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I'll reserve a duo- posting tomorrow
Roger dodger!

Hey guys! I mentioned this in the group's discord server, but in case it got lost in the message history, I'll put it here for extra clarity.

I've been brainstorming potential side-plots alongside one I already have planned to make this Side-Story more interesting and history bending than it already is. (Since this takes place a year before the official start of the Majin Buu Saga in DB History.) If you all could take some time to vote on the strawpoll below with what you'd prefer to see or if you'd like both but at different intervals of times. Every vote counts!

And to anyone else, there's still plenty of time to sign-up if you at all interested in participating! Remember, you have until the 29th (Next Friday) to sign up before it starts!



Cole "The Demon of Empire City" MacGrath


InFamous 2

Weapons / Abilities / Powers:​
  • Electrokinesis​
  • Electromagnetic Levitation/ Flight​
  • Weather Manipulation​
  • Energy Absorption/ Draining​
  • Magnekensis​
  • Cryokinesis​
  • Superhuman Durability/ Accelerated Healing​
  • Electricity Channeling Staff/ Upgraded Cattleprod​




"All you seniors are amazing! I want to be the strongest Hoshimori one day, just like you three!"

Kusunoki Asuha

12 to 13


Battle Girl High School

Weapons / Abilities / Powers:
Asuha's weapon of choice is a spear-type weapon, but technically, all Hoshimori can use various weapon types. The ones Asuha has been known to use are Spears, Swords & Wands.
Hoshimori are able to tap into special attacks or abilities after performing consequetive attacks in a timed order, simply referred to as 'Skills'. These very attacks in this very order have their damage stacked with each hit.
There is no reliable wiki to get information from.
The spear that Asuha can equip has an additional effect that heals her each time it strikes an opponent.
The wand that Asuha can equip has an additional effect where 4 consequetive hits will cause stun, and it will continue until the combination of strikes or order is over.
The sword that Asuha can equip has an additional effect that has a chance to cause the opponent to be dazed when hit.

Extra Info:
Asuha is accompanied by her three seniors - Itsuki, Fuuran & Mari - who sit in the seats as spectators. Why they don't participate instead of her even though they're much stronger than Asuha(and will be in their current state even for the next five years) is not explained.​


But We Were Happy
Oh look, a friend...for the nogitsune.

Name: Cerin Cornine
Age: 27
Canon: OC
Weapons / Abilities / Powers: Emotional manipulation- Cerin has the unique ability to quite literally manipulate people's emotions to fit his own desires without saying a word. ( Only works if the others are unaware he is doing it, can still be used, but won't be effective at all/ easy to break if aware) After death, takes a full 24 hours to use.
Skilled manipulator- When his powers fail to work, he isn't above sweet-talking to make deals and get his way without moving a muscle.
Physically fit- He is in peak human physical condition.
Fire-arms- Cerin can dual wield pistols and knows the in and outs of most guns. ( He has two pistols on him)
Magically adapted- Cerin can used elemental spells, but doesn't often use them. ( It hurts him) If he dies, he can't manipulate the elements for a full 24 hours.
Doppelganger effect- Cerin can make a doppelganger of himself, either out of material in the area or another person. If he dies, he can't use this ability for a full 24 hours.
Close quarter combat- He excels at it, but prefers to not use it unless he has too.
Smooth-talker/ charmer- He can smooth talk and charm both men and women. He doesn't honestly care.
Powers unlocked after Death
Death regeneration (*1)- Cerin can regenerate himself, once and only once.
Raising the dead- He currently can revive one of the death as his minion. The dead can act on its own and it doesn't listen and costs some energy
Jewel manipulation- He can remove jewels from the earth, not really useful in a fight.
Osteokinesis- The summoning of bones and controls, difficult to control at times, can only use them if there are bones nearby.
Umbrakinesis- Ability to manipulate darkness and shadow travel. Diffcult to maintain sanity while doing this,
Flight- Exactly as it says- like electricity will hurt the wings.
LEECH ability- The ability to absorb others powers, three time use (bi-weekly) as it drains 1/3 of his life force. It can be used a fourth time but it will make him incredible weak. Fifth time will kill him.

