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"This world.. This world doesn't like people like you and me. The gods blessed us with too much power, and then the world punished us for it by putting us in chains."

The world of Fiora has two types of people. Normal every day citizens living their lives as they can. And then there are those who have powers. No one knows how they got their powers, but usually most manifest themselves around the age of puberty. However, the governments of the world decided an age ago that these people need to be controlled and have ways to force them into their military and fight their wars. They are given no choice. It is only a matter of time before they revolt...


There is a small population of the world that gains powers, only about 5-10%. The government has developed technology that is implanted in the base of the neck, just under the skull that monitors the individual in question. Each person who has powers has a handler, but that handler may have more than one P.O.A. assigned to them depending on rank and ability to handle their charge. If a P.O.A fails to do as they are told, a painful discharge is sent as a warning. Each P.O.A is charged with protecting their handler. If their handler is hurt or dies, punishment will be dealt with as seen fit. A P.O.A cannot attack their own handler due to the implant.

All handlers and P.O.A's are enlisted in the military of the government. P.O.A's have their basic needs taken care of. It is up to the handler if they provide additional 'gifts' to their P.O.A's.

Examples of powers are as follows:
All psychic abilities.
Limited Creation Ability
Vampirism(must be bitten)
Lycanthrophy (Bitten or born)
Pyrokinesis(and all other elements-kinesis I'm just to lazy to write them all)
... And more. Just ask if you're interested and I'll let you know if it can work or not.

**EDIT** You can also play as a handler. Just let me know.


I'm looking for 2-4 individuals who are interested in a small story arc in this world. I will only be able to post a few times a week, and maybe a few more on the weekends. If you are interested, or have any questions, please don't hesitate to let me know.
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It sounds like it'll be a slow and steady but fun story. I'd be intrigued as well. I'm fine playing a P.O.A. or a handler or both.


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Okay so that's two interested. Minimum interest met, moving forward to seeking members. I'll leave this opened up for a bit to see if we get more members interested.


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Placing this here so I remember.. Brooke has expressed interest but would like time to look things over first.


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Alright guys, I wanna go ahead and get your interest in what you'd like to play as. You can play more than one character should you like. I'm not going to limit the number of characters, but please keep the limit down to a reasonable amount, especially at the beginning. There are multiple ways you can play, as mentioned before, and I'll give a few examples down below.

The Government of Rayvale
The Council of the Republic

Memo to All New Enlistees
For all personnel, it is good to memorize each class of individual that will be on this campus and the duties that they are assigned to. Please read the descriptions below.

A Handler - This person typically has no powers at all. They can be generous, or kindly to their charge. They can also be a living nightmare for a person they are in control over. Unless the P.O.A. is left in such a damaged state that they can no longer function as intended, a handler can be quite aggressive with their charge. On the other hand, they can also provide gifts(on their own dime) at their discretion. Handlers are not allowed to take their charge off government grounds unless under orders for a mission. After a mission is successfully completed, Handlers are to report their charge to the medical bay for evaluation. Handlers can live on campus at the expense of part of their paycheck (much less expensive than an apartment in the city), but it is not required.

Militant - This is another person that typically has no powers at all. Much like handlers, they can live on campus at the expense of part of their paycheck. However, most militants who live inside campus are typically sent on missions to support handlers and the P.O.As on missions.

(Typically having no powers, a few people have been discovered disguising themselves as normal people when they have abilities...)

A Collared - Person of abilities, or P.O.A. They are the ones with powers. They have a 'collar' on, although it serves no purpose but to openly mark what they are. Typically worn around the throat, though some handlers have preferred them to wear it as arm bands instead. A P.O.A. is not allowed off the campus except during missions handed to them directly from the upper command. They are fed, given basic clothing, given medical care and occasionally free time when they are not assigned to missions. There are gyms they have access to, and free entertainment that is only approved by a government elected council. Although there is quite a bit of discrimination against them, a P.O.A. does not have the right to retaliate or rebuttal.

