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Character Sheets

Shadrack Nor

The Expansion of the Arothai GM
The official OOC thread for displaying the information of your empires and species and their history, etc...

Here's how to create your species:

Species Form:
Describe your species form, can be humanoid with both male/female sexes or androgynous/Arothai

  • Create a custom alien which has no Human-like or Arothai-like traits or just some.
  • Create the classical fantasy species? Space orcs if that's your taste?

Civilization history: Add some history background (eg: how they evolved or how they were created and how they ended up to the point they are presently in)

Military structure: Define their military (Soldiers, war machines, space ships or if primitive, military devices according to their age)

Tech level: Tech level (Are they space age? are they still planet bound? are they in the stone age? are they space empire level?)

Magic Level: magic level ->if they have any (Workings of magic are faith based. The idea is that it is the fundamental flux of power that supports all existence and it requires people who are willing to believe it exists in order to work. Fully rational creatures and pragmatic scientists may be completely devoid of magic until such event that proves them they were wrong and they gain the necessary faith)

Divine Hierarchy: Build a divine hierarchy (optional but recommended) Add at least one small civilization of Gods/Demons who rule over your mortals And maybe at least one ender or Oronoss above them... But the more the merrier...
If you make primitives, you definitely need to focus more on the divine 4th dimensional and magical aspect...

Describe your Territory: Where are they located, create a universe and a galaxy of focus, or simply a cluster of stars, and mention it is part of a wider network of realities which are ruled by your choice of Gods and Demons... (if you decide to add the supernatural like that which is recommended)
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Shadrack Nor

The Expansion of the Arothai GM
The Tassia'Mel Civilization - Theme Mystic Rock - Tempting Abyss

The Tassia'Mel are a people made up of a strand of ancient Arothai gene which evolved through countless trillions of years of history and struggles.
They are a white haired and blue eyed hermaphordite kind which look almost identical to one another (variations of the facial aspect in the picture)
Having evolved from an ancient federation of a variety of species, they developed a sense of unity and peace. Sacrificing the variations of the million species that used to be part of the federation of the same name as the species, Tassia'Mel, to the will of the Omniversal force of evolution and the guidance of only the most loyal of Enders who remained from the beginning, devout of The Thaumaturge Himself.

The Tassia'Mel are expansionists and assimilationists, upon encountering other lifeforms, they will settle on regions of said planets that were never reached by the local civilizations, even if said civilization is space-faring, and start nurturing their culture and helping them evolve and fight against their struggles until their culture's influence becomes so strong that they become converts.

Upon conversion and submission to the Yatha-Harra Eredmius - the civilization of the ancient Royal Enders - the targeted species is subjected to a special gas that they created to morph anyone and everyone into more Tassia'Mel.

They do not assimilate as a need to reproduce, they do this as a means to avoid bloodshed. They are among the most benevolent of species out there, but they do see the Arothai Gene as the superior species, as revealed to them by the Enders they now worship.

God - 2.jpgThe Order of The Yatha-Harra Eredmius

The Yatha-Harra Eredmius are among the most ancient of civilizations of Enders.

They were among the first Enders to be created by The Thaumaturge's first direct interaction with the young Omniverse.

Never have they been tempted by darkness and have always kept a path of support and selfless love towards the lesser beings.

This vast and ample civilization of ancient Enders extends in numbers far above those that would fit even in one of these universes, in the present days, as they have been multiplying on a constant basis.

Almost every other Ender in this society, rules over thousands of civilizations of Gods and individual ones.

They also keep countless Demons at bay simply by their will.

Among the civilizations of Gods, though, they also directly rule over individual civilizations of mortals much like a God would do.

Providing them with blessings and heavenly realms to go to upon death.

And purgatorial ones for those of them who wouldn't have the best interests of other creatures at their heart.

Purgatorial realms as opposed to infernal realms are only temporary where the souls are corrected for their evils instead of tormented forever.

The Lifespan and spirit of the Tassia'Mel

Tassia'Mel Reincarnation.jpgThe Tassia'Mel, among many other blessings, have lifespans that last within the billions upon billions of years. After reaching the old age, their body slowly starts to turn into energy, and disintegrate into multiversal shards.

One of the passions of the Enders ruling over this species is the enhanced multiplication of universes, so upon the death of a Tassia'Mel every moment of memory from their life's long book of experiences is charged within the cells of their now etheric body and scattered throughout the multiverse in cause.

This feeds the local Multiverse's engines and produces untold googols of more universes filled of order and peace.

After the Tassia'Mel's soul has done this Uroboric journey throughout the multiverse, is then collected by one of the heavens and nurtured there fo eons to come until they become completely recycled and are then sent to reincarnate into a new body as a new Tassia'mel.

They reincarnate to live double the life they lived previously and again go through this uroboric journey, and again to heaven and again reincarnate, with a doubled lifespan.

They do this a total of 9 times, after which at the end of the 9th life they do a final Uroboric Journey and upon entering the heaven they are then ascended into Godhood, to Join the ever growing communities of Gods under these Enders.

Makiallos.jpgThe Occasional Male

For unknown reasons, 5-7% of the overall population of the Tassia'Mel are anatomical males.

Thought by some to be a blessings and by others a dilemma, this has not been revealed yet, as to why does this happen.

Some have concluded that it has to do with the variety in genes from their ancient pasts, others with some more spiritual reasons such as, the fact that many Gods and Enders which they are in contact with are masculine figures as well as feminine.

The occulted books of the Sinestruum (their spiritual Apocrypha) revealed that they are linked in a deeper way with the creator of all things, though nobody has ever experienced His preseence in this civilization apart for the most ancient of Enders.

And they have not revealed such experiences unto the Tassia'Mel.

It is suffice to know that the males of this species are abnormally highly regarded as precious nobles which have supernatural powers compared to the Gods Themselves, though not all of them can manifest them.

They are seen as spiritual sages as their spiritual existence is metaphysical at best. Their spirits never cease to reincarnate, and some evolve multiversal omni-awareness - as in they literally exist in several universes at a time.

Their expansive philosophy.

The Tassia'Mel view creation as a place to both be explored and savoured at the tiniest details.
Though they cannot reproduce as fast as they expand, they find ways to care for the lone cities on the massive planets of this creation in ways that would make them really hard to defeat in an y battle.

40% of the population busies itself with fortification and further planetary expansion - ongoing businesses dealing with building more cities and exploring the planet's surface in greater detail while the rest of 60% deal with exploring more planets and more solar systems. And in a universe so vast, they have no reason to stop.

Zenexur Galaxy.jpgTheir only Galaxy they call home - Har'Zen

This Galaxy is so ancient yet so big it can baffle the minds of even the most transcendent of beings.

Untold billion-trillion years of existence, it has amassed more than it's fair share of collisions and supernatural interventions.

A volume inflated by endless cosmic and divine events, and untold trillions of gargantuan galaxies melded together, this behemoth stands on the fringes of a massive galactic cloud like a stain of red colour on a multi-coloured noise background.

