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Champions of the Arena II- the Hunted
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32 teenagers. One island. 5 days of bloodshed. One winner.
That was the promise Arcade shared when he released 'Champions of the Arena' to the Multiverse. Millions tuned in every night to find out what their favorite murderers and murderees were up to.

But the fun was cut short. Jianyu of Shadaloo killed Arcade on the final night of the show. The cameras when dark. The show ended.

But the Genie could not be put back in its lamp. The Scum of the Galaxy was inspired... and Arcade was too dead to copyright the title of his show.


MURDERWORLD IS DEAD. LONG LIVE MURDERWORLD. Planet Prudence will be your battlefield. You've been taken from your homes. Taken from your families. A bounty has been placed on your head and you've been dropped into a nest of bounty hunters.

How can you free yourself? Kill your fellow 'Champions' before anyone else does. There will be no teams. No alliances. It's kill or be killed. Murder or be Murdered. All televised. All ad free.

Welcome to Planet Prudence. Welcome to your New Arena.

1. Standard STC Rules Apply

2. No Meta Gaming or God-Modding, in the event of any disputes, the GM's word will be final.

3. No OOC Talk in the IC. Save it for the OOC thread or the Discord.

4. Avoid Image spam. Try not to exceed 4 images per post, so to be courteous to mobile posters.

5. Due to this game's on combat, it's strongly recommended that your character/s has some form of combat background.

Character Sheets
Appearance: (A picture or brief explanation will be fine)

Name: (Self Explanatory)

Age: (Self Explanatory)

Canon: (What series is your character from?)

Powers: (What Superhuman abilities does your character possess? If none, just say N.A.)

Abilities/Skills: (What specialist skills or training does your character possess?)

Weapons/Equipment: (Self Explanatory.)

Character History: (A wiki link or brief explanation will be fine.)

Cast List
Aliceviel von Einzbern @York
Allison Argent @Lucky
Charlotte Birkin/Bad Girl @Jeremi
Chase Davenport @Lucky
Daniel Diaz @Atomic Knight
Elias Ainsworth @Takumi
Helena Douglas @Minerva
Higgs Monaghan @amwexia
Johnson aka Eight Hearts @Jeremi
Kayn @Ottonomous Ghost
Kurome Ankokuboshi @Raynar Saassin
Lucas Kellan/ Shadow 1-8 @dark
Marianne von Edmund @Yun Lee
Markus Kruber @Crunch
Namae Ouka @Takumi
Narancia Ghirga @amwexia
Neir @Gummi Bunnies
Maya "Echo" Visari @dark
Rhaast @Ottonomous Ghost
Rena Ryugu @Gummi Bunnies
Sean Diaz @Atomic Knight
Seto and Sai @Jackythejack
Uzume Tennouboshi @Raynar Saassin
Victor Saltzpyre @Crunch
Yashamaru Kurama @Yun Lee
***Reserved for York ***
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“We can always... tweak the rules a little bit...”

Higgs Monaghan


Death Stranding

He can teleport. (He’s nerfed to having the abilities of him during his boss fight because in the original he can summon giant boss monsters)

He’s fairly used to using assault rifles, is good at hand-to-hand combat, and is fairly skilled with a knife.

Assault Rifle & Switchblade

Character History:

Name: Allison Argent

Age: 17

Canon: Teen Wolff

Powers: N/A

  • Expert Markswoman: Allison was an expert archer, and went to national competitions even when she was a child. She was able to accurately use longbows, crossbows, and guns with pinpoint accuracy, save for the few weeks after she was resurrected, when the darkness around her heart caused her hand tremors that affected her aim.
  • Skilled Combatant: As an Argent Hunter, Allison was trained vigorously in close-quarters combat and martial arts, allowing her to fight even without her Marin Morrell, the well-trained Emissary to the Alpha Pack, and an Oni demon, with whom she fought at one point using solely her bow as a makeshift staff. She also disarmed Katashi, an old and experienced Yakuza member, using only a chain.
  • Expert Weapons Knowledge/Training: Allison was trained in the use of guns, bows, swords, daggers, and chained weapons (though she preferred to use her long-bow or ring daggers). and was able to identify a variety of weapons in her arsenal when Special Agent McCall doubted her father's cover story as a legal firearms dealer and security consultant. She is also able to assemble and disassemble more complicated weapons, and was shown to have made five of her own silver arrowheads by hand, which were designed with the Argent fleur-de-lis, and were ultimately used to kill the Oni demons even after her death. Allison also demonstrated competence with a katana during a battle between herself and Kira Yukimura and the out-of-control Isaac, Ethan, and Aiden after her crossbow jammed, leading Kira to toss her her own sword to fend off the Werewolves while Kira fixed the crossbow.
  • Skilled Tactician: Allison was capable of organizing and executing plans for various missions, both as the Argent matriarch and as a member of McCall Pack, including the invasion of the Sheriff's department after Matt had held several people hostage, the trap set for Cora and Boyd during the full moon ("Fireflies"), the plot to steal the Shugendu scroll from an armored FBI vehicle ("Echo House"), and the search party for Stiles/the Nogitsune after they escaped from Eichen House ("The Fox and the Wolf").
  • Skilled Manipulator: In desperate situations, Allison was shown to be quite good at manipulating others to give her the information she wanted. This was demonstrated when she and Scott were talking to Gerard about the Alpha Pack, when she purposely made him feel useless so that he would give them the information about Deucalion ("Visionary"). She also used this when she and Lydia went to Derek's loft, when she purposely played "hard to get" to convince Peter Hale to teach Lydia how to control her Banshee powers. ("Letharia Vulpina")
  • Skilled Hunter: As a Hunter, Allison was knowledgeable in the migration patterns and habits of animals, particularly wolves, coyotes, and foxes, along with their corresponding supernatural creatures. She was able to use knowledge of how animals track their prey using scent by leaving a trail of blood to lure Werewolves into a trap ("Fireflies"), and was able to help narrow the location of Malia Tate while she was in coyote form using the knowledge she had gained that coyotes travel on fixed trails and often tip-toe to avoid being tracked. ("More Bad Than Good")
  • First Aid Knowledge: When Scott was badly injured by Ennis and too overwhelmed with guilt to allow himself to heal, Allison used a sanitized needle and thread to sew up Scott's wounds, which allowed him to finally recover. ("Frayed") She also bandaged her father up with tape sutures and other bandages after he was attacked while trying to track down Katashi. ("Silverfinger")
  • Basic Mechanical Knowledge: Allison demonstrated an understanding of how motor vehicles work, as she was able to hot-wire Aiden's motorcycle so that Isaac could steal it and ride it through the hallways of the high school.
  • Gymnastic Training: According to Allison, she was a gymnast for eight years, and she demonstrated her acrobatic feats by doing a flip off of her roof and landing lightly on her feet on the ground. ("Pack Mentality") Though she did not use these gymnastic skills often, they likely came in handy during her hunter training.
  • Recurve Bow
  • Chinese Ring Daggers
  • Crossbow
  • Mini-Crossbow
  • Longbow
  • Quiver of military-grade, armor-piercing titanium arrowheads
  • Silver arrowheads with Argent fleur-de-lis seal.
  • Mazda 3 (1st car), Toyota Camry (2nd car)
Character History: Allison will be taken from after her noble sacrifice. She has nothing to lose and a second chance at life if she wins.


