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Canon Claim

Discussion in 'OOC Forum' started by Mr. Wade & Watch, Dec 30, 2017.

  1. Mr. Wade & Watch

    Mr. Wade & Watch Cult of Personality The Evrensel Conflict GM

    This is for........ CANON CLAIMING! :eek:



    Canon (Where in the story are you taking them from?):

    Abilities (This includes the character's skills):


    Claimed Characters:

    Raynar Saassin:
    • Kefka Palazzo -- Final Fantasy VI
    • Terra Branford -- Final Fantasy VI
    • Tyber Zann -- Star Wars: Empire at War - Forces of Corruption
    • Urai Fen -- Star Wars: Empire at War - Forces of Corruption
    • HK-47 -- Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
    • Widowmaker -- Overwatch
    • Reaper -- Overwatch
    • Vert -- Hyperdimension Neptuna
    • IF -- Hyperdimension Neptuna
    • Vegeta -- Dragon Ball Z: Abridged
    • Sturm -- Advance Wars 2
    • Reinhart -- Overwatch
    • Grand Moff Tarkin -- Star Wars
    Wyvern Rider:
    • Garrus Vakarian -- Mass Effect
    • Tali-Zorah vas Normandy -- Mass Effect
    • Blake Belladona -- RWBY
    • Roman Torchwick -- RWBY
    • Boba Fett -- Star Wars
    • Mizelia -- Star Wars
    • Ben Tennyson -- Ben 10
    • Grimlock -- Transformers
    • Jack the Ripper -- Fate/Apocrypha
    • Athena -- Campione!
    Bobby the Prussian:
    • John 'Soap' McTavish -- Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
    • B.J. Blazkowicz -- Wolfenstein: The New Colossus
    • Deadpool -- Marvel
    • Colonel Mael Radec -- Killzone 2
    • Perfect Cell -- Dragon Ball Z
    • Sam Fisher -- Splinter Cell
    • Aang -- Avatar: The Last Airbender
    • Rose Tyler -- Doctor Who
    • Shego -- Kim Possible
    Nero Kunivas:
    • Mr. Freeze -- Batman: Arkham Series
    • Shao Kahn -- Mortal Kombat
    • Lincoln Campbell -- Marvel: Agents of SHIELD
    • Cameron Black / Johnathan Black -- Deception
    • Scott McCall -- Teen Wolf
    • Black Bolt -- Marvel: Inhumans
    Last edited: May 17, 2018
  2. Raynar Saassin

    Raynar Saassin Multiverse RP'er

    "En guarde!"
    Name: Undyne
    Series: Undertale
    Canon: Main Game.
    Abilities: http://undertale.wikia.com/wiki/Undyne/In_Battle
    Equipment: Spears. Energy Spears.

    "If this is the path I've chosen, then... I'll do my best."
    Name: Terra Branford
    Series: Final Fantasy
    Canon: Final Fantasy VI - Shortly after the Endgame.
    Abilities: As she's a Mage, she has access to most if not all of the various White, Black and Gray Magic available in Final Fantasy VI, including the ultimate attack; Ultima.
    Equipment: Most Swords, Daggers and Maces and is capable of piloting Magitek Armor.

    "One shot. One kill."
    Name: Widowmaker
    Series: Overwatch
    Canon: After the events of the Animated Short: "Alive"
    Abilities: Venom Mine
    Equipment: Widows Kiss Sniper/Assault Rifle, Grappling Hook.

    "Death walks among you..."
    Name: Reaper
    Series: Overwatch
    Canon: After the events of the Animated Short: "Recall"
    Abilities: Wraith Form, Shadowstep, Death Blossom
    Equipment: Hellfire Shotguns.

    "I always kick off my semesters with a Yang!"
    Name: Yang Xiao Long
    Series: RWBY
    Canon: Before the ending of Volume 3.
    Abilities: Aura; Serves as a shield which helps to protect her. Semblance; Taking blows which gets absorbed into her own strength which she can use to deal large amounts of damage.
    Equipment: Ember Celia Gauntlets which serve as her punches and long-range attacks.

