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Declan had to admit this hadn't been the exact way he wanted to do this, his preference had been to do it at Sebastian's, one of the few places that still did the private dining but had a show so to speak.

But Mushu had his ways of doing things, and to him it was better that Merlin and Nimue had been present as opposed to the Dunbrochs, they'd have made matters worse intentionally or not. The Addams would have had some bizarre ritual or have them in some outfits...he'd not think about the last time, they swore never to speak of it.

Winston interrupted the good news by breaking out the cider, champagne, and cranberry juice. His countless battles had led to this, the labors and the pain associated with them was subsiding. True one remained, but hopefully it could be done after the holiday season.

Merlin merely helped this along, no intents of interfering same with Nimue, they got Thumbelina and Mushu out of the room for a moment so that Oriana and Declan could talk.

"I am going to kiss you now to relieve any further doubts, and I have us a reservation at Sebastian's for New Years eve. "

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Oriana's eyes flickered down to where their hands were meeting and smiled at him. " don't have to tell me you're going to kiss me...but first can you put the ring on?" She didn't want to do it herself. Oriana was surprised to hear that he had made plans for them at Sebastian's for new years and could have kicked herself for ranting to Nimue about it earlier.

Some things took time but since she was now literally out of the water it was hard to summon the patience for it.

"Shall we get off the floor too...they've cracked open all the alcohol but I'm not allowed to drink." The humor that would normally always reside in her voice was slowly etching back, similar to the old 'Ori' before Gothel had poisoned her mind. The furrow that had been between her eyes since morning had eased somewhat. "I won't apologise for my doubts...we have a lot of catching up to do and that's what is causing it. I hope we can talk it all out at Sebastian's." The key was to get the communication straightened out between them so another Gothel could never come between them again.


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Declan had kissed her and slid the ring on her finger, more so so she could brag about it. He was certain that Wednesday and Morticia would be wanting the scoop, Merida would too as her own engagement had been trounced due to Gothel and the three boys actions. Declan had wanted Sebastian's but what his uncle had said upped the ante a bit.

Hiding the stiffness of the training Merlin put him through, he helped them both up, knowing Oriana couldn't drink, he was going to avoid it too, given her state he was going to try and experience as much of this with her as he could.

Declan himself took cranberry juice from the silver tray Winston had brought, he offered Oriana the sparkling cider, thinking like the soda Sprite or 7up would help calm the illness. It was merely carbonated apple cider, non-alcoholic.

Merlin contented with the holiday spiced wine, but even he only drank for show much like Declan had done on the night her and Oriana had met.

Mushu, clearly had been hitting the holiday spirits.

"Let's hear it for the next Mr and Mrs Emrys! Oh and the new bundle of joy, how could I forget that...I may be a little punch drunk one too many hits with the snake, oh what the hell is one more!"

The dragon once again hit the holiday spirits, Winston merely rolled his eyes as he pulled the prime rib out of the oven.

"Well, before we get to that lovely prime rib, I do believe there are other gifts, Oriana, Declan, your aunt and I are dying to see how you like the three from us."

The younger sorcerer had to wonder if the gifts his aunt and uncle brought were family gifts or things for the new Emrys. Still the dinner Winston was cooking made Declan feel decent for the first time in many years for Christmas, the nicest thing was there was no Fergus or the boys to stir the shit storm.

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It had been ackward standing back up since her back started to twinge, but once Declan handed her a drink that she could have she settled back on the sofa and let the Brooms bring her the gifts that Merlin and Nimue were hoping they'd open. Oriana sighed happily now that things were looking up.

"What is it?" She asked with a smile. Seeing her in a better mood the rest of the brooms started marching the gifts over to her feet including the ones Declan had brought containing clothes for the Baby Emrys. "Okay okay - I'll open them, I'm sorry!" She had tugged Declan down to sit with her, unable to stop herself from acting a little clingy.

Oriana passed the larger box that had Nimue and Merlins name on to Declan and kept the smaller two for herself. She began carefully unwrapping the material and swallowed, having to pause.

Gothel had never gotten her gifts for any occasion. This was the first time she was among 'family' and she let out an accidental tear fall but quickly wiped it away.

Oriana had to tell herself it was okay to feel content and happy like this. She glanced at Merlin and indicated he needed to zip Mushu up again as he was now belting out a terrible rendition of 'Jingle Bells Fergus Smells'.


