Blackhaven: Fractured Faerie Tales


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"Sure we can take a shower, can't have you in there by yourself now a days, the brooms and mops can install those, just let them know."

He was trying to avoid having to wear one of those long sleeve shirts that he'd get over heated in, but he sure wasn't going to wear one of those sweaters that you'd see professors or older people wear. His long sleever was a quarter zip and his sherpa lined vest. The long coat with a hood and scarf would complete the attire. The boots he'd wear would be the low cut but they'd prevent slipping and sliding should there be ice.

Winston meanwhile was getting the car warmed up, all the while getting Declan some toast and eggs to eat, he was not about to have him go out without something to eat, let alone on cold day as this was. Additionally he had a thermos for Oriana with that herbal tea to assist should she feel ill or overly tired.

It was overcast and foggy, sure there was snow on the ground, it looked to be about four inches, the icicles still hung on the buildings as well as theirs, the bells in the square could be heard as the hour hit 1000 in the morning. Blackhaven was still in holiday spirit, but it was more New Year's now, Christmas had come and gone and some were getting back to some sense of normalcy, but there was still a bustle of shopping and the post holiday blues wouldn't sink in till after the new year.

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Their shower together was quick, mostly because Oriana had started to get excited about going shopping. She still pinched Declan's bare behind as they huddled back into their room to change.

Oriana smiled at him, seemingly less agitated than she had been yesterday and got dressed. She paired her clothes with knee high boots that had a sturdy flat heel. It was so icy outside she didn't want to risk falling.

Grabbing her furcoat she joined the mops and brooms downstairs, instructing them to start adding some safety into the house and to clean up her old room.

In the car she leaned against Declan, finding his phone in his jacket pocket and using it to google a few items she had in mind and downloading a Pinterest app to get layout ideas for the room. "We need to get me a new phone..." She would have to get everyone's numbers. Whilst scrolling she kept glancing at the ring he gave her with a strange look in her eyes. "I wish I had someone to give this news to Declan. Apart from your Aunt Nimue...I suppose we could tell Snape. How is he doing by the way? His shop is looking busy?"


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Declan had to laugh at Oriana pinching his behind. The flurry of getting dressed and into the car, he hated this cold weather, the winter months always seemed to drag on longer than they really were.

He was ready for spring, the time he'd spent freeing Elsa and Ana's kingdom from the ice curse, had worn him out on cold weather. He was trying not to doze behind the dark sunglasses he was sporting, and almost jumped when Oriana went for his phone and mentioned she needed one, he sent Mushu to get her one and he would give it to her when they reached their destination.

"Snape and Luna are fine, their shop has it moments of extremes, at times busy at other times slower. I think both of them enjoy not having to deal with the dramas of Hogwarts...I'm sure he's not holding that incident while you were under the influence of your mother against you."

He thought for a bit.

"Since Mayor White is going to have to pay us for assistance, are we getting an actual phone line for them to call? Mushu will meet us with your new phone when we get to the first shop, in a way I am making him pay for his drunken antics."

He looked over at what she was pulling up for designs, given Oriana was probably at that point of "nesting" he was not about to object to much, though he did agree in keeping things gender neutral. Leaning his head back again on the headrest he was trying to ignore the still decorated city, the decor would change after the new year, he loved the Halloween decor and the Easter decor the most, while he didn't mind the Xmas lights he did not like the over abundance of Xmas.

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"Are you sure you don't hold against me what happened?" Oriana shuffled so her head was in his lap and she had her legs on the seats. "What with me throwing myself at Snape...and dancing at the tea party. Thanks for blowing that up by the way." She teased him, nudging him lightly but not too hard.

"I was thinking of a website actually or hiring someone to make an app for us so we get alerts on our phones. I don't actually think it's a good idea having a phone line for her to act as if we are at her beck and call." She shuddered, not wanting to deal with that woman. Once was enough.

After a while Winston stop the car and she got out, stretching slightly and looked at the shop they had both previously been to. F2 & Meriwether's.
She was sure the famed faerie sisters would have some basic clothes and necessities without being too gender defining. There were other shops and a mall on the outskirts of Blackhaven, not many ventured there apart from those who had a heavy pocket and Oriana figured they could get the few quality items they needed from there.

