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Character Rosters


Still Slep
Prisoner of Hogwarts - Maple Li(Illusion Identity: Melody Christela)
Far Away Lights - Rin Kagamine
Calamitous Reprise and FOTS- Reimu Hakurei
Exploratio Continua - The Doctor
A Clue In The Knight - Harry Thomas Edwards (Illusion Identity: ????)
Dead Or Lie - Lucy/Kaede
Fighting of the Spirit - Kit the Shit
Rot and Rule - Mima Kirigoe
Happily Never After - Caroline (Identity: ????)
some more I forgot

Characters From:
- Sonic (Sadly)
-Touhou (Always have, always will)
-DeepSeaPrisoner Games (And other JRPGs)
-My OCs (ewww)
-Madoka Magica
-Vocaloid/Utau Stuff
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Characters Played:
Ryu Keiko (OC), Koriand'r (Starfire), Axel (Kingdom Hearts), Simon (Gurren Lagann), Daniel Angelle (OOC)

Character's I Want To Play:
Izuku Midoriya (BNHA), Raven (Teen Titans), A couple other OCs I've been drafting up, etc.


Jiren & Toppo (DBS) (Right Hand of the Magic God)

Huey Emerich (Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker) (Exploratio Continua)

Superior Iron Man/ Uncle Tony (Marvel Comics) (Ragnarok)

Frank West (Dead Rising) (Ragnarok)

Zamasu (Dragonball Super) (City of Avalon)

Winter Soldier (Marvel Comics)
Gohan (Dragon Ball Super)
Gotenks (Dragon Ball Z)
5th Doctor (Doctor Who)
Jesse/James/Meowth (Pokemon)
Liquid Ocelot (Metal Gear Solid 2)
Nightwing (DC Comics)
Ash Ketchum (Pokemon)
Judge Dredd (Judge Dredd)
Guy Gardener (DC Comics)
Groot (MCU)
Venom Snake (Metal Gear Solid V)

Taopaipai (Dragon Ball)

Roy Harper (Arrow)

Frieza (Dragonball Z)

Superior Iron Man/ Uncle Tony (Marvel Comics) (Ragnarok)

Any others just didn't happen


Your friendly everyday meerkat
Characters I’m currently playing:

FD3E893C-E9D1-4EAF-90EF-0E6AA37984E8.png Ana (warioware). Currently starring in Somewhere to belong
262B2F3E-77E4-420B-854F-B25FFAACE0CB.png Don Chan (also known as Don Wada) (Taiko no Tatsujin) currently starring in Escape from Purgatory.

  • Poppy Pipopapo (Kamen Rider Ex Aid)
  • Infinite (Sonic Forces)
  • Crash Bandicoot (Crash Bandicoot)
  • Nash (Crash Nitro Kart)
  • Emperor Velo XXVII (Crash Nitro Kart)
  • Crow T Robot (Mystery Science Theatre 3000)
  • Cayde 6 (Destiny)
  • Mona (Shovel Knight)
  • Emperor Calus (Destiny)
  • Gaige (borderlands)
  • Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon)
  • Absolver OC
  • Destiny OC
  • Rabbids
  • Carmen Sandiego and the Player (Carmen Sandiego)
  • Kotoha Hanori (Samurai Sentai Shinkenger)
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dune agenda

Little My
(Moomin) (Fighting of the Spirit/Zero Hour)
Foo Fighters (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) (Fighting of the Spirit) (indirectly Mia Winters from Resident Evil 7)
Gentaro Kisaragi (Kamen Rider) (Zero Hour)
(Death Stranding) (The Second Cell Games)
Christopher Belmont (Castlevania) (Of Ice And Ruin)
Quiet (Metal Gear Solid) (Of Ice And Ruin/Zero Hour)
Madison Palmer (Original Character) (The Goddess/Zero Hour)
Roman Halliday (Original Character (The Goddess)
Higgs Monaghan (Death Stranding) (The Hunt)
HABIT (EverymanHYBRID) (Fate of the Old Gods)
Narancia Ghirga (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) (The Hunt)
Sara Chidouin (Your Turn To Die) (The Only Hopes on Infinite Earths)

