OZ Character Sheet

Name(IRL): [Ryanne Cora]
Name of Character: [Corigan]
Nickname: [Cor]
Age: [14]
Gender: [Female]
Race of Character: [Human]
In real life, Ryanne is an auburn-haired girl with hazel eyes and a lithe figure, she's not commonly seen without her school uniform consisting of a brown jacket and vest, red tie, and dress shirt, but despite school dress codes, they are often worn quite loosely and occasionally will have patches on them, usually American fighter pilot badges.
Still sporting a light, lithe frame, Corigan has raven black hair, dark brown eyes and an innocent face. Typically she is seen wearing a hood, a plate chest-piece, gloves, arm-guards, a light cloth worn around her belt, shorts, black thigh-high socks, and flexible boots.
Class: [Assassin]
Other Class: [Under Lvl 53]
Class Abilities:
  • Shadow Blade - By masking herself, and her sounds briefly, Ryanna is able to become invisible for a few seconds, allowing her to relocate before striking. She is immediately revealed as soon as she moves to strike or comes into contact with any enemy. During her stealth, she is able to suppress most sounds, allowing her to move quicker without revealing her position. If attacking from behind without any successful evasion/parry, the strike does increased damage depending on time spent invisible. (Longer=Less damage)
  • Resonation - Ryanna allows herself to lose focus, broadening her scope of perception. By doing so, she is able to listen for the heartbeats of opponents, which points her in their direction and their approximate distance. During the momentary activation, she is not able to attack nor defend with accuracy. A deeper stage of immersion allows her to sense the chaotic actions of her opponent's mind which allows her to predict their coming movements. However, this stage of immersion immobilizes her in addition to the previous effects for a second or two upon activation before regaining control at which point she is able to conduct combat normally until disengaged or if the target moves out of range (10 meters) at which point, she will again experience the same effects as the activation with double the duration.
  • Festering Blow - Ryanna is able to strike with immense might momentarily, allowing her to paralyze a single limb for approximately 5 seconds depending on which limb she strikes by sending shock-waves through the affected appendage, disabling their nervous system's control on the arm or leg.
  • Debilitating Strikes - Ryanna's weapons may be coated with a thin layer of neurotoxins which is designed to leave minuscule amounts behind with each wound her weapons inflict. The toxins initially reduce the target's reaction speed slightly upon the first strike, subsequent strikes add more neurotoxin, increasing the range of effects and the severity. Effects following the first wound can include increasing difficulty controlling extremities, blurring vision, disrupted balance, etc. However, severity begins very low and ramps up as more of the toxins are introduced into the system. Amount of toxins introduced depends on the depth, type, and time spent in contact with the weapon of the wound. A solid stab with her full knife can lead to multiple effects of medium severity.
Level of Character(0-122): [20]
What is your Magic?: [Stealth]
  • 901119-_BK_300_T.jpg
  • thumbnail.asp
  • Throwing daggers
  • Hand axe
  • Blowpipe & darts, may be tipped with chemicals.
  • Arming sword
  • Spiked brass knuckles
  • Smoke bomb
  • main-qimg-84a8ab7c769129257325cab6777ab21e-c
Height: [5’0”]
Weight: [101 lb]
Ryanne is a wild-card. Irresistibly drawn to action and excitement, she enjoys improvising rather than fully planning out anything which often leads to her more rebellious side, trusting herself more than others, especially when it comes to elders while acting specifically to defy them in some cases. Due to her deviant nature, she's often called stubborn and annoying, but beneath her usual care-free and self-assured nature, she harbors doubt, often struggling to trust others' strength and wit as well as her own in some instances. She puts up a strong, iron front in order to protect those around her, even if it means delving into the depths of the enemy.
Sexuality: [Heterosexual]
Biography: Very similar to Auden’s
Ryanne was born with a twin brother just ahead of her by a few minutes. For as long as she could remember, she and her brother were inseparable, seen as odd ones out from the rest of the class from their near-identical appearance and strange deep bond. Although they had few friends, Ryanne and Auden learned to enjoy life as a pair, leaning on each other whenever they needed while paying no heed to the other children. While Auden and her were occasionally "bullied," they always came out on top with Ryanne taking the initiative, proving to be the more headstrong of the twins, protecting her brother from more than a few threats. An unstoppable duo, strong together, flimsy alone. It was sudden and nonnegotiable. The divorce tore them apart. Ryanne and their mother would move to Calgary while Auden and their father would stay in Edmonton. While their parents would not talk for months at a time, they would be talking and gaming until the sun rose, missing each other. Living in Calgary changed Ryanne. The friends she ended up with were rebels, constantly berated and punished, just as she would be. While she was still a sweet young woman on the inside, her outside hardened with confidence and conviction.
Real World Information
: ["United in soul, divided in life."]
Where do you live?: [Calgary, Canada]
What is your occupation?: [Student]
Familial Relationships?:
Twin Brother: [Auden Cora]
Father: [Alec Cora] (Divorced)
Mother: [Lilia Cora] (Divorced)
Any relationships with the players outside the game?: [None aside from brother]
What drew you to the game?: [Brother/Sister gaming duo, MMO enthusiast]
Birthday?: [4/9/2003]
Zodiac Sign?: [Aries]
Name(IRL): [Auden Cora]
Name of Character: [Coren]
Nickname: [Cor]
Age: [14]
Gender: [Male]
Race of Character: [Human]