    "I'm really bored. How about we spar for a while? Don't worry. I'll go easy on you, friend!"
    Name: Hector
    Series: Fire Emblem
    Canon: After the ending of Fire Emblem 7
    Abilities: None. He's a physical weapon wielder with no access to Magic.
    Equipment: Armads; The Legendary Axe of Durban the Berserker who founded the Western Isles. Can wield other FE Axes and Swords up to Silver.

    "Trust me. I don't pick fights I can't win."
    Name: Ephraim
    Series: Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones
    Canon: After the ending of The Sacred Stones
    Abilities: None. He's a physical weapon wielder with no access to Magic.
    Equipment: Siegmund the Fire Lance, one of the two Legendary Weapons of Renais. Reginleif; Ephraim's Personal Spear. Can wield all of FE's Spears up to Silver.​
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2018
  3. Hahli Nuva

    Hahli Nuva "My resolve will never falter!"


    ""I've made my choice!"

    Name: Corrin

    Series: Fire Emblem (Fates)

    Canon: After Fire Emblem: Warriors

    Powers & Abilities

    Dragon Fang:
    A power that lets Corrin change partially, or completely, into a dragon. While needing the Dragonstone to maintain control of themselves in full dragon form, Corrin can partially transform into a dragon during combat and revert in an instant. They can morph their arms into claws, wings for flight, extending spear-like appendages, and even dragon mouths that spit balls of water as projectiles.

    Dragon's Vein:
    An ability exclusive to Hoshido and Nohr royalty, which allows alteration of terrain. It can be used to create new pathways, dry up rivers, lower mountains, freeze enemies for a turn, or create spots that heal anyone who stands in them.
    Enhanced Senses: As a half-dragon, Corrin has an enhanced sense of smell, sight, and hearing.

    Longevity: Due to their dragon heritage, Corrin lives far longer than an ordinary human.

    Alternate Forms

    Dragon Form:
    The full extent of the Dragon Fang ability, which lets Corrin fully become a dragon with the use of a Dragonstone or Dragonstone +. As a dragon, Corrin gains the ability of flight, has claws and horns to rip and tear into enemies, and has minor hydrokinesis, which can be used to summon pillars of water from the ground.

    Torrential Roar:
    Corrin's Final Smash. After knocking the target away with columns of light, Corrin morphs into their dragon form and blasts them away with a swirling maelstrom of water.

    Hoshido Noble:
    After reaching a certain level, Corrin can use a Master Seal to change classes. One of the classes they can change to is the Hoshido Noble. As a Hoshido Noble, they gain the ability to wield healing staves and rods, along with the skills Dragon Ward, which gives allies a chance to take only half damage from an attack, and Hoshidan Unity, which adds 10% to Corrin's chance of activating a skill.

    Nohr Noble:
    The other class Corrin can change to is the Nohr Noble. As a Nohr Noble, Corrin can wield magical tomes and scrolls for a variety of magical attacks, and gains the skills Draconic Hex, which weakens the enemy considerably after a clash with Corrin, and Nohrian Trust, which lets Corrin use the skills of any person they're paired up with at the time.


    Omega Yato:

    The final form of the Yato sword, a legendary blade that chose Corrin as its sole wielder. As such, only Corrin can wield it. As the Omega Yato, it is the Fire Emblem of the Fates universe, with the ability to slay immortals. The blade of the Omega Yato acts as a chainsaw, shredding into anyone it cuts, and reduces the effects of a dragon enemy's scales, letting it do more damage against them than other enemies.


