Character Sheet Submissions

Draco Shadowdragon

Unknown Entity
There will be a four character limit to start off with. If need be, that limit can be changed. All characters must be approved before you post your character in your own thread. That being said here is the character sheet:

Optional if the race doesn’t have genders
Age: How old is your character in the real world? How old is he in the game? Real life age is one factor that determines how many memories your character has.
Race: What race is your character? Be creative if you want, just run any created race by me first. All races must be bipedal
Appearance: What does your character look like?
Relationships: Optional
Role: What role does your character play in the game?
Personality: How does your character act?
Deities Worshiped: What deity, or deities, does your character worship?
Abilities/Powers: What powers does your character have?
Skills: What is your character good at?
Equipment: What kind of weapon does you character use? Armor? Thing your character tends to carry?
Weaknesses: Must have at least two.
Bio/History: What was your character’s past like? Had your character played in the beta test. Your character’s history is the other factor that determines how many memories your character has. Must be at least a paragraph


Acting Maniac
Name: Layton Grey (Username: Greywind37)
Gender: Male
Age: 25 both in game and irl
Race: Human

wind monk.jpg

Relationships: TBD

Role: Monk/Tank, His bird, Locke acts as a scout.

Personality: Layton is a gentle soul, one who appreciates life and seeks to preserve it, both in game and in his home life outside of it. He has a very level head and finds beauty in all things, especially other people. He’s quick to make friends, and quick to come to their aid.

Deities Worshiped: Tuuli, Goddess of Wind

Abilities/Powers: Tornado Shield – Greywind spins his body around in circles at a high velocity, the winds form a bubble-like shield around him, pushing away enemies and deflecting projectiles from up to 15 feet away.

Squall Shockwave – Performing a palm strike to the ground, Greywind sends out a shockwave of air that slams into foes up to 20 feet away, sending them flying

Ozone Layer – a thin layer of air that protects Greywind’s body by halving damage from attacks for 30 seconds. Can only be recharged after a short rest or longer. (1 hour)

Second Wind – When Greywind’s health is at critical levels he can invoke this ability to bring his health back up to a quarter. Can only be used 3 times per day.

Skills: Martial Arts, Weapon crafting, Animal handling

Equipment: Weapon crafting kit, pet swallow named Locke, bird seeds for Locke

Weaknesses: Has no long range attacks. Is very protective of his bird.

Bio/History: Layton had a pretty rough childhood, growing up in an environment where he was bullied and taken advantage of constantly. He worked out the pain and anger that he felt towards his bullies through martial arts but grew introverted and closed off from society. He found friends online and quickly became a social butterfly on the web, making him quite a nerdy martial artist.

He’d heard about the VR MMO Legend of the Blade after the beta had closed, but was very interested on making friends through the medium and getting a chance to demonstrate his abilities. Unfortunately it wasn’t what he expected as he wound up trapped in the game by terrorists.

In the early days of the MMO he bought a swallow as a pet and named him Locke. Locke has been Layton’s best friend through his time in this MMO, though he’s met quite a few friendly PC’s in his time there, and even leveled up his weapon crafting to help them out so he’s not just tanking damage all the time.


Elf Mage
Name: Primrose Sosa (Username: Lissome)
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Race: Dalish elf
Appearance: Primrose is short and thin like most elves. She has a small square face with a button nose and big lips. Her skin is a light chestnut color, and her ears are rather big and pointy, unlike the more discrete/human-like ears most elves have. She has a blue face tattoo (design pictured below) and scars up and down her legs and torso from years of living in the woods. Her hair is a mess of dark curls that she wears in a faux hawk. She has large hazel eyes with short lashes.
She wears a short light blue robe with leggings, arm and shoulder guards, and leather greaves (something like the middle drawing in the picture below). Primrose is often barefoot since it allows her to move around without making much noise.
Relationships: Prim is heterosexual, or at least that's what she believes. She's single and happy that way.
Role: Mage
Personality: Prim is a rather closed person. She prefers to be alone and usually avoids social settings. She tries to be nice to people but she usually comes through as a rude person. She doesn't know how to properly express love and tends to make people think she hates them. However, when someone she cares about is attacked/in some sort of danger she'll go to great lengths to protect them.
Deities Worshiped:
  • Ezeli, Goddess of Water
  • Erde, Goddess of Earth
  • The ability to control water (kinda like in Avatar: The Last Airbender)
  • The ability to control earth (y'know, dirt and stuff, like in Avatar)
  • She's able to grow vegetation.
  • Hydroportation (the ability to teleport short distances through water).