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Declan could only roll his eyes at Mushu, he was sure Thumbelina was passed out somewhere else, gifts were interesting, the joint ones being for the new baby Emrys, but others were trinkets and things Declan had thought were lost years ago.

These would bring some life to the Arcana Cabana that wasn't there before, sure Merida's wood carvings and now Oriana's immense library held charms, but now it was becoming a reality that this was Declan and Oriana's home more than it was before.

Merlin was busy testing the new walking stick or staff Delcan had gotten him when he pushed Mushu using a magic blast into the chestnuts that Winston was roasting, hoping that would sober up the dragon.

Declan opened one of the smaller joint gifts from Merlin and Nimue, it revealed a grimoire, though blank.

"Look Ori, I think we got a baby book."

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"It's not a baby book." Oriana replied before Nimue, who had a large mince pie between her lips. "It's a grimoire...for us." When he continued to look confused she smiled, pointing at him, then herself and then her 'baby bump.' "Us, as in our family. Something for the baby to have when he or she grows up."

"So should we place bets on the gender of the baby?" Nimue asked, she had a glass of wine in her hand and was passing Winston his gift that they'd got him too. A brand new bow tie and a blazer. Interesting.

"Oh please don't. The nymphs did this to me every day." Oriana groaned, but was cheered up by the tiny clothes that appeared out of the mess of wrapping paper. "Oh these are good." She grinned, showing them to Merlin and Nimue and nudging Declan. "Good choice."

Eventually when half the living room looked like a card shop factory had hit it, Merlin raised his hand and the clutter whirled into a nearby trashcan cleaning up the room before Oriana could make a complaint.

"Looks like the food is ready." Nimue indicated that they use the dining table, and suddenly Winston was rushing off to get the plates and cutlery out.

"I don't think we have ever eaten on anything but the small kitchen table or in bed." Oriana scratched her head, but apparently Winston had it all in hand so all they had to do was get themselves seated and blink down at the christmas crackers that now lay between them. Oriana selected a sparkling green one and held it out to Declan. "Don't go easy on me. I want to win the prize in this fair and square." A large bowl of roast potatoes, parsnips, curried soup, and fresh bread appeared on the table with Mushu shouting from the kitchen that they were welcome.

"I didn't think I would enjoy today but this has been nice. Thank you both for coming..." Oriana looked around, the table itself was a bit big for just her, Declan, Merlin and Nimue but it seemed Merlin had extended it along with a secretive smirk on his face. "Expecting anyone else?"

"Oh it will take you two a few years. Surely this won't be the only grandchild you'll give us, what do you say my boy?"
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Declan was going to adhere to Oriana's request and not go easy on her about the game. He did remain on ceremony while they were eating, but Merlin's comment had caught him off guard.

"Well that's not entirely up to me uncle, Oriana does have some say on additional grand children."

The cheese plate that Winston had the brooms and mops bring out, was intriguing he had to mask the sick humor in Winston having a select cheese from Hogwarts.

Declan couldn't believe that there was a such a thing as a calm Christmas, but this was proof, he had reacted to Oriana's comment about them being a family and what the grimoire was, with just chuckle the thought had amused him. The prime rib had been seasoned and cooked to everyone's tastes, thankfully there was no fruit cake for desert, Winston had made a couple of pies and a mint chocolate cake.

Eating, drinking, and being merry was what had happened, Declan always thought that was for other people, but they had a good Christmas day. Merlin and Nimue left them around 2030, leaving them to head to bed, Winston had the easy job of supervising the brooms and mops in clean up, while Declan put Mushu in his little house with an icebag on his head...he'd been hitting the spirits hard.

As Declan readied for bed, he touched the jeweled raven statue they'd been given, something about it had a watchful presence about it, Oriana's Slytherin hair clip was placed in their bathroom in her jewelry bowl.

Looking outside their bedroom window, he could see the snow had stopped, for the first time since Halloween the streets of Blackhaven were quiet and calm, clicking the TV on, there was Mayor White's Christmas address and highlights from the Christmas parade, nothing of true interest, not even on the cartoon channel.

"If you're feeling up to it Ori, we can start working on a nursery tomorrow, you know decor and where you want it."

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"That'd be nice. I'd like to visit the town with you and grab a few pieces by hand." Oriana had changed into a new pyjama set, at this point she had received so much that she wasn't sure who had given it to her but it was an odd color choice. A strange beige mauve tone to it but it complimented her hair well surprisingly. It was warm and soft to the touch and maternity size so her bump could grow into the material.

