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Side Story Champions of the Arena: Convergence Battle Royale

Discussion in 'Convergence In-Character Forums' started by Sark, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. Sark

    Sark Im-im-impossible!!

    Day 1-- 6:05am
    Prologue: The Dice are Rolling

    You wake up.
    Your eyelids are heavy. Your cheeks are numb.
    You wish to scream, but every word you cry simply crackles away into silence.
    You gasp for air, your skin burning under the heat of the magma bellow.
    You want to survey your surroundings, but your neck is bound.
    All you can see is an endless sky.
    Truly, you are a captive audience.

    "Goooooooooood Morning Campers!!!!!"

    A voice tears through the silence, echoing like a a thunder crack.The Man's voice is shrill, like listening to nails grind along a chalk board. It seemed to fill the clearing with noise, its source undetectable.

    "Hope you're all rested up after that little nap of yours; I mean, we've got a ton of fun activities lined up this week... well, they'll be fun for me, at least...

    "...Me and our audience, of course. Say hi to fans now, Champions. They'll be with you all the way, I'm sure. But try not to let that get to your head now; you'll need all your wits about you if you're gonna live long enough to sign their autographs. Let me worry about my micro cameras capturing your good side. You worry about keeping your good side attached to your... not so good side"

    With a rumble and a bubble, the heat along your backs seemed to dissipate. A cool wind caressed your skin. It was as if the lava that had once warmed your skin had been parted, allowing the cool morning air to rush into its vacant lot. A chilling bite replaced the burning sting. Now, the only warmth in the air came from the distant rising sun that hung in the corner of your eye.

    "Now, you're probably thinking to yourselves 'What's the name of this Badass Boogeyman with a lava elevator?' I've got a crisp hundred dollar bill for anyone who guessed... Arcade"

    imageproxy (2).png
    "Let me cut to the chase, Champs. I like watching people die. I'm a bit screwed in the head. Sue me. I used to rule the Deathtrap scene, but my Deathtrap-to-dead-superhero-ratio blew. Like, really blew. Turns out sticking the X-Men in a giant pinball machine isn't the most efficient way to snuff out a bunch of teens. Who knew?"

    "So a few weeks ago, I start feeling sorry for myself. I consider throwing in the towel and hanging up the flamethrowers. But fate has a funny way of lighting up your dark days. This idea just hits me. Maybe I try something different. Because madness is doing the same thing over and over and over and expecting a different result, isn't it?"

    "So here's what's gonna happen:

    "All of you are going to do the work for me. You're gonna kill each other. Got the idea from some kids books I read in the pen. A teen Death-Match. Kill or be killed. It'll be great"

    Avengers-Area-001-Zone-017 (2).jpg
    "Everything you'll need to start squeezing the life out of each other is here, on my lovely little private island. Weapons, shelter, food, medicine. The whole kit and caboodle. Oh, and don't worry about trying to escape or anything. I mean, I'd hate to have to step in myself and brutally eviscerate you all. Where's the fun in that?"
    "But I'm not a total heartless Badass Boogeyman. Only mostly heartless. You'll have your powers and your equipment and the like. Everything you need to have your fun. And a team. That's right. Its gonna be like the second of those kids books I read in the pen. You'll be just like the New York Jets... if the Jets started killing Eagles"

    "I think its time we introduced you- and our viewers- to your lovely new allies and victims! Drum roll please..."

    "In the Red Corner, we have a girl with here eye on the prize. The only Young Avenger anyone really cares about anymore! The teen hero who actually lived long enough to become a big-boy hero... its.....

    Katherine Bishop, better Known as Hawkeye! @Atomic Knight

    "Who's up next? He's Odin's Sparky Servant. He's the Boy Thunder. The Blonde Boy with a half-fried Brain, its...

    Hnikar! @Crow
    "The Red Team's next Champ is a graduate of the school of hard knocks. She's seen a lot and she's been a lot, but she's come out the other side of it all with a nasty case of 'the loyalty'! Get ready for the Pyrokinetic Protector herself, its....

    Alice Swayne! @Takumi
    "And now, to wrap up our Red Racketeers, I'd like to introduce Africa's own White Mamba. He's got grudges and Daddy issues galore, so you better sleep with one eye open when he's in your camp! Watch out for the pint-sized predator, its:

    Eli, the Liquid Snake!
    "Now on to our Boys in Blue! And believe me, these fellas are no strangers to brutality! Let me introduce you to the Blue Team's very own living weapon... A guy who's mamma told him he could be anything he wanted when he grew up... so he became a Sword! Give a nice warm welcome for the Demonic Dicer himself....

    Hyakkimaru! @Gummi Bunnies
    "One the topic of swords, whats better than having one sword? If you guessed exactly 6 swords, you'll have earned yourself another nice crisp hundred dollar bill, should you live long enough to collect, that is! Let me warn you, this Black Magic Woman is capable of much more than guessing your card! Meet...