So vast, the amounts of systems in this galaxy, it's not even worth mentioning, untold googolplexes of stars, and anomalies.

At it's core a divine aura node acts as it's balancer and empowered keeping it's fuzzy shape in check and making sure corruption isn't winning the day n any of it's worlds.

The Tassia'Mel Military
d9fqc2h-befdb7fe-f84a-4988-a9f0-08769f4855f4.jpgThe Tassia'Mel soldiers are usually recruited from the masses of the Hermaphrodite gender, which is the vast majority of the population.

They are highly trained beings in the art of ancestral magic and demonic weaponry, as the soldiers are made to create demonic pacts for increased ruthlessness.

Their soul's safety is guaranteed by the main Ender they worship, Melchizedek.

An abominable combination between dark and light magic and psychotic level military grade tech, the Tassia'Mel Soldiers are NOT to be messed with.

The Tassia'Mel's insistence on peace is not due to their cowardice or weakness in battle but rather due to their mercy and the pain they experience when they utterly destroy their enemies. Soul and all!

Techniques of inflicting such torment in their enemies has spread their fame for torture to such vast areas within the Omniverse that vast amounts of cultures consider them to be literal demons and no less!

Weapons of fear and slow death have been invented due to their mandate to enforce peace and unity throughout creation at all costs.

They go by the motto " Love All, Save all, but Never tolerate rebellions even if it means their unjust torment be made manifest"

The soldiers are called "The Omens of Termination" and are the worst nightmare for all kinds of consciousness, be it organic, mechanic or ethereal!

They're armour is built out of the most sophisticated combination between nanotech, demonic metal fibres, inverted gravitonium which is a metal forged out of the very essence of a black hole, and Divinium, a metal forged out of gravitonium and the blood of Melchizedek the Ender they worship. A mere molecule of said transcendent blood is enough to turn a whole galaxy-wide ocean of gravitonium into divinium.

Suffice to say, that their armour makes them almost impossible to be harmed with mundane magic and tech, but for the intervention of the Gods or ethereal soldiers.
The Maehru'nn
The Maeruh'N - Tassia'Mel Male General.jpgThe Maehru'nn are recruited from the males of the species.

These are about as close to the presence of a God as you can have in any army.

They have can resurect the dead, bring souls out of perdition and manipulate time and space.

One of their main abilities is time travel and time alteration.
Due to their already transcendent nature, The Maehru'nn are a challenge even for the Gods themselves though not equals by far.

They act as military leaders of any army and mainly of any Tssia'Mel colony.

They have abilities such as bringing weapons into existence by the mere force of their will (as shown in image - he channels his power and behind him there are massive cannons of pure destruction that have spawned)

They can easily destroy whole cities and stations and fortresses by a mere word.

And even collect the souls of the dead to send them to the highest judgement which is enacted by Melchizedek Himself.

Their armour is built out of the same materials as the armour of the common infantry, though enhanced by 4th dimensional energies channelled by the Gods themselves.

The weapon they wield is a demonic dual scythe, when used it pierces the very core of the enemy in cause.

With it they can cause massive earth-quakes and even space quakes, which is useful when battling a fleet of space invaders.
One Maehru'nn leads an army of a billion Tassia'Mel infantry, as their power provides for protection and regeneration, as well as ressurection from the dead in case the soldiers are killed.

Theirs, isn't any less cruel a tactic, the fighting they give, in fact it can be considered that they are the true demons and not the infantry.

There has been an account once of a civilization of cyborgs which were led by another higher civilization of machines, which when they were approached by a Maehru'nn they began to shiver with fear and repetitive system's failure simply by the Tassia'Mel General holding his demonic dual scythe up in the sky and channelling the force of both Gods and Demons to weaken their adversary. And the weirdest part was that the respective civilization was emotionless by nature, so this Maehru'nn has just created an emotion into a civilization that had none.


The Tassia'Mel view the commandments of Melchizedek as absolutes, and life as the utmost precious reality of all things.

Most of all Gods under the Enders from The Yatha-Harra Eredmius and the enders included, have an incredibly high regard for living sentient beings and strive to create and nurture more and more in wildly increasing numbers.

Therefore one of their commandments is to multiply without restrain and to strive for a more populous civilization than even nature can provide.

In this context they developed the cloning technology which is amplified by magic so that it does not need physical and biological resources apart from a molecule of DNA from any volunteer.

They create billion-trillions of clones per year simply to satisfy their population needs, and since most of them are already adults, they are nurtured in developed settlements before being shipped to new colonies.

This has been adapted into the military as most soldiers in the Tassia'Mel military are clones with a prospect of 18 lives as a value for reincarnation, giving them plenty of motivation and time to enjoy life in future reincarnations should they die in battle.

This is a reward and incentive for their sacrifice of their first life by the Gods of elements which are in charge of the life cycles of this civilization.

The way this works is most Tassia'Mel in happily donate, hair, blood, bodily fluids and some even go as far as donating a full limb of their bodies, as their regeneration allows it to grow back in a few months.
Highly motivated by spiritual rewards and sound doctrine of selfless love which is preached by the priests of their various Gods and Enders they worship.

Sometimes they simply collect the corpses of deceased soldiers from battlegrounds to use as resources for cloning.
Because they don't need anything else apart from an organic cell of said body and a cloning tank with magic warding, they can easily make trillion-quadrillion clones per body or donation at any time.

Cloning facilities are extensive, but they never make clones of clones, as they respect the natural balance of things plus if they'd adhere to such practice it would only spell doom as genetic degradation can be a certainty should they keep making clones of clones.
So there's only one generation of clones per original doner.

What helps recover the genes is when they mate with original naturally born Tassia'Mel to avoid abnormalities. Which they do plenty of times.

Tassia'Mel Fleet.jpg
The Tassia'Mel Fleet

The fleet of this civilization is that of mad proportions!

Lead by continent sized behemoths (the size of Europe - as shown in the distance in picture) and millions of smaller city to 10 story tall building frigates, of various roles, it would look as if this civilization lives more in space rather than any planet.

Their constant incessant industry in spaceship building is obsessive at best, they mine entire asteroids and even designate whole planets to the sole construction of mad numbers of spaceships.

Ran mostly by clones and robots, the fleet has the task of exploring and colonizing new worlds on a constant and steady rhythm.

Though they have the capability to completely blow up a whole planet, each of the continent sized behemoths, they never resort to such action as they view every world as precious.

Though severe bombing is used, to destroy any enemy settlement from space.

They use time distorting beams as their highest technology, as in they literally age the enemy ships to the point of rust and decay by nature. Even the army operating it.

Though they are known to use black hole cannons as a means of obliterating fleets and armies on a merciless level, leaving behind small black holes which are then collected and processed into multiple exotic materials for their rich and exotic overall industry which fuels the economy of their society.

