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Establishing Battlefield Control, Stand By. . .

Two Alternate Earths... In one Earth, the one known as Adolf Hitler was eliminated early by Professor Albert Einstein in order to prevent the horrors of World War II, but doing so caused a different war entirely. In another Earth; a meteor landed in Italy in 1995 which spread an alien material later dubbed as Tiberium. Each Universe dealt with their woes and foes as time went on.

In the alternate world war Earth, the allies had won against the Soviet Union and all hope was lost for the USSR. Until one Anatoly Cherdenko had finally finished a secret project; a Time Machine. Using the Time Machine, Cherdenko traveled to 1947 where a conference was held celebrating the works of Doctor Albert Einstein. Upon shaking his hand, he disappeared into dust and they returned back home. However in doing so, they had subsequently altered time in that the Soviets were the ones winning the war, but a new threat; the Japanese Empire of the Rising Sun were secretly preparing for war and attacked Russia from the back.

In the Tiberium Universe, the Global Defense Initiative launched a full-scale assault on their enemy; The Brotherhood of Nod, and targeted their main base of operations in Sarajevo; Temple Prime. After eliminating Nod's defenses, authorization was given to the GDI Commander to fire an Ion Cannon Strike at the temple:


This blast caused a Tiberium Reaction as extremely large sources of the mineral was underneath the temple, and would bring the attention of an alien race known as the Scrin, all in accordance with Kane's plan for Ascension.

However something else had happened alongside this. Strangely, the Ion Cannon Strike created a melding of sorts between the two alternate universes; merging their Earths into one. The chaos of one universe; The Allies, the Soviet Union and the Empire of the Rising Sun, merged with the inhuman properties of the other; the Global Defense Initiative, the Brotherhood of Nod, the Scrin Invasion and the alien Tiberium.

Not only this, but this opened entrance to others as well. Each side would find themselves in chaos; this Earth ravaged for materials and survival as the planet was now fighting several wars against itself.

And only a few external entrants; allowed to enter this paradox due to the unknown reaction by the Ion Cannon strike and the Melding, can help bring this Earth to peace, and eliminate the true enemies; the Scrin, Brotherhood of Nod, and the Japanese Empire of the Rising Sun...

The Question is:

Are these people here to help save this Earth?

Mechanics & Important Information

Characters will be pulled from various Universes into this new melded Earth in order to either help save it or ultimately follow up with the plans of evil.

Character Restrictions are in place in this one. The people of the Command and Conquer Universe are from the 1900's and the 2000's. Everyone still uses modern day bullets and armour, mixed in with different technological advancements. Aside from one faction utilising the power of Tiberium in order to augment their soldiers, the otherworldly properties of the Alien Scrin, and the technological superiority of the Empire of the Rising Sun, there are no strong superpowers or enhanced humans.

In short: No characters with powers capable of extremely large scale destruction or potential to destroy planets. Characters with Shields are allowed as the Scrin do have shielded organisms and vehicles, and some basic superpowers are acceptable due to the presence of Yuriko Omega.

If you're worried about a certain character, submit their sheet anyway and I'll take a look at it.

Duos are allowed, by the way! Trios if you're really bold.

Additional Information

1) All STC Rules apply.

2) New to Convergence? Not a problem! This RP does not require any experience or knowledge of the Convergence Series lore or prior events. This story is new-player friendly!

3) As usual, no meta-gaming or god-modding of any kind.

4) This RP is already in progress, gathering participants for Chapter 1 and onward. If you want to follow along and see what's going on, follow here: https://www.storytellerscircle.com/threads/c-c-melding-of-alternate-futures.7378/

5) Have fun!

Character Sheets

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Age: (If known)

Canon: (If your character's an OC, put "Original Character.")

Weapons / Abilities / Powers: (Either descriptions or a Wiki link works!)

Extra Info: (Anything you'd want me to know.)

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