  • Spell Casting: Prim can learn several types of spells to aid her and her companions during battle.
  • Archery: Not much explaining to do here.
  • Stealth: This skill gives Prim the ability to sneak around places without being noticed. It helps her get away from enemies, or approach them.
Equipment: Prim carries around a handmade longbow and arrows, along with a leather satchel. In her satchel she keeps healing potions, crystals, and maps, among other things.
  • Since her powers rely on water and earth they don't work when she's in a place without those elements (a metal room, dungeon, y'know).
  • She struggles when she's in cities. She starts to panic if she's in a city for too long, she might even get sick.
  • She tends to get herself in trouble just to help others.
  • When she's in combat she relies on places to hide and walls/things to jump on to trick her attacker.
Bio/History: Primrose was born to Cuban parents in Hialeah, FL. She was a happy kid, until her parents got a divorce when she was 13. Her mom moved her and her three sisters to New York. There they lived in a small apartment and struggled to make ends meet. Video games became Prim's escape from the horror that was her life. Her mother remarried when she was 15. The man her mom married was a wealthy investor. Her mom had been his mistress. She hated her for that, specially after she had divorced her father for cheating on her. She eventually got tired of pretending everything was alright. Her mother pretended to be the happiest housewife whilst her stepdad went around having affairs. Her sisters had become different people. She didn't know them anymore. After her 17th birthday, Prim ran away. She went to her father's house, but she wasn't welcome. He had a new family. A silicone wife with bleached hair, and two snobby stepdaughters who made fun of Prim's hair. She spent weeks wandering the streets of Hialeah, wondering what to do next. No one at home seemed to miss her, her dad didn't want her, and who was she to go bother other family members? Prim eventually moved in with a bunch of college kids and picked up a job at a grocery store. A week before the incident she used her savings to buy a VR system and a copy of Legend of The Blade. We all know how the rest went.


Name: Callum Lundquist (username: ClassicLynx)
Gender: Male
Age: 19 (both irl and in game)
Race: Elf

Role: Healer
Personality: Callum is a laid back guy who’s always up for an adventure. He is social and enjoys meeting new people. He’s very curious, and loves to learn about new things, especially where animals are concerned. He’s always trying his best to remain optimistic and to keep a smile on his face (but he is still prone to complaining every now and then).
Deities Worshiped: Erde and Paranemista
Abilities/Powers: Callum has healing abilities, however using these abilities is very draining (The more serious an injury/illness is, the more energy it takes to heal it).
Skills: Healing/first aid, Stamina, a bit of hand to hand combat.
Equipment: Has a bag filled with different types of medicines that can be used to treat different afflictions, a role of bandages,
  • Because his healing powers take up energy, he’d much rather use potions instead. However, he only has a limited supply of these.
  • He doesn't carry any weapons, so he has nothing to defend himself with except his fists.
Bio/History: Callum was born in Vancouver, BC to a very wealthy couple. Right from when he was a child, Callum had a deep love for animals and dreamed of one day working with animals. When Callum was 15, he lost both parents unexpectedly when they died in a car crash. Callum and his two sisters were sent to live with his aunt and uncle, who had never had any kids of their own. While his aunt and uncle didn’t have the money that his parents did, they still did their best to take care of Callum and his sisters. In his final year of high school, Callum decided he would pursue a career as a wildlife vet but when he didn’t get accepted to any of the schools that he had hoped to get into, he decided to take a year off and spend some more time gaining experience. He spent a few months getting some volunteer experience abroad before returning back home.
Callum had never been a very serious gamer, as he’d always tried to put his studies first. He had missed out on the beta test, as he'd been travellng, but when he’d heard reviews about Legend of the Blade, he thought he would give it a try.