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Ch. 1: Altsoba School of Sorcery

Discussion in 'General Roleplay Archives' started by BrookeDi, Jan 5, 2019.

Cloaks: At the start of their first year in high school each student is given a cloak. As they grow, so will the cloak. As they reach significant achievements in magic, the enchanted cloak will gain designs to represent these successes. Once the student has declared their gift, the lining of their cloak will change to reflect that announcement.

Cloaks are floor length and completely black for undeclared students and black on the outside and colored on the inside for declared students.

Dress Code: Cover your bits and pieces and wear your cloak. Otherwise, wear whatever.

Prefects: Prefects are a combination of students from Grade 11 and Grade 12. Four from each grade (2 boys, 2 girls) for a combination of 8 total prefects.

Qualifications for prefects include: a combination of good moral character and high grades along with a willingness to help others.
Prefects are nominated by their professors and voted among the staff in the summer. Being a prefect in Grade 11 will not necessarily mean that you will be a prefect in Grade 12. Grades and behavior must stay in good standing.

Campus Jobs:
Coffee Shop - Hours available for students are in the evenings and mornings (before and after classes)
Library Worker - Available as an Elective and again in the morning and evening before and after classes
Teacher's Assistant - Only offered by some teachers and will be substituted for an elective
Odd Jobs - Students signed up for this job will be assigned tasks for professors or other school staff to do in and around the school. This could be anything from helping grading papers to unclogging toilets

Q&A: here is the link to all the questions we have been asked, that I could recall, that do include questions about the hunters. That information will be presented separately.

Here is a separate link to hunter specific questions. It doesn't answer all the questions that were addressed, but the ones I felt could be answered OOC because there likely might not be an answer IC or it would not affect the play of the story.

Because part of the being a sorcerer is learning to blend with the non-magic world, they use the same money that is used across the world. At Altsoba, the money used is Canadian currency.

nickel (5 cents)
dime (10 cents)
quarter (25 cents)
loonie (one dollar)
toonie (two dollars)

five dollar bill
ten dollar bill
twenty dollar bill
fifty dollar bill
one hundred dollar bill

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