Name: Chase Davenport

Age: 18

Canon: Lab Rats/Lab rats Elite Force

  • Super Intelligence: His main bionic power, Chase has a larger brain capacity, making him incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable in many fields, including science, math, law, circuitry and combat, and he can easily decrypt foreign languages and codes. He is also a capable strategist. Without his chip, he only has average intelligence, but he can come up with a rough idea of how to solve problems. Despite this, every time he is without his super intelligence, he feels almost helpless. Most of the bionic apps he uses requires his super-intelligence. His brain is like a computer, as it is able to upload and download data and allow Chase to instantly learn whatever he wants by searching for it on the internet. He instantly learned how to play electric guitar, and could shred it like an experienced hard rock musician a millisecond after scanning an electric guitar and identifying all skills of playing it. He is highly coordinated, so learning physical skills is impossibly easy for him. Chase was the first to come up with a theory that superheroes are born with special cells that generated their superpowers, something that no doctor at Mighty Med ever thought of.
    • Hacking: Chase can remotely hack computers. It is unknown if there are any limitations on what he can use this ability to hack. He used this ability to pick an electric lock on a cage to free Bree, Oliver, and Skylar in Home Sweet Home.
    • Mathematical Analysis: Chase can calculate angles and other complicated mathematics almost instantly, and near self-conciously. He uses this ability to calculate the right trajectory to throw a football, and again to calculate at which angle Adam should throw his force field. He uses this ability to show off in front of Sabrina while they are working on their school project. When the team was having a competition on who could go the longest without using their powers, Chase lost instantly because he used this ability to calculate their odds for winning, although he didn't realize until it was too late.
    • Mental Database: Chase possesses an incredible and extensive mental database; using it, he can match things that he sees and quickly identify them, essentially giving him a photographic/eidetic memory. It holds information like fingerprints, paintings, and people's faces.
      • Physical Recognition App: Chase can scan the fingerprints and faces from anyone off of his database. This is shown when he scans Joey Logano and searches his database to find a match, or when he scans Donald's coffee mug to get his fingerprint and escape the locked lab. Chase has yet to use this ability during Lab Rats: Elite Force.
    • Chemical Analysis Scan: A type of scanning ability that allows him to scan an object and identify the chemical composition of it. It also allows him to identify if there are any foreign substances in the object. Presumably this is by comparing information from his database about the normal chemical composition of that particular type of object to what he actually finds in the scan.
    • Thermal Scanning: It is demonstrated that he is able to conduct thermal scans. Chase has yet to use this ability during Lab Rats: Elite Force.
    • Spectral Isolation Scan: Among his many other scanning abilities, this ability allows him to scan an image and contrast the elements on it to reveal anything possibly hidden underneath of it.
    • Speed Reading: Chase sped read one of Bree's books. Chase has yet to use this ability during Lab Rats: Elite Force.
  • Force Field: One of his more used bionic abilities, Chase is capable of creating a shield to protect himself and others. Chase can also extend his force field to encompass other objects, but in this case it must stem from his hands. After long periods of time of being around gamma rays, his force field melts. Chase's force field has developed so its closer to Marcus' force field. Chase now has a blue shield and the back is invisible. It is strong enough to allow him to survive falling from space. Chase can now make force fields that maintain themselves almost indefinitely, most likely due to his upgrade, and it seems to operate more like it did in Season 1 of Lab Rats.
    • Force Field Ball: He can shrink his force field into a ball and use it as a weapon to throw. Chase has yet to use this ability during Lab Rats: Elite Force.
  • Commando App: When Chase senses an imminent threat, his personality temporarily changes into a highly aggressive, "fearless brute" Donald likes to call Spike. After the app is deactivated, Chase can't remember anything he did while it was active. As seen below, it often glitches on if he gets very nervous or angry. Chase has yet to use this ability during Lab Rats: Elite Force.
    • Super Strength: When the Commando App is activated, Chase is as strong as Adam; able to bend a metal rod, throw a normal person across the room, and tear metal like paper. He does not, however, have the super strength that comes from this ability when it is deactivated. While it is active, he can't use any of his other abilities.
  • Super Senses: Chase possesses superhuman sight, hearing, and smell. However, his bionic hearing is more sensitive than Skylar's super hearing. Chase has yet to use this ability during Lab Rats: Elite Force.
    • Senses Recording: He can record what he hears or sees and plug it into a flash-drive slot to replay it. His eyes can also be used as video cameras. He mentions in Lab Rats: On the Edge that he has a perfect memory of every mission because it's recorded on his chip's hard drive. This is presumably because of this ability. Chase has yet to use this ability during Lab Rats: Elite Force.
    • Bionic Vision: It allows him to scan an object and then look through it. It is a form of X-ray vision. It has been shown it is possible to counteract this ability and stay hidden by using the invisibility cloak Donald made. He uses it to scan the inside of the Davenport Household for Tasha or Donald after they come home 2 hours late after curfew.
      • Bionic Eye: Chase's right eye has a viewing screen and scanner.
    • Microscopic Vision: He uses this ability to see where the nanobots were going to in a llama's body. He also mentions this ability while bragging to Sebastian. Chase has yet to use this ability during Lab Rats: Elite Force.
  • Super Durability: Like his siblings, Chase can withstand significantly more punishment than normal humans. Lasers that would kill normal people only stun him. He's also able to take one of Adam's super strong punches and only be bruised. Another good example is in Bionic Showdown when he fell from a high bridge onto his back and was able to walk it off in a matter of seconds. He was also able to shake off one of Adam's eye laser blasts. He can also take a hit from a deflected laser wire cutter.
    • Extreme Climate Resistance: Chase, like his siblings, is genetically engineered to withstand extreme climates. When she went to the arctic, he only needed his mission suit. However, his resistance does not extend to the climates of Caldera, as he still needs an atmospheric regulator patch to survive there.
  • Bionic GPS: Chase can track cell signals using his bionics. This also means, however, that his chip signal (and also Adam and Bree's) can be used to track their location if he does not disable this ability. Chase has yet to use this ability during Lab Rats: Elite Force.
    • Sonar Vision: Through his GPS, Chase can create powerful sonar, to track objects under water. Chase has yet to use this ability during Lab Rats: Elite Force.
  • Viewing Screen: Chase can project a holographic screen and use it to see multiple locations. He can also use it to project other holograms.
  • Mental Link: Chase is able to send information to Adam, Bree, and the bionic soldiers in a method similar to an email. He could also transmit software he creates, as he created and transmitted another doomsday virus and sent it to all the soldiers to shut down their bionic infrastructure as if they were dead. Chase has yet to use this ability during Lab Rats: Elite Force.
    • Override App: He can take over Adam, Bree, or any bionic soldier remotely, but only in an emergency. It seems to be most often used to shut down his siblings' bionics, but he also controlled what Bree did and said against her will. It's later revealed that his override app was designed to link his bionics with others, and create a weapon of last resort. Chase cannot override anyone being controlled by another override app. While there is no limit as to how many bionic soldiers he can control at a time, he can only connect with them one by one. If Chase assumes control on several bionic subjects at once, it will cause them to synchronize their movements instead of doing what Chase tells them. It is unknown if he could override Leo, Krane, or Dr. Gao, due to them not having bionic chips. Chase has yet to use this ability during Lab Rats: Elite Force.
      • Bionic Fusion Attack: Chase can use his Override App to link his Bionics with Adam's and Bree's, creating one large fusion attack. He must override both of them and then they must stand in a perfect triangle with their arms linked. Once they have charged up the energy, the blast is fired from Chase's side. However, it is very draining and will cause them to pass out afterwards, due to it being a last resort. It is likely that he can use this ability with anyone he overrrides. Chase has yet to use this ability during Lab Rats: Elite Force.
  • Magnetism App: Chase turns his hands into a powerful magnet attracting metal objects. He can also use it to deflect metal. He can also use it to reverse polarity, he used it when fighting the android Troy West.
  • Molecularkinesis: It was revealed that Chase can manipulate the molecules around an object. This allows him to move almost anything with his mind, although it does have limits depending on the size and weight of the object, and if there is any resistance (another force pushing against it in the other direction).
  • Levitation: Another one of Chase's hidden abilities; Chase demonstrates the power to levitate and uses it to kick Marcus in the chest. He says he discovered this ability in the shower. Chase has yet to use this ability during Lab Rats: Elite Force.
  • Two Simultaneous Abilities: Though technically not an actual ability, Chase (and also Adam and Bree if they choose to do so) can use two abilities simultaneously. However, it is dangerous to try as it puts too much stress on their nervous systems, which can kill them. Both times Chase does this he passes out.
  • Laser Bo: Chase's fist can generate a laser bo staff that is very useful during combat, it is strong enough to knock Adam through the air. It is also durable enough to withstand fire (as seen in the theme song). Bree states in Coming Through in the Clutch that his Laser Bo could slice someone in half. Chase never used this ability in Lab Rats: Elite Force.
Chase also has super strength and speed, but those are locked.

