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Ch. 1: Altsoba School of Sorcery

Discussion in 'General Roleplay Archives' started by BrookeDi, Jan 5, 2019.

Most sorcerers don't follow standard organized religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, etc. That doesn't mean there aren't some who do, particularly those with one or both parents who are human and therefore are raised with those tendencies. Most believe that the gods represented in these religions are people who existed. For example, sorcerers believe that Jesus was a person who existed, but they think that he was a sorcerer. He healed the sick, he could walk on water, and turn water into wine (it's pretty widely agreed upon that he had the gift of water).

Thousands and thousands of years ago, when people were first around, magic was not as common in people as it is now. Those that did have the ability for magic believed that their ability came from a high beings. It's not known if these were real people who just something that was created to explain their abilities. It was believed that there are seven gods and goddesses who would bestow upon the worthy a gift of magic and then a second more specialized gift.

They would praise and thank these gods and goddesses and attribute natural disasters and other events (rains after a long drought, etc) to these gods and goddesses. Below is the list of the different god and goddesses for each gift. Their birthdays are often celebrated in the sorcerer community, although they aren't as heavily worshiped now as they used to be. Now it's a moment to be thankful for your gift and a chance to have a celebration.

More details about each celebration to come.

Water - Cessaqua - 7th March Known as calm and intelligent, but also cruel and harsh. She’s depicted as a tall, slender woman with light blue skin. She has long, dark blue hair that falls in waves past her bottom. She has thin lips and bright blue eyes. Shown wearing blue clothes that always show off her midriff. Sometimes shown with Nuncvadam.

Fauna - Amilis - 23rd April
Older versions show her as half fox, walking on four legs with a tail and fox ears, though many people denounce these images. Very delicate and bony, with a cute ginger bob with black tips. She’s shown with skin that has a very light orange tint. She’s drawn with yellow eyes with vertical slit pupils. Depicted wearing brown clothes with open backs. Usually shown with Forscia.

General - Omnibona - 1st November Thought by some people to be a total pushover, and thought by others to be the leader of all the Gods. Short, but still way taller than Forscia, with dark grey skin. Has curly silver hair at her shoulders and similarly coloured eyes. Usually depicted wearing grey and silver suits, with very big hats.

Earth - Forscia - 5th February
Known as the kindest of the gods, and levelheaded, but the most fearsome when angered. Depicted as perilously short, usually from 2-3 feet tall and overweight, with a darker skin tone. Wears her dark hair in two long thick braids. Shown wearing green clothes with slit sides that show her thighs. Usually shown with Amilis.

Fire - Nuncvadam - 10th October
He’s shown as being heavily muscled, with dark red tattoos covering a lot of his body. He is bald, and has light red skin. Has dark brown eyes with a slight red tinge to them. It’s considered disrespectful to show him wearing a shirt, so he is always drawn shirtless with red bottoms. Sometimes shown with Cessaqua.

Clairvoyance - Viderara - 8th July A skinny and tall six-eyed man, known to be eternally anxious due to constant visions and knowledge of what will happen, and thought to be the smartest of the Gods. He’s shown with neatly parted lavender hair and extremely pale skin. His eyes are shown as dark purple, and never seem to focus. He is shown wearing long purple robes.

Wind - Elisend - 26th August
Depicted as an older man, with wrinkled, wise face. Shown with a slight figure, and his feet are said to never touch the ground. He has long silver hair that hovers around his head, clumped and knotted from the constant winds. He wears clothes like Omnibona, very formal suits with grey scale clothes. Thought to be a best friend to Omnibona, enemy to Nuncvadam, and friendly rival to Cessaqua.

Kudos to @Romamaro for creating the details per each god/goddess.

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