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Ch. 1: Altsoba School of Sorcery

Discussion in 'General Roleplay Archives' started by BrookeDi, Jan 5, 2019.

These can be required readings, books they see around the school, books a character is carrying, books they read over the summer, etc.
100 Secrets of Potions
1000 Secrets Of Cursing
1409 Tricks To Potions
1648 Mystical Reptiles
A Child's History of Fantastic Insects
A Child's History of Fantastic Mammals
A Child's History of Magical Shrubs
A Practical History of Raising Griffins
Advanced Guide to Caring for Alicorns
Advanced Guide To Fantastic Fungi
Advanced History Of Raising Pixies
Advanced Spells
Beginner’s Spells
Caring for Dragons
Caring For Dragons For Fun And Profit
Caring For Griffins For Duffers
Caring for Pixies
Caring For Pixies
Dragons of Sudan
Enchanted Weapons Of The East
Fairies of Western Europe
Fairy Watching in the South
Griffin Watching In Eastern Asia
Magical Herbs Of Liechtenstein
Magical Places of Hungary
Magical Sites of South Asia
Mystical Birds Of Scandinavia
Omens in the South
Pixies of the North
Raising Alicorns in the East
Raising Dragons in Western Asia
Spellcasting For Duffers
Spells In Zambia
The Complete Guide to Charms
The Complete Guide to Herbology
The Complete Guide to Magical Creatures
The Complete Guide to Potions
The Complete Guide to Spells
The Complete History Of Mystical Crystals
The Essential History Of Raising Alicorns
The Nitwit's Companion to Fortune-Telling
The Nitwit's Companion to Mystical Birds
The Nitwit's History Of Caring For Alicorns
The Pocket History Of Caring For Dragons
The Traveller's History Of Omens
Transfiguration In Eastern Asia

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