The Christmas lights didn't bother her too much, she had enjoyed the decorations at their own home but what others did outside of the Arcana Carbana didn't phase her.


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"No, I don't blame you, that influence you were under was not your doing. As I said I can't blame you for the exotic dancing either from before. I am guessing you didn't do the horizontal mambo with clients, but even if you were forced to, I don't hold blame."

He chuckled about blowing up the place, not sure if it was intended or not, but he was sure that something would take it's place knowing Alice and the Hatter.

"I just hope you get us our money's worth, we are going to have at kid to put through college now."

He laughed with that statement.

Declan adjusted his coat and sunglasses as they arrived and getting out second he waved his hand to ensure any photography or even the security cameras malfunctioned on them for the duration of their shopping. If they were going to be on TV or one of those celebrity programs, they'd do it for their reasons such as helping the city.

Plus it was not the public's business about them baby shopping or even the public's business there was a baby coming.

He followed behind Oriana, allowing her to take the lead.

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If she had ever hesitated to splurge Declan’s money before then she didn’t today. After all it was their child, and she was excited. Still, she didn’t buy more than what was necessary despite the insistence of the ladies in the shop.

By the end of the flurry of conversations and searching through the piles on show for her, she went for pastel blues, yellows, and greens more so than the darker colours but non that were gender specific. It was bibs, small cardigans, and onesies that she opted for. She had a feeling they’d get more of the ‘cutesy’ outfits from Merlin and Nimue when the baby was born. “Thank you!” She waved, closing the door and setting the bags into the boot of Winston’s car.

“Right we should head up to the Blackmall.“ Oriana glanced around breathing in the cold air and watched a car skid past on the ice. “Honestly!” When they got to that side of the town Oriana could see the troubled look on Declan’s face.

For the past few months, Declan had avoided this portion of town, more so because some of the people blamed him for the havoc caused by Horvath, but of course they had it wrong, despite Oriana stating these people did not deserve Declan, even stating it to mayor herself. All mayor White had done for their efforts was erect a mural honouring Declan and Oriana. Still, he could sense something was off about the way this part of town was behaving, as if something was brewing that no one wanted to talk about.

Declan’s answer came in a flying tackle from someone he knew all too well, skidding them both through the snow and slush. Peter. The crowing was unmistakable, so was the arrogance, which hadn’t subsided since their last encounter when Oriana gave Peter something to remember her by. It was the death of Tinkerbell at her hands.

Declan got up from the snow drift that the Three Little Pigs, construction company had plowed, and Peter thinking he had the advantage since Declan wasn’t carrying Excalibur, rushed him with speed in an attempt to impale Declan on the edge of the golden colored sword he wielded.

This trick Declan had seen countless times and it always ended badly for both of them due to Peter’s speed, still he humored Peter, by sidestepping then bringing up one of his magical shields to parry Peter’s follow up blow. The people now who had been milling about were told by Declan to scatter, which many did, but of course certain on lookers lingered. Declan taking what Oriana had told him to heart about these people not deserving him, hesitated for a split second before rolling out of another blow Peter tried to make and instead severed a light post.

It was here the sorcerer was caught off guard, Peter hadn’t come alone…the searing pain of a slice down his back from a hook, told him this was a classic ambush. James Hook, his gang called the Pirates, and Peter’s own Lost Boys, had joined the fray.

Declan had promised Oriana he’d wear his trench coat that was protected from magic and some of the weapon attacks, and not remove it if he’d been attacked. He would keep his word, she was really mad at him the last time it happened with William Tell, Declan took a crossbow bolt to the left shoulder and she’d spent the night healing him and making him promise to take better care. Hook’s swipe didn’t draw blood or even mark up the trench coat, but like a bullet proof vest, the impact was still felt.

The downside was Declan could not use his mark wearing this coat, but he’d promised Oriana, so he planned to stay to that promise. Hook was sent flying back with Mr. Smee quickly following via a blast of air element, following up by using a bit of lightning to back off the Lost Boys to allow recovery. Before having to parry a low blow attempted by Peter.

“Dirty pool Pan…”

“Oh and here you thought I was going to fight fair…Peter Pan always wins!”