    A magical stone used by the Manakete tribe to switch between human and dragon form at will. While not a Manakete, Corrin can still use the stone to transform into their full dragon form without the risk of losing control of themselves, and letting them revert to their human form afterwards. The Dragonstone + is a more powerful variation that boosts Corrin's dragon form's power when used to transform.
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  4. Wyvern Rider

    Wyvern Rider Member


    Name: Garrus Vakarian
    Series: Mass Effect
    Canon (Where in the story are you taking them from?): In Mass Effect 3, near the end. Most of the events already happened, excluding the last two missions. Attacking Cerberus HQ where Shepard and the rest of the crew confronted Kai Leng and the Illusive Man and reclaimed the VI, and the attempt to liberate Earth from the Reapers.
    Abilities (This includes the character's skills):
    • Expert marksman
    • Omni-tool user
    • Strategic and technical mastermind
    • Military omni-tool
    • Heavy Turian Armor
    • M-97 Viper
    • M-76 Revenant
    • Scorpion Heavy Pistol
    • Proximity Mine
    • Armor-Piercing Ammo
    • Incernate Ammo
    • Concussive Shot

    • [​IMG]
    Name: Tali'Zorah vas Normandy
    Series: Mass Effect
    Canon: In Mass Effect 3, near the end. Most of the events already happened, excluding the last two missions. Attacking Cerberus HQ where Shepard and the rest of the crew confronted Kai Leng and the Illusive Man and reclaimed the VI, and the attempt to liberate Earth from the Reapers.
    • Shotgun user
    • Quarian engineer
    • Hacker
    • Omni-tool user
    • Overload
    • Sabotage
    • Standard Quarian suit
    • Military omni-tool
    • Geth Plasma Shotgun
    • M-6 Carnifex Heavy Pistol
    • Combat Drone

    • [​IMG]
    Name: Atriox
    Series: Halo
    Canon: Halo Wars 2
    Abilities: Atriox is the leader of the Banished, and as such is considered by many to be a great leader and strategist. He knows what to do, when to do and is rarely predicteble. He is also a great and powerful warrior, even by Jiralhanea standards, as he was able to take out a team of SPARTANS on his own. He also has a knack for engineering, as he designed and created his Energy Mace himself. Atriox is also fluent in various languages, such as Sangheili. He is a versetile soldier, as he collects troops and equipment from various factions and then re-purposes them in order to overpower said factions. He isn't picky about what serves in his army, as he even accepts Sangheili into his ranks and uses human equipment.
    Equipment: Atriox wears signature, unique black and white combat armor of partially UNSC origin, made from various pieces, including an ODST chestplate He dons an augmented power gauntlet which artificially enhances his strength to a significant degree. He wields a customized Energy Mace called Chainbreaker which he created from parts of a Type-2 Gravity Hammer and a Type-1 Energy Sword.

    Name: Roman Torchwick
    Series: RWBY
    Canon (Where in the story are you taking them from?): Volume 3, episode 11: Heroes and Monsters
    Abilities (This includes the character's skills): He is quite skilled with his weapon, a cane that will be explained further in the Equipment section. With it, he can deliver powerful attacks and block those as well. Roman himself is also surprisingly dureble, as he survived being thrown out of an exploding massive mechanized battlesuit (again, long story). He is a good businessman and also understands that charm, manipulation, intimidation and patience are useful traits. He is a skilled pilot of various vehicles and has the power of making bad jokes.
    Equipment: Roman's weapon, Melodic Cudgel initially appears to be a normal cane; however, when used for combat, the base of the cane raises a reticle for aiming, while also uncovering the muzzle. It fires an unstable flare or discharge made out of a magical substance called Dust, which creates a distinct whistling sound when airborne, and explodes on impact, but can also be thrown at enemies, similiar to a bat hitting a ball.