One of their other more unorthodox abilities, which they are famous for using, is the opening of Infernal Rifts in space, to summon all manner of abyssal and infernal horrors to their aid.
As a military mindset they rely on fear based weaponry a lot and terrorization, to make their enemies bow in fear and reverence to submit to their will - which in turn leads them to repentance and joining of the civilization - a sort of enforced assimilation for the surviving members of the enemy in cause.

The Tassia'Mel - A Story of Paradise Theme of Story - Broken (New World Remix)
Tassia'Mel Paradise.jpg

Once, this species was not a single civilization, in ancient times past, there were thousands of different empires and species from across this galaxy.
Nowadays it is one single species living in union.

You will often see the Tassia'Mel, living in their mega cities, with an optimistic mood on life, and a serene smile while they walk or jog or simply relax on the luxurious streets of this paradisiac society.
Tassia'Mel will often be found hugging in the streets even with total strangers - unlike humans - they developed a deep and meaningful connection to each other, based on compassion and a high regard for the fellow Tassi'Mel.

There are no fights among them, no secondary governments, no pseudo empires and not even pirates are formed by rebellious members of this society as there are almost none.
They see each other as family members, brethren of one kind, and are quick in helping each other through any tough challenge or similar circumstance.
There are no homeless in any of the cities, towns or simple groups of outposts... Support is always provided and offered in a synergistic and orderly fashion in such a way that there is no need that is unmet.

Disease is completely transcended in this species and nobody falls sick of anything ever, magic is a common sight in everyone, many Tasia'Mel fly all by themselves, teleport and do all kinds of wonders as part of their daily lives.
You'll see the city skylines both filled with vehicles and Tassia'mel flying by as a sight of wonder.

The peace aura they emanate is intoxicating even for the most dark-hearted being. Once you are in one of their cities the feeling of welcome and trust will melt your heart and make you feel cosy and warm around every-one of them, as they rush to you as a newcomer to get to know you and to help you find a place to settle.

Friends for life are a fact here, as everyone will look upon you with such selfless love you can only expect from true deities. The sight of their faces will, profoundly, express that they have your best interests at heart and will not back away until they have healed you of any and all pain.

Their serene smile will simply melt your heart. Their incredibly diplomatic nature and high regard for life makes it hard to find a real reason to declare war on them simply because of the fact that their charming nature cannot easily be dealt with lest the provoker wants to destroy them out of jealousy, stupidity, fear, or simple meaningless evil and they will insist in their arrival with guns blazing.

The Tassia'Mel, unanimously worship the one Ender Melchizedek who is the king of the Yatha-Harra Eredmius civilization of enders. Even though they deal with multitudes of other enders and gods and demons on a daily basis they don't dedicate themselves to any of them apart from necessary limited time contracts.
And this earns them further blessings and security

You will easily see them kneeling even in the streets to pray to The Supreme Ender, and starting to shine in blue light as they are charged with immense power and blessing as a result. Their relationship to Melchizedek is akin that to child and father, so deeply intimate and connected.

Their welcoming spirit is so great that you will see plenty other species as part of other civilizations that have assimilated simply due to their love for these guys. The way they treat everyone is with utter respect and never cross the lines with the aliens in their cities, always respecting their culture and mindset, though gently converting them closer and closer to the Tassia'Mel mindset.

So with that said, they are not unaware of the constant threats living in this Omniverse and are well ready to face any of them, having had to face even entire civilizations of demons in their past, ending in a lot of bloodshed and loss but climbing victorious and subjugating their enemies with utter glory, with help from the Gods and the Subjugated demons and Enders and Subjugated Oronoss, these have become an imposing paradise at best, even for the most unwilling of evils out there.

Theirs is a philosophy of restoration, so even when they destroy their enemy they collect the wrecks in order to rebuild them and start a painfull process of healing and turning to the light side.

They do not lack prowess and power in battle, in fact they are feared by many who are too foolish to understand the value of life and one of the tactics their grudging enemies use is to misdirect the universe and multiverse in cause by painting them in a nightmarish light as none have found any serious way of conquering them.

Do not take the Tassia'Mel lightly as though they can be your bestest of friends and most trustworthy of comrades they will turn into your worst nightmare in a battlefield should you persist in wanting to conquer them, despite them insistently giving you zero reason to fight them.
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Thakgarian Infestation

Race Overview:

The Thakgarian Infestation is a mass of flesh, tendrils, bone, and teeth, seeking to expand and prosper throughout the galaxy, infesting, spreading, and slaughtering all in its path. Spreading like a pestilence, the Thakgarian Infestation knows no end to its numbers and strength, as it moves ever closer to dominating galaxies. The Thakgarian Infestation also knows very well how to adapt and evolve at rapid rates to adapt to any and all situations.

Government Overview:

Although all simple forms of Thakgarian life are soulless or unable to control themselves, there are many forms of Thakgarian bioforms that have conscious thought. These ‘prime’ creatures are the commanders, leaders, or advanced soldiers. The leaders however, are great beings of unimaginable age and size. Hive guardians lead squadrons, Tyrants lead armies, Wardens lead hoards, Swarm Queens control swarms, Nest Queen's control nests, Hive Queen's control Hives, Great Queens control systems, Matriarchs that control sectors, and Greater Matriarchs that control galaxies, and at the very top, the Overmind, that controls the whole of the swarm.

Military Overview:

All forms of Thakgarian horrors can fight, but many have different specializations, roles, jobs, and groupings. Some are built for ambush, others swarm, others tank the enemy, and others may command. The Thakgarian are extremely varied and diverse. Most Thakgarian are easily killed in battle. A few pistol shots are enough to down the average Thakgarian creature, but the number they come in is enough to overwhelm and eradicate all in their path. Other Thakgarian are both strong and dangerous, capable of bringing down buildings, and a few can bring down cities. The variation of the Thakgarian is too great to explain and fathom.

History Overview:

To almost all mortal species, it is unknown where the Thakgarian came from, or why, however, some have speculated that the Thakgarian are a hyper-evolved stage of a viral contagion that spread across the stars and gained a sense of awareness. Others assume the Thakgarian were a form of bio-weapon, built to eradicate another precursor race's enemies, but ultimately went rogue, or perhaps what the Thakgarian are doing now is what they were made for… Regardless, the history and past of the Thakgarian Infestation was never learned, is long gone, or has been forgotten.

The true history of the Thakgarian lies only with the knowledge of the gods and demons of reality. The Oronoss known as Exeklessior was the one who accidentally created them. As they spread like a scar across the stars, they were nearly unstoppable by all the minor empires that were still not fully developed. For thousands of years, those in the path of the Infestation were consumed, slaughtered, and infested, until one day, a Blessed soul begged the gods to banish this grotesque abomination of life, and they did, trapping it into a tiny realm too small to allow the infection to spread farther, or to leave on their own.