    Laura Kinney, better known as Weapon Hex! @Jeremi
    "Now tell me: who here has been bitten by a cat? Or scratched by a cat? I for one have never met a cat who isn't a total ass. Well, I assure you, the Blue Team's resident feline is capable of packing a punch without settling off your allergies! Welcome...

    Maeve! @Hahli Nuva
    "Fighting along our Black Magic Woman we have our Black Magic Man! Here's a challenge for you all- if you want to knock the Blue Team out of the competition, you better get ready to kill a man who's already dead! Let me tell you: the Spookiest Stonekeeper wont make things easy! Enter...

    Max Griffin! @York

    "They're mean, lean and ready to blow off some steam! Enter... the Green Team!"
    "Now, I've met a fair few Samurai in my time. I've killed a few of them too. But none can pack as much punch as this bookworm. Prepare yourself for a duel to the death with...

    Isabeau! @Minerva
    "Let me ask you this, Champions; are you afraid of the Dark? I hope not... if you are, I've made a terrible mistake bringing you here. Because the Green team's mystery man is practically made out of the stuff. Prepare to be locked in combat with...

    Vanitas, the Masked Boy! @Gummi Bunnies

    "Now I've fought the X-Men... a lot. And I mean... a lot. But don't get me wrong; I've got plenty of Mutie friends. Keep this one away from the coastline, unless you want me storing your corpse in a box full of rice for 2 to 3 days. Prepare to get a lungful of...

    Alani Ryan, better known as Loa! @Jeremi

    "Now I don't like this kid much. He kinda pisses me off. He doesn't really speak gives me the willies. And I can barely pronounce his name. Feel like if you look into this guys eyes for too long you'll lose your soul or something. Anyway, meet Captain Creep himself...

    Tretij Rebenok, the Psycho Mantis!
    "Now I was always told that Yellow was the cowards color... but then again, I was never one for believing in jinxes... maybe that's why my Deathtrap-Death ratio is so poor..."
    "Anyway... Here's the Yellow Team! Blood type O and weighing in at 139lbs, Mao Forrest's Warrior-Singer is ready to do whatever it takes to complete his to get his job done. He's no stranger to torture, so I'm expecting a hell of a show from...

    Nezumi! @Takumi
    "Now, our next contestant has quite the resume behind her. Gotta admit, I'm impressed. I bet all those illegal fighting rings have prepared you nicely for this week's festivities. Better watch out for for this Psycho, because she's all Dolled up and got somewhere to be! Its...

    Xiayu @Yun Lee
    "This Scarab of Steel is part man, part machine... part alien; a deadly combination for sure! Keep your guard up around the Teen Titan himself:

    Jaime Reyes, better known as the Blue Beete! @Crow
    "Now prepare yourselves to take on the original teen heroes'... recently resurrected Clone Brother. He's the Brand X Spider-Man, along comes...

    Ben Reilly, the Scarlet Spider!
    "The Pink Team is called the Pink Team for a pretty funny reason actually. Its because... I ran out of colors. And I didn't want to number the teams. That would just be impersonal, and I mean, murdering someone is about as personal as you can get...."

    "In the Pink Corner... we've got the Last Daughter of Krypton... as long as you ignore Power Girl, Superwoman and the other Superwoman, that is. Face the fists of the Woman of Steel...

    Kara-El, better known as Supergirl! @York
    "I'm a bit of a gambler myself, so I decided to go double or nothing when it came to choosing my Dolls. Armed to the teeth, just like her sister, this Street Fighter is can pack both a punch and pack some heat- just keep an eye on your ammunition! Next on the Pink Team is...

    Jianyu! @Yun Lee
    "Don't underestimate the next fella on our itinerary; don't let his unassuming appearance trick you into lowering your guard. He's got more tricks than fingers, that's for sure. Part man part gem, meet...

    Steven Universe! @Atomic Knight
    "Let me introduce you to Pink Team's very own Man of Tomorrow. What he lacks in power he makes up with his crazy future tech. Half his equipment hasn't even been patented yet. Whoever wins the tournament gets first dibs on his loot. Meet the Future of Vigilantism:

    Terry McGinnis, better known as the Batman... Beyond!
    "Leading the pack we've got the oldest fella here. A teen hero who hasn't seen the sun in about... 70 years? Young at heart, its time you met...

    Bucky Barnes, the freshly thawed Winter Soldier!

    "Let's hope the Orange Team's runner isn't... yellow at heart. He's the third or forth fastest man alive, and hopefully knows better than to run from a fight, blink and you'll miss...

    Wally West, the Kid Flash!
    "Keep your eyes on the skies kids, because you're about to come toe to toe with some divine intervention! The X-Men's Winged Wonder, enter...

    Warren Worthington III, the Angel!
    "And now last, but by no means least, don't call this Kryptonian Kid Superboy..."
    It's Connor Kent... the Super Boy!