The Unchained - Person with abilities that have not been captured
or have escaped. Very very rarely does the government have issues with escapees, as it is difficult to do so without huge circumstances.
More commonly are those who have not been discovered yet to have powers or have recently come to age to discover they do have abilities. These people are considered highly dangerous. Should one appear on campus, you are required by law to report them immediately to your superiors.


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Alright guys, I'm working on the final details. I'm sorry for the delay, but I'll be posting again either on Monday or Tuesday. Depends on the schedule of things.


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Hey guys, sorry for the delay.. Time to start making character sheets.. We're all going to be working/writing in the city of Rayvale. I'll go ahead and post an example character sheet..


Name (& pronunciation): Knosis Sunesis (No-SIS Su-new-SIS)
Date of Birth (& age): 01/01/0000 (Ageless)
Place of Birth: That Shadowy place Simba was warned to never go to.
Gender: Female
Species/Racial Origin: Weirdling
Occupation: Cynical Overlord
Powers: Ban Hammer Ability, Food Deletion Powers
Language: English, gibberish

Physical Description

Height: 2 inches
Weight: 9999 lbs
Hair: Depends on the month.
Eyes: Dark as her soul
Detailed Physical Description: Blah. Add if you want. If not, okay.
Typical Clothing/Equipment: Hoodie, earbuds, pen and a nickle.


Personality/Attitude: Blasé
Skills/Talents: Ability to be late despite being on time.
Favourites/Likes: Pastries
Most Hated/Dislikes: Stupidity
Goals/Ambitions: Finishing this damned book
Weaknesses: Itty bitty living space
Fears: Fear itself
Education/Special Training: Special training in salt farming.

History: My life story here.

You can take this and modify it, or if you want to use another character sheet, feel free. Please be sure to detail your powers if you have any, I know I was a bit jokey in mine, but it will help me get an understanding on what you mean through your descriptions.
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The city of Rayvale Details

The city of Rayvale is a glorious city, and home to 5.2 million people. It is renown for its technological advances in the previous years, having been the birth place of the control chips for the Collared. The city is structured in rings, with the inner ring being the government facilities and government residential areas. The secondary ring, also known as the shopping district, is the go to place to have a great afternoon and spend your hard earned coin within 3 seconds! The third ring is the residential areas for the civilians. There used to be a forth ring, but due to an unfortunate accident prior to the control chips, the forth ring was almost entirely destroyed ---

*static* We're-- Here...

All of the research facilities are located in the first ring. These facilities are the sole reason why Rayvale is on top when it comes to technology, scientific, and medical advances. Currently researchers are trying to find a way to temporarily nullify the powers of the collared to make them safer around the rest of the civilians---

*static* They... Lied...

We hope you enjoy your visit to our wonderful city!

*static* We... Are... Coming....


Resident Cylon/Replicant

Name: Praetor Beck

Age: 41

Gender: Male

Occupation: Military, Council Special Operations

Personal History: Drafted at the minimum age from a rural community far outside Rayvale, Beck rose through the ranks of the Rayvale Council military, serving as a rifleman, then sniper, and eventually platoon commander before transferring to Council Special Operations to deal with the rising issue of “powered” individuals in and out of the military jurisdiction. While this often meant working alongside those with collars, Beck’s calling from the brass came in the “dark” assignments of tracking down uncollared P.O.A.s to bring them into the fold or chasing after those who escaped from Council control.

Beck lives on the campus. A marriage at a young age didn’t work out despite a child thrown into the mix as a last-ditch effort, so he lives alone in the provided apartments, albeit a slightly larger one befitting his years of service. He does keep correspondence with a child, but he guards it close enough to the chest that most who know him aren’t given sure if it is a son or daughter.

Personality: Beck displays a wry, dark sense of humor to compensate for the emotion pressure and psychological toll of the work burdened upon him. Gruff and uncompromising in his speech regardless of the audience, he does not buck the chain of command but displays enough cavalier attitude to prevent promotion beyond that of a field operative. Despite his deep distrust of P.O.A.s, he is not outwardly aggressive or hostile to them save for the parameters of engagement laid out before him. Over time, there are a few for whom he has developed something of a grudging respect, both as fellow “soldiers” under a common yoke or as worthy adversaries.