(Still not 100% finished yet)

Chaos Sphere

Blinking and Breathing Manually.
The Arkadian Corporation

Race Description:
The Arkadian Corporation is a completely inorganic race made up of hordes of sentient and highly-intelligent machinery who are known to attack and conquer planets with sheer military force. Their purely mechanical nature meant that they can quickly predict the moves of any understood threat and swiftly develop countermeasures, even adapting to completely patch up any flaw that gets exploited by any foe. While they spend most of their time managing their resources and improving any currently-owned territory, should they ever decide to conquer a planet, they attempt will do so with the greatest efficiency and cruelty they can offer to those who resist them.

Territory Description:The world of Arkadia is bleak and full of mist....
+ Arkadia, the Fortified Universe (Origin Universe)- The origin Universe of the Arkadian Corporation. Its entirety is completely filled with a colorless mist that eradicates organic life (dubbed as the Antichroma), thus all of its planets are solely inhabited by the mechanical population of the Arkadians and the occasional planet belonging to any allied/friendly inorganic race. Aside from the obvious mechanical security that resides within the planets and their orbits, the space of the Universe is guarded by numerous patrolling units and massive free-floating units solely made to keep the space untouched by any threat (they are usually massive constructs large enough to threaten entire planets. One of the Arkadian sub-deities is a modified version of these things). Any confirmed threat found in this Universe is immediately marked for death, usually getting wiped out after a short amount of time. A rumor claims that the ships of those taken down by the Arkadian Corporation are converted into mechanical Ghasts, though this has yet to be proven (let alone see any possible evidence).

The presence of mechanical Ghasts in the Universe resembling technology from wiped-out civilizations (some Arkadian units also deliberately attempt to mimic extremely powerful instances of these Ghasts) and accounts of the fallen that point out that the planets were not completely mechanical implied that Arkanos is not the original creator of the Universe.

+ (Overall Territory) [TBA] -

Within the great mist, the Arkadian ships and megastructures keep watch.

Leadership: The Arkadian Corporation is primarily ruled by the Machine God Arkanos, who has absolute control over them. Arkanos also has two sub-deities who manage and assist the machines while it is away. Other than those three, the machines have no other rulers, treating each other as equals and 'showing respect' to other machines regardless of each other's difference in power (ex. rushing to help a machine in trouble, giving way to larger machines, escorting and guarding each other). This is evident whenever they are working or conquering other planets, where they demonstrate high levels of coordination despite lacking any visible central command.

Military: Due to the advanced mechanical nature of the Arkadians, it is unsurprising that their military force wields technology rivaling the most sophisticated galactic societies, with a wide variety of weaponry and units that are built to serve their own purpose (ex. ambush units using cloaking devices, siege units specializing in explosions or brute force, and reconnaissance units being able to see in almost any direction). While the typical Arkadian machine in the anti-personnel level can be dealt with magic normally, they are extremely resilient to conventional weaponry and highly resistant to energy weaponry (primarily due to learning from the harsh conditions of planets). They also wield technology specifically made with the purpose to wipe out as much life as possible within a span of seconds (ex. kinetic warheads filled with Antichroma, weaponized hadron colliders, gamma-ray cannons, weapons half the size of most planets, entropy and chaos-based weaponry, etc.).

They also have very formidable security measures (most notably the Antichroma, a colorless mist made of fast-acting toxins that can be found blanketing the planets and space of Arkadian territory, made primarily through the mixing exhaust, waste material, and toxic chemicals gathered from gas giants). Due to several invasions that occurred during the early stages of the Arkadian Corporation's existence, every single one of their industrial units has developed a means to double as a combat unit when necessary (the several archived accounts of massive mining drills being used to destroy enemy ships and structures beyond repair serve as good examples of such instances).

Known Mindset: The most notable personality characteristic of the Arkadians is their ability to cooperate and coordinate with each other despite the apparent lack of any ruler (refer to 'Leadership' for more depth in this quality). The ability to cooperate and coordinate with each other is already sufficient to make them capable of rivaling those who rely on leader-figures to work on each other, and their inclination towards and appreciation of efficiency, accuracy, and analysis enables them to properly manage resources in their Universe and wipe threats and obstacles in their way. While this means that it takes time for them to be prepared to attack a planet, this also means that once they are able to successfully initiate an attack, they are guaranteed to strike with overwhelming force.

The Arkadian Corporation is innately hostile to intelligent organic life, with increased violence towards those with more humanoid appearances compared to those with animalistic appearances. Despite this, there is no proof that they actually spite such entities as they lack any noticeable form of emotion. They are not immediately hostile to other inorganic and mechanical races, though they tend to keep up their guard until it is proven that the race in question is proven to be completely trustworthy.

History: According to accounts and information obtained from the remains of those who encountered the Arkadians: the origins of the Arkadian Corporation and everything unique to this mechanical faction stems from a completely mechanical Demon known as Arkanos, who created the machines with its deity-level magic. There is very little knowledge about any possible motive on why the Demon would resort to creating a violent race of heartless machines, or if it is even completely malicious in the first place. One known theory on the existence of Arkanos and the Arkadian Corporation is that the deity was originally made as either an Anti-God or an Anti-Demon weapon; though there are no leads on who, how, and why such weapons had to be made (and question how the machine god was even able to ascend from being a mere weapon leads to more problems with this theory, though the possibility of the use of a Primal Aura Node is to be considered).

There is no known information on how they managed to enter the Prime Universe.

  • Information is subject to additions and changes.
  • All images belong to their rightful owners
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The Gior

General description:

The Gior are large humanoid reptilian beasts that live on the giga jungle world of Tiraxius. They operate in clans, tribes, or packs, that vary in size, culture, and divisions. They have both male and female genders, however it is very difficult to identify the genders, as their appearances are gender neutral. They lay eggs rather than give birth to young. Gior begin their lives in an egg, which hatches in roughly 2-3 days. Gior childhood lasts for about 23 years, adulthood begins at 24+, and then they enter an elder stage at 120-150 years, before dying of age at around 170-200 years. During Gior childhood, the hatchlings begin learning how to walk and speak. Much later during childhood, they then learn how to hunt and fight, then how to survive in the wilds. 80% of Gior young survive the trials to adulthood. The average Gior child will learn to walk and talk at 2, will learn how to use a weapon at 5, and will make their first kill at 6, then fight in their first official hunt at 8. They enter the trial to adulthood a week before their 24’th hatchday. The trial, or better known as “The path” is a grand event that ALL Gior children MUST attend at some point. The child is sent off into the wilderness, very far from any form of society. They spend a day walking through the woods first, then the child is set down and the elders have left, the child must survive for 5 whole days alone in the wilds, and then must find its way back on the seventh day. When the child returns on the seventh day, it will be its hatch day, and the child will have officially become, and is to now be considered as an adult. If the child does not return by the end of the seventh day, the child will be considered to have failed the trial.

