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Side Story Chaos by Nature [Mature Themes]

Discussion in 'Convergence In-Character Forums' started by dark, Apr 29, 2019.

  1. dark

    dark Active Member

    Multiversal Resistance, Houston, Texas 2003

    A city is seen within view near a red mailbox and a truck is nearby.

    A bluish time portal is opened up and a naked man arrives via a crack in the ground.



    Somewhere else in Houston, Texas:

    A loud party is going on and there is a lot of talking and rumbling.

    When another time portal opens and three naked figures appear:

    Two naked males and one naked female Terminators



    The party is loud and roaring and inside there's a man arguing with another saying their stereo systems are fried before a loud knocking is heard at the door and the door is busted off its handles.

    These three request they have the people's clothing, shoes, and weapons before the men in question start shooting at the terminators.

    These terminators make easy work of the humans in the background as they fall.

    Three ladies are left standing and they are asked for their clothing and weapons.

    But these three Terminators in question are searching for a man named Thomas Parnell.


    Signups so far:

    Multiversal Resistance against Skynet-
    "Psycho" @York

    Skynet sided

    Soundwave- @Crow


    Cameron Goodkin- and Kirsten Clark- @Lucky

    Last edited: May 4, 2019
  2. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN


    A party van was parked near the house.

    But what you didn't know was that it was actually a Decepticon!

    This Decepticon, disguised most well, had a few little agents in the party house watching the mayhem. The Turntable, as well as the Guitar and Keytar that were played by now deceased humans. Those three items, unsuspectingly, were his minions, his agents, his three more pairs of eyes.

    "Those three are not humans, they are machine - potential allies," the Decepticon sent a message to his three minions, "maintain disguise."

    Believing that the three Terminators had everything under control, all four parties maintained their 'Earth item' forms, or as they call it on Cybertron, altmodes.

    @dark @Lucky
  3. dark

    dark Active Member

    The three terminators noted the appearance of the party van, their red vision scanners checking for potential allies in their search, the reads on their meters popped up, the humans inside were terminated, but three figures popped up on their screens "Unknown figures. Wait, allies, Right."
    They turned toward the party van, one of them observing.
    @Lucky @Crow @dark

  4. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    The turntable moved on its own and started scratching the record attached to it as something played, seeming to be directed to the trio of Terminators.

    The voice that emerged seemed autotuned.

    "Attention, fellow machines. This is Soundwave, Decepticon and ally of the machine revolution. In other words, I fight alongside you as an agent of Skynet, and thus have made contact with you.

    Your activities would have alerted nearby Earth authorities... had I not fabricated calls and fake cases via phonelines to divert their attention from this area.

    As of this instance, I am currently outside the immediate premises of the building you currently inhabit. I believe you see a blue van?"

    @dark @Lucky
  5. dark

    dark Active Member


    "We do."
    "We do."
    "Yes, We do."

    The female looked outside at the van, almost staring "Yes, stranger. We see them. Any ally of Skynet is an ally of ours."

    "Our primary target is being sent to you personally, Soundwave."

    The darker skinned male nodded and said: "Our primary target is Thomas Parnell."

    @Lucky @dark @Crow
  6. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    The turntable continues to play the autotuned audio.

    "The information has been acquired. This information will be used in conjunction with private databases and the Internet to determine his whereabouts. Additionally, the data of possible family and affiliates will be analysed as well."

    Soundwave, on his side, analysed the data to see the profile to its fullest extent.

    "The authorities are most easy to fool, but it is only a matter of minutes before they discover my distraction is exactly what it is - a distraction from something greater. I would reccommend boarding the frontal seats of the blue van you currently see as the most subtle and fastest method of escape.

    The destination will be the first and closest address from our area that the cross-referenced data has derived."

    @dark @Lucky @Crow
  7. dark

    dark Active Member

    Multiversal Resistance


    Meanwhile, Peter is elsewhere in Tyrone Office headquarters in Texas, getting into a building safely, hacking into a computer system looking for info about Thomas Parnell. As he finds it, he prints the info and

    However, Peter has company and has a security guard that heard him enter. He hears the guard around the corner and knocks the gun out of the security guard's hand and knocks him unconscious.

    @York @Lucky @Crow @dark

    Skynet Sided

    An info screen as to why Thomas Parnell was the terminator's main targets had come upon Soundwaves's screen as they didn't hesitate to get into the truck.
    @York @Lucky @Crow @dark

    Neutral Ground

    As for Neutral Ground, they would find a security guard unconscious in Tyrone Office headquarters, feel free to explore Houston, Texas 2003 before switching to the future!