In his spare time, Beck is often found at the on-campus gym facility, training to stave off the ravages of time as the years begin to pile on his body, yet the work before him continues.

Strengths: Beck is a career soldier. While he lacks any powers, he is a trained physical operative and proficient in close-quarters combat and a crack shot with a rifle. He has a natural tactically-inclined mind and his gruff exterior conceals a deeper intelligence than many would credit Beck for.

Weaknesses: Beck possesses no powers. He lacks the suave, charm, or delicate nature to talk his way in and out of situations. His prejudices prevent him from forming lasting bonds with many and also prevent him from being as effective as he would be would he fully trust those with whom he works.


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Name: Schuyler Callahan
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Occupation: Professional Model

Physical Description: Schuyler who is unnaturally tall for her age stands at 6’0 and weighs in at 137. Her slender, tan, and toned lithe frame is in perfect shape. Long crimson red hair sweeps across her shoulders, draping down to her mid-back. Her eyes are a beautiful green shade and are used to draw people in. She generally wears whatever suits her current mood. Her footwear is a simple pair of tennis shoes that are generally rugged and worn in.

Personality Description: Schuyler has an endearing quality about her that makes her enemy forget what she truly is. She is a generally go-lucky gal who was fortunate to have life handed to her since her mother basically attempted to live her life through Schuyler’s. Born with exquisite looks, she won pageant after pageant and at the age of five began her modeling career. While modeling, she also acts on the side doing several commercials, soap operas, and movies. Even though she has almost everything she wanted, she isn’t someone who takes people for granted and when she’s home alone, she’s nothing more than a down-to-earth girl who loves playing video games with friends

Skills, powers and abilities:

Telepathy: Schuyler has the ability not only to connect mentally with others, but the dead as well. At this time however, those she is connecting with mentally have to be within a certain range and the dead have to be newly deceased for her to communicate with.

Psychokinesis: She has the ability to throw items around, move items from one place to another, and influence objects to land in a specific area when the object is falling. More specifically, Schuyler can move almost anything ranging from a feather to a small car without having to put her hands on it. If something is falling towards her or being shot towards her, Schuyler can almost always change the trajectory so it misses her.

Catapsi: Catapsi allows a trained psychic mind to broadcast passive telepathic static across wide distances. This telepathic static makes it impossible to read auras in the area of effect and as such it is impossible to determine relative levels of power through psychic, magical, or technological means. In addition, those affected by the Catapsi field find their sense of right and wrong diminished or removed entirely, their inhibitions shattered, and their mind highly susceptible to lies and half-truths so long as they originate from the source of the field. Even those with highly structured minds normally immune to psychic interference or those with no conventional mind at all, such as androids, are not safe from the field's effects, though someone of sufficient skill can exclude whomever he or she wishes. This is her dominate power and with more training, she could no doubt do more damage than she can do currently.

Character Equipment:

6 ft bullwhip is hooked into the shoulder harness, most of it resting tightly against her back.

6 - silver-plated throwing knives are sporadically placed on her body. These knives are not made of normal material and though the handles are silver plated, the actual blades are made of a magical material that not only gives them a fire-like glow, but allows the blades to dissipate whenever they're not being utilized. The blades can cut through most material that can be found on Tarsus, which makes them really handy to keep around.

Character History: Twins Schuyler and Orion were born to a normal family that had enough money to fuel the extracurricular activities that the twins wanted to do from an early age. They wanted for nothing and while both were adored, it became clear that Schuyler was the more favorite of the two. Their mother, unable to fulfill her dreams of becoming a famous actress and model, decided that she would live out those dreams through Schuyler even if her daughter did not want to be those things. Their father, willing to keep the peace, did whatever his wife wanted, including forcing his little girl into a world that was judging. Unfortunately or perhaps fortunately, depending on which way one looked at it, Schuyler was a natural at modeling and all the acting gigs she auditioned for and it became clear there was no backing out of it.

