Cave Team Common room

Rachel Rider

Smol Turtle Girl
The room has the look and feel of a study, bookshelves covering the walls and overhead lights and desk lamps providing a warm glow. Large round tables with plush arm chairs are scattered throughout the room. Taking a book and reading it in one of these chairs, you can almost feel as if another person is whispering along in your ear. A soft rug fills every corner of the room, sinking under the weight of some of the desks and chairs. The smell of paper and ink are strong, but a hint of dust and death can be picked up almost anywhere in the room.

Breaking up the shelves are paneled doors that lead to the rooms of the participants. At the far end, a door boarded up with wood and a padlock on the handle leads to the Common room. In contrast the door leading to the Cave Maze is hidden, opened by pulling a book marked "Hidden Rules" next to it. The book has a copy, resting open in a glass case to empty pages.

In this room the members of the Cave Team and those they have allowed in may rest and prepare for the perilous trials awaiting them in the Mazes. If they spend too much time in here or any other safe room, they will begin to enter their Warp State. Be aware.