did he well and truly want her as his fiance?

Eventually Oriana sank to one knee as well and held out the ring for him to slide onto her finger.

"That's a yes ladies and gentlemen! Hang on we need a verbal yes here!" Mushu rushed towards them with a mic, thrusting it near her only to be dragged away by Thumbelina from his tail. "Wha-let me-mm" His lips had been sealed shut with a snap of Nimue's fingers who didn't want Oriana's thoughts swayed by the troublesome dragon.

"Yes." Oriana finally murmured at Declan, ignoring the triumphant look Nimue passed to Merlin.