By the time she was an adolescent, she was making more money than her parents could ever imagine and unbeknownst to her parents, Schuyler had started to hide large sums here and there so that when the time was right, she could break away from them and take care of herself. Also unknown to her parents, she came to realize that she wasn’t like them thanks to the powers that had presented themselves to her. Not stupid, she knew what happened to those with powers and refusing to become like them, Schuyler kept the powers hidden, biding her time until she could reveal herself. If the world ever changed, which by the time she was a young adult, she realized wasn’t going to happen. To make matters worse, the other reason she refused to let anyone know she had powers was because she saw what happened to her twin. She knew without a doubt that she was going to do everything in her power to get him back.

Name: Orion Callahan
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Human

Physical Description: Thanks to his tall and lanky form, Orion was forced to work out at an early age to get an overall muscular and toned frame. Despite his slightly long red hair starting out neat, it always winds up messy. The front part constantly drops into his red eyes while the top and back spikes out with the help of gel. By the time he’s finished with whatever task he’s attempting to complete, the spikes are less than defined and it sort of just looks unkempt, but attractive. Although he rarely has sun exposure, his flesh has a light tan appearance to it.

Personality Description: Orion is the complete opposite of his sister. He has trouble conforming to society, finding people to be too shallow, self-centered, and dishonest. Although somewhat boisterous and out-spoken when with his tight-knit friends, he is very humble (and perhaps even slightly introverted) around strangers, never viewing himself as superior to his peers (even if he far surpasses them).

Skills, powers and abilities:

Astral Projection: Orion can send his astral/ethereal form away from his physical location. He uses the second form to distract his enemy or as a diversion, but cannot fight with it. This form does not last forever and if it sustains a number of injuries, it will disappear. Killing the astral form does not kill Orion.

Healing: Orion has a special ability that allows him to heal physical damage unnaturally faster than others. He uses energy around him as well as his life force to speed up the healing process.

Hydrokinesis – Using his gifted mind, Orion has the ability to manipulate water. Whether it’s to get a drink from a fountain without pushing the button or causing an ocean, stream, lake, or creek to raise up, he can do it all. He was forced to train with this power to refine it so that it could be used to drown the enemy when needed such as sinking battle ships. Due to all of the training, this ability became his most dominate while the other two remained weaker.

Character Equipment:

Wristband. Two chrome snaps keep the black leather wristband attached securely to his wrist. The wristband has a dual purposes and beside being fashionable, is actually the collar to show that he was a Person of Abilities and therefore bound to his handler and the military.

Gum: Orion likes to have gum on hand in case he wants something to occupy him or if he encounters someone with bad breath. In addition to the normal “Flare” Five gum by Wrigley, he has a special pack of gum that was created specifically to blow up things. Meaning, if there’s a door he needs open or a car he wants to blow up, he places one or more pieces of the special pack on the object and the explosion is activated with water or spit. The bigger the object he wants to explode, the bigger the piece he uses. The packs of gum are so similar that he has to be careful when offering someone a piece so that he doesn’t accidentally (or maybe on purpose) give the person the piece of exploding gum as opposed to the normal safe gum.

Also anything given to him by the military.

Character History:

Twins Schuyler and Orion were born to a normal family that had enough money to fuel the extracurricular activities that the twins wanted to do from an early age. They wanted for nothing and while both were adored, it became clear that Schuyler was the more favorite of the two. While Schuyler was forced into any modeling or acting gig, Orion was left to his own devices and in order to try to please his parents, threw himself hard into his sports, but only his father seemed to notice. However, if his activities conflicted with Schuyler’s, both of his parents went to her gig instead of his games. He quickly got used to it and while he held no ill-will towards his sis, he loathed his parents entirely. He worked out nonstop, needing to get strong enough to protect himself since it was clear he was basically on his own, though Schuyler did hang with him anytime she could, but that wasn't often. His life was turned upside down however the moment he started to go through puberty. One day while at school a few kids started to bully him and Orion having completely lost it caused the water fountain to break and soak the bullies. Immediately running home in fear of what was going to happen to him, he told his parents through heavy tears about the school incident. His mother, determined to keep anything from ruining her precious daughter’s chances at becoming the best of the best, called the military and turned her son over to him despite his young age. He was torn from his home and pushed into a world that was cruel and unfamiliar and he hated his parents even more for that.
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Name: Alaska Silk

DOB: 03/24/1994

Gender: Female

enslaved military personnel P.O.A.