In real life, Auden is an auburn-haired boy with hazel eyes and a fairly balanced build, he is not commonly seen out of his school uniform which includes a dress shirt, red tie, brown slacks, and a black blazer or coat. Being a music enthusiast, he also wears a pair of headphones around. His eyes are often uninterested and unfocused while his expression is neutral for the most part.

Coren, in game, has raven black messy hair and dark brown eyes while his face is often quite bright. He typically wears light plate armor, a cape-like wrapping around his shoulder, a loose belt, sheathes, and thick yet flexible leather under-layering. Distinctly, he wears no gloves with his armor, believing it to be inconvenient and slowing.
Class: [Weapon Master]
Other Class: [Under Lvl 53]
Class Abilities:
  • Unstoppable Flurry - Auden is able to accomplish combination attacks at blinding speed. However, this extreme offensive leaves him exhausted for a short time, greatly reducing the effectiveness of attacks and defenses during that period. Only able to be accomplished when not wielding a shield.
  • Shatter-point - Auden is able to spot weak points on weapons and can seriously damage them upon successful blocks with his shield or parries with his sword by slamming the blunt of his blade against a select point on the enemy's melee weapon. While there are no immediate effects, upon the third strike against a weapon's shatter-point, it will become unstable and brittle enough in the specific area to be able to break in half when another shock wave travels through the area.
  • Bulwark Blitz - Auden immediately charges forward with his shield held out forward, slightly angled upwards. Upon striking an enemy, he pushes the shield up, pulling the enemy along before slamming the target against the ground behind. This can be also followed up by a strong strike of the shield, either the edge to force a cut or the blunt to suppress them. Alternatively, the second move can be cancelled to reduce the timeframe of vulnerability from behind this sequence opens up.
  • Sweeping Blade - Auden is proficient in techniques that fan the blade out to cover a large area, either cutting at multiple opponents or as a zoning mechanism, preventing enemies from approaching lest they risk being hit by his whirling blade. Alternatively, his attacks can be more geared towards increased damage towards a single target by maximizing the length of a single cut.
Level of Character(0-122): [20]
What is your Magic?: [Fighting]
  • Arming sword, single-handed straight sword.
  • Long Knife, slightly shorter and lighter than arming sword, typically paired with the arming sword if dual wielding.
  • images-1.jpeg
    Specialized stabbing sword with dull edges. (European)
  • Kalari_Khanda.gif
    Specialized heavy chopping sword with a dull, broad tip and serrated edges. (Indian)
  • Nagamaki.jpg
    Specialized sword for large sweeping/slicing strokes, handle to blade length ratio is 1:1. (Japanese)
  • Hatchet, short single-handed axe-type weapon
  • War hammer, long handled smashing "pole arm" with a solid blunt end and a spiked side. (European)
  • 15fcb7dfdefee7d583c0f344a627e6d5.jpg
    Pole arm type weapon with a long handle and featuring a curved blade on the end. Sharpened edge curves backwards towards the end, allowing the weapon to both stab and slash.
  • 7a5714fb78d7e465f9da27745114fdfc.jpg
    Reuleaux triangle shaped shield with a rectangular top.
Height: [4’11”]
Weight: [106 lb]
Auden is a balance. Self control and opportunity are his tools. Planning out an approach always appeals to him more than diving forward, yet is not hesitant to do so if the window opens. Seeing life as a battle, he relies on friends as a way to turn the tide in a way solo work cannot. He is a well-behaved individual, open to suggestion and compromise, yet assertive when confident in himself. His versatile and balanced approach often shrouds his hidden distrust in his own ability. He seeks strength from those around him to deal with threats rather than striking out alone.
Sexuality: [Heterosexual]
Biography: Very similar to Ryanne's
Auden was born with a twin sister just behind him by a few minutes. For as long as he could remember, he and her sister were inseparable, seen as odd ones out from the rest of the class from their near-identical appearance and strange deep bond. Although they had few friends, Ryanne and Auden learned to enjoy life as a pair, leaning on each other whenever they needed while paying no heed to the other children. While Ryanne and him were occasionally "bullied," they always came out on top with Ryanne taking the initiative, proving to be the more headstrong of the twins, often protecting him from threats. An unstoppable duo, strong together, flimsy alone. It was sudden and nonnegotiable. The divorce tore them apart. Ryanne and their mother would move to Calgary while Auden and their father would stay in Edmonton. While their parents would not talk for months at a time, they would be talking and gaming until the sun rose, missing each other. With no one at his side, Auden was stuck with the same bullies of his school, being under constant threat. Bringing home a black eye for the first time alerted his father. Martial arts would be his next destination after school each day and with each day, his prowess grew. Slowly the insults, threats and "jokes" waned away as he grew more talented in his abilities, yet the damage was done. Auden would grow up to be a cautious individual, planning out his day, accounting for mistakes and overcoming them whenever he had the opportunity, yet always ready to jump at an opportunity.
Real World Information
: ["United in soul, divided in life."]
Where do you live?: [Edmonton, Canada]
What is your occupation?: [Student]
Familial Relationships?:
Twin Sister: [Ryanne Cora]
Father: [Alec Cora] (Divorced)
Mother: [Lilia Cora] (Divorced)
Any relationships with the players outside the game?: [None aside from sister]
What drew you to the game?: [Brother/Sister gaming duo, MMO enthusiast]
Birthday?: [4/9/2003]
Zodiac Sign?: [Aries]
Name(In the real world): Oliver Pike