  • Physical Attributes: Although nowhere near the levels of his siblings, Chase possesses higher strength, speed and reflexes than a normal person. He is capable of even beating Adam in combat, or in arm wrestling despite Adam being stronger than him. He is also shown to be very agile, though he doesn't have super agility like Bree.
  • Leadership: Chase has shown on more than one occasion that he has great leadership skills. In addition, he is often chosen to lead missions. However, he abolished the position so that everyone is given more freedom to tackle missions.
  • Bravery: Chase is shown to be very brave like his siblings, and will do what he can for others, regardless of the potential cost to himself. Although his siblings are willing to risk their lives to save others, especially each other, he is often the first one to volunteer to do so.
  • Martial Arts: Chase uses his super intelligence to study combat among many other things, which has given him martial arts abilities for battling.
  • Interrogation Resistance Training: It is mentioned that Chase and his siblings have all been trained in interrogation resistance by Donald.
  • Strategic Planning: Chase has shown many times that he is a capable strategist. He is good at thinking on his feet, although there are exceptions. He shows this on almost every mission, as he was mission leader before he abolished the position for the Elite Force. He is able to quickly come up with successful mission plans of action. The most obvious showing of this strength was in Bionic Action Hero, when Chase figured out a way to escape from the android that tried to cut out his chip despite the fact that it was moments away from killing him, and he didn't have much time to think at all.

Weapons/Equipment: Mission suit. Otherwise, he is the weapon.

Character History: Chase will be taken from after the Elite Force finale. If Chase's commando app is activated, he is turned into Spike ( Same powers along with superstrength and martial arts). Thin of him as a more aggressive and dumb Chase who won't fight girls. Also, Chase does not require to eat or sleep, but he can if he chooses too.
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Narancia Ghirga


Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Narancia has a stand named Aerosmith

View attachment 4536

Aerosmith is armed with two small machine guns on it’s wings, and a single small bomb to blow up enemies. Aerosmith can also detect carbon-dioxide emissions, and is good for scouting human beings.

He’s dumb, but incessantly loyal to his comrades.

His stand, Aerosmith, and a small switchblade.

Character History:
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"As long as there is hatred, I will exist."

Name: Kurome Ankokuboshi

Age: N/A


Powers: A former Console Patron Unit, Kurome Ankokuboshi was born out of the hatred of the CPU's and everything about them; and is an embodiment of Negative Energy / Delusional Energy. She has a similar fighting style to that of Uzume Tennouboshi in that she uses a Megaphone in combat, but she also utilizes the capacity of her Negative Energy in battle. Throughout the story-line of Megadimension Neptunia VII, she has been capable of transforming people into mindless monsters, ripping a hole between dimensions and creating giant monstrous, dark versions of the main four CPU's.

Abilities/Skills: She has been shown to be incredibly manipulative while she was conversing with certain individuals in Gamindustri. She promised Warechu good dreams of his love and in doing so; transformed him into a giant, mindless monster. She showed a vision of Noire and Uni spending precious time together to K-Sha, and told her that if Uni were to vanish then Noire would be all hers. When C-Sha was captured by a evil group in the nation of Lowee, Kurome showed her numerous nightmares of her time in prison; filling her with delusional energy which spawned dangerous monsters throughout the land the more it released from her body. She had also manipulated S-Sha to perform a drastic plan involving the sacrifice of over 200 sheep which were once humans.