    "Oh, I've got goosebumps already. I could scream right now, and I'm sure a lot of you're feeling the same way! And I suppose there are those among you who are... excited by the whole thing. Those of your who are itching to come out as brutal, relentless murders? You'll get far in this competition. Those who don't adapt? Those who don't kill? Enjoy dying... Enjoy being forgotten"

    "By everyone. Your friends. Your loved ones. Everyone you met on your pitiful home worlds. I've pulled some strings. Made some deals. They've forgotten about you already. Unless you make it out alive... well... I guess they'll die ignorant. You'll have no legacy here. Now legend. Only a shallow grave... if your team is courteous enough to dig you one, that is. Courteous enough or stupid enough..."

    "Because Time is of the Essence. In 6 days... Let me say that again. 6 Days, this whole island goes boom. I'll sink the thing. The kids at home will love it. A big ol' fireworks show to end the series. Because at the end of these 6 Days, only One soul will be leaving my island. One. El Uno. Der Ein"

    "In the mean time, you'll have... about 20 minutes to get your bearings. 20 minutes to get your head around your impending doom. After that... the kiddie gloves come off... and the killing starts. And oh my, there will be some killings. Let's get this show on the road..."

    At the sound of Arcade's clapping hands, the Champions began to drift back down to solid ground, fluttering onto the earth surrounding the magma pool. Their Grace Period had begun and the dumbness was starting to fade from their bodies, but the clock was ticking down,. It was time for them to get acquainted with their teams, and start planning as to how they were going to make it to Day 6.

    Cast List
    Red Team
    Katherine 'Kate' Bishop/ Hawkeye (Marvel Comics) @Atomic Knight
    Hnikar (Rage of the Bahamut) @Crow
    Alice Swayne (The Ancient Magus Bride) @Takumi
    Eli/Liquid Snake

    Blue Team
    Hyakkimaru (Dororo) @Gummi Bunnies
    Laura Kinney (Marvel Comics) @Jeremi
    Maeve (Paladins) @Hahli Nuva
    Mac Griffin (Amulet) @York

    Green Team
    Isabeau (Shin Megami Tensei IV) @Minerva
    Alani Ryan (Marvel Comics) @Jeremi
    Vanitas (Kingdom Hearts) @Gummi Bunnies
    Psycho Mantis

    Yellow Team
    Nezumi (No.6) @Takumi
    Jaime Reyes (DC) @Crow
    Xiayu (Street Fighter) @Yun Lee
    Ben Reilly/ Scarlet Spider

    Pink Team
    Kara/ Supergirl (DC) @York
    Jianyu (Street Fighter) @Yun Lee
    Stephen Universe (Stephen Universe) @Atomic Knight
    Terry McGinnis/ Batman Beyond

    Orange Team
    Bucky Barnes/ Winter Soldier
    Wally West/ Kid Flash
    Warren Worthington III/ Angel
    Connor Kent/ Superboy

    White Team
    Billy Batson/ Shazam @Lucky
    Reserved Spot for Dark
    Goro Akechi @Alex Azure
    Scott Summers/Cyclops
    Purple Team
    Henry Hart/ Kid Danger @Lucky
    Reserved Spot for Dark
    Haru Okumura @Alex Azure
    Amadeus Cho

    Last edited: Apr 7, 2019
    dark, York, Gummi Bunnies and 3 others like this.
  2. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM


    Instinctively Laura popped out her claws from between her knuckles as the red haired man spoke to them. What madness was this? How had she got there? Was Speed Weasel here as well? A million questions and no answers. Laura had been bred as a weapon, she wasn't afraid for herself, but, game or no game she was not going to kill others over her own survival...unless they really asked for it.

    "Everyone okay?"
    She turned to face her team. If they were going to survive the first thing was to get to know who you were working with.

    @Gummi Bunnies @Hahli Nuva @York

    Oh no...oh God no. Loa never expected the time where she could put an X over 'getting abducted by Arcade' in the X-Men bingo, but now here she was in what appeared to be his deadliest plan yet. Headmistress Pryde always told them about the big pinball machine when she had started out...but this was nothing like that. The tattooed girl got up on shaky feet giving her team mates a look over. "Hi, I'm Loa. And uh....I really don't want to kill anyone."

    @Minerva @Gummi Bunnies @Sark
  3. Gummi Bunnies

    Gummi Bunnies The Magus of Flowers The Convergence Series GM


    ❝ ... not home. ❞ Hyakkimaru spoke when it became clear that he wasn't at the campsite with Dororo and the priest. There was unfamiliar souls around him, and while he didn't catch all of that announcement from Arcade, he was able to see the souls of those that were on his team more clearly than those that were not. In a way, he imprinted them as allies, going by the teams that were assigned.

    Following the sound of a teammate's voice and detecting her soul, the boy slowly extended his hand out to place under Laura's cheek. It may seem like a strange action, but it was something that he always did when meeting others.

    ❝ O... kay? ❞ He pronounced the word slowly, as if he weren't used to talking at all.

    @Jeremi @Hahli Nuva @York


    ❝ Great, nice to know that I have to pick up someone else's slack. ❞ The masked boy grumbled in response. As Loa said that she wouldn't dare kill anybody, Vanitas felt no hesitation in doing just that. If it meant surviving, then that's what he had to do, and if it weren't for this team setup, he wouldn't hesitate from taking everybody's lives on the spot.