Name of Character: Garde Prime

Nickname: Garde

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Race of Character: China person

View attachment 1292View attachment 1293 (Make this guy more China-y Hair is part of him, no colour variation in skin, all china. You know what I mean.)

Class: Manakete

Other Class: Engineer

Class Abilities: Craft (Engineer): Oliver is capable of crafting any sort of object, given the proper resources that is, up to the point of Victorian era technological level.

Commune (Manakete): Oliver is capable of communing with nearby animals and plants in order to gain knowledge and information from them. This is a channeled ability that he can use for about an hour at current level.

Mechanocommune (Manakete & Engineer): Oliver can also commune with devices on a more basic level, capable of instantly determining their use and purpose, as well as re-live the last 24 hours of the device. This is a channeled ability that he can use for up to half an hour at current level.

Mechanoshift (Manakete & Engineer): Oliver is capable of shifting into fully robotic versions of the animals he has been given the ability to copy (Think Transformer style.) With these mechanical shifts comes increased durability as well as mechanically enhanced features of the real animal. This ability, however, is limited to half of the total normally available to Manakete. The current shifts he has are:
(All of these are very open to change. Hard to balance such a move while keeping it his focal point.)
Tyrannosaurus (Pride and joy)
Flying monkey
Giant (This is *very* liable to change as I'm not sure they actually exist as a mob in Oz)
Each shift costs a rather large amount of mana which, combined with Oliver’s already small manapool, means he is only capable of shifting about three times on full mana.

Level of Character(0-122): 83

What is your Magic? MechanoNatural

Weapons: He carries a big fuck-off hammer (As show in the picture), as well as a variety of tool and leather clothing.

Height: 5’12”

Weight: 73kg

Personality: Oliver wears his heart upon his sleeve. He easily displays what he is feeling upon his face and isn't afraid to share. He will say what he thinks with little to no reserve, which often leads to him hurting others unknowingly, as he believes that to be completely open and upfront in the best policy and doesn't understand why people would be hurt.

When he feels threatened however, which is sometimes a result of his comments, is a different story. When placed before someone who looks vaguely hostile and he knows he couldn't beat outside of Mechanoform he will try and downplay his presence as much as possible. He knows he only has one shot at either getting away or taking them out.

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Biography: Born in Toowoomba, Australia Oliver grew up living a pretty normal life. He went to school, grew up, graduated, went to college entered the workforce as a decent level engineer. But one thing that had always stuck with him throughout his life was his eternal love of all things Transformer.

Now he wasn't all that interested in the plot, and aside from select few bots he didn't like any of the characters, but he was enthralled but the very *idea* of Transformers. Technological marvels, capable of shifting their forms into unassuming shapes and delivering destruction on an epic scale.

This love for the series is what drew Oliver to videogames and eventually to Oz. Joining about two months after launch, he had heard about the two elusive Engineer and Manakete classes and decided that if there was even a *chance* he could live his dream, he would take it.

He soon purchased an account from somebody who started as a Manakete and couldn't figure out how to change their class after realising that it wasn't their cup of tea. Oh well, their loss, his gain.