General Gior appearance:

Advisors collect data from all citizens of a Gior society once a month, rallying up an average opinion. They then present the most popular, second most popular, and third most popular opinion to the Sub Leaders of the advisors class. The advisor may suggest actions taken, however can still be ignored. Sub Leaders of one class come to an agreement of what should be done, and what shouldn’t. When an agreement is reached, the decision is taken to the Leaders of the Sub Leaders class. If the Leaders allow the decision to be passed, it shall be done. If otherwise, the Sub Leaders can choose to vote against the leaders. The Leaders themselves are worth several votes alone, while each Sub Leader is only worth one vote each. If the Sub Leaders pass the vote, the decision is taken to the Prime. If the Prime accepts, the action is taken. If otherwise, the action is denied. If a vote ever reaches an equal state, the Prime will make the ultimate decision. If the citizens of a Gior society want their Prime off the throne, they can publicly protest or vote down the Prime. All Leaders, Sub Leaders, and Advisors not including the Prime vote. If the Prime is voted off the throne, the most popular Leader chosen by the public is chosen as the new Prime.

A Prime may only exist if the greater public genuinely approves of the Prime. When a Gior approves of another, and puts their heart and soul into approving the individual, they naturally release a pheromone from their scales that specifically targets the approved individual. This pheromone encourages the selected Gior’s body to grow larger and stronger, will improve the chosen Gior’s strength and intellect, along with leadership skill, and will multiply the selected Gior’s lifespan. The more Gior that approves of a Prime, the stronger the Prime is, the longer it lives, and the smarter it becomes. This can likewise happen in reverse if the Prime is disapproved. If other Gior have no opinion, they will not release any pheromone.

The economics of every Gior society can vary between cultures, sub-races, and factions, but generally, there is a standardized currency. Although not every Gior society will follow or use this currency, it is the most popular and most used.

Acolytes: The currency used by the Acolyte culture. Value: 25
Anakturs: The currency used by the Anaktur culture. Value: 19
Centurias: The currency used by the Centurion cultures. Value: 2
Ekeriuts: The currency used by the Ekeritan cultures. Value: 12
Jaktulls: The currency used by the Jakatan culture. Value: 6
Patkars: The currency used by the Ikti’massahn cultures. Value: 2
Shivs: The standard currency used by 82% of all Gior societies. Value: 1
Skihans: The currency used by the Skivan cultures. Value: 4

The value of a resource or item is based on its quality, quantity, scarcity, and weight. The heavier, rarer, and more scarce it is, the more valuable.

Major characters:

Eclipsis (Female Immortal Prime of the Eclipsimundi Empire)

Born on the rare eclipse on the planet of Tiraxius, when all 15 moons align in perfect unity once every 16,000 years. Due to being born on the eclipse, when demon magic in the solar system is at its peak, she became immune to ageing entirely, making her the first and currently, only living Immortal Prime in existence. She rules a massive empire of Gior, commanding over 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 citizens, soldiers, and governors. More than 90% of all her subjects under her command approve of her, and as such, she has grown up to 8372 feet tall. The young, but already incredibly powerful mortal demi-demon of a near immortal soul has reached the size of a titan, and is still gaining more power.

Shivan Oromirus Kassadar “The Scaled One” (Demon lord of War | Demon Lord of the Infernal Empire of Scales)

Created by Iataris, the Oronoss of Greed. Shivan Oromirus Kassadar creates his realms in the image or depiction of his own, and creates intelligent life in the image of himself. The demon realms he creates are greatly chaotic and primalistc in many forms. His immense desire for bloodshed led him to ascension into a demon several thousand years early, and the recognition Iataris collected from Shivan only furthered his power gain, promoting him to a Demon Lord only a few hundred years after his ascension. As a test of power, Shivan attempted to create an intersection between several universes, but due to his lack of control over his power at the time, Shivan accidentally created a single planet 50 times larger than others, 15 moons orbiting the planet, and also had accidentally turned the star of this solar system into an Aura Node of Greed.

Iataris (Oronoss of Greed)

Iataris_Oronoss_of_Greed.jpgIataris began as a demon that had ascended naturally. Being in constant exposure to a massive Aura Node of Greed to an extent where he had gone far from insane, but greatly mentally unstable. His insatiable hunger for more and more excess caused his quick ascension into a demon. Furthermore, he became greedy for the very feeling of greed, forcing himself to spend eons sitting in front of a massive and powerful Aura Node of Greed, while he created, collected, and reaped more and more excess. Eventually, after billions of years, Iataris had naturally ascended into an Ender, and then in less than a week after, had already turned Oronoss. The passion for greed Iataris shows and has, still has yet to be beaten by any mortal creature or entity that exists. Iataris soon began creating billions of demons and demon lords with the wishes and desires similar to his own. Iataris is a physical manifestation of untold quintillions of years of greed, and desire. He is an embodiment of all forms of greed. Lust, Pain, Death, Life, Creation, Excess, Emotion, Armies, Empire, Conquest, Gluttony… all of it… Iataris demands tribute from any and all his creations, and sometimes other Gods or Demons, and rarely, other Oronoss and Enders, be it sacrifice, offerings, loot, or anything in-between.

Notable characters:

Micheri’kasara (Female Prime of the Echiru Clan)
Ekiri Mackara (Female Prime of the Iteru Clan)
Therisi Thikeria (Female Prime of the Thikerian Empire)
Iteri’makaria (Female Prime of the Eterian Clan)
Thikari’massien (Male Prime of the Makarian Clan)
Ihera (Female Prime of the Nabi Tribe)
Mekii (Female Prime of the Ashi Tribe)
Emmier (Female Prime of the Mehiak Tribe)
Ericas’magien (Male Prime of the Mageris Empire)
Imakahn’igen (Female Prime of the Shavigan Empire)
Thikimatari (Male Prime of the Thitari Clan)
Shimakahn (Male Prime of the Shikiri Empire)
Iatahn (Female Prime of the Ikir Clan)
Kitaki’shaveir (Female Prime of the Makari Clan)
Ikerisis (Female Prime of the Akari Clan)
Makar’thikai (Male Prime of the Kitar Clan)
Shivik’Iamas (Male Prime of the Shiv Empire)
Ithaheris (Female Prime of the Miata’irkan Clan)
Mikia’shinikari (Male Prime of the Sikarius Empire)
Itimaki’marun (Male Prime of the Imarous Tribe)
Litakara’miasahn (Male Prime of the Gitaria Tribe)

Notable Societies:

The Echiru Clan
Formed 202 years after Eclipsis was born, the Echiru Clan is a medium-sized militaristic society that currently sports roughly 500,000,000 individuals with 243 settlements, 12 cities, and the main capital. They are generally compliant to worship of “The Scaled One”, but are not as compulsive in the worship of the great being. They live in the tropical rainforests of arkitar. They follow the Centurion culture.

The Iteru Clan
Formed 564 years before Eclipsis was born, this clan is currently the fifth-largest society, holding roughly 42,000,000,000 individuals, with 5,590 settlements, 285 cities, and a main capital. They are religious zealots, enforcing worship of “The Scaled One”. They live in the ashafarian dunes. They follow the Acolyte culture.