    ❝ News flash, idiot. If you aren't gonna kill, then it's a no-brainer that you'll get yourself killed. Not that I care, but I rather not have one person marked off this team that I'm thrown in. ❞ He kept his mask on, but it was obvious that he was glaring daggers at her.

    @Jeremi @Minerva @Sark
  4. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    Laura was a bit confused by the gesture but allowed it, she wasn't going to begrudge him for just that. "Yes, okay. Are you okay?" Laura felt that she did know the answer to that.

    @Gummi Bunnies @Hahli Nuva @York

    Oh great, one of these types. "I have killed...underwater vampires?" Probably didn't count but Loa didn't want to make a situation out of it. "I have never met Arcade before but I know his reputation. I don't think we can trust anything he's saying. For all we know he'll kill anyone left alive anyway." Was she sure about that? Or was it just wishful thinking? Anyway she wasn't going to back down from this weird kid with a mask at least. "So as long as I'm around we're not killing anyone."

    @Minerva @Gummi Bunnies @Sark
  5. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    Prologue: Xiayu and Jianyu
    "Final Mission"

    There wasn't really much of a way to respond to all this, was there? There wasn't anything Xiayu could do, trapped in magma and forced to listen to this Arcade's long speech. But everything he said she made herself listen to. Trapped on an island and forced to kill others...be completely forgotten if you died yourself...only one making it out alive... As barbaric as it all was, it was fact. Her life was never going to be normal, was it? Her time working for Shadaloo had almost killed her so many times, that she should never have expected to live normally...or even that much longer. But that was all right. If she had been forgotten, at lesst her disappearance wouldn't cause anyone pain. Her parents, the other Dolls...they wouldn't miss her. And neither would-


    No, no, no, no! As Arcade listed off the pink team, the second she heard her twin's name, she felt a knot grow in her stomach. No, please...please don't do this. Why...why would he take them both? Her sister could've lived on happily ever after as an only child. But now...there was a chance neither of them could make it out. And to be on separate teams...Xiayu wasn't sure what she was going to do. But as the man finally stopped talking, and they were all free, Xiayu knew the very first thing that needed tending to: her sister.

    Rushing to her, Xiayu spoke. "Are you all right?" Hearing the strange way she spoke, she placed a hand on her face, feeling a carved surface rather than skin. So...she was in her old uniform, huh? Hmph. Not that it mattered.

    "Do I LOOK all right?!" Jianyu hadn't meant to be so harsh with her sister. Literally the one person in the world she made an effort to be nice to...but right now? None of that mattered! She woke up this morning back in her ugly Doll uniform (she had sworn she burned it!), called her codename again, and she and her sister were stuck on some stupid island for a death game?! And they weren't even on the same team, either... Damn it! There was so much to process, she was starting to freak out. Thank God Xiayu was there, but once this game started, she'd be on her own. What was she going to do?

    "Go meet with your team," Xiayu said, placing a hand on her sister's cheek as a small sign of affection. As much as she wanted to stay with her...staying too close could put targets on their backs. "We're going to get out of this. I promise."

    And just like that, Xiayu had calmed her down. Still, Jianyu was panicked. "But what if we don't? What if one of us dies, and we forget about each other?"

    "...don't think about that right now." She was trying to avoid those thoughts, herself. "Right now, make allies. We need everyone we can working together to get out of here." With that, the older sister left to meet the rest of the Yellow Team. "Hello, everyone. How are you all faring?"

    @Crow @Takumi @Sark

    Jianyu walked over to her teammates, arms crossed. "...hi."

    @Atomic Knight @York @Sark
  6. Takumi

    Takumi Member of the Yato Club

    "Tch, how annoying." Nezumi sighed, rubbing his eyes tiredly as he sat up. Literally what the hell? Not only was this Arcade annoying to listen to, Nezumi wanted to strangle him.

    Glancing to his 'teammates' wearily, he stood and stretched his stiff limbs a moment.


    "As fine as someone can be when forced into a death game." He huffed out with a small chuckle. What kind of question was that?

    @Yun Lee @Crow @Sark

    "What the hell?" Alice groaned, running a hand down her face for a moment. Will-O wasn't here, she'd know if he was since he liked popping up now and again. This Arcade said there were weapons present, however, but...

    Glancing to what was her teammates, she rubbed the back of her neck for a moment.

    "Uh, guess we're stuck together...for now." She sighed. This was just great.

    @Atomic Knight @Crow @Sark
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2019
  7. Minerva

    Minerva Christian Optimistic Nihilist

    Why couldn't she live like a normal citizen of West Mikado? Since they had discovered Tokyo beneath the kingdom, her life had been turned upside down and filled with demons, demon hunters, and... Manga.

    She wanted to sleep in a dorm in West Mikado. Perhaps save the world.

    Yet here she was between Discount Walter and Female Jonathan, trapped in a Death Game.

    She had been trained as a samurai, as a soldier of the Kingdom of West Mikado, and as a Demon Summoner.


