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Ch. 1: Altsoba School of Sorcery

Discussion in 'General Roleplay Archives' started by BrookeDi, Jan 5, 2019.

Every school has rumors as does every community. This tab will be designated for rumors circulating Altsoba and those that are making waves across the magical community.

School Rumors:
- There are seven different paths to sneak into and out of the school building.

- There are ghosts wandering the school grounds, but no one ever talks about having seen them.

Community Rumors:

- There is a long-standing rumor within the sorcerer community, that a secret society exists beneath their very noses much like the Illuminati for the mundane-folk. It is said to have started at Altsoba, although there is no real proof. Instead, there are conspiracy theories, half-cocked ideas, and hundreds of off-the-cuff remarks joking about the subject. The crazy folk, those who truly believe that this society exists (rather than treating it as something to joke about when odd events happen), believe that the secret society's members are in every facet of society. That Prime Minister that just got voted into office? Most definitely a sorcerer who belongs to the society. That CEO who just made a huge deal that made a ton of people a ton of money? Definitely a sorcerer who is a member of the society. The rich and the powerful; most ended up there due to the influence of the society... or so they say.

- This is less of a rumor and more of a fact. Sorcerer children have been disappearing at an alarming rate. The number of kidnappings of children, overall, has deceased over the years, but the number of sorcerer children who have gone missing has increased significantly. There are several rumors as to the cause of this, but nothing concrete as of yet. The interesting thing about this phenomenom is the statistics are worldwide.

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