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Bague City
Brief Introduction
Cradled by the harsh mountains, this small city has been a haven for weary travelers and excited explorers. It is a place of retreat and education, or honing one's craft and showing those mastered. Tourists rarely visits the place for the journey there is through the dangerous and winding roads alone. It is home of diversity and culture. But that is not the only thing it was known for.

Though still considered as a young community, Bague City was known for its mysterious and magical aura. And who would deny this? Underneath its sleepy exterior hides the truth. Bague houses one of the largest portals to Styx, attracts species of the light and dark, and welcomes those who wanted a fresh start.

A peculiar characteristic of this sleepy city is the way they encourage youths. Instead of the usual university and schools rivalry, Bague, or specifically, the Orion Organization, made it so that the dormitories 'fight' for titles and rankings. Three well known dormitories are; Black Rose, Chalice Bearer, Magic's Pride.

There are two semi-private agencies that are usually required for their services not only within the city but outside of it as well. One is Orion Organization, and the other is Bague's Diagnostic Center and Private Hospital.

Currently, the city's mayor [or leader] is a Reverse Vampire in the name of Anna Knight.

Bague experiences nature's PMS quite often. This is associated by the powerful beings living in the city. An hour could go by with not a single single cloud in the sky, the following hour would bring forth lightning and hail. Truly an unpredictable weather pattern. Best to carry around an umbrella.

If peace does reign over the place, Bague's skies are dotted with cumu-nimbus clouds that does not threaten rain. They just drift lazily, usually covering the sun.


  • Buses
    • Has a central station located in the heart of the city.
  • Taxis
  • Motorcycles
  • Bikes
  • Walking
    • With most of Bague's inhabitants consisting of species with great stamina, walking has been the primary mode of transportation. Since flying was banned in the central district, and the human contraption messed with magic, beings tend just leisurely walk from point A to B. It is not a long walk for the central district is quite small
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Bague Diagnostic Center and Private Hospital

Brief Description
An open secret to the humans, BDCPH is a compound that treats diseases and injuries caused by supernatural forces. It is where the supernatural themselves come and get treated.

Headed by one of Death's commanders, the Demon of Death, Abaddon Sheol.

Department of the Compound

  • Main Lobby - Ran by the older sirens. They are beautiful half-bird females who has long patience and even longer tolerance. When a curios human comes, those wing-like arms turn that of a human's while their feathers turn into feathered gowns.
  • Pharmacy - tended by the tiny faeries. With only a touch, they will know what the patient needs. Usually tipped with sugar cubes.
  • Nurses for ICU - most of the nurses here are vampires. They could smell if the blood is already spoiled and would know the type of blood a victim needs
  • Nurses on duty - Sprites, nymphs, and young sirens. They are visiting nurses who would brighten the room with their music and aura. They will tend to the wilting get-well flowers and share stories with the patients.
  • Pediatric Ward - Six employees are under the pediatric ward; 2 young kitsunes, and 3 witches [two of which are males]. The kitsunes usually play with the children by showing their fluffy tails and playing hide-and-seek around the wing.
  • Guards - Manticores and gargoyles. No questions asked. They are more pet-like than person.
  • Veterinary Department - Most ran by the werewolves and the beast masters.
  • Diagnostic Department - This is where the dark arts come into play. Shamans, wizards, demons, and summoners are employees of the department. Barriers, summoning diagrams, protective trinkets, and occasionally, ghosts, are what is scattered about the place.
Underneath the compound is where death reigns supreme. It is where they store the bodies of those who died from natural and supernatural causes. Autopsy is conducted here for those with mysterious deaths.

Headed by one of the commanders of Death, the Angel of Death, Azrael Bismuth.

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Orion Organization
Brief Description
Orion compromises of humans with supernatural abilities and is the unofficial police force and investigative bureau in the city. The members also double as some sort of immigration bureau for those not in the realm [angels, demons, and ancients]. They make sure those who come to the city have good intentions. For if the visitors plan of causing havoc, Orion dispatches them immediately.

Their headquarters is located near the biggest portal towards Styx. They also have a private island outside the city where they hold a yearly competition for the dormitories.

They were also the ones to suggest that instead of the academies battling it out to be on top, it would be the dormitories who would join in. The idea was agreed upon because the original holders of the titles studied in the same university. It was unfair for the other universities.

As said before, titles are given to exemplar students who went beyond their usual duties and helped the community and went on missions for Bague

  • Lord - Only six beings were given the title of Lord; two of which already graduated from college but still held unto their title. They are considered as the most powerful in Orion
  • Kings - Given to one per specie. To take current holder's title, one must be of the same specie [half-blood or pure blood] and one must challenge the current holder. 20 titles are scattered around the city.
  • Masters - Self explanatory. The titles are given when the student has mastered their craft. The title is passed by the current holder to the next via apointment. The current holder would name a successor and it would be absolute. There are 30 known masters in the City.
  • Special Titles - Given to students and instructors alike who has been acknowledged by Orion as an asset. The unique title could not be handed down.