    She sighed and closed the manga she had been reading before standing up. "We kill only if they try to kill us." She said calmly, stepping forward. "We shouldn't be the ones inciting combat." She said, settling on what seemed like a good middle ground between the two. She was basing this on her moral principles.

  8. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    "Eh? Eeehhh? Where's everyone? Grimnir? Jafnhar? Lou? Buller? Anyone?"

    The confused boy looks around. Even after the big bad bogeyman's intro, he still wasn't too clear on the scenario, a team fight, he believes? Well, it was best to make himself known to his new squad, the red team.

    "Hey everyone! I guess I should introduce myself. Name's Hnikar, student of Manaria Academy, and Servant of Odin, I guess. Looks like we're all stuck in the same pickle, huh? I'm sure if we work together, we'll return to our respective schools and whatnot."

    He seemed positive, despite the pressure this might put on anyone else.

    @Takumi @Atomic Knight @Crow @Sark @RedTeam​

    "I've heard of other heroes getting wrangled into stuff like this and getting out alive, but I'm not one to count on luck. Then again, I'm not really ready to put some red on these blue mitts."


    "Looks like you're taking this better than I am, Scarab. Hey, that's the OG Kid Flash, and isn't that one of those four extra Superguys who popped up on TV during the Death of Superman? I think Supes is thinking of reeling him into the Titans soon. Can't imagine him hanging around Robin... and who's that girl with the S?"

    "Bzzz zzzt!"

    "Right, the Yellow Team."

    Blue Beetle, as he was called, turns to his team, but at the same time, he wanted to turn his head to what he recognised as Titans have-been and Titans to-come - people who might know him, and people he might know.

    "Hola, amigos. The name's Blue Beetle, just Beetle's alright," he then turns to the spider in the team, "guess I'm not the only bug around here."

    His mind wavered, as evidenced by his vocals. It was a no-brainer to realise that he was a hero-type with morals. After all, what better hero archetype to mix into a death game than that?

    @Crow @Takumi @Sark @Yun Lee @YellowTeam​
  9. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    I guess that was a good compromise. "Yeah, we need to be working together. That's how we'll get out of here. All of us." Loa was unfamiliar with most of the people here, but to be fair she hadn't done much superheroing outside the compound not counting her time spent with Namor. The X-Men usually just deal with their own problems after all. "So what's our next move though? Talk to the other teams to try and figure something out?"

    @Minerva @Gummi Bunnies @Sark
  10. Sark

    Sark Im-im-impossible!!

    "The phrase that springs to mind here is "Tough luck", kid" Arcade chuckled, hovering over his playthings. "I mean, this is a kill or be killed sorta deal. Refusing to fight will do you as much good as... signing your own death warrant, and more importantly, it makes for a bad show. Damn pacifists... so selfish..."
    @Minerva @Jeremi @Gummi Bunnies @blue Team
    "Looks like the Green Team's odds of taking home to belt just went up-- its about time one of you kids decided to grow up and start plotting murder like an adult!
    @Minerva @Jeremi @Gummi Bunnies @blue Team
    "Awww..." The showman hummed, his hands clasped over his heart in mock sincerity "Its nice to know I've made an impact on you and your little schoolmates. I always knew I was Mutant-kind's greatest foe. Did they tell you about the Pinball Machine? Oh, that was one of my favorites... right behind Captain America's Winter Wonderland of Death... That said... I find your lack of faith... disturbing... I mean, I kill, I maim, I destroy without thought, sure. But when have I ever lied to my victims? I wear your odds of success on my sleeve! Most of you'll have a 1:32 chance of getting out alive... Except for Ms.Ryan. I'd give you a 1:64 chance of taking home the belt..."
    @Minerva @Jeremi @Gummi Bunnies @blue Team
    "You're right. Let's not worry about dying until we're actually dead. We've got to focus on... not being dead, for now..." Terry muttered, breathing slowly. He had to keep his cool. He had to focus on his mission. The stakes were too high for him to simply roll over and die. The future of his world depended on him. A whole world... what were a few stolen lives to protect an entire planet? "It was... Jian, right? There were a lot of names, and a lot of faces to place them to. Mine's..." Batman was hardly the most calming name in the world "I'm Terry. I'm gotta make sure Pink Team comes out on top. That's what we've gotta focus on; winning.."
    @York @Yun Lee @Atomic Knight @Pink Team
    "Um... Not gonna lie, this wasn't how I imagined I'd be spending my weekend" Scarlet Spider laughed nervously, his fingers tugging on the strings of his hoodie. "I mean, this whole thing seems like bad news, but Arcade? He's... no Doctor Doom. I mean, this guys had his butt handed to him more times than I can count. I mean, I heard he got smacked around by cobra of all people. Cobra. If a two-bit thief like Cobra can beat him, I'm sure 32 heroes can hold him off. My money's on the only 'soul' not leaving the island in 6 days time is gonna be his, if you catch my drift..."
    @Takumi @Crow @Yun Lee @Yellow Team
    "Until you go and get yourself killed, I guess we are..." Eli snapped, brushing the dirt from the back of his jacket. On a hair trigger he frantically lunged for his machete. Ah, it was on his belt. He wasn't about to be caught unawares. "I mean, I doubt I'll even have to be the one to do the deed. I doubt you'd last 6 days on the island without 30 people trying to kill you. Its a jungle out there... and most of these champions look soft to me..."
    @Atomic Knight @Crow @Takumi @Red Team