Weapons/Equipment: Outside of her delusional / negative energy powers, she uses a Megaphone in combat; mimicking Uzume Tennouboshi's moves.

Character History: Kurome used to be a CPU of Planeptune, but eventually sealed herself due to being unable to control her power. She believed that the people sealed her away and began to hate them; as a result, her Share energy shifted to negative energy. Sometime after that, a part of her "split", which was mainly the good aspects in her. Kurome attempted to break out of the Heart Dimension so that she could attack Hyper Dimension, but was unable to due to the good clone stopping her. She instead set into motion the plan to fuse the Heart Dimension with the Hyper Dimension.


"May I introduce Alarak, Highlord of the Tal'darim."
"Hmph. For creatures with such short life spans, you terrans are always so eager to die."

Name: Alarak, Highlord of the Tal'darim

Age: N/A


Powers: Alarak, like most Protoss and Tal'darim, have access to Psionic Powers.​

View attachment 4538

Weapons/Equipment: Alarak wields twin Bane Blades; Tal'darim Psi-blades. They draw energy from Amon's realm, and are red in color. According to Tal'darim myths, the ancient masters who wielded these blades were able to cleave entire planets in half.

Character History:

Sean Diaz


Life is Strange 2


In terms of outstanding skills, Sean is a talented sketch artist. He also possesses a level of knowledge in vehicle maintenance and survivalist tips/techniques.

Sean carries around a relatively large traveling backpack, containing his sketchbook, phone, various souvenirs, and some necessities like blankets and clothes.

Character History
Sad Boy Hours
(He is taken from from the end of Episode 5, before the final decision and endings)


Daniel Diaz


Life is Strange 2

Daniel possesses telekinetic abilities enabling him to levitate and manipulate living beings and inanimate objects at will. Daniel typically focuses and channels his telekinesis almost exclusively through hand gestures, although he can use this ability with concentration alone. Daniel is able to create a protective force field around himself that is capable of withstanding gunfire. The true extent of his powers is not known.

Daniel doesn't necessarily possess any outstanding skills. He's been through an incredible amount of trauma for a kid and has been made to grow up fast. Thus, he is slightly more hardy and mature for his age, but at the end of the day is still just a child.

Daniel has a backpack with some personal objects such as toys.

Character History
Angst Boy Hours
(He is taken from from the end of Episode 5, before the final decision and endings)​

"The Original Gestalt"
"The Shadowlord"

Physically 21 (Mentally over 10000)

NieR: RepliCant

Due to his unique circumstances, Nier retains his dark magic as the Shadowlord, needing no grimoire to do so. There are times where control of his body is forcefully shifted to his "other self", but it is only brief.

Otherwise, he is extremely skilled with armed combat. His speech may be alike to a boomer rather limited due to being unable to contact any other people after the conclusion of Project Gestalt.

Nier carries around a one handed sword called the Nameless Blade, and a two handed sword called the Beastlord.

~Character History~
Originally, Nier was known as the Shadowlord, or the Original Gestalt. Gestalts were essentially souls ripped out of their bodies and kept in stasis. Eventually, the Original Gestalt was merged into a Replicant body of Nier centuries later. That was the conclusion of Project Gestalt, to eventually merge Gestalts into their soulless Replicant bodies in the future. However, Nier's Replicant body gained their own consciousness, own will. As a result of this, Nier has to account for the fact that he has his Replicant self being fully aware in their shared consciousness.



Astrid Zexis


Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland

Astrid appears to be highly capable of performing drastic strains of magic, she just rarely uses this.

As a master alchemist, she possesses great knowledge to synthesize all sorts of equipment & supplies she may need, she just chooses to not do the work herself.

She carries around a spell book in the case that she's forced to do something to protect herself. Along with that, she has a rucksack that is filled with rare alchemy ingredients and a few recipe books in the case she can just show people where to fetch her items she may need.

~Character History~
Under the threat of her alchemy workshop in Arland being closed down, Astrid transfers ownership to her new apprentice, Rorolina Frixell, and has her take on the many assignments to keep the workshop afloat. After the three years' worth of assignments were passed thanks to Rorona, Astrid chooses to leave Arland to allow the kingdom to fully accept Rorona and not her.​


Victor Saltzpyre

Unknown, probably mid-to-late 40's.


Victor does not sully his hands with heretical magicks.

Victor is a Witch Hunter Captain of the Temple of Sigmar, a specialist in hunting down and punishing the impure and evil that lurks among the Empire of the Old World. He is an agile and extremely skilled swordsman and marksman, capable of slicing and blasting through hordes of enemies with any weapon he can get his hands on.

He's slain monsters triple his size without any extraordinary powers of his own - just steel, gunpowder, and unrelenting animosity.

Templar Rapier -
The signature sword of a Witch Hunter, forged with good Nuln steel. Not particularly enchanted or enhanced in any way, but in Victor's hands, it's been the death of a thousand Skaven.

Outrider's Repeating Pistol - A specially-crafted repeating black powder gun from Victor's brief stint as a bounty hunter. It can fire eight times (one from each barrel) before needing to be reloaded. Victor can twirl the entire chamber to fire all eight barrels at once in a sort of 'shotgun blast'.

Black Powder Bombs - A small set of bombs (with a flint-and-steel) that Victor keeps under his coat.

Character History

Victor is taken at some point during the events of Vermintide 2, before the Skittergate mission.



Markus Kruber

Unknown, possibly mid-to-late 30's or early 40's


Markus doesn't know anything about magic. Scary stuff, if you ask him.

Markus is a former sergeant of the Empire turned veteran mercenary. Whereas Victor is agile and lethal in his swordsmanship, Kruber is an overpowering wave - he's a master of two-handed swords and a decorated military veteran with numerous campaigns against orcs, undead, and heretics under his belt. He's considered an inspiring military leader by his men, capable of rousing them into a righteous fury with his shouts.

He can be considered representative of mankind's condition in the Old World - in an unforgiving land of magic and monsters, his strength lies only in faith, steel, and gunpowder.

Sergeant's Zweihander
The signature two-handed weapon of the Empire's fighting men. It's big enough to be considered more of a block of forged steel than a sword, but Kruber trusts it more than anything else. It always seems to crack through even the most advanced armor.

Soldier's Coach Gun - A two-handed blunderbuss. Fires one shotgun blast of pellets before needing to be reloaded. Somehow, if fired at just the right angle, it manages to topple even the most giant of foes with one shot.