The dagger she had given Declan earlier today was now in it's own glass casing sitting on their bedroom mantle piece.

She stepped up near him, tugging him to embrace her and stared out the window with him. "You know it's not going to be an easy seven months don't you?" She was trying to see whether he was ready for this mentally and if he would hold up. "It's going to be the worst labour - literally." She turned the phoenix ring on her finger around and sighed. "I had a good day but I won't lie that I'm not struggling Declan." She turned to face him, half leaning on the wall. "I'm unsure, keep getting doubts in my head and always fighting the need to run." It was only hours earlier that she had ranted at Nimue in this very room and threatened to leave. She wondered if either Merlin or Nimue had tipped him off about that. "You're going to be annoyed every time I check with you...but call it an after effect of what my mind was put through but you are sure about this aren't you?" She was gesturing to the ring, "No one is forcing you? There's nothing you're hiding where Merlin has twisted your arm? You got down on your knee today but didn't technically ask me to be your wife very clear with me because I don't want us arguing about it later. Did you carve this ring with the intent to propose...and where you planning it before or after the news of the baby?" She wasn't trying to put him on trial but her anxiety was showing.

Oriana hadn't been this way before but after everything that had happened, certain traits within her had changed and as Nimue had said it would take time for her to return to 'full normal'.


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"Not being forced at all, it was something I wanted in actuality, truthfully I was going to ask you at Sebastian's, but you've been off as I have since our visit to dad's place. There wasn't hesitation, but honestly, the ring had been a work in progress for several years, it didn't start taking shape until around the time of the Halloween ball, and it was to be before, remember I didn't know you were going to have the baby until Hogwarts."

He was avoiding information overload, the last thing he wanted was for her to get a headache or wear her down given all the excitement of the day.

"I know it's not easy for you, I've seen your mother first hand. In turn you've seen my father and in your own way put him in his place, whether he knows it or not, so in a way I think you know why I play things close to the vest some times. Still there is some surprise at Sebastian's...but I guess the question that remains, is where you want to have the ceremony?"

He sat on the bed and pulled up the laptop to see where they could go do their nursery shopping and motioned for Oriana to come have a look while he swung on to the bed to lay down. The after Christmas sales would be of interest to them, there was Chicken Little's home fried chicken opening as well, that looked decent for lunch.

"Now put the doubts to rest and look at these sales, yes we'll pick some by hand, but it always helps to know where we're going."

The TV flashed about the smoking ruin of the Tea Party, it was not going to be rebuilt and that Mayor White wanted the rubble bulldozed and built over by Valentine's Day.

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Oriana wasn't sure which ceremony, their engagement or wedding? How soon did he want the wedding? He didn't seem to want to answer many of her questions but who would plan it all? "Mm...are we having a proper engagement ceremony and will the Dunbrochs pester us over it? Or did you mean just the wedding...something tight-nit?" Oriana wasn't sure if she was being cruel by pushing his family out and wondered if he would regret it later.

She joined him on the bed, tugging him again to hold her since he wasn't getting the message about her needing his physical contact at this time. It was more around the disbelief she was above water and back with the people she loved more than anything else. That and it was cold in this room no matter how much Winston turned the heating up. That had been another thing Nimue had warned her about was regulating her body temperature again after the Loch.

"I don't want too many clothes because I remember the Nymphs telling me babies grow very fast. One or two cute outfits like you already brought are okay...but we should stick with basics." Taking control of the laptop briefly, she pointed out a color theme she liked. "That's more like pastel yellows and white clouds...sort of happy colors that don't really fall into any gender. I like that idea...because I wasn't sure whether you wanted us to find out if it was a boy or a girl in the next scan."


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"How did you always imagine your wedding? We'll strive for that, the engagement on the other hand, I would prefer not to have my father involved, but you have say in that too. Again Sebastian's is for us to celebrate our engagement, I was going to propose there, but this worked out better."

Oriana was pulled in closer as she'd wanted, he wasn't under the blankets save for his feet, while hated wearing shoes he didn't like his feet being cold or wet. One of the brooms brought in a hot cup of tea, non caffeinated one of those bed time blends. Declan wasn't too interested in adding to the new Emrys' wardrobe, mostly for the same reasons as Oriana had mention about babies growing fast, true they needed to have a wardrobe but nothing immense.

"Gender neutral is always good, we can pick out the colors and have the brooms and mops take charge of the painting. I am okay with us finding out the gender, but we'll avoid revealing it to the others, then again my aunt and uncle probably already know the baby's gender, but dad and the rest don't and I am not interested in telling them."