Declan shook his head again dodging a combined effort by Hook and Peter, content to watch Hook fall in the snow while Peter took a chunk out of the building with his sword, Peter was by now getting angry, this wasn’t going how he wanted it to. It went even worse when the Lost Boys and Pirates attempted to all attack Declan at once and he batted them back using an earth wall trick. But he’d not accounted for Mr. Smee.

The chains that Mr. Smee had wrapped around Declan, magical chains stolen from the famed Genie of the lamp, held the sorcerer in place and at Peter’s command brought Declan to his knees, though the sorcerer wasn’t out of tricks, but his expression never betrayed anything to Peter, who by now was gloating and getting ready to cut off Declan’s head.

“What no spiffy comeback, no insults? No begging for your life?”

“Oh I am just stalling Peter.”

“Don’t give me that Declan, you just can’t stand that I am about to make your lovely red head single”

“Funny you should mention her Peter.”

Before Peter could react, a familiar object in flames came sailing through the air, Mjolnir, and smacked Peter square in the back, sending him forward in an embarrassing position.

Declan by now had started laughing as he removed the chains with a command word, tossing them helplessly to the side, before blocking an attempted strike Hook was attempting to make on Oriana.

“(Laughs) What kept you?”

“I’d forgotten to get the baby some shoes – priorities Declan.”

Declan had to laugh. The odds had been evened he indicated for her to go after Peter while he dealt with Hook, pushing Hook back from his shield.

Oriana still clearly annoyed about their shopping trip being interrupted, was in no mood for this more so now they had attacked her fiance, she was not feeling very generous to Peter. While Declan used a blast to send Hook and his Pirates flying backwards he went further still, using the surroundings to include the light post Peter had severed, he wrapped Hook up and then went one further with the illusions, creating the famed Tick-Tock, the crocodile. This sent Hook panicking off in the opposite direction screaming Mr. Smee’s name, who followed him off.

Declan then turned his attention to the Lost Boys, using a massive blast of artic wind, sent them flying into the wall of the government building and sticking them to it.

Oriana meanwhile parried every single attempt Peter had made on her, before summoning the now blue flamed Mjolnir, back to her hand, Peter still not willing to admit he lost looked to Declan and tried to add insult to injury.

“Getting your woman to fight your battles Emrys?”

Declan didn’t respond, only taking time to wipe the blood from his nose and mouth. He couldn’t believe Peter wasn’t focused on Oriana, who nailed him clean under the jaw knocking Peter down in a flaming heap. She was about to cave his skull in when Wendy rushed to the scene with a get away car, dragging the unconscious Peter in and speeding off, Oriana was ready to throw Mjolnir after them when Declan stopped her, by grabbing her wrist.

“Another time.”

“Look, I could have stopped Peter if it wasn’t for that damned Wendy!”

“Ori, you did more than that, you embarrassed Peter, take the victory in that!”

“Yeah, yeah, can we get something to eat? I am starving.”

He didn’t comment further, merely nodded in agreement, he was soaked, bruised, and only slightly bloodied. He could see her relief in that.

Still later back at the Arcana Cabana they’d been sleeping, but Oriana had gotten up in the middle of the night, Declan had gotten up to use the restroom when he’d noticed she wasn’t there, and the lights were on downstairs. He went down to see what was wrong, only to find the brooms and mops working overtime and Oriana eating.

“Is everything okay Ori?”

“No. We have no mangos.”

Declan was surprised, he hadn’t expected her cravings to start so soon.


“Should go get some. Yeap.” Oriana crossed her legs on the carpeted floor and turned the tv on. “Then come back quickly so I can heal your injuries.”
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Winter in Blackhaven tended to go in waves, December being mild, January being snowy, February being a mix of snow and rain. Once March hit it was usually blustery but not nearly as cold, April was warm and rainy. The sickness had subsided for Oriana, for the most part, there were some things that made her nauseous, but Winston had made it a point to keep those things out of the house, one such thing was the green eggs and ham and the red fish and blue fish.

The cravings though were just beginning now and Declan was being sent out to get his fiance whatever it was she’d wanted. But now Oriana had established her soon-to-be-husband’s help with issues in the city that required their touch, would be no longer be free. Declan was still adjusting to it, but he knew by now there was no arguing with Oriana…more so now. She still was amused on how they both reacted to the visions and the artwork about their becoming parents.