Blazing through his levels at an unprecedented rate, Oliver hit 53 in record time, gaining the Engineer class and with it the Mechanoshift ability a mere thirty levels later. He finally gained the ability of his dreams hours before he was trapped within the game. Since then he has simply wandered through the varying terrain of the game, meeting new people and generally just having fun with his Mechanoforms, content. He is one of the few who have no problem being trapped here.

Real World Information(All Optional):

Where do you live? Brisbane, Australia.

What is your occupation? Engineer

Familial Relationships? Mother, Father, two sisters

Any relationships with the players outside the game? Nada

What drew you to the game? Distant Fandom

Birthday? 17/08/1991

Theme Song:
Name(In the real world): Angelina Marksman
Name of Character: Renegade
Nickname: Ren
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Race of Character: Human
Class: Assassin
Other Class: Gunslinger
Class Abilities: Magic Bullet - Ability to make a shot from an otherwise impossible angle or distance.

Level of Character(0-122): 86
What is your Magic?
Weapons: Sniper rifle and hand guns. Skilled with piano wire.
Height:5' 6"
Weight: 135 lbs.
Personality: Harsh, battle ready to conceal her inner pain about her actual reality.
Sexuality: N/A
Biography: Angelia was once in the US Marines. She was injured in battle and was dismissed after 6 years of service. The battle may have been done with her but she wasn't done with the battle. Due to her inability to do much in the real world she has buried herself in the world of OZ. She keeps to herself and only shows up when it suits her to be around others. Job collecting and completing tasks is her balm these days.
In the real world she has lost one of her legs.
Real World Information(All Optional):
Where do you live? Hotsprings, Arkansas
What is your occupation?N/A
Familial Relationships? N/A
Any relationships with the players outside the game? No
What drew you to the game? An escape from reality and to deal with PTSD
Birthday? 10/28/1992
Zodiac Sign(Western)? Scorpio
Theme Song:
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Name: Ashlynn Richards
Name of Character: Ash Embersong
Nickname: "Mama Ash" / "Bitterheart"
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Race of Character: Human

Ashlynn is a fairly nondescript young woman who spends the majority of her time not gaming in the library where she works. Every inch of her the stereotypical 'librarian', she wears her back-length black hair in a stern bun, while her green eyes peek out from behind spectacles. Though far from 'frumpy', her feminine curves are obscured by the long skirt and sweater she wears as her work uniform.

Ash Embersong, however, seems to embody the very concept of femininity. Generous curves, an ample bosom, all clad in a flowing dress, with equally flowing curls. Her clothing is usually embroidered with small stylized flames, lined in white, a reference to her character name.

In her persona of Bitterheart, her bodyshape is obscured by a tight, compressed bodysuit in crimsons and greys, while her face is obscured by a shining silver mask with no features.

Class: Assassin
Other Class: Mystic
Class Abilities
ASSASSIN'S GRACE - A passive ability that greatly enhances Bitterheart's mobility and acrobatic skill, allowing her to overtake or flee from all but the fleetest of foes. Physical barriers tend not to provide any great hurdle, either, as her increased abilities allow her to vault over them.
ASSASSIN'S INTIMACY - While in close-combat range with one foe and no others, Bitterheart's attacks seem to flow one after another without increasing or decreasing the distance between them, making them hard to follow and difficult to block.
ENVENOM - Bitterheart coats one of her two blades with a potent venom, and each strike with the envenomed weapon reduces one aspect of an opponent's abilities by 20% until the poison has run it's course. (Strength/Speed/Mana/Dexterity/etc.)
JAGGED EDGE - Bitterheart's blades inflict gaping wounds that weep blood, causing bleeding damage over time and resisting nonmagical healing.
SHROUD - Bitterheart's form seems to blur when in shadow, making attacks against her more likely to miss.
ENTANGLE - Summoning a single spirit snake, Bitterheart commands the ethereal serpent to twine itself between a foe's feet. High chance of knockdown as well as a 50% reduction in movement speed.
ASP'S BITE - Both of Bitterheart's daggers are coated in a vile poison, that inflicts toxic damage to the opponent over time while they remain in combat with Bitterheart. If the attack misses, the poison dissipates.
KINDRED SPIRITS - With a hissed word of power, Bitterheart is capable of summoning 2-6 spectral serpents, all of whom seek out nearby foes and attempt to bite them. Their bites deal toxic damage and poison the foe for a time.
CLARITY OF VISION - Bitterheart holds her blades in a ready stance, her high dexterity allowing her to fluidly block and repel physical attacks while remaining immobile.
SINGULAR PURPOSE - Declaring her intent to slay a single foe, a sigil forms on the forehead of the opponent she selects, glowing a vile green. All of her strikes made against this foe are more likely to strike through defenses as well as inflict higher damage.
FERRYMAN'S TOLL - By sacrificing all of her remaining mana and reducing her mana regeneration by 75% for five minutes, Bitterheart instantly 'blinks' out of combat range of her current foes and regenerates 80% of her maximum HP.
COUP DE GRACE - Bitterheart sacrifices [25%/50%/75%] of her maximum HP and strikes an immobile/stunned opponent with both blades, inflicting 150% of what she sacrificed.
STRONGHEART - Once activated, this Mystic's aura increases Mama Ash's resistance to poisons, toxins, potions, as well as enhancing her physical striking power. This aura causes Mama Ash's body to glow a visible red.
CLEARMIND - Once activated, this Mystic's aura enhances Mama Ash's senses to nigh-supernatural levels, allowing her to take in increased detail while examining an object or enemy. This aura causes Mama Ash's body to glow a visible blue.
FLEETFOOT - Once activated, this Mystic's aura increases Mama Ash's running speed; she usually uses it to flee from fights she cannot win without revealing her Assassin main class. This aura causes Mama Ash's body to glow a visible yellow (a color she finds hilariously ironic).
FLURRYFIST - Once activated, this Mystic's aura greatly enhances Mama Ash's attack speed and strength, allowing her to launch a combination of punches and kicks that disorient and daze opponents. This aura causes Mama Ash's body to glow a visible pink.
"HER" EMBRACE - Unlike the other auras granted by her Mystic subclass, this skill causes Ash's body to flash a sickly green once, but otherwise remains unseen. This aura allows her to stack her other auras one atop the other, without the visible cue, whereas otherwise she can only have one active at a time.
Level of Character(0-122): 114