The cribs, cradles, and bassinets didn't interest him, maybe he'd have to make an inquiry about the best one from someone who might know. They both probably didn't want to over do it but also didn't want to under do it.

"Hmmm not liking these cribs and cradles..."

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Oriana had to shrug as she fell into a silence for a bit, mulling over his questions dragging a spare blanket to go around her shoulders. "I've never thought about a wedding before.." In fact she had never imagined herself as anyone's wife before, after meeting Declan it had just stopped at being his live in partner. "I about St Pauls? They have a nice outside area...and I would want it stress free. What's the point of going through the trouble if we are just going to be insulted by people who dislike us for our day?" She wasn't expecting anything lavish but now that he had asked would prefer a simple ceremony. "As for engagement...we can go Sebastians so we can have a night to ourselves but maybe have a dinner party like we did today for Christmas. Just your Uncle...Nimue, maybe invite some of the Loch people if they can make it...I guess Hades and Persephone. Whatever you're comfortable with."

Oriana supposed it was more to take pictures and have something to show the little one when a little older, otherwise they'd be the most boring couple in Blackhaven. "We are not having an obnoxious gender reveal party though...I hate those. Or a baby shower..."

She checked out a few other web-pages before returning to the one Declan had open. "I think we just need the one thing for when the baby is born and should we need something else we can buy it day after day. As long as the basics are here...and knowing your Uncle and Nimue they'll have already planned some gifts to pass on to us which will be practical."


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Declan chuckled at the mention of Saint Paul's but agreed that was probably their best bet.

"The simpler the better for the ceremony, I am sure Tuck can bar any of the chuckleheads."

He wasn't expecting company at Sebastian's, but the idea seemed to make Oriana happy. Though he did caution her about Morticia possibly wanting to know about the engagement and the little Emrys.

"I agree, no gender reveal party...I have no idea what a baby shower entails...but if you don't want one, awesome."

Declan was going to allow her to choose who she wanted as company at Sebastian's. Being Hades champion it would have been rude not to invite him, also Oriana did owe some of Declan's survival to Athena as well.

He could feel his muscles tense, not understanding why, finally easing himself to rest a bit in their bed. He was getting tired it was of note he was still feeling the affects of having the geas removed, he would regain his full strength in time and the powers Oriana had seen him use during the labors before Tinkerbell inflicted the scar.

"I am sure they will, but there are some things they'll let us do. We just need to limit time with my father...but aside from that I say we set out later in the morning, have lunch, then see what else happens."

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Considering the room was now warmer than before Oriana lay down next to him, putting the laptop away on the bedside table. "Instead of we need to invite him at all?" There was a tad bit of guilt in her voice, would he still want his family there after everything they had been through and did they deserve to attend and be a part of their lives when behaving the way they did?

She got under the blankets having noticed how tired he was and snuck an arm around his middle section. "Although we are not having a gender reveal, I'll ask the cliche question of whether you want a girl or a boy?" She swallowed, thinking about the visions when the muses had shown her Declan's memories and journey. There had been a little girl...

"'s been nearly two years for me. Last night we were tired...but I hope you aren't going to sleep right now." She was hinting that he needed to concentrate on the fact she was now physically with him again. That and Oriana knew that she would heal him more thoroughly that way. "Or should I assume you didn't miss me?" This time her voice was a bit lighter - merely teasing.


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"I don't have a preference if it is a boy or girl, as long as it is a healthy baby."

He honestly didn't care for the baby's gender, he was bound and determined not to be like Fergus and show favoritism. He merely commented on Oriana's invites, he said it was all up to her as to what she wanted, he was content for it to be just the two of them, but didn't mind if she wanted additional people.

"You've been missed, I can assure you. I didn't do anything while you were away outside of what I told you. No I am not going to sleep yet, I am still sore a bit, I just needed to get more comfortable. I circled that loch looking for any sign of your return, but had to hold hope my aunt was going to fix what your mother had done. That was part of why I threw Excalibur in the loch."

Silently he admitted that it had been difficult without her, he had to regain the powers that were repressed by the geas, it was going to take some time, much like their upcoming changes to their lives, but it was positive.

"I'd been trying hard to get things to where you knew them and other things for when you did come back, I didn't want to create a nursery or anything else without you being here, I felt it was something we needed to do together, I told you before, people do crazy things when they're in love, and I did a crazy thing by putting you in the loch, but it was my only hope to snap you out of it. Put away the doubt, I am overjoyed you're back, things so much better when you're here."

