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Completed Bloodstone Medical Center - Part 3: Moving Forward

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With the phone call completed and the meeting scheduled, it was time to get ready to head out and seek out Jacques. Ragenard hoped he'd like what he found and that he wouldn't have to kill the man in front of his daughter. He also hoped Draaven hadn't gone soft on him in the intervening years.

Rummaging through his dresser, he picked out a pair of long olive cargo pants, and a simple tan muscle shirt to go along with his combat boots. He stuffed Baron's phone along with his own in one of the pants many pockets and picked up his baldric from where it hung at the head of the bead.

He gave his customized revolving hand-cannons a quick check to make sure all was in working order and gone over his rounds for them. He wasn't sure what he'd find out there, but the scuffle in the casino put him in mind that he'd best be ready for possible bloodsuckers back in town. To go along with his standard 12 gauge slug shells, he picked out half a dozen silver pellet shells (suppressing a sneeze as he did so) and his last three dragons-breath rounds and loaded them all on his baldric's ammo pouches.

His ancient Fae sword completed his armament, and he had a feeling it would come in handy when he caught up to the curmudgeonly Jacques.

He buckled up his baldric over his shirt and ran his hands over the inscribed runes while whispering in old Iverian, causing the magic upon it to render it invisible along with it's contents. He threw on an old brown leather jacket to help mask the bunching on his shirt, and shook out a cigarette as he left his room and went out to meet the others.

"Let's go. We'll have to set off on foot, I didn't hear an engine before Jacques dipped out, so we'll track him on foot," he said to the others as he lit up and walked out the Med Center doors.


Hearing his name, the chubby half-Losenyu man flinched. So this was it. He was part of this now. Hubert Kim, part of a werewolf gang. No one expected this, least of all him.

Heaving a sigh, he jogged over to Re'Altarm and Raquette, giving them a small wave and a wan smile. "I, uh. Hi," he said meekly. "I-I-I, uh. I'm new. My name is Hubert."


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Raquette juggled around her handful items until she once again had her phone in hand, her other grasped around Sophia's as she straightened up to look to other two in the eyes.

She typed a quick response for the both of them. She looked to Re'Altarm first, "Thank you." Then quickly shifted her gaze to Hubert as the electronic voice continued on. "I'm called Raquette." She shifted her stance and looked to Re'Altarm expectantly, she was eager to get moving. To get out of the Center for a while.


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Brendan’s cheeriness slipped away with his family as soon as he let go of Fiona. He wished those who left farewell with a more stern “stay safe” – a phrase that he threw around quite often, but he rarely said it with such conviction.

As the room grew emptier with clothes hitting the floor and shifts beginning, Brendan took his turn to pick at the remaining guns. He preferred to rely on his teeth and claws. He knew they were sharp. Still, he took his time rummaging as the tension grew some.

“Alright” he said, straightening up after filling his pockets and tucking the handgun into the back of his jeans “looks like I ain’t really missing a day of work after all, just no pay eh?”

Finally, he raised his eyes to look at Desmond. There was no real hostility there anymore, but a close look would give a definite read of ‘I wish I was anywhere else’.

“There’s a chemical cupboard down the corridor, I’ll get you what you need… It’s not so easy to get off pavement, so, er, hope you got some sleep. I’ll bring it out to you.” Cass said, heading straight for the door, not expecting a thank you. She’d been lingering by the bag of weapons without touching any of it. She was pretty useless most of the time, but she had cleaned up a lot of blood stains in her life. And a lot of guns.

She wanted to leave, but knew there was no chance of getting away with that. Already, she was hoping no one would ask where she’d been on the night of the attack. They were already under a huge magnifying glass that didn’t need to be brought any closer due to suspicion. Best to keep out of the way, especially since she was certain their new leader with the stupid name didn’t like her very much. Not that Baron did either.

Brendan shrugged as she left the room.

“Let’s go” he said, “and you ain’t driving nothin', brother."
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