He made it a point now to keep mangoes in the house, the bout with Peter made that clear, still he was happy to get them for her if it made her comfortable.

On this late sleeting mid-February morning, Declan had an old friend paying him a visit, one that was peculiar, in the sense he was only a head now…the famed Norse god Mimir the all-knowing god. He’d stopped by to see how things were going and how Oriana was doing to include her progress with Mjolnir, but there was more just a casual visit, he was there on behalf of the god Tyr, who needed them to look into something that mayor White was terrified to press matters on: “Queen” Grimhilde. She’d come into Blackhaven shortly after Declan and Oriana had killed Lancelot and Tinkerbell respectively, while not interested in the local politics of the city, she was interested in some of the crime families of Blackhaven.

Mimir had told Declan that Grimhilde, played off her wealthy image, she was known to Declan’s family the Dunbroch’s, but he’d only been to one of her famed soirees and Fergus had kept him out of sight until again he’d been forced to do magic tricks for the upper class. Declan had made it clear to Mimir that Oriana wouldn’t enjoy going to any garden parties or other such gatherings. Mimir laughed it off, siting Oriana at the Halloween ball.

“You two danced so well, and the fact you two were so in sync it was quite enjoyable…though Elsa’s little trick there was uncalled for wasn’t it.”

“Mimir, not too loud about that, Ori’s still pretty sensitive about that whole thing, as well as the firebombing of the room.”

Merida had been in the process of moving out of the Arcana Cabana, however she’d still work there, she and Ichabod Crane were going to be living in one of the Dunbroch family’s holdings in the city, from what she’d told Oriana and Declan it was the one midtown, a very lovely house. Wednesday Addams had visited as well, checking on the rumor that Oriana was pregnant, even inviting the Emrys’ to the Addams mansion again, which they did, but the unspeakable events that happened the first time they went, did not happen. Sure Declan had to fight a duel with Gomez, but Oriana’s time with the women went better. Though she did find out that Morticia was a midwife, she found that odd.

Merlin and Nimue had also visited later that day after Mimir left, Merlin had obtained the police files on them, and offered them to Oriana to burn, also telling her that he took care of the issue about the fire at her former apartment. Declan inquiring how, and his uncle smiling that and chuckling told him all he needed to know. Merlin had basically threatened Gawain with spending the rest of his life as an animal of some sort. Nimue meanwhile was just as excited as Eleanor was about the newest addition to the family.

“You know that if Fergus can’t be nice, he’s not going to get to see his grandchild. I’ll not have him treat this one like he did Declan.”

“That was unfortunate Oriana, but what about your parents? Granted I don’t think your mother will be a problem given what Declan did to her, but I digress.”

“I’ve not heard from dad, and I don’t think he’s stupid enough to get in between myself and this baby.”

“I’d advise caution Oriana. Your father is unpredictable, Declan had only had one interaction with him.”

“The books auntie Nimue?”

“Yes, those books, what did he do with them?”

“I burned one of them, the other two he destroyed.”

“Good, those were dangerous.”

They chatted a while longer, even going to Merida’s former room and started ideas on the baby’s room. Merlin and Declan were discussing Grimhilde’s liaison with Dorothy Gale’s famed syndicate. They were one of the strongest crime families in Blackhaven next to Baba Yaga’s Russian mafia and her right hand the mad monk Rasputin. Then there was the Mad Hatter and Alice’s syndicate, the Walrus and Carpenter where their enforcers; Peter Pan and Captain Hook’s syndicate was more of a nuisance to Declan due that battle over Wendy’s hand; and then there was the Beast and as Oriana had told him, his beauties, Belle being the highest one of them.

Merlin and Nimue took their leave and made arrangements for when Oriana was feeling better to go out for dinner, one of those fancy steak houses.

Declan had been cooking for Oriana most of the afternoon while she was taking it easy, she needed the rest and had been up and down the previous night. Still she was aware at the task Mimir had laid out for them, their payment or gift would be decided by Oriana, she knew in dealing with the gods that they’d make it worth it, still they had Hades and Persephone over for tea the day before.