What is your Magic? Stealth/Poison/Debuff/Self-Buff.
Weapons: Twin Daggers (Heart & Mind), self.
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Personality: In public/as "Mama Ash": Matronly. Happy. Open, friendly, charismatic, always willing to lend a hand. In private/as "Bitterheart": Cold, implacable, and merciless. Speaks little.
Sexuality: In her own words, "no".

Biography: Ashlynn is, at her core, an embittered, lonely young woman. Due to an unfortunate hereditary condition, she is unable to bear children, a fact that ended her last romantic relationship, leaving her as she is now. She turned to video games as a form of solace; what started out as a coping mechanism quickly turned into an obsession. When not working, she'd grind, and grind, and grind, immersing herself in the "mindset" of her Assassin character. Other players were just like mobs, something to be killed for XP. Her nickname, 'Bitterheart', is self-given; it's the name she'd whisper in her mark's ear before sliding a dagger between their ribs or beneath the base of their skull, depending on which she decided to use. She never much cared for the enemies she'd made, for she could always just log out if things got a little too hairy.

That changed the day she hit level 114, for that was also the day that she became trapped in Oz. Now unable to run from her past in-game, she decided she needed some form of disguise. Having already selected her subclass, she couldn't very well try Illusion magic. Instead, she created the persona of "Mama Ash", a happy, motherly woman who blended in well with most parties. Passing herself off as a Mystic main, she was perceived as much weaker than she is, due to her inability to use her Assassin magic or weapons lest she give herself away.

As the days pass, however, she begins to find difficulty separating herself from the Mama Ash persona, her disguise quickly becoming a part of her personality. More and more, she spends time in her 'guise', rather than as the assassin Bitterheart, finding the interactions with younger players a soothing balm on her anger at her condition. Confused and somewhat angry, she is unsure of where to go from here. For now, she continues to act in her capacity as a 'motherly' type while hiding her Assassin past, providing comfort and assistance to younger players who may otherwise be unable to handle being trapped in-game.

Real World Information(All Optional):
Where do you live?
Boston, Massachusetts
What is your occupation? Librarian
Familial Relationships? n/a
Any relationships with the players outside the game? n/a
What drew you to the game? Coping mechanism. (See biography.)
Birthday? July 1st.
Zodiac Sign(Western)? Cancer.

Theme Song: (Optional)
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Name(In the real world): Reyna Simms
Name of Character: Satri Dukor
Nickname: "Scary ass demon bitch"
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race of Character: Demon


Her right arm:

Her left eye:

Her right eye:

Analog Connecters:

(covered up by her hair)


Class: Engineer
Other Class: Alchemist
Class Abilities: WIP

Dismantle: Allows for the dismantling of any object into its simpler parts.
Blacksmithing: Allows the construction of steel/iron appliances in a forge.
Silversmith: Allows for the construction of silver pieces in a forge.
Tinkerer: Allows for the construction of clockwork automatons.
Electrician: Allows for the creation and understanding of electrical currents and circuits.
Synthesis: Allows for the combination of two or more alchemical ingredients.
Brewing: Allows for the brewing of certain teas and potions.
Drying: Allows for the drying of alchemical ingredients.
Rune Crafting: Allows for the crafting of magical runes that use the user's mp in order to work.
Enchant: Allows the caster to imbue an object with certain properties.
Leatherworking: Allows for the act of crafting with the hides, cured or uncured, of any creature.
Gem Crafting: Allows for the use of raw gems in crafting.