Extra Info: He's pansexual. He's a high functioning sociopath/ border-line psychopath.
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Senator Steven Armstrong

Mid-Late 40s

Metal Gear Rising: Revengence

Weapons / Abilities / Powers:
Superhuman Strength
Superhuman Speed
Energy Absorption
Energy Redirection
Sumo and Judo Training
Navy Training

Due to the fact that his body is compromised entirely of Nano-Machines, Armstrong is able to heal from most injuries, should he be given the chance to gather energy. Should he be given enough time to adapt to or preempt an attack, Armstrong is able to harden his body to a strength equal to the strength of the attack, absorbing and redirecting the kinetic energy.
Extra Info:
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(Ok If I play a duo character for this)
Character Sheet


Name: Jak and Daxter

Age: (If known) 18/ ???

Canon: (If your character's an OC, put "Original Character.") Jak 3

Weapons / Abilities / Powers: (Either described or a Wiki link works!)
Red Mod
Yellow Mod
Dark Mod
Blue Mod

Eco Channeler


Weapons: Daxter uses very little equipment throughout the series. In all games, he retains goggles and gloves. During Daxter, Osmo gave Daxter exterminator's equipment which included an electric bug swatter, a spray gun, a flamethrower attachment for that spray gun, and an ultrasonic attachment as well, which was similar to the spray gun, but launched "ultrasonic" bombs at enemies. Daxter will also operate the Morph Gun while Jak is driving a zoomer.

Abilities: Daxter can take down a man by himself by pulling him down, use the Morph gun of Jak's, and much more.

Extra Info: (Anything you'd want me to know.) N/A



Name: Ryusuke Akishima Keiko, or just Ryu Keiko/Ryu

Age: 26

Canon: Original Character

Weapons / Abilities / Powers: Elemental; Fire User/ Weapons: Throwing knives (Proficient with a staff as well)

Extra Info: Ryu is the type of person that you would call a big brother. He picks on you (jokingly), and likes to protect others. He has quite the temper when angered, and it shows in his abilities and fighting style often. He doesn't have some profound fighting ability. He is just a bit wild and relentless when needed, which is what you would expect from a pyromancer~

If it's too late for me to join, please leave me a message!

Atomic Knight

Bear With Me
The Convergence Series GM

Cole MacGrath



Weapons / Abilities / Powers
Cole's initial power is that he can manipulate electricity and lightning in various manners both offensively and defensively. He is essentially a battery and a conduit for electrical energy, but can't generate a large amount of electricity on his own and must recharge using electrical sources. This also powers his second ability, the ability to generate and manipulate ice. He needs electricity in order to use the cryokinesis and the advantages it brings.

However, the weaknesses of Cole's initial two powers is largely offset by the powers he has gained within the Convergence series. He can conjure lightning via magic that also can be used to fill his reserves, though he doesn't necessarily need to rely on his initial powers, for the actual scope of Cole's powerset is vast. These include abilities such as fire manipulation, life energy restoration, teleportation, flight, chi generation and manipulation, temporary shapeshifting, various spells that include debilitating magic and elemental magic, enhanced senses, enhanced speed, plant manipulation, power nullification, and more. This list is non-exhaustive.

How Cole has this wide arrange of powers stems largely from two other powers he has gained. First is the ability to absorb from or give powers to others. However, this requires great effort and close contact with the other being. The second ability is being able to see through any technique, any movement, any weaknesses, thus mastering any ability with just simple observation. While this primarily applies to physical abilities, it has been shown to work on supernatural or superhuman abilities within reason. Due to Cole's status as a Conduit and a powerful superhuman entity in his own right, his power to observe and use other's abilities is vast and nearly limitless.​
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