Oriana was resting with a wet washcloth over her head, while doing some research on Grimhilde and Dorothy. She found it interesting that her husband was cooking…she’d been aware of his ability to cook, as she had a picture of him cooking an omelet for her after one of their intimate nights, it wasn’t a picture she could or would share. Declan had one of her too, from one of their intimate nights, but it too was not for sharing.

He came up to check on her, and to see if she was ready to eat the roasted turkey he’d been preparing, Winston had been given the night off, and he was off at Pongo’s playing cards with the Tramp, Jock, and Pluto.
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Time had passed by so quickly for Oriana, what with things mending between her and Declan. Given the chance to get his wits together, he had really taken to the role of ‘fiancé’ and future ‘father’ and tried to settle things around them, so she and the baby were comfortable. Since they were in February now, both Morticia and Nimue were breathing down her neck to finally get married or in their opinion did she plan on ‘speaking her vows during labour’.

Truth be told she had just been far too busy re-organising how Arcana Cabana was ran, coming up with a method of how the Mayor could refer cases to them and also what level of payment Declan would receive for certain jobs or people. Today had been busy, Declan had a visitor, but she had been too distracted by her attempts at knitting (the nesting period was looming) to listen in until Merlin and Nimue came.

They’d gone on about her parents, not that she could do anything about her dead mother and there was no way she was going to introduce herself and her baby to her biological father. Sometimes Merlin and Nimue were to matter of fact and didn’t understand the nuances. If she never wanted to meet the crazy man what had made them think she would want her child to?

She was glad Merida was finally leaving permanently with Crane. They had ran underfoot and once they’d seen her with a slight baby bump, then Eleanor had found out and because the triplets had overheard – this resulted in the whole of Blackhaven finding out.

The joy.

Oriana refused to shift from her stance of the Dunbroch’s remaining at a distance and still hadn’t changed her mind about the fact they were banned from coming to their wedding.

Merida would still work with them but with less hours thankfully. Oriana wasn’t stopping Declan from continuing to have a sibling relationship with her. However as soon as the baby arrived then Merida would not be allowed upstairs near the nursery until she had won back the trust.

Despite loosing out on some key relationships, Oriana had discovered an odd friendship with Morticia and Wednesday Addams. Morticia had expressed an intense interest in helping with the delivery of the baby and Oriana did feel comfortable with her so as long as Nimue was around, she was happy for that to go ahead. So, every week Morticia visited to give her a check up but Oriana was still expected to go into the hospital for her scans. One of them being due the next day. The good news Merlin had given her relieved her of some stress that she hadn’t really off loaded on Declan because she didn’t want him to do to what he had done to Lancelot to Gawain. Luckily, his uncle had resolved that for them. Whilst her and Nimue made some decorative decisions for the nursery her ears were picking up the conversation in the hallway with Merlin regarding Grimhilde.

Truth be told, she had no interest in Grimhilde. This was just another job that Mimir and Merlin were pulling Declan into and she wasn’t happy about it. This meant that she would do the research so Declan didn’t charge into something else that wasn’t technically ‘their problem’. Plus, technically because it was a God requesting this task it wasn’t something they could decline without inviting other trouble. She’d make them pay in triple that was for sure.

Laying her laptop to one side, Oriana placed her notes on the bedside table and removed the wet cloth off her head and smiled at Declan. “I’m assuming dinner is ready Chef Ramsay.” She teased, then lifted her arms. Oriana had dizzy spells lately and took full advantage of this by making Declan carry her around the house. She knew that he was aware it was something she was ‘playing up’ on. Oriana was waiting for the day he would declare her as too heavy. “Take me down then.” Her grin was wide. Aside from cooking for her this was another way to make her happy. “Oh and to remind you again, we’re going for my first ultrasound tomorrow. Winston has to go finalise our wedding caterer so Snape said he would drive us there..”


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Declan obliged in helping Oriana down the stairs and nodded about her ultrasound appointment, he didn't care she was playing up on her dizzy spells and his having to carry her around the house. Winston having to go finalize the wedding caterer would present an issue, one they'd seek to rectify in getting themselves a car.

"Good that Snape will drive us, but since we're now doing the city a favor and being paid for our help, do you think we should get a car for such tasks?"