    Blake Belladona
    Series: RWBY
    Canon (Where in the story are you taking them from?): Volume 5, episode 10.
    Abilities (This includes the character's skills): Blake's most remarkable quality is her Semblance, which allows her to create Shadow-clones. These clones can be used by Blake to either distract, shield, or hide herself from the enemy for a brief amount of time. Blake also shows above-average agility, speed, stealth and endurance, as shown when fighting multiple enemies, yet maintaining motion and energy without fatigue. She's pretty much a ninja.
    Equipment: Blake's main weapon of choiche is Gambal Shroud, a variant ballistic chain scythe. The dual blades look like a cross between a katana, cleaver, pistols and kusarigama. The essence of the two weapon components is that they fit together as one, but come apart to be two, so that they are compact for easier carrying. The pistol is used as a ranged weapon and its recoil can be used to swing or anchor the blade.
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  5. Mr. Wade & Watch

    Mr. Wade & Watch Cult of Personality The Evrensel Conflict GM

    All dem canons you guys requested are accepted.

    Also, quite glad this site actually shows you the image, instead of just the link. Very helpful.
    Raynar Saassin likes this.
  6. Mr. Wade & Watch

    Mr. Wade & Watch Cult of Personality The Evrensel Conflict GM


    Name: Wade 'Deadpool' Wilson

    Series: Marvel Comics

    Canon: Fuck if I know, the man doesn't have a canon for what I'm aware of.

    Abilities: Regenerative health, teleportation, and the face of Ryan Reynolds, so this hunk of a man is a charm under the mask....... Besides the flash that's removed from it.

    Equipment: Carries two Uzi's two swords, a pack of grenades, and nice pouches to keep those grenades in.


    Name: The Doctor, (The 10th doctor to be precise.)

    Series: Doctor Who

    Canon: Before the end of his run at season 5, but not after the Day of the Doctor

    Abilities: Regeneration, he can have his body reform back if something's gone wrong with it, but when that happens his entire personality and body features change. He becomes a new man.

    Equipment: He has a blue sonic screwdriver. Good against anything but wood.
  7. Raynar Saassin

    Raynar Saassin Multiverse RP'er

    "Recitation: Yes, as I said, I am an assassin droid. It is my primary function to burn holes through meatbags that you wish removed from the galaxy… Master. Oh, how I hate that term."
    Name: HK-47

    Series: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

    Canon (Where in the story are you taking them from?): After the ending of Knights of the Old Republic.

    Abilities (This includes the character's skills): http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/HK-47#Abilities

    Droid Assassin's Rifle:
    The Droid Assassin's Rifle is a heavily modified Disruptor Rifle. Some of the modifications of this weapon included improved optics, reduced recoil, extended range, and several open ports for even more modular upgrades.

    "Everyone, has a price."
    Name: Tyber Zann

    Series: Star Wars Empire at War: Forces of Corruption.

    Canon (Where in the story are you taking them from?): After Tyber successfully captured the Eclipse Super Star Destroyer.

    Abilities (This includes the character's skills): http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Tyber_Zann#Personality_and_traits

    Rawk chopped special:
    Tyber Zann's weapon of choice, the Rawk chpped special, is a Double-Barrelled Blaster Carbine that can be easily concealed within his clothing.

    "My blades are sharpened, and ready for battle."
    Name: Urai Fen

    Series: Star Wars Empire at War: Forces of Corruption.

    Canon (Where in the story are you taking them from?): After Tyber Zann successfully captured the Eclipse Super Star Destroyer.

    Abilities (This includes the character's skills): Force Sensitive but is unable to manipulate it.

    Duel-Heavy Blades.
    Personal Cloaking Device.

    Edit: Removed W.D. Gaster due to lack of information on him.
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2018
  8. Mr. Wade & Watch

    Mr. Wade & Watch Cult of Personality The Evrensel Conflict GM

    Neo, HK, Urai and Tyber are accepted.

    Gaster, because of how mysterious he is, I'm a bit hesitant to allow because unless we get some more information about the guy in a squeal to Undertale, there's not much to go on.
  9. Hahli Nuva

    Hahli Nuva "My resolve will never falter!"

    When are you going to show up, Bobby?
  10. Raynar Saassin

    Raynar Saassin Multiverse RP'er

    Hmm. Alright then ^^ I won't include him :)
  11. Hahli Nuva

    Hahli Nuva "My resolve will never falter!"