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue/Gray

Height: 5'1''

Weight: (an extremely malnourished) 122-128 lbs (she fluctuates, okay?)

Abilities: Empathy (she can feel the emotions of those around her and it's particularly strong through touch -- she's also working on learning to influence other's emotions; it's something she's getting the hang of, but in the moments when she can manage it, it's not incredibly subtle) and telekinesis (limited to 'natural objects' i.e. things made from metals and woods; unfortunately she's not been able to manipulate plastic and similar materials. For example, her collar is made of some polyerthanesomethingorother that won't move despite her insistence and desparate focus).

Languages: English, French, German

Typical Clothing/Equipment: A cheap pendant from one of those machines where you stick a coin in and you get a cheap toy, her Government Issued Collar (all the rage these days), a sarcastic expression or a frown. Clothing is usually some variation of jeans and a t-shirt.
Other physical descriptors: a few freckles across her face and chest, a small mole on her chest, and a scar on her left earlobe (when asked about it, she provides a different story for the scar every time). When she lived on the streets, she kept one dagger on her at all times, though she was loathed to use it (and only partly because she didn't have much skill with it). One (1) epipen (or this world's equivalent, if there is one).


Personality/Attitude: Defensive, sarcastic, sharp.

Skills/Talents: Lockpicking, jumping to conclusions, lying (she's a helluva fast talker), keeping people at an emotional distance, pick-pocketing, swimming, and knitting.

Quirks: Prone to tinkering with things, likely to shut down when agitated, and has a habit of biting the inside of her cheek to keep from showing amusement.

Favorites/Likes: Music, food, freedom, puzzles (in all forms) and books.

Most Hated/Dislikes: Bragging, arrogance, rats (of the rodent and metaphorical human rat variety).

Goals/Ambitions: escaping her servitude Surviving.

Strengths: Patient, quick-thinking, street smart. She's great at moving about soundlessly and remaining out of sight.

Weaknesses: Obsessive, vindictive, distrustful, unforgiving, and seriously allergic to strawberries. The inability to let anyone in, emotionally. She's also not particularly strong. Maybe a teeny bit stronger than the average person (like by a hair), and she's more scrappy than having any real skill with up-close fighting.

Fears: Roaches, lack of control (over her life, her body, etc), tight spaces in which she cannot move.

Education/Special Training: Self-taught the ways of the world from living on the streets, yo! ... And then whatever she's been taught since she was captured and brought here.

Other: Frequent use of the phrase "moving on", will avoid giving a straight answer whenever possible

History: Alaska has just recently been captured and collared. Her first week resulted in an embarrassing failure of an escape attempt. Thankfully she managed to survive, but it was made clear that any follow-up attempts would be dealt with much more harshly. Since then, Alaska has not attempted to escape; she has not been the model Collared that they might want, constantly toeing the line, but she hadn't exactly made trouble, either.

Growing up, Alaska did not have an easy life. When she was very young, her parents fought a lot. She doesn't really remember much aside from the intense feeling of fear and hunger. One day her mother went off to the grocery store. She never returned. After that, Alaska lived with her father who didn't even tolerate her existence. It wasn't long before there was interference and then Alaska was in the system.

Weird things tended to happen to her when she got upset, things that bothered her ever-changing caregivers. There was one lady, in the beginning, who might have kept Alaska, but she'd been older and when she had gotten sick... well, Alaska never saw her again. She'd seen what the others would come to figure out: Alaska had abilities. She encouraged Alaska to learn to control them, to keep them hidden, but as her time with the woman had been short, she hadn't had much help with either edict.

Alaska cycled through several homes over the next couple of years. Some were bearable, some were more than tolerable, most were pretty shitty. Eventually, she gave up on the system and headed to the streets where she lived her life up until her recent capture. There, she learned how to be a thief, how to run a con, how to tease a crowd so others could slip their hands in unprotected pockets, and how to survive. However, she was already in the system and eventually, the government came a'knockin'.

Now? Now she's biding her time, or so she tells herself.
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