Level of Character(0-122): 53

What is your Magic? Support, Enchant
Weapons: Her machinery and potions, uses a sword for self-defence.


Height: 5'6"
Weight: 144 lbs
Personality: Usually quiet and withdrawn, she can become quite talkative about machinery and crafting in general. Reyna possesses a nasty temper though.
Sexuality: Hetero

Originally aiming to be a demon swordswoman, Satri ran into a bit of a problem. Some other players MPKed her, except she survived. Her avatar's body badly damaged. After being paralyzed for days of IRL time, Satri found that she couldn't reattach her lost body parts. This one event sent her spiraling down the Engineer's path.

Reyna worked as a car mechanic IRL. As such, her expertise with technology came in handy when she had to create a new arm, eye, and some other tidbits for herself.

Becoming trapped within the game only moments after gaining her second class, Alchemist, Satri was dumbfounded.

"Well, what shall we do?"

(More backstory will be revealed in RP)

Real World Information(All Optional):
Where do you live? Seattle, Washington
What is your occupation? Car Mechanic
Familial Relationships?
Any relationships with the players outside the game? no
What drew you to the game? looked cool
Zodiac Sign(Western)? Rabbit

Theme Song: Carry On by Kansas​
NOTE: My bios are always messily done. Just so everyone knows that ^^

Name(In the real world): Arcelia Unice Mattern
Name of Character: Anon.
Nickname: Ann, Arcehole.
Age: 16 years old.
Gender: Female.
Race of Character: Phanfasm.
Appearance: In-game, 'Anon' is a phanfasm whose preferred beastial form is that of a short red fox. This preference is shown in her human form through a tail sprouting from her body. Her human avatar is a girl of her age with wavy black hair that is always drawn back in a ponytail, although it reaches about a quarter length down her back. She has white irises, which often causes her to appear as if she doesn't have irises at all; something she gets a chuckle out of. Her eyes are upwards slanting and almond-shaped. Gear-wise, her casual attire usually consists of shorts and a hoodie accompanied by black leather boots. these boots are also present in her combat gear, along with lightweight black armor plating on her chest, elbows and neck over a long-sleeved black top and tight black pants. she usually dons a short cloak too, with the hood pulled tightly over her head. She is tall and slim, and doesn't weigh much.

In real life, Arcelia has brown hair and grey eyes. Her hair only goes to her shoulders and it's straight, with a tendency to hinder her vision. Her fringe is badly trimmed. Her eyes are round, and she wears glasses in order to deal with short-sightedness. She retains her love of shorts, hoodies and boots, although she'll occasionally just wear sweatpants or sneakers. She despises jeans and doesn't seem to like wearing socks either.
Class: Thief.
Other Class: Not until level 53 Anon ^^.
Class Abilities:
NOTE: Sorry if I got the amount of skills allowed wrong, I kinda had trouble reading some of the leveling system notes due to what I believe are grammatical errors).
-Pickpocket (Making physical contact with another player for one minute with pickpocket activated in advance will transfer a random item from that player's inventory to Anon's inventory).
-Crippling shot (Shoots a throwing knife at another player, dealing minuscule damage applying a 20 second slow of 35% upon hitting. The slow is strengthened by 10% if the throwing knife strikes the appendages a unit requires in order to move. Three throwing knives can be prepared at once, and a throwing knife is generated every minute.)
-Fade away (After not taking damage for 1 minute, Anon has the choice to activate fade away, which grants her invisibility. If damage is dealt to Anon while in fade away, she will become visible again. If fade away has been active for three minutes, Anon can completely fade away to a completely different location within the region once every hour.)
-Break away (Performs a 1 second channel in order to cleanse self of all debuffs. Cooldown of 3 minutes.)
-Blackout (Shoots a dart that deals small damage to a single player and applies a 10 second blind, disabling the player's vision. Dart must strike their facial area in order for blind to take effect. Up to 2 darts can be held at once, and a new dart is generated every 20 seconds. Once a player has been blinded, the blind cannot be reapplied for another 10 seconds. )
-Distract (Creates an intangible clone of self for 1 minute, who will run in the opposite direction from it's creator without pause until it is either killed or times out. Will not attack players. Cooldown of 10 seconds.)
-Opportunistic thief (While in effect, the user may steal an item of their choice from a blinded, stunned, petrified, knocked out or dead unit within their eyesight. Cooldown of 20 seconds.)
-Scavenger (May steal 1/4 of a dead unit's maximum health bar and add it to their own. Can overheal the player, which will result in a shield being generated that will block as much damage as the unit has been overhealed for. No cooldown. Cannot be used on the same enemy twice.)
-Gas bomb (Throws a bomb at a target location, dealing moderate damage to anyone hit by the bomb before it releases its contents. After 3 seconds, the bomb 'explodes', releasing a thick cover of poisoned gas from within. Anyone caught within the poison cloud for 10 seconds is knocked out. Anyone who inhales the gas has a poisoned effect applied to them, dealing large damage to the player over the course of 1 minute. 3 minute cooldown.)
-Agility (Automatically dodges all aimed abilities for 20 seconds. 1 minute cooldown.)
-Shadow dash (Briefly becomes untargetable as she dashes a small distance in a target direction, dealing small damage to any units she passes through. Shadow dash is automatically cancelled and put onto cooldown if the dash would cause the avatar to get stuck in a structure. 10 second cooldown.)