    Arcade cross his arms over his chest and made a groaning alarm noise. "Nurgh! Wrong! Everyone should be inciting combat. Do you think lions wait until the gazelles come a knocking? No, sir-ee. You're going to be hunting. Fighting. You don't get to the top of the food chain by running away!"
    @Minerva @Jeremi @Gummi Bunnies @Green Team

    "School?" Eli snorting laying back down in the dirt. He folded his arms back behind his head, closing his eyes and waiting for the 20 minute grace period the finally come to a close. "Jumping from one Jailer's pen to another's. If we're going to start trading Addresses then fine; I'm the White Mamba. Or Eli. Or if you prefer, I'm the guy who's gonna have at least 3 heads severed heads to my name by the end of the week. Hopefully 4. Hopefully none of them end up being yours, Hnik, for your sake"
    @Atomic Knight @Crow @Takumi @Red Team
    "Yup! Blue Beetle, meet Scarlet Spider, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Person" Ben chucked, shooting a mock salute towards Jaime. "Looks like you recognize some of our competition? I mean, I recognize some of Red, a little bit of Purple... and like half of Orange. A lot of them are bad news, let me tell you that. Which one's Superguy?"
    @Takumi @Crow @Yun Lee @Yellow Team
  11. Takumi

    Takumi Member of the Yato Club


    "Most of the people you've mentioned I don't know nor really care about, but nice to meet you anyway. Name's Nezumi." He replied to Jamie and Scarlet Spider with a nonchalant shrug.

    @Yun Lee @Crow @Sark. @Yellow Team


    "If you're so intent on putting a target on your back then fine by me, but I'd watch what I'd say if I were you." Alice snapped back and huffed, checking her sides for her belongings- mostly her gun and knife-and was comforted by the fact they were with her at least.

    "If you're not looking to get burned any time soon, don't talk to me and I won't talk to you. Maybe we can even stay out of each others way for now. Doubt it, but one can hope." She added.

    She could already see that her and Eli wouldn't get along well at all-which was fine by her, and honestly she'd pummel him or set his hair ablaze right now if she didnt think it'd be a waste of time on her part. Like the kids that constantly spread rumors about her back at The College, they weren't worth her time but she'd gladly beat the shit out of them if she felt they really needed it. Intimidation also worked, since she didnt always try to pick a fight after all.

    Glancing to Hnikar as she checked to make sure that her gun wasn't at all tampered with by anyone before waking up in this place.

    "Alice Swayne." She greeted simply.

    @Crow @Atomic Knight @Sark @Red Team
  12. Sark

    Sark Im-im-impossible!!

    "Ah, the no-nonsense type, I like it. Nice to meat you, Nez. You got any specialist skills I should know about? Can you shoot flames outta your eyes? Move things with your mind? Shoot flames outta your mind and move things with your eyes? I'm sure the Tin-Man is packing some real heat in that suit of his" Ben slapped Jaime across the back, strumming on the shell of his scarab. "And I can... well, do whatever a spider can, I guess. But a big spider. Whatever a big, human sized spider can..."
    @Yun Lee @Crow @Takumi @Yellow Team

    "Pfft" Eli forced the air throw his nose, rolled his eyes and groaned. "I've put nothing on my back, Swayne. I'm not a stranger to having people trying to kill me. That's life. That's freedom for you"

    His eyes sprang open, and before even he was fully aware of his actions, and Eli's fingers wrapped themselves around the handle of his blade."You think you're the boss of me? Just 'cause you're bigger than me?" Grinding his teeth and thinning his eyes, Eli stood on his guard. Some 'Team' the Reds were turning out to be. Pfft. He didn't need them anyway....
    @Crow @Atomic Knight @Takumi @Red Team
  13. Takumi

    Takumi Member of the Yato Club

    "Ah, no, I can't do anything like that. Knife skills and being able to shoot are what I'm good at, give me some explosives and I guess I'm good with those." He responded, though it wasn't all he could do, it was the basics.

    He wouldn't delve into anymore of his abilities for now.

    @Sark @Yun Lee @Crow @Yellow Team


    "Yeah well I've had enemies of my own, don't need anymore of them." She scoffed, and when Eli reached for his machete, the safety of her gun was off with a click, almost instinctively, though she didn't point it at him. Yet.

    "I'm not the boss of anybody, just giving a friendly warning." She responded with a cold look. She almost saw a bit of herself in the kid, and that irritated her. It irritated her a whole damn lot.

    @Crow @Atomic Knight @Sark @Red Team
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  14. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    "I don't know about you, but I personally find studying pretty fun," Hnikar smiles, then turns to Alice, "you know, big sis, you seem pretty cold for a fire user, but that's OK, I've met all kinds of people at school and in my missions."