The tease about him being Chef Gordon Ramsay, made him laugh, he had done an impression at Mulan's Chinese place a year ago that had them fearing him aside from his powers. The Emrys name carried fear in some circles others it almost had a cult following as they'd seen in Hogwarts. His name was out and known, but no one knew where he and Oriana had flown.

Oriana had known who Declan had killed, it was never meant, but she by now he only killed when he had to do so. Now he'd been showing her how to live like no one can.

Countless times he'd told her to look away, look away. She did have to hide her eyes from the land where Declan had lie cold and bloodied. Oriana could see through the lies and the stories that were told by Blackhaven now, and he tried to hide his love for her deep in his soul.

But Oriana's invisible touch as he called it, had a way that made him think before taking the reckless risks he'd been doing prior to her coming into his life.

Now they prepared for parenthood and the portion of Mayor White having to pay for their assistance, dinner was a welcome thing, their engagement party at Sebastian's on New Years had surprisingly gone with little incident aside from the Addams' quirkiness. Peter and Wendy had not been heard from in some time not since Oriana had embarrassed Peter by clobbering him.

Declan carved the turkey with some skill, making a plate for Oriana that had potatoes and parsnips, there was a cold Greek salad as well. As this wasn't a Thanksgiving meal, there was no stuffing or dressing, though Declan had made some stuffed mushrooms. Always serving her first before himself, they were not going to eat at the dining table, no Declan had a cart he was using to serve the meal out in the TV room.

The notes about the task Mimir put out for them would wait, he'd review them when they'd go to bed that night. He would have to get used to Oriana providing details, as opposed to just going into it headlong.

"These drumsticks I'll save for Winston. I know Mushu will want the wings...what part will Thumbelina want? Huginn I've left you a small portion."
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"Leave Thumbelina some parsnips, she loves those." Scooting as close to him as possible, since they did enjoy sharing the food off each others plate occasionally, Oriana watched Huginn swoop down from his wooden perch to snatch away some of the food and then return to his little wooden house in the corner of the room. The raven bird reminded her too much of Robeen, Gothel's little spy so she hadn't managed to forge a bond with it. Plus, she was suspicious of Odins creatures appearing in their home but since they couldn't make it leave had taken to feeding and watering it.

"Yes, I was considering purchasing our own car except I probably shouldn't drive it the way I do until after the baby is born." She kissed his cheek in thanks for the meal and tucked in to her dinner plate. "I had drooled over a few Camaro's but I think it's better if we invest in -well, a mafia level vehicle." She laughed, "Family car with enough room in the back for a car seat and bulletproof windows...maybe get Merlin to tweak it so any damage to it is less if our child is in there. No doubt someone eventually will target us whilst we are out and about with the baby..." It was something that worried her a lot but she also knew that as the parents, her and Declan would rip apart Blackhaven if a child of theirs even had a slight scratch. "I'll leave you to look into such a vehicle? If it's for our family safety I'd say splash out on that." As he very well knew, Oriana was frugal by nature apart for certain things.

The turkey was amazing, or perhaps it was her cravings but she never felt sick if Declan made the food but did feel nauseous if Winston prepared it. "I'm worried about the scan by the way, don't go rushing off midway on some task or another." She waved a fork at him but in good humor. "I'll blaze your ass if I am left in the nurses office by myself."
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Huginn had take up residence in the Arcana Cabana recently, ever since the incident with Lancelot's brain. The raven's purpose was not to be the eyes of Odin here, in fact it was to be Declan and Oriana's eyes instead, though neither knew it yet, it was also in Odin's way a fight fire with fire thing in case that stupid bird of Gothel's ever arose to cause issues again.

"Well I had though of us getting an SUV of sorts, you know in case we have to go out in the suburbs or parks or things like that. You can get the Camaro when the baby is older. "

He had to laugh a bit, he was hinting at their baby being of driving age at that point. Still he didn't know too many mechanics in Blackhaven, they had to have one that could have possibly spec their vehicle out...sure his uncle could enchant it too, that of course would help matters.

"Well, you mentioned someone who did cars, during that high speed chase with Tinkerbell. Do you think they'd be able to do the customization's we're talking about? I know my uncle can enchant the car and I can change it's appearance as needed."