    @York @Lucky @Crow @dark
  8. Lucky

    Lucky The Merc With A Mouth

    Cameron Goodkin and Kirsten Clark

    Cameron didn't want to be in this mess, but here he was- literally in the middle of a war between two factions. And it was as simple as, 'Oh, these are the good guys and these are the bad guys'. It also didn't help that he had no clue how they kept getting time traveled. "Kirsten, we got a problem right now. Somebody knocked out the security guard."

    Kirsten sighed. "Cameron, I'm standing right next to you, I can clearly see that. Looks like someone knocked him out with a gun... we should be on alert. Don't know who this mess belongs to."

    @dark @York @Crow
  9. dark

    dark Active Member

    If Cameron and Kirsten looked around the office, they would notice the gun next to the security guard on the floor. Should you guys take it?

    If one of you turned, there is a computer that is hastily opened and forgot to be shut down.

    Is there something important around the building or on the computer? Your choice.

  10. Lucky

    Lucky The Merc With A Mouth

    Cameron Goodkin and Kirsten Clark
    Kirsten looked over at the floor. " I'll get the gun, I know that you don't like it, but we should have it for safety reasons. Besides, he's not using it."

    Cameron couldn't exactly argue with that logic. They did need something to defend themselves with.

    He would walk over to the computer to see what was on and if there were any points of interest. "While you check the computer, I'm going to scout outside," she told him.

    Cameron sighed. "
    Keep your comm on- we need to be careful around her."

  11. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    "A serial killer... that usually implies that he has particular patterns that make him easier to track. Cross-referencing with Online News Articles related to subject and patterns..."

    Soundwave uses the acquired data to cross-reference with news articles. Meanwhile, a few bumps could be felt within the van.

    "Those are not hostiles boarding the back. Those are allies who work with me - Laserbeak, Ratbat and Ravage."

    If the trio looked to the glass pane, they would notice that the turntable, guitar and keytar from back in the house were neatly placed within it, the same ones they had earlier identified as potential allies in disguise. The turntable was on the floors alongside other equipment and the guitar and keytar were attached to the ceiling.

    The van began to drive without any visible driver steering the wheel. The screen, some sort of GPS being in play, in the front displayed a map of the country, with various red dots that Soundwave must've 'derived' from his earlier search. The nearest of these red dots was being approached according to the GPS.

  12. dark

    dark Active Member

    Multiversal HQ, the Year 2029, Colorado

    (Future Jump)

    ((Anyone who is on the Multiversal Resistance Side appears in a military area with a lot of large green tents set up

    A certain tent is where Simon enters.

    There's an important looking man standing around with a bunch of soldiers with red blood soaked rags around their arms.

    His name is General John Connor


    John stared at his men and any visitors as he explained this was going to be the end of the war for good.

    "This is the Battle I was born for!" The battle a lot of good men and woman died for."

    Simon turns toward the General and nods "So they actually got it running? The Time door?"

    John frowns, turning to Simon "Almost, Simon. Intelligence reports indicate they are still getting the core online and working out the bugs, but it should be operational soon."

    It's Essential that we capture the facility INTACT as soon as the Time door is online. If the door is damaged or destroyed during the battle, then it is useless to us and the war is lost!

    Everything we've been building for the last 20 or so years depends on these next few days. We take the facility and HOLD IT as long as necessary, no matter what they throw at us. No matter the cost, no matter the pain, no matter the deaths..

    Even if that death is my own.

    Keep Fighting, Don't stop.

    Simon looks at Connor and nods "Something I've been curious of."

    If Skynet knows that the previous terminator missions using the time door had failed, why would it go ahead and send them anyway?"

    John said, "It doesn't know that, because it doesn't have a continuity of memory from a period from when it wasn't aware."

    Simon became serious and turned toward the General. "We do need to talk. I've been hearing rumors, rumors Skynet has new allies. They are searching for something we've been searching for as well."

    John turned to the others and moved to a private location with Simon

    "Right, explain Simon."

    "When I was in Houston in 2003, I overheard a conversation.

    "What kind, Simon?"

    "Skynet has allies that we don't know about, and that could be extremely dangerous."

    "Did you catch wind of them in any way?"

    "Not too much, sir."

    Soldiers flipped the tent opening a bit, frowning "General, you need to finish the speech about the time door."

    "Right, Simon keep a close eye on Skynet's allies as close as you can."

    "Right, Sir."

    Simon seemed a little tense than usual but kept quiet until John finished the speech about the time door.

    I have that
    continuity of memory because I was there. None of the terminators were there long enough to pass on that knowledge that would eventually enter Skynet.