    Soon, Eli started to exclaim.

    "You think you're the boss of me? Just 'cause you're bigger than me?"

    Hnikar decided to step in.

    "Alright, alright," Hnikar, slightly saddened in terms of expression, interrupts, "let's not break anything before the time comes."

    @Sark @Crow @Atomic Knight @Takumi @RedTeam​

    "That one wearing the S," Jaime points to the one in the Orange Team, "they call him Superboy, but he doesn't like being called that. And that one in the pink team has an identical logo. These guys are all super-strong, super-fast, and they've got all kinds of powers. Good as teammates, but not good to fight against... most of the time.

    And then there's Kid Flash, who's like, super fast... and I think that guy over there is called... Batman Beyond? Like a Batman from the Future? It's really tough for me to defeat the modern-day Bats with my current arsenal, I can't imagine even coming close to going toe-to-toe with a futuristic one."

    "If the Titans can handle a Robin on their team, I'm sure you're a great addition to the Yellow Team, Nezumi," Jaime adds. Well, as long as 'no-nonsense' wasn't combined with 'brat', he was A-OK. Plus, this guy felt a lot more approachable than a certain Robin on a first impression.

    As Jaime got slapped on the back, the scarab beeped loudly.

    "Bzzzzt bzzzzzt!"

    "Woah woah! Chill out, Scarab," Jaime comforts his partner, "sorry about that, Scarab here tends to be a little protective."

    @Yun Lee @Takumi @Sark @Crow @YellowTeam ​
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  15. Takumi

    Takumi Member of the Yato Club


    "I can be less cold when I want. Given how things are now though? I have no problem pummeling a brat if I have to." Alice responded, a bit caught off guard with being called big sis, but going with it nonetheless.


    "I'm going to assume you're from a magical school, right?" She asked then, glancing to Hnikar once more.

    @Sark @Atomic Knight @Crow @Red Team



    "I'm sure you'll see the more fun side of me here and there, for now though Mr. No-Nonsense is who you're stuck with." With a wink and a bit of a theatrical bow, Nezumi responded. Once he straightened out he placed a hand on his hip and glanced to the other teams present, quietly sizing them up and keeping in mind the info gathered about the few his teammates pointed out.

    @Yun Lee @Crow @Sark @Yellow Team
  16. York

    York Just a newbie...

    Max Griffin
    @Gummi Bunnies @Hahli Nuva @Jeremi @Sark
    @Blue Team

    Max stayed silent throughout most of the introductory speech. This 'free for all' battle wasn't unlike the 'void battles' he had experienced in his youth. Except, being defeated here, means dying, and not just inside of some simulated space. Dying here meant he was gone for good.

    Normally, he could rely on his stone's magic to prevent that from happening, like it had decades prior, but now... He wasn't so sure.

    For one, he could no longer hear it speaking to him, egging him on to serve it.

    But despite the entity who had allowed him to cheat death not being around, he was still left with a sense of purpose. A burning desire for revenge, against those who had wronged him. Those who had taken Layra from him.

    It was the only thing he had left now, and thus... The only motive he'd have to win this tournament.

    Yes, he had to work together with a team, for now, but he knew that only one would remain by the end of this. It was all just a 'survival of the fittest' kind of situation, and Max was prepared to give it his all, even if it meant he had to kill every other competitor in this arena.

    No price was too heavy to pay, if the end justified the means.

    Or so he thought.



    Gripping his stone tightly, as if its blue glow could warm his cold, icy heart... And bring some life into his cursed body once more. But alas, he was but a dead man walking, and he had this sneaking feeling that if he died right here, right now... He wouldn't get another chance.

    He would have to make everything count.

    For the time being he simply observed the rest of his 'teammates', as if trying to guage their worth just by eyeballing them.

    Each of them had some unique abilities to bring to the table, but... How do they compare to the kind of power a stonekeeper like him can wield?

    Kara In-Ze
    @Sark @Yun Lee @Atomic Knight
    @Pink Team

    "Hey! I'm Argonian, not Kryptonian, you hear?!" Kara shouted.

    Despite the situation, she seemed as feisty as she always was, although in this moment... She was doing so to try and escape thinking about the possibility of killing someone. If there was one thing her adoptive Cousin had taught her, it was that killing should be saved as a last resort, even if you have the power to do so at your leisure. It was a slippery slope that was all too easy to fall down if you weren't carefull.

    It was then that she noticed a familiar symbol on one of her team member's chests. A bat, the same one she had seen on someone before; the Bat family. Though he was apparently called Batman, it seemed he wasn't quite the original, or was he?


    "Hey... Terry, right? Just call me Kara." She said, trailing off a little after she introduced herself.

    There was something bugging her about the situation, something she wanted to get out of the way first and foremost. After all, she herself was planning on avoiding the whole 'killing' thing if she could, but on the other hand... It didn't look like this member of the Bat family was as reluctant to do so.