The Thikerian Empire
Formed 10,672 years before Eclipsis was born, this empire is currently the core trade market for all other colonies. It holds 700,000,000 individuals, with 700 settlements, 28 cities, and a massive main capital. They are reluctant to worship, but will still occasionally worship “The Scaled One”. They live in the Iashitarian jungles. They follow the Jakatan culture.

The Eterian Clan
Formed 70,251 years before Eclipsis was born, this clan is the third largest, and the original clan of the Gior species. It holds 760,000,000,000 individuals, with 975,269 settlements, 602 cities, and a colossal main capital. They live in the swamps of Iarsatu. They oftenly worship; it is not a requirement, nor is it discouraged. They follow the Ikti’massahn culture.

The Makarian Clan
Formed 272 years after Eclipsis was born, the Makarian clan is a larger, more warlike clan. It currently holds 960,000,000 individuals, with 702 settlements, 692 cities, and a massive main capital. They oftenly worship. They live in the forests of Litaria. They follow the Ikti’massahn culture.

The Nabi Tribe
Formed 825 years after Eclipsis was born, this tribe is the largest of all other tribes, but the smallest of the clans. Currently, there are 80,000 individuals with 20 settlements and a capital. They are religiously inclined to worship. They live in the Tropical rainforests of arkitar.They follow the Anaktur culture.

The Ashi Tribe
Formed 638 years after Eclipsis was born, this tribe is the second largest of all other tribes. There are roughly 50,000 individuals with 17 settlements and a capital. They live deep in the ashfell caves, and lightly worship. They follow the Skivan culture.

The Mehiak Tribe
Formed 702 years after Eclipsis was born, the Mehiak Tribe is a larger tribe with 25,000 individuals and a capital. They live deep within the Arkatarian Jungles, while they lightly worship. They follow the Ikti’massahn culture.

The Mageris Empire
Formed 270,000 years before Eclipsis was born, the Mageris empire was once the dominant empire before Eclipsis. It currently has 70,000,000,000 individuals, 505,029 settlements, 25,006 cities, and 4 capitals. They live far into the Atanari Archipelagos. They heavily worship, and follow the Ekeritan culture.

The Shavigan Empire
Formed 61,057 years before Eclipsis was born, the Shavigan empire is the founder of the Skivan culture, and was once the 3rd largest empire. It currently has 560,000,000 individuals, 62,000 settlements, 10,052 cities, and 2 capitals. They lie within the Shikirain Undergrowth. They are religiously rebellious, and follow the Skivan culture.

The Thitari Clan
Formed 50,602 years after Eclipsis was born, the Thitari clan is a heavily culturally reinforcing society. One of the clans to greatly support the Ikti’massahn culture, the Thitari clan is a great savage force to deal with. There are currently 25,000,000,000 individuals, 362 settlements, and 7 capitals. They live within the Etaraxian Jungles. They are semi religious, and deeply follow the Ikti’massahn culture.

The Shikiri Empire
Formed 25 years after Eclipsis was born, the Shikiri empire is a secondary religious developer of the Skivan culture. They live within the Thikarian dunes. Currently, it holds 60,000,000,000 individuals, 25,621 settlements, 17,062 cities, and 8 capitals.

The Ikir Clan
Formed 137 years after Eclipsis was born, the Ikir clan is a larger clan that greatly follows the Centurion culture. They live within the Etaraxian Jungles. Currently, it holds 25,000,000,000 individuals, 12,672 settlements, 1,267 cities, and 4 capitals.

The Makari Clan
Formed 899 years after Eclipsis was born, the Makari clan is a smaller clan. It follows the Jakatan culture. They live in the Oriatar undergrowth. Currently, it holds 10,000,000 individuals, 521 settlements, and a capital.

The Akari Clan
Formed 5,025 years after Eclipsis was born, the Akari clan is the youngest of the clans so far. It is the creator of, and follows the Anaktur culture. They lie deep within the Oriatar jungles. Currently, there are 150,000 individuals, with 6 settlements and a capital.

The Kitar Clan
Formed 156 years after Eclipsis was born, the Kitar clan is the founder of the Centurion culture, and deeply follows it. They live deep within the Tikarian mountains. Currently, there are 72,000,000 individuals. 672 settlements, 27 cities, and a capital.

The Shiv Empire
Formed 267,000 years before Eclipsis was born, the Shiv empire is the original and first greater society the Gior founded, aside from packs or primitive tribes. The Shiv Empire was the birthplace of all modern Gior society, cultures, and even language and currency. Currently, there are 120,000,000,000,000 individuals and a single capital city that is situated deep within the Shivan jungles, the birthplace of the first Gior.

The Miata’irkan Clan
Formed 160,000 years before Eclipsis was born, the Miata’irkan clan is the founder of the Ikti’massahn culture, of which they follow. Situated in the Makarian jungles, the Miata’irkan clan is a ferocious and deadly foe to face. Currently, there are 70,000,000,000 individuals. Due to the Miata’irkan clan's nomadic lifestyle, they do not own any permanent settlements.

The Sikarius Empire
Formed 605 years after Eclipsis was born, the Sikarius Empire is a major power, and currently a major power. Held up in the Siarkian plains, and sporting 250,000,000,000 individuals, 65,206 settlements, 912 cities, and 5 capitals, the Sikarius empire is not one to mess with lightly. They are also a major magic using society. They follow the Ekeritan culture. Though they hold an iron fist in the religious group, the religion within the Sikarius empire has been dwindling, falling appart to a mysterious cult that worships a different unknown deity.

The Imarous Tribe
Formed 782 years before Eclipsis was born, the Imarous tribe is a large tribe, and a nomadic one at that. They wander the Iakarian badlands. Currently, they have 80,000 individuals. They follow the Anaktur culture.

The Gitaria Tribe
Formed 952 years after Eclipsis was born, the Gitaria tribe is a majorly religiously enforcing group. They live within the Iknatar tropics. Currently, they have 120,000 individuals. They follow the Acolyte culture.

The Eclipsimundi Empire
Formed 7 years after Eclipsis was born, the legendary Eclipsis is the ruler of this massive empire. It is currently the largest Gior society in history. They are situated within the Eclipsi plains, the Iatarian plains, and the Ikarian dunes. They currently hold 10,000,000,000,000,000 individuals, 683,006 settlements, 8,692 cities, and 27 capitals. They deeply follow the Anaktur culture.


Auk'tinir: The common Gior language almost all Gior societies speak.
Giakmall: Spoken in only the Acolyte, Anaktur, Ekeritan, and Skivan cultures.
Eclipsi: Spoken only in the Eclipsimundi empire.

