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Ch. 1: Altsoba School of Sorcery

Discussion in 'General Roleplay Archives' started by BrookeDi, Jan 5, 2019.

[this is a work in progress--please be patient as I make this more aesthetically pleasing. I will also be adding details to the spells (how long it lasts, any additional steps needed, etc.). For now, it's just the basics on what the spell is.]

Abscondus - Lock objects that do not have a lock.
Adsidua Sonitus - Fills the ears of anyone nearby with an unidentifiable buzzing, except for the person casting the spell.
Amplio Scopas - Improves aim.
Animus Dicos - Used to communicate telepathically or for mind reading. This spell is for advanced students and is not typically taught in schools pratically. Theoretically, it is often discussed, particularly for the feasibility of telepathic communication. It has also been proven to be easier to perform on mundane folk than it is to perform on another sorcerer. It is near impossible to perform on a Hunter, when it was attempted hundreds of years ago.
Araneae Pellatur - Repels arachnids and arachnid-like creatures.
Attollo Demitto - Levitate yourself or objects
Auxilia - This spell creates a Helping Hand. This hand lasts up to 30 minutes, or until the spell is broken. The caster can control the hand to act on behalf of the caster. For beginners it is difficult to cast additional spells while this is being cast, but with some practice there have been reports of sorcerers casting up to three additional spells.

Calidum Cibum - Keeps food warm.
Confusa Facere - Makes the targeted person confused. This spell should be used with extreme caution, as it can cause permanent confusion to the target if not done correctly. Not recommended for beginners.
Comminuam - Breaks objects.

Derectus Cincinnus - Curls Straight Hair
Derectus Hinni - Tames Frizzy Hair
Derectus Hinnito - Straightens curly hair

Eisque - Animates inanimate objects. Charm a broom to sweet, a rag to scrub, etc.
Eo - Transportation spell. There is more to transportation than this seemingly simple spell. Additional training is required.
Exsarcio - Cleaning spell. Scrubs even the toughest of stains. Not to be used on clothing, fragile items, or areas larger than a cat.

Frigus Cibum - Keeps fold cold.
Fulgeo - Illuminates the tip of your wand and casts a soft light up to 30 feet.

Gelida Cibis - Keeps food frozen.

Incisura - Cut through things.
Indago Septentrio - Finds North.

Latus Telumio - Disarm an attacking opponent.
Latebras Apud Hominem Revelare - Reveal persons in hiding. This spell is incredibly difficult to perform successfully.

Minuo Scopas - Diminishes aim.
Mutatio Hinnito [insert color here] - Changes hair color. Using the latin color will increase the likelihood of success.

Necte Inimicus - A binding spell that ties up your target.
Novus Corporis - Bone and skin regeneration. This spell requires advanced knowledge of sorcerer anatomy and healing and should only be used by professional healers.


Obstuctionum Animus - Blocks others from reading your mind or sending telepathic thoughts.

Praesidio Tenebris - Protects from dark and disturbing thoughts. This spell can only be used on others.
Profero - Unlock locked objects.
Protege Me - Creates a circle of protection up to ten feet around.

Quaeque Rumpenda Eos - Knocks your target off their feet, much like if they were being shoved to the ground.
Qui Solverit Dolore Eu Dictum - The Unbreakable Vow. When used, this spell creates an illness in the person who breaks their promise. Typically the illness lasts up to a week, but can be pretty severe. Results vary.

Ranæ comedunt - Causes the target to throw up frogs from anywhere between 1 and 5 hours.
Redintegro - Repair broken tools.
Reditus - Return an object to it's previous form.
Repetere Duritiam Incantatorum Tuorum Vehementem - Shows the last 5 spells used by the wand. Intermediate spell.
Requaero - Spell to locate people and objects.

Specto Umbra - Provides the spellcaster with darkvision. They can see up to 60 feet in dim light as if the area was well lit and they can see up to 60 feet in complete darkness as if it were dimply lit. This spell is dangerous and not advised for the inexperienced sorcerer as it can cause blindness if the spell is not done correctly or comes in direct contact with an individual's eye.

Tempus Clypeus - An individual shield. It goes up directly in front of the caster, where the wand is pointed. It lasts until it is struck by a spell or the spell ends. If being bombarded with physical objects, the spell will last slightly longer. The harder the object hits, the shorter lifespan of the shield.
Traducio [item] - Calls an item to you.
Tripudius - Tickles the target.

Bad JuJu/Illegal Spells: There are some spells that are taught only theoretically in class. Some of these spells are thought to create bad juju on the caster, others are illegal. Those spells are listed here for reference.

Ad Mortem Turpitudo Tua - This spell directly translates to "May your dishonesty lead to your death" and is a variation of the unbreakable vow, where the consequences of such an act can be costly.
Animatus Cadaveribus - A spell that reanimates the dead, like puppets. Not quite necromancy, but close.

Cerebrum Potentia - Temporarily enhances mental abilities. The reason this falls under illegal spells is due to the fact that there is a side effect of increased violent urges for those the spell is cast on.

Furari - Steals power from the target. This spell is incredibly difficult, and there are few sorcerers in the history of sorcery who are reported to have successfully (and illegally) performed this spell.

Imperio Obsequendum - Forces the target to obey the castor. Takes away their free will.

Meditati Sunt Timore - Causes the target to hallucinate their greatest fear, until the spell is stopped. Can cause great mental anguish.

Oblivisci Omnes - Causes a sorcerer to forget. Sometimes this is used in the medical field, particularly to sorcerers who have suffered through a mental ordeal, but the practice is frowned upon. It is highly encouraged that this spell not be used and there are many sorcerers who are lobbying to make it illegal.
Organa Retorta - This spell causes the targeted person's organs to twist in painfully complicated ways. This spell can be undone, but it typically requires several surgeries, provided the targeted person survives long enough.

Prae Dolore - Causes incredibly agony on the target. It was used by some sorcerers during World War I as a torture method and was outlawed due to the amount of pain it causes. If used too long, it can cause a person to go insane.

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