-Blood Thief (The next three attacks or damaging spells used the unit will heal them for 100% of the damage dealt. Debuffs do not trigger the lifesteal effect. 2 minute cooldown.)

Level of Character: 15.

What is your Magic?: Illusion/Trickery/Stealth/Thievery
Bloodstone Spear
A black-bladed obsidian spear with shards of bloodstone scattered across the handle. Very rare, unique boss loot that she took from a high-level player (she doesn't remember who) cause it was shiny and visually appealing. She doesn't have access to any of it's skills.

Double-edged dagger
Pretty much what it sounds like. A relatively plain starter weapon that she keeps around for the sake of sneak attacks.

Throwing knives
Refer to crippling shot.

Dart shooter
Refer to black out.

Poison Gas Bomb
Refer to Gas bomb.
Height: 5"2
Weight: 109 lbs.
Personality: Arcelia is a mischievous individual whose sense of humor shows little concern for the feelings of others. She takes pleasure in teasing, mocking and annoying people, and loves to see them grow angry and even lash out at her. These sort of behaviors allow her to feel a sense of dominance and control over the situation. As such, she is rarely ever seen questing and spends most of her time trying to provoke other players by robbing them of their loot and then completely ignoring it. Arcelia did not choose the thief class because she has an interest in valuable items. She chose it because she wants to frustrate the other players by taking what could be essential to their survival in this world. She doesn't seem to take the very real threat of death very seriously, as she has never seen anyone she has robbed die. Because of this, she often taunts the other players about losing valuable loot and going on about how they could die; a display of how insensitive she is towards others.

Arcelia doesn't seem to care much about the game as a whole, but does place a large value on it. She is probably one of the few players who has no interest in returning home, as she dislikes and constantly argues with her parents over her 'problem child' label. Because of this, she doesn't like talking about the real world and rarely ever discusses her life outside of Oz. This can cause others to perceive her as secretive and reserved, which is not wrong per say. Arcelia often doesn't say a lot about herself and her answers to questions can be very vague. She wants to avoid making friends and has no interest in helping other players take down bosses. Money and loot does not motivate her as much as excitement and entertainment do, and even with such things to offer Arcelia will rarely ever give a battle everything she can. She's lazy and doesn't actually want to level up or collect loot for herself unless it's easy and plays to her strengths.

Another important thing that can be noted is that Arcelia hates being complimented on her intelligence, even though she is such. Arcelia's observant, patient and variably sly nature can instantly give others the impression that she is clever, but she prefers to not be complimented on any of her strengths at all, believing that others will expect more of her if she behaves well. This can partially explain some of her misdeeds as well. Arcelia wants to avoid having extra responsibility stacked upon her shoulders, and being as observant as she is knows how to avoid having others develop high expectations for her. Many of her harmful traits are biproducts of her actually trying to make herself into a problem for everyone at a very young age out of a fear of letting everyone down.

Underneath her smug shell, Arcelia is very pessimistic and doesn't expect much of herself, which explains her fear of failure. She would rather just make it seem as if she was never going to develop into something worthwhile than eventually letting everyone down by slipping up, revealing that Arcelia has a deep lack of self-confidence and is simply trying to avoid causing herself pain and stress. Arcelia hides it well though, as she doesn't want to be seen as a mentally weak person and puts on a bit of a tough front in front of others.