    Thank you because Undertale is cancer.
  12. Blacksmith

    Blacksmith Tonight, we hunt Outsiders!

    Name: Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden


    Series: The Dresden Files

    Canon (Where in the story are you taking them from?): Aftermath of Skin Games

    Abilities (This includes the character's skills):

    Hagrid: Yer a wizard, Harry.

    Dresden: Fuck yes I am.
    As one of the most powerful younger wizards of the White Council, Dresden has a large repertoire of magical powers. His skills at evocation, or ‘quick and dirty’ magic, aka "kaboom magic", aka "battle magic", lean toward large blasts of fire and force, sometimes using wind, and also has some skill with earth (usually manipulating gravity) and lightning magic. He has considerable magical brute strength, though his control is initially somewhat lacking - for example, while he could easily shatter a pair of handcuffs, he may also break the wrists of the person wearing them. For this reason, Dresden is ofttimes referred to as a magical 'thug'. Later in the series, Dresden is also shown to have tremendous power in ritual form battle magic, when he uses the energy of a ley line to concentrate gravity for several miles around into a small zone, and flattens hundreds of enemy combatants at once.

    Dresden's skill with battle magic has increased steadily and quickly. His shields are the most striking example, initially unable to deal with sufficiently strong attacks, and not warding away heat, such that his hand was almost burned off. Now, thanks to practice and improved foci, they can deal with significant attacks without a problem. While the head of the Wardens has sufficient focus to wield fire magic with a pinpoint laser-like effect that can cut a person in two, Dresden has the power to take out a building, fry an I-beam, and has 'upgraded' to a blue-white shot of fire magic powered by his soul, strong enough to bore through a Denarian. Dresden is also using physics more, using his shields to turn enemies attacks back upon themselves or their allies, and ripping heat away from areas to create ice as well as power fire attacks simultaneously, and transforming himself (and a White Court vampire) into an explosion-powered cannonball.

    Dresden was frequently accused of a lack of subtlety in his magic until he began training Molly as his apprentice. Through teaching to her particular talents (especially for veiling, illusion and subtle mind magic) and weaknesses (lacking brute force, emotional oversensitivity), Dresden gained a greater understanding and finer control over his talents and began using subtler versions of his own spells, such as tightly controlled wind gusts.

    Equipment: Enchanted Duster, Wizards Staff, Silver Pentacle Pendant and his Shielding Bracelet.

    And somehow, an expired parking ticket. Gods only know why he held onto it.​
  13. Mr. Wade & Watch

    Mr. Wade & Watch Cult of Personality The Evrensel Conflict GM

    We got Dresden!

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  14. Mr. Wade & Watch

    Mr. Wade & Watch Cult of Personality The Evrensel Conflict GM


    Name: Solaire of Astora

    Series: Dark Souls

    Canon: Dark Souls 1

    Abilities: Along with an Estus Flask, Solaire as himself the 'Lightning Spear' & 'Great Heal' miracles. The spear shoots a massive lightning bolt at enemies, while the great heal massively regenerates his health from a weaken state.

    Equipment: He has the Sunlight Straight Sword, Shield, & Talisman, along with his famous armor.


    Name: John 'Soap' MacTavish

    Series: Call of Duty

    Canon: Between Modern Warfare 2, before the mission 'Contingency'

    Abilities: None

    Equipment: Military Knife, G36C Assault Rifle, several grenades and Flashbangs, & P99 pistol


    Name: B.J. Blazkowicz

    Series: Wolfenstein

    Canon: Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, after his execution

    Abilities: Besides his head being fused to a genetically made Nazi-prototype body, he can also squeeze his body to be more flatter to fit in tight places

    Equipment: Shit ton. Shotgun, assault rifle, pistol, knifes, and the usual grenade launcher.​
  15. Hahli Nuva

    Hahli Nuva "My resolve will never falter!"

    "I AM the Legendary Hero! I just know it!"