Character History

Much like Victor, Kruber is taken at some point during the events of Vermintide 2.
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Marianne von Edmund

Age: 17

Canon: Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Powers: Marianne was born with a Crest, otherwise known as divine blood blessed by the Goddess herself from days of old. These Crests allow mere humans to have unique abilities that they normally wouldn't, such as a procifiency for magic or incredible skill in combat.

Marianne's crest is a mystery, kept secret from others, but it has been seen in combat what it can do: when using a weapon, there is a chance Marianne's physical strength will increase. This occurs at random times, and is never a guarantee to happen.

Abilities/Skills: Marianne is trained in Faith magic and Sword use. Faith magic is healing magic, though the right spell can also be offensive, too. The spells Marianne knows are:

Nosferatu: Attacks a foe with a weak spell and will heal the user half the damage dealt.

Heal: A healing spell that can only be used with contact.

Physic: A further-reaching healing spell.

Marianne needs time to recharge said spells if used too much. The weaker spells she can use more often than the stronger spells.

Weapons/Equipment: Marianne has some proficiency with swords, and has an Iron Sword with her. She also has a set of Vulneraries, which are low-power healing potions.

Character History: Marianne was born to a small noble family within the Leicester Alliance. Her early life was full of misfortune, and at age 14, her parents went missing. She was adopted by a distant relative, Margrave Edmund, who raised her for three years until at age 17 he sent her off to the Officer's Academy at Garreg Mach Monastery in order to marry into another noble family.

Marianne has been in the Golden Deer house at the Academy, though the mysterious teacher that joined this year doesn't teach for her house. This incarnation of Marianne is taken from right before the Battle of the Eagle and Lion during the month of the Wyvern Moon.​

Genjuro Kibagami

Age: 27

Canon: Samurai Shodown

Powers: He's a super prick Genjuro has the ability to use ki energy with his katana, storing it and then using it as a blast projectile.

Abilities/Skills: Genjuro is a skilled swordsman, having killed thousands of people (so he claims). He's also a skilled gambler and can hold is liquor.

Weapons/Equipment: Genjuro has a katana with him, a prized one named Baio-doku.

Character History:

Taken from after the events of 2019 Samsho.​
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"Haijima-sensei, am I... alive?"


Name: Ouka Namae

Age: 15-16

Canon: When a Magician's Pupil Smiles

Powers: Ouka can crystalize his magic into a sort of Lance or sword shaped weapon that's hard and sharp as (from what I'm assuming) steel.


Ouka can sense magic from other magicians, and can tell when a magical barrier (physical and/or mental) are put up as well as how many barriers are up at a time.

Ouka can cook, since he usually handles the chores and finances, and since compared to him andd Saki, Saki's familiar eats more than him he's used to it.

Ouka can also, more often than not, tell the intentions of others-especially if another magician has any agressive or ill intent towards him. He has also spent many of his years making small observations in other's body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions to gauge how they feel due to not having emotions himself.

He can turn the magical energy around him into a crystalized weapon, as well as create physical barriers around others and (most likely) himself.

Ouka can also release bursts of magical energy, turning the water like substance into large crystals that sprout from the ground at will. It takes a lot out of him, however.

Character History: Ouka grew up feeling as if he wasn't alive due to lacking emotions. He claims that he has none, but can only feel things such as sadness or feels alive if he kills someone he considers precious to him. His mother once called him a doll, and expressed great discomfort over the fact that no matter how he was hurt he wouldn't cry or react and simply took whatever came his way with the same blank expression. He didn't speak and only made noises until he was four years old, where he simply did what others told him to. In seventh grade his mother died in a car crash, which caused Ouka to experience sadness for the first time.

Two years after that he killed his father in a desperate attempt to feel again, where he was found by-and first met-his future master, who stopped him after he tried to go on a killing spree after writing a book addressed to what he called the "other him"-the one without emotions. He ended up being taken in by Saki Haijima as an apprentice 4 months prior to the stories events.

Saki is one of the strongest Magicians from a well known clan of magicians, and it is revealed in Chapter 7 that Ouka's father was part of the Haijima line. Ouka wishes to learn the strongest magic in order to "destroy the world", or so he claims.



Name: Chise Hatori

Age: 20s

Canon: Ancient Magus Bride AU


Sleigh Beggy are individuals who naturally absorb magic from their surroundings, so much so that it wears on their bodies and shortens their lives. It could be said that it was akin to having a lot of blood, but a weak heart to pump it.

Because of these traits, magicians are willing to pay a high price to have them as a tool. Because of the amount of magic stored within their body and the ability to expend it greatly, they were hunted in the past to be used for that purpose and often died. The College has made attempts to find a live one to study in the hopes of preserving them.

They also draw in fae and other supernatural entities, with Elias noting that those who weren't lucky enough to possess the Sight would be cursed with both good luck and bad, as they would not be aware of that they were attracting them.

Magic is brought forth through the connection with the fae and one's own view of the world. Chise has been shown to be able to purify, fly, and create potions. As a Sleigh Beggy, Chise is favored by the fae, amounting to a large amount of magic potential, without the skills to control the massive pressure it has on her body.

Link To Mind and Memory:
The unconscious mind is a passage. Chise is gifted in traveling into the minds of others. Without the intention to do so, she has peered into the memories of Ruth and the stagnation, see the memories of the dragon she met in the nest of dragons, as well as speak to Cartaphilus in a dream-like state.

Using a magical pelt granted to her by Ashen Eyes, Chise can transform into animals depending on the situation. For instance, becoming a bear in order to track down Elias and Ethan, or a wolf when a jealous Elias left.
(She doesn't have the pelt with her, and hasn't used it in years)

Like Lindel, Chise can imbue her magic through singing. This allows her to do various things, including being able to put Elias Ainsworth and the dragon Paulina to sleep using her songs.

Dragon's Curse:
Chise's curse from the dragon has given her a number of inherent abilities:

Super Strength: The Dragon's Curse granted her the ability to lift at least two people, but she struggles to control her strength.

Enhanced Senses: The Dragon's Curse also granted her a stronger sense of smell, as well as a sense of danger. In her own words, she can somewhat feel the intentions of others when they approach her and how they would speak to her.

Limited Shapeshifting: The Dragon's Curse nestled within her arm allows her to shapeshift the limb, such as turning her hand into claws. Likewise, when the curse itself is active the arm can warp into a more combat-suitable form and defend Chise. In this state it was strong enough to kill a Nuckelavee with relatively little issue.

Immortal Curse:
Joseph's eye granted her immortality. It was uncertain when her eye turned back to green, but Joseph later revealed she was controlling it. He explained she couldn't undo the curse, which consequently made her immortal.
(This will be nerfed/"turned off" due to the nature of the rp)

This spell is used in conjunction with a fae and ingredients to make an insomnia potion:

Sound, sound, through the night forest.
Sing, sing, young hawthorns.
Let your thorns pierce the creeping hooves.