Auk'tinir is spoken with this kind of accent if translated in English: "Hau aur ou?"
Giakmall is spoken with this kind of accent if translated in English: "Houths aresh yousss?"
Eclipsi is spoken with this kind of accent if translated in English: "Houk ark ?"
Original English normal accent translation: “How are you?”

The giga jungle world of Tiraxius is a mega world, spanning several hundred thousand km in all directions. The climate of the world is quite hot, with a greatly humid atmosphere. The planet is 50 times larger than medium-sized worlds within the Omniverse. The planet is surrounded by 15 moons: 3 rock moons, 5 desert moons, and 7 jungle moons. The climate of the world varies, but generally, the climate ranges from 30 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius. Tiraxius is roughly 52,000,000,000 years old so far, and intelligent life sprouted around 2,000,000,000 years ago. The most dominant intelligent race so far is the Gior, with around 1.0121235e+16 population.


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The Archangel Universe



E’arta: The planet E’arta is home to two humanoid species, E’artins and Dirthani. The two races have a long history of bloodshed between them, though due to the ability to interbreed and their extremely similar traits, it is highly possible they were once one race. However, E’artins deliberately make their tech to recognize a specific gene that is recognized as E’artin. Their weapons and armor, and even cybernetics only responds to E’artins and those with E’artin blood. The world is, in many ways, very similar to Earth. However, they are far more technologically advanced. They also don’t have the same kinds of flora and fauna

E’tria: Though they had a brief period of time where they believed in magic and gods, it has long since passed into belief that magic and gods do not really exist and were just ways to explain things that can now be explained by science. This is a fairly small world, with lots of green, and a few oceans. It was named as such by the stranded E’artins in memory of their lost home

Tentlaka: Not much is known about this planet. The only people to have seen it, aside from the native species, the Tentlakans, have spoken of it very little.


E’trians: E’trians are a very humanoid race, that look like a mix between E’artins and Dirthani. They can be any height or weight that an E’artin or Dirthani can be, however, they usually have rounded ears. Occasionally, due to the lost crew of Sanua Kadina crash landing in one of their eventual deserts, interbreeding with the race. This species has never gotten along well with others, or even their own species.

E’artins: E’artins are elvish in nature. They have a tendency to be very tall, and slender. They have pointed ears. Without cybernetic enhancements after the skin, E’artins tend to live 300-500 years, depending on health and lifestyle. With cybernetics, they have a tendency to live 3000-5000 years, depending on health and lifestyle. Some E’artins have a gene that causes them to go crazy, though some can fight it, known as the Apophis Gene. In the day with all their medical tech, it’s actually fairly easy to correct and treat, with little to no effect. They have a oliagarchy. The entire race is Psionic to some degree. Sometimes E'artins are born with a gene that causes the carrier to go crazy unless medically treated. Some can fight the insanity and it's completely random whether one can or cannot fight the gene. This gene is known as the Apophis gene.

Dirthani: The second sentient race on E’arta. They are dwarvish in nature, and tend to be built short and stocky. The tallest Dirthani is about as tall as the shortest E’artin. They seem to have a way with technology, and make a lot of E’artin’s technology. They are a fully psionic race.

Tentlaka: Tentlakans are a squid-like race (though some people would describe them as something out of Lovecraftian horror) that are barely into their infancy. Or rather, their religious fervor. When Talmak’s core crashed on their planet, they believed it was a god, or a god’s artifact. Only their priests (who bear the Firebird mark) are able to even somewhat communicate with their “god”. However, when the artifact was stolen, they tracked it to the thief’s planet, E’arta, and started a massive war with E’arta.

Creighcrugh: A race of sentient, living ships. They are a completely telepathic species. They can survive body death as long as their core survives. However, they have abilities in their natural bodies they simply do not have in artificial bodies. And vice versa. In their natural bodies, they can fly by themselves without a captain or commander on board. However, in their artificial bodies, they seem to have the ability to travel through time, they must have a commander or captain to fly anywhere. And it cannot be just anyone. They have to resonate with the ship in question. They can telepathically talk to their commander, though they need a computer system to speak to anyone else.

Overux: Not much is known about this species. They are the enemy of the Creighcrugh.


E’tria: Sanua Kadina and her crew of 200 crash-landed in what would one day become a desert when E’trians were starting to emerge as the dominant sentient species. The E’trians call themselves and their world such, because the “gods'' called it that. And by the time of science being the answer to how the world works, it was just the name of their species and the world. There have been three major wars on E’tria. The first was between “gods”, that being Sanua Kadina and the crazy members of her crew. The last two wars were between E’trians, for various reasons. One was very religion based. The other was a psionic war. In the current era (roughly 3023) the world is still on edge, but is slowly starting to merge into one nation under one leader. This is further hastened by the return of Anna Johnson (lost for four years) with a party to sign a treaty that would make E’tria and E’arta allies.

E’arta: E’arta has a long history of bloodshed and warfare. The most prominent battles that history remembers best are the War of Three, and the Tentlaka War. The War of Three was shortly before E’arta was united as one whole nation, through the warrior Kirig, a powerful psionic with both receptive and projective Empathy, and a very strong Limited Precognition. He sensed the coming of the Tentlaka years before they arrived and took his tiny army, that hadn’t known defeat, and surrendered them to the other E’artin army. The war was between a large E’artin army, a large Dirthani army, and Kirig’s tiny army. He quickly became the leader of the army, and, upon defeating the Dirthani, declared himself the king, and his line has ruled since. The first born of his line are marked with his mark, a Firebird on the left upper shoulder. The Tentlaka War caused Crown Princess Sanua Kadina, only child to the then reigning King and Queen, to take Talmak and 200 E’artin warriors in search of allies. She never returned, and her parents were assassinated. This left the Queen’s younger brother on the throne, and his descendants have taken over after him since then, with Crown Prince Qweto next in line. Until Anna Johnson returned aboard Talmak.

Tentlaka: Not much is known about Tentlakan history. Talmak’s core crashed there, they worshiped him as a god. He was “stolen” by an E’artin and put into an artificial body. They went after him to reclaim him.

Creighcrugh: The Creighcrugh is an “old race” of sentient spaceships that can speak with each other telepathically. However, the Creighcrugh as a race has mostly vanished, with Talmak being the last of his kind as far as anyone knows. The vanishing of the Creighcrugh was due to some kind of war between them and the Overux.

Psionic Abilities

Empathy-There are two kinds of Empathy, Projective and Receptive. There are only two instances of any one person having both. Most of those that have it have one or the other.
Lie Detecting-You can always tell when someone is lying to you. And many with this ability can sense when an Empath with Projective Empathy is affecting their emotions. They are also not easily manipulated
Limited Precognition-For most, it’s the hair standing on the back of your necks that says you’re in danger. In fact, that’s exactly what it is. However, some have the ability to sense danger minutes before it strikes, rather than seconds, or just the general discomfort some experience. There is only one known instance of someone who could sense danger years in the making.
(Ask me, as I can’t remember all the ones that actually exist, and I don’t have a cool name for the ability to detect lies, because I made it up.)