Oriana had seen Declan's skills in illusion magics, and possibly during her time in the loch learned that he was as she'd seen a master in that school as well as the evocation or as some called it destruction school. Snape had even said that they both could give those who practiced the so called dark arts a run.

It was well know that necromancy, shadow magic, and some forms of blood magic were forbidden and dangerous. As Oriana now knew the blood magic she and Declan practiced came from their unique blood lines, the Emrys line being draconic and Oriana's being phoenix.

She had to know their baby would take some form of both. However the difference in their magic was they didn't have to learn magic, they were born with it, as it came from the bloodline. The others in Blackhaven that could do magic, had to learn it.

As Oriana had learned and was coming into her own, their talents were through the bloodline not tomes.

"You know we're both going to have to train this one right?"

He placed his hand on her stomach, there was doubt he could train his own child as well as Merlin had trained him, and he feared the anger he felt would put the child down the wrong path as it did him. He'd told Oriana that he was not going to be his father to their child. He was going to make it a mission not to be.

One of his favorite parts of the turkey was the skin, and he'd roasted it till it was crispy and with relish he ate the large slice he'd cut for himself with the crispy skin.

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An SUV? Oriana figured that was a sensible idea, her old friend Mr. Mercury might help them out, but she’d have to do some digging. He owned Quicksilvers Raceway’s, but it was in the next two towns over. He’d moved away from Blackhaven but surely he would remember her? “I’ll see if I can ring one of Max’s offices and see if he is available to help me…” She smiled at the memory of their walks; he had been one of the very few nice men she had come across. The thought of her baby driving a racing car at any age dropped them smile and she shuddered, knowing Declan’s recklessness and her stubborn nature their child would get into plenty of trouble.

“Don’t use the word train with the baby.” Oriana placed the skin of the turkey onto his plate since her stomach was sensitive, but she had enjoyed the meat. She leaned forward placing her tray onto the table and then settled next to him again, moving her hand to cover his on her stomach. “Let’s just call them lessons…I don’t want the baby to feel like we are training him or her as some kind of soldier for Blackhaven. They’ll go to school during the day but will get night classes with either one of us…and we’ll try to make it as fun as possible hm?” She bit her lip at the thought of doing what Gothel had done to her to anyone else, much less her own child. “I won’t be…Gothel. I want to be a good role model to my child.” Oriana smiled reassuringly at him.

Feeling depressed at the turn the conversation was about to take, Oriana squeezed his hand and looked down at her engagement ring. “So, you ready for the wedding shenanigans next week? After our scan tomorrow we can just quickly go over the guest list and I think that’s all the prep. If we leave it longer then Nimue will turn it into a much bigger affair and end up booking one of the halls Mayor White likes to use.


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"We certainly don't need the mayor's office in on the day that's for sure, I am guessing we'll keep it a very short list, no need to have people that we do not need there."

Blood magic was a concern to him but not one that was pressing now, given they both could do it that was enough to know that with proper lessons this new addition could manage. The ruckus after the Tea Party going up in flames was finally subsiding, as was the damn holiday rush. Things would pick up in spring or possibly the latter part of winter.

Declan had battled with Horvath briefly after the New Year, he was now locked away in an ancient urn for 10 years. That little battle was proof again that Horvath was messing with powers he could not possibly understand, but to Oriana's relief Declan didn't sustain injuries, just the minor aches that come with being hit with certain spells. He kept Horvath's knives in a display case in what was the office portion of their home.

He was finishing eating when and listening to Oriana go on about what type of parents they'd be, like her was bound and determined not to be what he had in terms of a father.

Clicking the news on, and channel surfing for them as they settled in on the couch before bed, he was merely trying to make sure they were not to be tasked until after their wedding.

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These days, all mornings started off with the mops and brooms skidding across floorboards in a frenzy at the Emrys household.

Oriana was most active during the morning and midday, then her energy would waver after lunchtime and she would need bed rest. The poor wooden staff within the home dealt with the brunt of her ire and demands then listened to her dourly as she would sit them all down for the daily apology of ‘I’m sorry I lost my temper because of the baby hormone’.

Some would say it was a comic scene.