    Then again, maybe she was misreading him. The original Batman after all, was easy to misread to begin with.

    "You're not okay with this whole 'killing' thing, are you?" She asked, seeming a little uneasy just talking about it.

    As much as she acted rashly every so often, there were just some lines she didn't like to cross. Killing someone was one of them.​
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  17. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    Though it was unseen behind her mask, Xiayu smiled as Scarlet Spider mentioned working to take Arcade down. "I'm glad we're on the same page, then. I have no intention of killing anyone here." She'd done enough killing to last her a lifetime, really. "I go by Xiayu, as he said. I know how to use nunchaku and I'm trained in combat...well, I was. It's more like muscle reflex than anything else."

    She cocked her head as Spider and Beetle talked. "You seem to know almost everyone here."

    @Sark @Takumi @Crow


    "Jianyu," the former Doll said, correcting Terry. "Not even my real name, but whatever. I just gotta get off this stupid island, then I'm never being called that again!"

    As Kara called out, Jianyu couldn't help but smile a little. Ooh, she was fiery. Either they'd get along or be at each other's throats...but for Xiayu's sake, Jianyu would try for the former. "Hell no, I don't wanna kill people! It was bad enough that I had to do it while brainwashed, I don't wanna have to do it when I have control of my body!"

    @York @Sark @Atomic Knight
  18. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    Mainly about how lame it was, Loa thought to herself, it was probably not the best to say that out loud at a time like this. And that was the crux of all of this wasn't it? Arcade despite his whole thing was a joke, and he thinks his cred will get better by targeting kids and teens? As for the second part. Arcade was a villain and villains always lie, right? There's always another angle that much she'd learn but again she decided to keep her thoughts to herself.

    "Gee 1:64, how generous." Instead she commented on the odds and a certain thing Arcade said to her teammate. "Well if everyone just charges each other, that's not really dynamic isn't? Shouldn't you try and get the excitement going longer to raise the stakes?" Loa wasn't really sure what she was doing but it seemed like the right thing to do. Lord...she didn't really want this to be her last days on this Earth.

    @Minerva @Gummi Bunnies @Sark @Green Team

    Laura meanwhile had a different approach.


    "If we are the lions , then you are a vulture."
    She wasn't interested to hear anything this man had to sell. "If you are such a gracious game master that you imply then you shouldn't be hear whispering into our ears." As long as he was here he'd try to squirm his way into somebody's mind and Laura wasn't going to allow that to happen.​

    @Gummi Bunnies @Hahli Nuva @York @blue Team
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  19. Gummi Bunnies

    Gummi Bunnies The Magus of Flowers The Convergence Series GM

    Well, he wasn't in any dire types of pain, so Hyakkimaru could only conclude that he was okay. To show that, he gave a slow nod as he lowered his hand from Laura's cheek. He then detected the other presence nearest to him, presumably another teammate that was grouped up with him.

    Before he could do more, Hyakkimaru overheard their gamemaster leering at the other participants of this bloodbath, and then Laura sounding displeased on that note.

    ❝ Bad. ❞ He spoke and tensed up. Arcade's voice alone was enough to give Hyakkimaru the knowledge that he was not a pleasant person.

    @Jeremi @Hahli Nuva @York


    ❝ Whatever. I figure that I would be doing most of the killing regardless. ❞ Vanitas made a dismissive statement. It wasn't like he would be convinced otherwise, but he wasn't forcing this mentality to his teammates. This type of thinking was only natural of him, letting his own darkness guide him. Just like he was taught by his master.

    ❝ Go ahead, chat away with the others if that's your game plan. Not like I'll help you on that one though. ❞ He shrugged, as if mingling with people he would end up fighting was not his cup of tea. On the other hand, when it came to their overly enthusiastic arena host...

    ❝ Don't get the wrong idea, I'm not entirely on board with this game. You just happened to pull me away before I could finish what I started, and honestly, it's only convenient for me that I have some poor saps to take my anger out on. ❞ The masked boy scoffed. It was true. He was in the middle of something important. Something that actually had meaning to his dark heart. It would've been a real treat if this competition had a familiar face in it. If only he could choke the life out of Ventus, the boy with the heart of pure light...

    But for now, he would have to settle for this, maybe get a little stronger. Or maybe, if someone else fit that specific criteria...

    @Jeremi @Minerva @Sark
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  20. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    "Yup," Hnikar smiles in response, "the Manaria Academy of Magic. You guys should pay a visit when all this is over. It's where a good deal of Mistarcia's greatest mages come from, and I'm hoping to be one of them!"

    @Takumi @Sark @Atomic Knight @Crow @Red Team​

    "You're not the only one finding that strange," Beetle says to Xiayu, "on one hand, it does give us - and them too - some kind of upper hand. On the other... I'm really not looking forward to killing some guys with familiar-looking symbols of hope that I've seen on the League's roster, or anyone, really. If Arcade's as B-list as Scarlet Spider here says, then I say we go for the plan...

    and I think I know how to start it out."

    @Yun Lee @Sark @Takumi @Crow @YellowTeam​

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