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Although she agreed with him that it was health before gender, she still couldn't bring herself to forget the memory of that little girl and wondered if that was further along in the future. Was Merlin actually hinting further children or had he really just been joking at the dinner table earlier?

She did appreciate him not changing too much around the home otherwise it would have been very disorientating upon her return. The one change she was glad of was the lack of Merida within the home. As much as she wanted the family to get along it had to be done on their terms for once. Fergus would have to admit his wrongs, punish his precious three sons, Merida and Eleanor would have to take stock of her ill-parenting skills.

Oriana had to resist rolling her eyes, she had forgotten Declan always needed clear instructions and could be a bit dense at times. "If you're that overjoyed why aren't you doing anything about it?" She rolled over so she was half laying over him. "Do I really have to take my own top off, again?" He was going to have to learn her cues especially if the next turn was hormones boulevard.


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Declan honestly had no idea what his uncle had meant by additional children, he hadn't given it much thought, chalking it up to his uncle's classic cryptic messages. Declan was merely trying to get back in routine with Oriana being home again and it was true it was a massive struggle.

"Hey I have no idea how you're feeling, remember I don't have the ability to read minds, and yes it would be rather hot if you took your own top off, but if you'd like me to do it, all you need to do is ask."

True he was dense about certain things, given Oriana had been feeling ill, he was using caution with her and not trying to make her feel worse, but she clearly was interested in something else at the moment, which he was willing to oblige with, hormones or not, this was something that was going to be a big change, especially when/if Oriana started nesting.

Declan waved a hand and made the lights go out, as much as he hated the holiday season, at least this would make it better than it had been in the past.

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The sun peeked through their curtains rousing Oriana from her deep sleep. She turned under the covers, still bare from their activities the night before she tucked her head into Declan's chest. Perhaps she had overdone it with him last night but it was needed. "We need to get blackout curtains."

They were supposed to go for a mini shopping trip this morning and then have a late lunch. She peeked over his shoulder at his alarm clock. It was around ten in the morning.

His eyes were still close so she kisses his cheek and sat up, holding the sheet over her chest and taking the tea from the broom who came skidding in. "Thank you. One for Declan too. Something energising."

She patted the blanket and held one of his hands in hers drinking from the other.Oriana was starting to feel more tactile now as the pregnancy went on but who knew when she would take a turn and not want him touching her.


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Declan rose slowly, getting used to having Oriana in the bed again was a welcome adjustment. He didn't move at first before Oriana had essentially moved causing him to stir.

They had plans today, sure it was going to be cold and possibly more snow, still she'd made the comment about Saint Paul's and they would need to check that out if that's where they were going to exchange vows, that would only be time allowing. Though he wanted to secure it before they spent New Year's at Sebastian's. There was no way in hell they were going to the mayor's ball.

Once again Declan grabbed Oriana's bare chest, and then her butt, before getting up to get dressed, he had no idea how cold it was going to be, but he was not going to risk under dressing, he hated being cold, he was also hoping Oriana would pick a warm place for lunch.

He could trust the crazies as they'd both seen in this town, he was going to take some items to assist should they need it, risking losing Oriana again for any time was not something of interest, clearly the separation manifested in a loud, wild romp. Was it part of Oriana's hormones? He had no way of knowing, it was fun period.

He opened the blinds to see the weather outside, the blinds in the bathroom, not their bedroom, they tended to keep those closed. He was sure Oriana was going to want to redecorate now that they were going to have an edition.

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"Want to have a shower with me?" Oriana asked, she had tried to get up but had a bit of a dizzy spell so sat back down again to hug her pillow and put her head between her knees. "You need to install some rails in there so I don't go flying..." On a normal day it would be fine but she would be having a harder time moving around as she got heavier and would need all the help she could get.

Shivering she got up from the bed slowly, testing the waters before putting her second foot down and slipping a thin robe around herself in case Winston or Mushu charged in. "All the layers are needed today." Out of her bags and wardrobe she found a dark sweater, a maxi skirt and a fur coat. It would be paired with a thermal vest and fur coat. Putting them on a chair she held her hand out to Declan. "I'm not sure I will have eat what you like though. I might make a list for things to keep an eye out for. I think we should take the car...get Winston to drive us." Mostly so she didn't slip on the ice.