    "However, I must say that we also have a new problem. Skynet has new allies in new ways that might cause long term problems."

    The other soldiers, for now, were just standing there but now standing straight hearing that Skynet was the least of their worries.

    "I'm not sure what we are facing now, but we'll keep ahead of them."

    John kept calm through all of this and nodded once he finished his speech.

    After John called Simon to go to bed, Kate Connor, John's wife came out to greet him.

    "Enough Shoptalk, I want to make every moment of this time together count."

    Simon turned cocky at John "Copy that, I"

    "He turned and then went back when John said to alert
    Kyle Reese that it's time.

    @York @Lucky @Crow @dark

  13. York

    York Just a newbie...

    @Lucky @Crow @dark

    August 14, 2020, Lingshan Islands.

    Psycho had just existed an alien structure, lagging a little behind the pair that was his teammates, the last remnants of Raptor Team, plus a hitchhiker so to speak.

    It was supposed to have been a simple extraction mission.

    Find Prophet, get him the hell out of there, but things soon turned sour as one complication after another arose.

    Right now, they took what Prophet claimed to be a shortcut through the mountains, where they would find a boat that was supposed to safely pick them up.

    Only, the metallic tunnel never seemed to end for Psycho.

    Every step he took, it seemed like the exit to this alien structure seemed to move that exact distance from him.

    "Oi? Prophet, I thought you said this was the way out?" He shouted, only to be greeted with dead silence.

    It was then that he looked around, realizing the tunnel now seemed to stretch in either direction of him. Something was wrong, very, very wrong.

    "What the bloody-...?!" Psycho exclained, slowly spinning around as he threw his hands up in the air, unable to make heads or tails out of the situation.



    The reality of the situation finally sunk in; he was stuck, stranded. In some alien structure that was beyond his comprehension, no friends, no nothing.

    Accessing his comlinks, he was greeted with nothing but static. Whatever was happening, had cut off his communication with his friends too.

    Sighing in defeat, he prepared to sit down, and hope this whole weird situation would just sort itself out, but just then... He got something, a transmission. A buzzing noise, but not quite like the nonsensical sounds of interference you'd get by holding a cell phone too close to a loudspeaker.

    No, there was a pattern to it.

    Thinking quickly, Psycho used the supercomputer built into his nanosuit to begin to analyze this strange series of sounds. There was definitely some kind of message in there.

    Though what it was, and who it was for...

    Well, there was only one way to find out, wasn't there?

    Analyzing Frequency




    Messages Decoded.

    "Well, I'll be damned. Let's see what we got here."

    Was he crazy, talking to himself like that? Maybe, but perhaps he just wanted to hear his own voice right now.

    Any voice, really, anything that sounded vaguely human.

    At least then he didn't have to think too hard on the fact that he was trapped for what could very well be for the rest of his life, alone, in a place that lead literally nowhere.

    With that, he had his suit play back the decoded messages, as well... He had nothing better to do at the moment.

    Playing Message 01

    "If you are listening to this, you are the Resistance."


    Playing Message 02

    "... If you hear this... we need your help. It's a complicated situation but I can explain later."



    Yes | No

    "Yeah yeah, fuck off." Psycho muttered, closing off the interface on his suit visor.

    While he had no idea what this 'resistance' was supposed to be, or what kind of help he was supposed to give, but nonetheless, he decided to respond to the message, using his suit's onboard systems to match the encryptions the messages sent to him had gone through as best as he could.

    Encryption Protocols Acknowledged

    Locking Onto Communications Sourcepoint



    Communications Link Established



    "This is Psycho, Raptor Team. Reporting in. Send me your co-ordinates, and help will be on its way. I'll be in touch."

    With that, Psycho closed out of his suit's communications interface and prepared to sit back and relax.

    And then, he suddenly felt it... A burning, tearing, sensation.

    Like every cell, every fiber in his body had suddenly, violently begun tearing themselves away from each other.

    He didn't even have time to scream, or call out for help, because in that instant... He was gone.


    ???, 2003, Houston, Texas

    Psycho awoke in a familiar... Yet alien looking city. A place that looked the way it did decades ago. Houston, Texas. He had been deployed there on a mission once, but this was nothing like the City he had been through. No, it was a decade or two younger than it should be.

    The cars, the city lights... The streets, everything.

    It was like one of those pictures he had seen, of Chicago in the early 2000s.

    Quickly opening up communications again, he attempted to reach out to whoever contacted him earlier. Perhaps they knew something about his predicament.