Despite all the bad things that can be said about her, Arcelia does have her upsides. As a friend (which probably won't happen), Arcelia is still relatively selfish and struggles to think about others. However, what distinguishes this kind of relationship from a negative one is that she actually tries to think about her friends. She's a rare sort of person in the sense that she'll try to memorize things that people tell her and use them in order to make them happy, as she is convinced that her personality can't. She's a little aloof towards even her friends, but she is loyal to them as long as they show her the same courtesy and is more likely to answer to their requests than anyone else. She's definitely not perfect, but her self-awareness does make it possible for her to make the most of her friendships by not trying to be someone she's not.
Sexuality: Asexual.
Arcelia was born into the Mattern family. The names of her parents are Keith and Carmela. With her mother possessing a flair for unusual names, Arcelia became stuck with a very unique first name accompanied by an even more unusual middle-name: something that didn't exactly benefit her later in life. She showed signs of being highly intelligent at a young age, as she seemed to learn things she was interested in quite quickly. Her parents were proud of her and were even boastful about her.

The label saying 'intelligence' that'd been stuck upon her was something that didn't bother her until primary school, where it began to shine through quite clearly. She experienced a large amount of success, but also grew up largely isolated from her peers and even disinterested in forming relationships with them: something that got her a bad reputation as a snooty individual. Because of this, other students nicknamed her Arcehole and used it as a taunt of sorts. As she began to realize how much her classmates hated her, she also began to understand why and she began to dislike being intelligent. However, she couldn't make people understand why she didn't enjoy having certain advantages over her peers.

Unfortunately, the solution she came up with would cause her life to take a total flip. Unable to make her classmates stop hating her, she tried to lower her grades and started refusing to hand in homework. Naturally, due to the expectations others had of her grades, it didn't work out too well. Her classmates found her failure amusing, and the respect the adults had treated her with vanished quickly as several of them expressed concern about her. Having attempted to fix what others hated about her, she lost interest in making everyone around her happy and just stuck with her current behavior, getting more and more problematic as she progressed to higher forms of education.

By the time Arcelia was 15, she had lost interest in attending class entirely and had more interest in refusing to attend school at all, successfully turning herself into an honorary dropout. She developed an interest in gaming, and using the pin she'd memorized for her mother's bankcard she began purchasing games and grinding them in the hopes of escaping reality. This wish brought her to Oz. When she realized that she would never leave the game, it brought her much joy. For she didn't see a life worth returning to behind her.

Real World Information: Check her crappily written bio.
Where do you live?: Segovia, Spain.
What is your occupation?: Student.
Familial Relationships?: Parents are Keith and Carmela Mattern. Her grandparents on her mother's side are Nolan and Sally Deadman, and her only known grandparent on her father's side is Mabel Mattern. She has no siblings, and neither does her father. She has one uncle on her mum's side called Jack Deadman, who is married to a woman named Camille Deadman and has two children named Kay and Andrea Deadman.
Any relationships with the players outside the game?: None known of.
What drew you to the game?: Curiosity and the need to escape reality.
Birthday?: April 3rd.
Zodiac Sign(Western)?: Aries.

Theme Song: (Optional):
Name of Character: Tabescent
Nickname: Tabby
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Race of Character: Scare


Class: Summoner
Other Class: Weapon Master
Class Abilities: [WIP]
1: dragonFLY
2: Gorgon
3: Epivítoras
4: Swampstorm
Level of Character(0-122): 57
Magic: Summoning
Weapons: A longsword and enhanced throwing knives – all to be built upon as her experience as a weapons master grows.

Height: 5ft11
Weight: 140lbs

Personality: Livie is – at her core – a very strangely sweet person. Despite being socially awkward, there has always been something endearing about her. Her innocence has always been a main factor in this. Most people who meet her would say she was much younger than she is. Though, recently it has been under strain as her dreams have been crushed repeatedly over the past few years, resulting in further withdrawal. She now prefers her privacy and has only one or two real friends, and a lot of associates. This all translates into her online world, where she is mostly a lone and quiet player. All seems understandable on the surface, but some darker secrets lay within: such as a rather unsettling obsession with gore.

Sexuality: Bisexual.

Biography: Livie grew up in a very prosperous area of Stockholm, Sweden. Though she had everything she could have ever materially wished for, her upbringing was a cold one. Most affection was received through her grandparents and nannies, as her parents were very career-based and distant. Her background had a similar effect on her brother, who is now a corporate heavyweight with little to no moral compass. As the more artistic and younger of the pair, she was often brushed aside. Having just recently graduated university with a performing arts qualification, her instant lack of success has been waring, meaning that she rarely leaves her apartment – hence her heavy involvement with OZ. Obviously horrified at her current situation, she sees this as an opportunity, or platform to succeed career-wise. The spotlight is what she needs, but to bask in it, she first has to escape.

Real World Information:
Where do you live? Stockholm, Sweden.
What is your occupation? Unemployed/volunteer – aspiring actress.
Familial Relationships? In contact but not close.
Any relationships with the players outside the game? N/A
Zodiac Sign? Capricorn.
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