Snufkin (Moomins) (Rot and Rule)
Sweet Ann (Vocaloid) (Rot and Rule)
Linhardt von Hevring (Fire Emblem) (Escape from Purgatory)
Adeleine (Kirby) (Somewhere to Belong)
Natalya Kazimirovna Ecditova (???) (Syndrome)
Kamal Bora (Smile For Me) (World Revolving Never More)
Maol-Chaluim (Original Character) (Fate of the Old Gods)
Jeff Koval (EverymanHYBRID) (Fate of the Old Gods)
Millie Coulro (Smile For Me) (Fate of the Old Gods)
Roman Halliday (Original Character) (Fate of the Old Gods)
Maddie Palmer (Original Character) (Fate of the Old Gods)
Nadia Satrinava (The Arcana) (The Great Crusade)
Asra Alnazar (The Arcana) (The Great Crusade)
Vulgora (The Arcana) (The Great Crusade)
Number Five (Umbrella Academy) (To Boldly Go)
Diego Hargreeves (Umbrella Academy (To Boldly Go)
Zora Salazar (Epithet Erased) (Cursed Company)
Josuke Higashikata (Part 8) (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure) (Cursed Company)

Casper Darling (
Control) (Welcome to Horrorland)
Klaus Hargreeves (The Umbrella Academy) (Welcome to Horrorland)
Ben Hargreeves (The Umbrella Academy)

Joseph Desaulniers (Identity V) (Sacred War)
Kennith Simmons (COMMUNICATIONS) (William Smith's Weird Science Day Off)
Stephanie Glass (COMMUNICATIONS) (William Smith's Weird Science Day Off)
Hazel (The Umbrella Academy) (Jump Up! Break Free!)
Cha-Cha (The Umbrella Academy) (Jump Up! Break Free!)
Trencil Varnnia (Smile For Me) (Channel Hopping)
Nat Vancey (Smile For Me) (Channel Hopping)

Chongyun (Genshin Impact) (Grimalkin)
Luca Balsa (Identity V) (Twin Mirrors)

Banica Conchita (Evillious Chronicles) (If the Fates Allow It)
Arte (Evillious Chronicles) (If the Fates Allow It)
Pollo (Evillious Chronicles) (If the Fates Allow It)

Little My (Moomin) (Oh My Garland!)
Heartman (Death Stranding) (Oh My Garland!)
Noah Maxwell (TribeTwelve) (Afflictions of the Heart)
Man Li-Na (Original Character) (A Melding of Alternate Futures)

Toffle (Moomins)
Gordie (Pokemon)
Raihan (Pokemon)
Dorothea Arnault (Fire Emblem)
Clancy Gilroy (The Midnight Gospel)
Vanya Hargreeves (The Umbrella Academy)
Akira Fudo (Devilman Crybaby)
Gladion (Pokemon)
Len Kagamine (Vocaloid)
Kazehiki (UTAU)
Gekiyaku (UTAU)
Philip (Kamen Rider)
Shotaro Hidari (Kamen Rider)
Captain Marvelous (Gokaiger)
Koshka (Ciconia When They Cry)
Count Lucio (The Arcana)
Muriel (The Arcana)
Boris Habit (Smile For Me)
Massimo Volpe (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)
Alexander the Great (Fate Grand/Order)

Hans Christian Andersen (Fate Grand/Order)
Kid Gilgamesh (Fate Grand/Order)
The Countess (American Horror Story)
Procurator Volta (The Arcana)
Misty Day (American Horror Story)

Dr. Coomer (Half-Life VR but the AI is Self-Aware)
Eli Vance (Half-Life)
Allison Hargreeves
(The Umbrella Academy)
Yellow Guy (Don't Hug Me I'm Scared)
Duck (Don't Hug Me I'm Scared)
Red Guy (Don't Hug Me I'm Scared)
Keiji Shinogi (Your Turn to Die)
Sou Hiyori (Your Turn to Die)
Shunsuke Hayasaka (Your Turn to Die)
Gin Ibushi (Your Turn to Die)
Jimothan Botch (Smile For Me)
Parsley Botch (Smile For Me)
Questionette (Smile For Me)
Emily Pope (Control)
Luther Hargreeves (The Umbrella Academy)
Chihiro Fujisaki (Danganronpa)
Carlos (Zero Escape)
Molly Blyndeff (Epithet Erased)
Billy the Kid (Fate/Grand Order)
Giovanni Potage (Epithet Erased)
Kaeya (Genshin Impact)
Venti (Genshin Impact)
Aesop Carl (Identity V)
Mike Morton (Identity V)
Irina Clockworker (The Evillious Chronicles)
Elluka Clockworker (The Evillious Chronicles)
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