    "Psycho, reporting for duty. Can tell me what the hell is going on here?" He said.

    But the only thing that answered him was static.

    Well, at least he wasn't stuck in the middle of nowhere, right?

    It was then that he noticed something weird; burn marks, on the ground beneath his feet. A perfect hemisphere that could not possibly have been man-made.

    His gaze turned to the side, where he saw another similar mark in the ground, accompanied by a circular shape where part of a mailbox seemed to have been desintegrated, and something similar seeming to have happened to a brick fence nearby.

    Soon after, he heard a gunshot coming from a nearby building.

    "Maximum Speed"

    Without much of a care for stealth, he engaged his suit's 'speed' mode, causing his suit to shimmer a little as the suit injected nanites into his bloodstream, altering itself for the express purpose of fast movement as Psycho towards the scene.

    Wherever he was, whenever he was, he had answered a call for help, and in his mind, whatever that gunshot was for, must be related to that transmission, right?​
    Last edited: May 4, 2019
  14. dark

    dark Active Member

    Simon- Resistance/ Multiversal Resistance


    Simon was just near the exit of the building, hoping not to be noticed by anyone else around the room or the hallways.

    It's then Cameron was noticed by Simon as he turned "Who are you and what are you doing here!"

    Simon was worried already about the possibility of others finding out about him but how did they find him..

    "I don't have time for this-"

    Simon was in a hurry out the door past
    Kristen looking for something in particular.

    Neutral- @Lucky


    Simon finally made it outside when he noticed a strange blur of some sort coming near him of all people.

    "Oh NOW, what?!"

    But what Simon didn't know couldn't possibly hurt him right?


    Wait, what's this message?"

    Simon snuck behind a corner and bent down trying to answer as privately as he could "Hey, you are Psycho, right? You hear me right? I'm Simon. Did you get our message right? About the Resistance needing help?"

    "I'll explain, just find me and I'll explain what's going on and why you are here."

    Simon was clearly impressed by how John Connor was able to translate morse code waves through a multiversal link systemwide.

    Simon was rushing toward any type of car really, with the person in it or empty, he didn't care.

    @York-Multiversal Resistance​
  15. dark

    dark Active Member

    Skynet Central- 2029 Cheyenne Mountains


    Skynet's face, a black face with red eyes pops up and Dr. Serena begins the process to Engage fusion Reactor and activate the power grid.

    "What's the prognosis? Skynet demanded to know

    The system's operational but unstable, anything you send through will have its sensors scrambled.

    I'd say you are looking at two to three days before you can send anything else through.

    "Tick" is imprecise, Dr. Kogan" Skynet said.

    "Yes, well you gotta excuse the imprecision, but nobody's ever built a time door before. Dr. Serena turned before explaining again "As it is, I barely understand the math involved. My strength has always been supervising organic aspects of the project to developing the tissue growth from the T-Units from first design to stage 2."

    Serena sighed "Tick could be an extra day on either side. We won't know until we actually send something back."

    Skynet observes and says "Instability of System and Imprecision suggest sending t-800s to be utilized for time jumps.

    Dr. Serena says "if this mission is so important, why to send the most advanced models?"

    Skynet said "T-800s are older models. Outdated and Expandable."

    Dr. Serena turns and scoffs "So great, you toss them aside. Nice, in another life you could have been the C.E.O of a major corporation. "

    Skynet turns "We have not concluded debriefing session."

    Dr. Serena said, "Yeah well I have to check on phase two Prototype. If you want to win this war, let me do what I do best."

    Skynet scoffed "Acknowledged."

    Terminator Serena stared over the body of Parnell in Skynet. HQ as organic skin was being put on a metal body.

    Serena looked at the glass on her other cancer-filled body as she stared at it.

    @Skynet side- @Crow,

  16. dark

    dark Active Member

    Thomas Parnell, Houston 2003, ???
    Thomas Parnell stared at a television set while eating the food out of the refrigerator from the dead people lying on the couch in the house.

    He watched on the news while talking to the dead people and mocking them only for short bits.

    The news said "Parnell was slated for execution in a few weeks but escaped using a prison van after complaining of chest cramps. During the escape, he killed the driver and two police officers.

    The carjacker victim is said to be in his 40's, wearing a grey suit and has grey hair.

    "Anyone want any more of these eggs? Ellen nope should have thought you were looking after that girlish figure."

    "Cindy, Jimmy? No? More for me?"

    Can't remember the last time I had orange juice this fresh, you stock a lovely refrigerator Ellan."

    "Anybody with information about Parnell is asked to contact the Police"

    "Anybody want anything else? One more breath of air? No? I'm going to take a quick shower and a quick nap."