    Name: Linkle

    Series: Hyrule Warriors Legends

    Canon: After 'Wind Waker' Story Chapter


    Linkle's main weapons are her dual Crossbows which she keeps sheathed in her thigh-high boots, which also appear to double as a sort of Quiver that grants her the ability to quickly reload her Crossbows. In addition to normal arrows, Linkle can also use her crossbows to fire Bomb Arrows. She is an agile fighter, even able to perform a fiery spin kick in a similar manner to Link's Spin attack. During her Focus Spirit Attack, she fires a giant Bomb Arrow that she detonates with a fiery kick, causing an explosion. Interestingly, she herself is immune to the explosion that results from doing this.

    Due to her occupation as a Cucco farmer, Linkle has a talent for raising Cuccos, to the point she is able to raise normal Cucco Chicks into Golden Cuccos. As a result, her Cuccos are very loyal and come to her aid during her adventure. Humorously, despite her fighting ability and skills, she is shown to have a poor sense of direction, often choosing the wrong path or failing to notice nearby road Signs (such as ones pointing out the correct path to Hyrule Castle).

    As part of the Link's Awakening DLC, Linkle gains a secondary weapon moveset in the form of a pair of Boots. Her lightning infused winged boots give Linkle the ability to unleash powerful kicks and allow her to summon her Cuccos to assist her in battle. She can even use the Cuccos to fly briefly to aid her in performing aerial kicks. However in her victory cutscene she is shown to be somewhat clumsy with them, as she almost ends up stepping on one of her Cuccos while practicing with her boots and ends up losing her balance when she realizes the Cucco was underfoot. Humorously, the Cucco jumps on top of her head as she sits on the ground.



    Winged Boots:

  16. Mr. Wade & Watch

    Mr. Wade & Watch Cult of Personality The Evrensel Conflict GM

    Linkle is accepted.
  17. FadedAlphabet

    FadedAlphabet Pusher of The Giant Red Button

    [​IMG] Name: "The Marine", "Doomguy", Flynn Taggart

    Series: Doom

    Cannon: After ending of Doom, 2016.

    • Super Resistance
    Flynn has a gigantic resistance when compared to normal humans, being able to survive hellfire, toxic waste, claw blows, shotgun point-blank shots and many other kinds of attacks that would kill a normal human instantly, such as rockets from rocket launchers.
    • Minor Super Strength
    With only a brass knuckles as a weapon, Flynn was shown to have strength greater than of a normal human. He was able to kill demons and people with just a few punches, an impressive feat.
    • Master Gunman
    Flynn is a master gunman, since he's a Marine and trained to use guns efficiently. He was able to kill entire armies of undead and demons using only guns, and has shown great accuracy with these weapons.
    • Proficient Chainsaw User
    Flynn is able to use a chainsaw with proficiency, chopping down many enemies in his path with ease.
    • Great Durability
    Flynn has a great durability, since he could survive for a long time without eating and drinking, resisting hell's temperature, battle for hours without rest and even running at great speeds without tiring.
    • Super Speed
    Flynn has shown super speed if compared to a normal human, because even when he had a full metal armor, he could run at speeds of 57 miles per hour.

    Equipment: Praetor Suit, shotgun, grenades, chainsaw, pistol, plasma rifle, heavy assault rifle, rocket launcher, super shotgun, gauss cannon, chaingun, BFG 9000
  18. Mr. Wade & Watch

    Mr. Wade & Watch Cult of Personality The Evrensel Conflict GM

    Sorry, Flynn?
  19. FadedAlphabet

    FadedAlphabet Pusher of The Giant Red Button

    In the novel, yes there is a novel, yes it's technically cannon, reveal the name of The Marine. I only put it because I've been yelled at enough for not doing so. I personally don't like the name, I will probably never use it, and it holds little significance, but just covering my bases.
  20. Mr. Wade & Watch

    Mr. Wade & Watch Cult of Personality The Evrensel Conflict GM

    God I hate it. XD

    You don't need to use his actual name, I'm just using the games, not any spin offs.
    FadedAlphabet likes this.

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