This spell is used in conjunction with a fae of choosing to bind them as a familiar:

Tie now the silver thread.
Tie now the roots of our veins.
The holly, so that we may not be separated.
The ivy, so that we may not come apart.
Tie to the yew tree seven times.
Until the day the snake spits out its tail.

This was an instance of Chise using a spell with an Ariel to convert a corruption into flower petals but it is unclear if the spell is actually Chise's or if it's the Ariels doing:

Like a dandelion lifting it seed to the wind.
Then firmly rooted, sprouting.
As the parting wind, blowing to the unknown destiantion.

This spell is used to open a locked door:

You are a good lock, but an old lock.
I am the oil to grease your hinges,
the golden key to open you wide.

This spell is used to light a candle:

Flicker and dance, tongues of flame.
Colors of autumn, like roots of barley.
Flicker and dance, and light my way

One of Chise's arms were later changed due to falling under the Dragon's Curse as her arm has been transformed into a more wood-like appearance, increasing in size from the elbow and forward as it's covered in bandages and other restrictions. As well as this, her left eye has been replaced with one of the eye of Cartaphilus. The transplanted eye has taken on her color and the arm has shrunken to its normal size since resolving the curses within her.

Character History: She comes from the same world as the Alice from the first Champions Event.

There was a point in time when she was happy. Both her parents had the gift of sight. As a Sleigh Beggie, she attracted spirits both good and bad. Her father kept them away until he ran away with her brother. After that, her mother became stressed with the amalgamations that constantly appeared. She tried to kill Chise, but let go of her daughter's throat. Instead, her mother left her the only way she could and killed herself.

Chise was then passed around by her relatives as no one wanted to have her in their home. Eventually, Chise fell into a deep depression. She even tried to kill herself by jumping of the top of the school building before the beginning of the story. However, a man confronted her and convinced her to sell herself to someone who would care for her instead of killing herself. At the time she knew that she was a Sleigh Beggy, but not what that was, nor why someone would find value in her. The man taught her how to read and speak English. It is mentioned in an extra that they made her look dirty to earn sympathy.

At the auction house, she was bought for five million pounds and began living with Elias Ainsworth in his household, which is set in a village that is close to London.

She eventually enrolled into a school for magi and alchemists called The College as an auditory student while Elias began teaching there, and it was at that time that Alice went missing. Fast forward a couple of years later and she now has Alice back and is doing her best to still learn all she can as a magus as well as keep her friends and family safe from something similar happening again.
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"I am the weapon; you are a tool."
"Lies soothe the mind, don't they?"


Kayn and Rhaast

Kayn: 25?
Rhaast: Millenia


Short Bio:
The following is quoted from the League of Legends Universe.

A peerless practitioner of lethal shadow magic, Shieda Kayn battles to achieve his true destiny—to one day lead the Order of the Shadow into a new era of Ionian supremacy. He audaciously wields the sentient darkin weapon Rhaast, undeterred by its creeping corruption of his body and mind. There are only two possible outcomes: either Kayn bends the weapon to his will... or the malevolent blade consumes him completely, paving the way for the destruction of all Runeterra.

Other Info:
Kayn will transform into one of the two forms at some point in the game.

Powers / Abilities / Equipment:​
  • latest
    The Darkin Scythe:
    Kayn wields one of the remnants of the Darkin race, who were imprisoned in weapons due to their near-immortality. Rhaast is one of the most bloodthirsty of them all. Reflected by his desire to be driven into flesh, his sharpness threatens to pierce even the mightiest of armors. If Kayn gains the power to destroy Rhaast, the scythe will also deal bonus magic damage over time. If Rhaast corrupts Kayn, every hit heals Rhaast.
  • latest
    Shadow Step:
    Can phase through objects/walls like a ghost temporarily. If successful, he heals. (This can be nerfed to where he can only be inside an object/wall temporarily, and not have the ability to proceed to the other side.) If Kayn destroys Rhaast, he becomes immune to crippling effects and moves faster. If Rhaast corrupts Kayn, this ability becomes spookier.
  • latest
    Reaping Slash: Dashes through enemies and then flourishes in a circle, dealing damage in both instances. If Rhaast corrupts Kayn, the damage increases based on the target's maximum health.
  • latest
    Blade's Reach: Kayn sweeps upward, causing a burst of energy to lash out of the scythe, slowing and damaging enemies struck. If Kayn destroys Rhaast, he can create shadows of himself to perform this ability with more range. If Rhaast corrupts Kayn, the sweep becomes much more destructive, rupturing objects and knocking enemies into the air.
  • latest
    Umbral Trespass: Kayn dissolves into shadows and invades an enemy's body temporarily, becoming immune to external damage for the duration. Afterward, he violently wrenches himself free and dashes, dealing damage. If Kayn destroys Rhaast, he gains more range and can dash out of victims farther. If Rhaast corrupts Kayn, it deals major damage based on the target's maximum health, healing Rhaast greatly.
  • Lore Ability: It is implied in Kayn's stories that he can move as a shadow in general.
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Replacing Astrid!


Rena Ryugu


Higurashi: When They Cry


Rena is abnormally strong for a girl her age, and only seems to display this amount of strength when angered or in her "KYUTEEEE" mode. She somehow knows her way around using certain weapons, and can tell when people tell lies. Rena is extremely good at cooking.
This version of Rena is heavily afflicted by the Hinamizawa Syndrome, meaning that her paranoia is amplified and she experiences hallucinations that increase the already dangerously high paranoia. Eventually, this will no doubt cause her to commit unprovoked violent acts.

Rena primarily uses a nata, or commonly misinterpreted as a cleaver.

~Character History~
This version of Rena is taken from Tsumihoroboshi-hen.​
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(Self Explanatory) Lucas Kellan aka "Shadow 1-8"

Age: (Self Explanatory) 27

Canon: (What series is your character from?) Killzone: Shadowfall

Powers: (What Superhuman abilities does your character possess? If none, just say N.A.) N/A

Abilities/Skills: (What specialist skills or training does your character possess?) VSA (Vektan Security Agency, Elite Spy, Black Ops, Marksman, adapt at spying, espionage, and more, hacking, working with machinery.

(Self Explanatory.) O.W.L Drone


LSR44 Spoor, M32 Knife, and anything else he can find, ammo

Character History: (A wiki link or brief explanation will be fine.)


Name: (Self Explanatory) Maya "Echo" Visari

Age: (Self Explanatory) ??