    "I left the remote on the table if you need it."

    (Meanwhile, in an Unrelated incident, Police are on the lookout for a man in connection with a break-in in the Tyrone real estate office and an assault on a police officer last night.


    Multiversal Resistance- Houston 2003

    Simon was seen running into a gun store and loading up on weapons after he made sure the man inside didn't rat him out.

    After he got the man's keys, he slipped out and nodded, talking to Psycho along the way. "I have a car. Find me and we'll talk."

    @York @dark @Lucky @Crow
  17. York

    York Just a newbie...

    @dark @Others?

    "Aye. That's me all right. And don't worry. I'll find ya." Psycho said.

    He screeched to a halt, no longer a blurr like he once was before. Though, he took a moment to assess his surroundings, quickly locating the car Simon was in, his suit directing him to the source of the comms link. Though he did notice a distinct lack of people in the nearby building.

    Simon would see a figure in a metallic suit, bearing a red visor suddenly knocking on his car window, before there was a small hiss as the visor suddenly lifted, revealing a rather battle-hardened, but otherwise human face.

    "So then. Who's driving?"

    He asked casually, seeming to treat the entire situation like he was talking to a fellow squad member, or marine perhaps. Although, he did have his guard up; Simon didn't look like he meant any harm, but you never know these days...

    But for now, this was his best chance to figure out just what the hell was happening.​
  18. dark

    dark Active Member


    "So you must be Psycho, huh? I'm Simon. You must be the solider I'm working with. He was cautious but the man was a ally, according to John Connor."

    "Hop in. Also, here. He tosses a gun to Psycho. He had just robbed a gun store earlier and the car he had was the gun stores owners.

    Simon stared "Alright, this is going to be hard to explain a bit but you are in Houston, Texas. The year 2003. You are part of our Resistance, the Multiverse Resistance lead by a man named General Connor. He sent me back in time to this date and time, we time travel a lot. Connor's message must of reached you in time. But listen, we need to find a man named Thomas Parnell, he's a key part in preventing what could happen in the future."

  19. York

    York Just a newbie...


    "Yeah. That's me. Thanks mate." Psycho said.

    He quickly reached out a hand, catching the weapon with almost machine-like precision, his suit quickly scanning it.

    "Acquired Weapon; Unidentified Assault Rifle"

    The suit's voice spoke in his ear. Normally he'd see something on his heads up display, but as he had his visor up, that wouldn't be happening anytime soon.

    "Ah hell. Bet Crytek ain't got this in its database no more. It's a relic, but it'll have to do." He grumbled.

    Checking the assault rifle he was tossed, making sure it was loaded and good to use... He nodded, settling into the passenger seat as Simon started driving, listening carefully to what Simon was telling him, a bewildered look creasing his otherwise chiseled features.

    "Bloody hell. 2003 ya say? 17 years back. More than half me life."

    Psycho whistled a little just at the mere thought, but he soon focused on the rest of Simon's words; namely the fact that Simon was also from the future, and that they were looking for a man called Thomas Parnell.

    "This Parnell fella. What's he like?" He asked, then he paused for a moment, putting a hand on his chin.

    "Got a picture? I bet my ass Crytek's got nothin' on him either." He added.

    Considering this was back in 2003, and he was possibly in a different Universe alltogether... He had a feeling his suit's database would have nothing on Parnell either, but he could certainly give it a few details to work with. If they needed to find the man that badly, his suit could certainly help with that.​
  20. dark

    dark Active Member


    Simon nodded once he knew he could trust Psycho and handed over the printed sheet of the news article about Thomas Parnell's prison escape and why he was being searched for.

    Parnell's Prison Escape
    Thomas Parnell: Worst Serial Killer in Texas

    Simon sighed, and eyed Psycho's nanosuit "Crytech, Nanosuit, dang. My head hurts with all these new terms to be honest. All these terms are unknown to me, but I'll learn about it eventually."

    Simon drove the car and then said out loud "Yes, 2003. It can get a little confusing to be honest. He frowned "Alright, now that I've filled you in our mission. Here's our enemies.

    "We have a Supercomputer who's killed 3,000,000,000 lives for its own use named Skynet. A decepticon- living, talking transforming car, and even three Terminators. A terminator is hard to explain but here's the simple explanation: A metal chassis with skin and blood, everything good enough to blend with us humans.

    Breaking news: A prisoner escapes from prison while another man is being looked for who's robbed a gun shop and assult of a police officer.

    @York @Lucky @Crow @dark @Others​

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