Today was no different, as she tugged on her knee length boots and tried not to focus on the fact her calves were looking bigger. “Declan, hurry up Snape is waiting!” She shouted, knowing that her fiancé was nose deep in the notes she had made about Grimhilde. Sighing and rubbing her belly a bit, feeling sore and cranky she found a plate of cut up mangoes that Winston had smartly left on the breakfast table and nearly got her white shirt covered in the juice.

The cranky mood had come from the nervousness of what the doctor would say at her scan results. Even though she’d tried to stay away from any trouble (most notable being the situation with Peter and Horvath – which Declan had dealt with mostly but a few times she’d interjected) it was still a worry to her that she not harm the unborn baby in any way. Nimue had asked her to lay off the Phoenix blood magic so the child could rest so her spells and magic were toned down lately.

It made her feel annoyingly vulnerable. She popped her pre-natal pills and slipped on her jacket, finding fingerless gloves to keep her hands warm. “Declan!” She whined, “Come on, they’ll tell us when the baby is due!” The first ultrasound would give them a preliminary due date to work with. Oriana figured she was around fourteen weeks along at the moment and knew that if they asked today, technically they could find out the gender but was still in two minds about whether this was a good idea or not.


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Declan moved as he could, he never one to wake up and get moving easily. But her rushing him wouldn't help him get dressed faster. While she was correct that he was reviewing the notes on Grimhilde, something he was doing as joined her in the car to go to the ultra sound, he was still trying to get a focus on what exactly they expected them to do about Grimhilde.

He'd not encountered her before, the only thing he knew was she was one of those that thought people liked seeing her with minimal clothing on, and she had a line of makeup and clothing.

Not about to go charging off on this one unless they had 100% complete information he was splitting focus on the household and these notes.

He skipped eating as he wasn't hungry but caffeine was needed, he managed to get something in the car while Snape drove them, he was also trying to show Oriana a line of SUV's that could meet their needs.

"I am not going charging in on this Grimhilde, not until Mayor White makes the offer to you in terms of money. However I found a few SUV's that might work once the baby gets here."

The baby's gender was the farthest thing from his mind, he didn't care, all he wanted was a healthy baby.
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Hawke - when you read this post please edit your above post as Snape is driving. Not Winston...

Oriana had glanced over and noticed the notes she had made up about Grimhilde and gave an annoyed sigh. "Declan...can we make a new rule, stick to concentrating on the family please when we are out and about for those reasons and we stick to work when we are actually supposed to be working? I think we need to adjust to certain hours in the day being for set tasks...rather than mixing it all up and splitting the focus...when the baby comes, that won't be fair..." She didn't like the idea of the lines getting crossed anymore between their 'work' and 'family time' unless it was absolutely necessary. In fact she was even considering applying 'work hours' to the Arcana Cabana before the baby came for phone calls and consultation visits. Oriana wanted to apply it to Merlin as well, who currently came to see his nephew at his convenience which was long as it wasn't to discuss 'jobs' in her opinion. However this wasn't a decision she could make alone and would need Declan's willing agreement to it.

She was glad he was waiting on the money side of things, and probably would tell him eventually how proud she was of him for adjusting to the change. However that could wait. Apparently according to Morticia it was best to hold off on certain compliments.

They got a big head.

Although why she had been looking at Gomez's crotch at that time had been confusing to her. Initially.


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Most of the drive passed without comment from Declan, he was fully aware he had to deal with one more labor, but Oriana had to snap him out of focus again, a trait he shared with his uncle. Whenever one is trained in certain ways they picked up habits, while he didn't have all of his uncle's habits he did have a few of them.

"We might have to set consultation hours or something if we want to make time for family time. Personally I wouldn't mind having consulting hours, the last thing I would really want is one of those clients showing up late at night or too early in the morning."

The overcast skies and the snow was still annoying to him, while four seasons were liked, he really didn't care for the cold winter months, he didn't care what month the baby was born in, but he was comfortable saying he didn't like the cold.

He was looking out the window watching the city pass him by, no post holiday blues or anything, more like wishing Spring would come soon. Still something was on his mind, it could wait till it wasn't family time...but it was the whole thing with Mr. Serling, more so when they were at the museum and gallery...the possibility they could be called in for a job.