Canon: (What series is your character from?) Killzone: Shadowfall

Powers: (What Superhuman abilities does your character possess? If none, just say N.A.) A device that allows her to disappear from view for a while.

Abilities/Skills: Helghast Intellegence agency, Black Ops spy for the Helghast, Espionage, Spying, Hacking, Huge Sniper, can hack machinery.


STA-61 Sniper Rifle, M32 Knife, and anything else she can find, ammo, along with a few other guns.

Character History: (A wiki link or brief explanation will be fine.)

Name: Johnson aka Eight Hearts

Age: Unknown

Canon: (No More Heroes/Shadows of the Damned

Powers: (A living weapon. Johnson in his gun form was capable of changing shape into different kinds of weaponry. As Eight Hearts he still has access to these abilities available to fire different kinds of energy bullets as well as send out turrets in the shape of skulls. Su

Abilities/Skills: Has proficient skills in the use of weaponry and close quarter combat.

Weapons/Equipment: He is a living weapon.

Character History: The protagonist of Serious Moonlight, an open-world triple-A fantasy RPG, described as the "Final Fantasy of the 20th Century". His real identity is Johnson from Shadows of the Damned - yes, that Shadows of the Damned. The actual title of the game is Damned: Dark Knight, which serves as a sequel to the game. After a run-in with a mysterious demon hunter, Garcia is forced to free Johnson from his skull-like form, and he becomes the game's new protagonist, receiving the title "Eight Hearts".


Name: Charlotte Birkin aka Bad Girl

Age: 23

Canon: No More Heroes

Powers: Superhuman strength (powerful enough to send men flying with her bat.) Superhuman pain tolerance.

Abilities/Skills: Proficient in the use of her baseball bat.

Weapons/Equipment: Her baseball bat, a lighter and a sixpack of beer.

Character History: The 2nd ranked assassin, who is an overly made-up woman in a pink baby doll dress and carrying around a bloody baseball bat. While all of the assassins, including Travis, are obviously unhinged to some degree; Bad Girl is out-and-out psychotic, and not at all ashamed of it.
Appearance: (A picture or brief explanation will be fine)


Name: Helena Douglas

Age: 23

Canon: Dead or Alive

Powers: N/A

Abilities/Skills: Helena is a trained opera singer, as well as a trained combatant in pigua quan martial arts as well as different types of guns.

Weapons/Equipment: Her body is her weapon.

Character History: Helena Douglas

Name: Seto and Sai

Age: 15 and unknown

Canon: Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon

Powers: Strong enough to hurt robots, durable enough to survive a crane slamming into him. Can hit and attack thought entities and ghosts, and use a variety of weapons. These include crossbows, slingshots, hammers, katanas, and a variety of other things. Also has a flashlight. Sai can turn invisible and intangible and can float.

Abilities/Skills: Expert at using the weapons he finds, has had to teach himself combat against the ghost people he encounters but he’s rather skilled at it all the same. He’s also capable of using first aid kits and bandages to their max effectiveness.

Weapons/Equipment: Crossbow, two katanas, slingshot, kendo stick, some bottles of water, and a medical kit.

Character History:
Swapping out Alarak for someone a little more... Canon to my first Character. While I'd love to play Alarak in this, I think it'd be best if I do this instead:


"Alright, step right up, you ugly sacks of flesh. My name's Uzume Tennouboshi, and you're all already dead!"

Name: Uzume Tennouboshi

Age: Unknown


Powers: As a Console Patron Unit, Uzume Tennouboshi has the capability of utilizing Hard Drive Divinity, transforming into her CPU form; Orange Heart. Using the power of Share Energy, she has the capability of creating what is known as a Sharing Field; a ability which surrounds a target in Share Energy which has been shown to be the only way to defeat and destroy a Dark CPU. She also enters a "Daydream" mode in both her human form and her CPU Form, which turns her into a "Valley Girl". It has been shown in the story-line of Megadimension VII that whatever she has said in this state has happened a few moments afterwards; such as when she said that what if the Monsters of the Dimension were able to place their faith in CPU's and give them Share Energy, and then coming true.


Weapons/Equipment: Like Kurome, she uses a Megaphone in combat.

Character History: Uzume's history stems from the original Uzume; Kurome. When she was sealed away, some time later a part of her split away and became Uzume Tennouboshi. She had ever since been protecting what little is left of the Zero Dimension in her duty as a CPU, fighting impossible odds against the four Dark CPU's that were continuously destroying the dimension's nations.​
Switchin' out Genjuro!


Name: Yashamaru Kurama

Age: 20

Canon: Samurai Shodown

Powers: Yashamaru has inherited the bloodline of a tengu, and as a result possesses a few powers. The ones in particular he possesses are:

Wind Manipulation: Yashamaru can create whirlwinds with his sword, as well as use air to make his attacks more devastating. He can also manipulate air into feathery blades and use them in a ranged attack.
Flight: Yashamaru wears a cape that, when he wills it through magic, transforms into a pair of large red wings on his back that allow him to fly. Even when they are not in use, though, he is still more agile than a mere mortal, able to stay in the air longer and jump higher.
Agility: Yashamaru, in occasional spurts, can move so quickly that it seems he teleported from place to place. This may just be an additional boon from his air manipulation skills, though.
Rage: Yashamaru, when in combat for long enough, is able to temporarily become Enraged. In this state, his hair turns black, and he becomes something of a berserker, with heightened senses, speed, and devastating attacks. However, this takes a long time to build up once used.

Abilities/Skills: A trained samurai, Yashamaru is an adept swordsman. He's also a renowned thief, skilled in stealth as well as strength.

Weapons/Equipment: Yashamaru wears armor and fights with his sword, a nagamaki called Shanaou

Character History:
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Sheet 1


(Note: This is an art piece I have commissioned! Link to the artist I commissioned is here)

"Many years ago, I took part in a terrible war... I come here to day, to prevent history from repeating itself. No matter what it takes."

Aliceviel von Einzbern
(She prefers to call herself 'Alice')

Early 20s
(Based off appearance, she does not remember her precise age.)

The character is an OC, but is loosely based off of the fate series.

- Wires; The most basic of her powers, and the first thing she knew how to utilize in combat. In essense, they are strands of her hair, formed into 'fibers', allowing her to manipulate them to her will. She can channel magical energy throughout these strands, detonating them, or manipulating them into various shapes. They can also be used to drain objects or opponents of mana (should they possess any), allowing Alice to essentially become a sort of 'mana battery' to some degree.

- Wire Constructs; Through advanced manipulation of her wires, Alice is able to create various constructs. Most notable, shape-changing 'familiars', often in the form of birds or cats that she is able to 'unravel' and 'reform' at any moment to objects varying in complexity. Such as swords or arrows. The more complex an construct is, the more strain they take on her mind and mana consumption. Typically she prefers to create 'swarms' of simple constructs in the form of familiars and simple weapons, but in emergencies, she may create larger versions of such constructs, or even more complex weapons in extreme circumstances. But this last option is the most taxing on her mind and body. In addition, she is able to 'overload' her constructs in the case of emergencies, creating explosions varying in size depending on how much mana is collectively used to overload them.

- Raw Magic; In addition to channeling mana through her wires, she can 'blast' enemies with various forms of magic, usually beams or explosive orbs. Though in cases where her hand is forced, she can focus this magic into much, bigger projectiles (not unlike long range artillery shells with a crude form of mental guidance). Using her magic this way is alot less versatile, but it does strain her mind less, though she will still be expending her mana in the process.

- Artificial Body; Aside from beginning as a homunculus, Alice maintains a rather strange existence, using a form of 'projection magic' to maintain a physical body. In every sense of the word, she is a spirit given temporary form, staving off death with a fake body, using some of her own wires as its framework. The moment she fails to possess enough mana, the body begins to falter. Her power is limited by the very fragile nature of her body, and her constant need for mana.

- Reality Marble; A mysterious 'inner world', artificially created with a form of forbidden magecraft. Loosely modeled after one possessed by a certain heroic spirit, it was meant to make what one imagines come true. But in reality, it was only able to create crude projections, through a magic better known as projection magic. When it was passed onto Alice, its appearance more closely resembles an endless field, filled with a seemingly neverending spiderweb, each strand glowing and pulsating with magical energy. For the most part, this reality marble is not used, as Alice much prefers to use the required mana to maintain her artificial body. However, in cases of extreme urgency, she can invoke its effects. Typically she uses a pseudo incantation, summoning a much weaker and more fragile version of this reality marble, one that acts more like a bounded field than her 'inner world'. But in a dire emergency, she can choose to instead use it's true incantation, unleashing its full power and allowing her to create much stronger, more solid projections using her wire constructs, but at the cost of a significant amount of mana, typically using this reality marble at its full power is almost guaranteed to sap her of most if not all of her mana. Effectively destroying her body, or at the bare minimum, leaving it in a very unstable state, one that would eventually lead to its destruction if she does not recover her mana in time.

- "Tracing"; A subcategory of 'projection magic' in which she normally uses solely to memorize and 'store' the basic structure and function of weapons and other constructs she has seen operated in some way. This becomes the basis of many of her more complex wire constructs.

- Intuition; Much like she is able to 'trace' and replicate most constructs (difficulty scaling with their complexity/power), Alice is similarly able to pick up on the basic idea of unfamiliar things by observing them operate. It is largely based off of her keen intuition. Overtime, she has learned how to master many weapons, and create increasingly complex wire constructs, and by extension, perhaps even full on projections in certain cases, but ultimately she still has much to learn about the world. This however, is usually done on the fly, and is thus fallible. Her wire constructs are a clear example of this; they form the shapes in which she desires, or feels is the most 'fitting' to her purpose, but in the end, they are imitations, ones defined by her interpretation of how something works, rather than how it actually works. (For instance, she can form her wires into the shape of a bomb, and overload said wires with magical energy in order to simulate a detonation. But she cannot accurately replicate its inner workings. Only form a 'shell' that resembles a bomb, because she does not possess the inherrant knowledge neccessary to 'assemble' one, nor would it be an efficient way to use her mana.)

Alice has no equipment of her own, aside from her hair perhaps and her clothes she carries with her. Most of her offensive power lies in her magic, but if need be, she can seek out additional tools/weapons.

Character History:
Alice was born from a homunculus, her father, a desperate man who sought out a secret only the EInzberns knew in exchange for a service. In effect, he paid the price with his only child.

Modified, trained, and brainwashed, Alice was their first prototype of a homunculus suitable for battle against other magi, and perhaps even servants. But at the age of 16, she rebelled against her family, escaping to a version of Fuyuki City.

For a while, she lived there, taken under the wing a mysterious, yet somehow familiar man.

It wasn't long before she heard of mysterious clashes, and various casualties throughout the city... Always happening under the cover of night. As the man who took care of her would go out on his errands during this time, she too, eventually resolved to get to the bottom of these events, as deep down, she wished to prevent any further casualties.

Over the course of two weeks, she fought and overcame five other Magi, one that excelled in ranged combat, one of brute strength, one that specialized in familiar mounts... One that mastered a blade, and another that specialized in spears.

While she had many opportunities presented to her to kill each one upon their defeat, she had chosen to spare then, vowing to become something more than just the weapon she was created to be.

By this time, she soon learned the reason for these clashes, and these casualties. It was a battle, for a device that supposedly granted a wish. Something that many thought should be impossible for at least 30 more years, but a naive few would believe otherwise, desperate enough to believe even the impossible, as they each had a wish they wanted granted.

Hoping to put an end, she desperately sought out this wish granting device herself... Eventually finding herself one night on the outskirts of town, in a small settlement.

There she found the man who had taken care of her all those days.

He told her he killed the other 5 Magi, and that the wish granting device was a lie.

All that he had succeeded in creating was a reality marble. One that could give shape to things he imagined, but... Not truly create or destroy things. It couldn't grant wishes, nor could it revive those who had passed on.

He intended to kill her too, or so he claimed, so news of what had transpired here would not get out.

And the two fought.

Manifesting the reality marble in its full power, the man created countless weapons, and other constructs, but Alice's wires were able to drain and sometimes even shatter these projections, as she began to rapidly move through the air by switching places with her avian familiars...

And in the end, she won a pyrrhic victory.

As a last ditch effort, the man expended all the strength and mana he had in his body, detonating the world around him, creating a devastating explosion.

Though Alice managed to wrap them both in a coccoon of her own wires, they were both spent.

... It was only in his final moments, right before the man suffered cardiac arrest from all that strain the battle had put on his body, that he revealed who he was to her.

All this time... The father she never knew she had, was him.

And in the end, as her body threatened to disappear, she became the new owner to the reality marble her father had created, carrying on his legacy, as well as his memories, but retaining her own ideals.

From this point on, she swore she would spend the rest of her life finding a way to prevent disasters like this before. Ultimately, she also hopes to prevent holy grail wars overall.

But little did she know, that she would take part in another battle. A different form of free for all.

This time though, she hopes to resolve things with as little bloodshed as possible.

But would such a feat even be possible?​
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