More Info Needed

Sanua Kadina and some of her 200 warriors crashed on Earth, including her fiance, in what would become the Sahara Desert. They were considered gods, and through a mistranslation among other things, they were unable to convince the people there otherwise. They are directly responsible for many of the Elf and God lore that exists on Earth. Sanua Kadina died on Earth at 260, at the hands of her fiance, who, sadly, had the Apophis gene and went crazy. She had children before her death.

In the future, there is a school for “angels”, “archangels”, “demons”, and “archdemons”. These are time travelers. Angels and Archangels protect people through the ages. Angels usually protect the “average joe”. Archangels protect “historically important people.” Demons gather information needed for the Angels, Archangels, and Archdemons to do their job. Archdemons assassinate certain people throughout earth history. Usually someone meant to die at a specific time in order for history to continue as it should.

Firebird Mark (or at least close enough to work)

E’artin Uniform: Sky blue, made of nanotech that slows bullets and makes them mostly non-effective. However, it has no true defense against sharp weapons like swords, arrows, etc. Mostly because the uniform was made for more futuristic weapons. The nanites can still blunt the blow, but the sharp edge will cut the fabric. Nanites take about 30 minutes to repair damage. And when that is the case, it is the weak point that anything that can get through. The Nanites also allow for configuration on color and how it looks. Someone very skilled with the tech can make the normally “one outfit shirt, pants, and shoes: look into a dress or really anything they want, including changing colors.

Have any other questions? Let me know. I’m sure I’m forgetting some stuff, and that some stuff is not clear. I will try my best to clarify. If you have any ideas, let me know. I’m always happy to add to the story, if it makes sense.

Bio 1

: Anna Johnson
Age: 24 (E’artin equivalent is 164)
Species: E’trian
Appearance: Average height, about 5’6’’ and 156 pounds of muscle. She is very stockily built. She has auburn hair (red) just long enough to cover the tips of her slightly pointed ears. Though no one can see it because of how she wears her uniform (both her E’trian Air Force uniform, and her E’artin Navy uniform), she has a Firebird mark on her upper left shoulder. It was there when she was born. And her mom has one too in the same location. She has green eyes. Her E’artin uniform is sky blue, with lots of options for color and style changes, though she wears it like a uniform. She also wears a small, difficult to see hand com that allows Talmak to talk to those around her, not just her.

E’trian Uniform, for Anna Johnson Air Force

E’artin uniform (I couldn’t make it look like a single solid piece) for Anna Johnson, E’artin Navy
: She was teased for her pointed ears as a young child, and as a result, she is a bit of an introvert. She spent most of her life, moving from place to place because her father was a member of the military. She joined the Air Force at 18. She quickly became one of their top pilots. And at 20, and she and her partner, Mark Troy, found Talmak in the desert, when they were investigating a strange power source. Mark Troy saw Talmak take Anna away. She met Qweto Sarnobi on E’arta, where she joined the E’artin Navy, and joined the battle against the Tentlaka. She forged an alliance between E’tria and E’arta four years later.
Abilities/Powers: She is ever so slightly stronger, faster, and more agile than the average E’trian. She is a powerful Telepath, both Receptive and Projective, though she did not learn this until she came to E’arta. She used to believe she was just very good at telling when someone was lying. She has limited precognition, up to a minute of warning.
Personality: She is very shy, and has a tendency to want to blend into the background unless she is in a war scenario. Then she is take-charge and commanding. If you get to know her, you will find she is quite kind and caring.
Flaws: She can lose control of her Projective Empathy quite easily. When she does, especially strong surges of emotion can affect those around her.

Bio 2
: Talmak
Age: Unknown
Species: Creighcrugh
Appearance: He is a large, metallic spaceship. He has an odd artifact at the core of his build.

Talmak appearance
: He crashed on Tentlaka many centuries ago as just an artifact. He could not properly communicate with or convince the Tentlakans that he is not a god. He eventually managed to convince an E’artin to take him away and managed to get the E’artin people to build him a new body. He crash landed on E’tria when E’trians were just coming into their own as the native sentient species, losing his crew of 200, including his commander Crown Princess Sanua Kadina. He woke up periodically throughout E’trian history and directed it toward a more scientific and technological outlook, due to his desperate need for a new captain who could understand what he was, and what he needed.
Abilities/Powers: He is a telepath among his own race and with whoever his commander is.
Personality: He has a tendency to speak very scientifically, and in a complex manner. He can usually get his emotions across most of the time, though.
Flaws: He can be very hard to follow because of how he speaks.
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The Osthirii Synergy --> Theme --> Emad Yoghub - Reach
The Osthirii Adult.jpgThe Osthirii Synergy are... well.. old! In an unforgiving galaxy plagued by conflicts and mysteries as old as time, conspiracies and threats for old orders to splinter and new empires to be born, The Osthirii, have kept to themselves...

A civilization amounting to the hundreds of Octillions possibly even more! They are creatures built both of plant life and nanite technology.

Their origins are evidently unknown even to themselves, though they may put themselves around the origins of the Helekthior World Builders but since they are as of yet an undiscovered species no other witnesses other than themselves can confirm or deny this claim.

They originated near the centre of their galaxy.
Out of the 78 Googol stars in that galactic region, they own 4,567,009 stars all immediate neighbours to each other.

They can't be seen as owning an influence territory like most imperiums which, now dominate this galaxy, since most have the influence territory spanning across dozens of billions of stars some even more, all the while leaving the majority of these stars unpopulated and even unexplored.

The Osthirii have tightly populated and colonised every planet and asteroid around those 4,567,009 stars - and since not even they know where exactly they began (at least not officially) they don't have an official origin planet...

The most intriguing fact is that they began so close to the galactic core where the shear radiation of the galactic core renders the evolution of life almost impossible, there but for primordial goo and moss on some really weird, nightmarish worlds.
Despite this fact, the planets which they have colonized and filled have been richly terraformed almost to the point of looking like utopian paradises on the surface, and having all their cities underground with, but a few buildings on the surface, which provide passage for their spaceships and people.

Osthirii Aspect and traits
The Osthirii creatures, are highly intelligent beings, composed out of plant matter and nanite technology which builds them into an almost spherical structure which grows huge roots that are used to walk, run, and jump. The same roots they use as limbs for the purposes of developing and handling outer technology. (aside from the inner engines which act almost like organs for their body)

The light they emit is caused by the inner processes of energy production, nutrient processing, body regeneration and everything else they need to communicate and think and operate in the universe.

Highly energetic beings, one of them could produce sufficient energy out of the void, to supply the energy needs of a small country for 1000 years!

Since they are half organic, they consume both organic nutrients, energy (which they produce - unless internal systems damaged then need to feed off the solar energy of the light from stars until they regenerate), and minerals such as common silicates (rocks, crystals, dirt, sand) and minerals (metals)

Their organism is incredibly complex and ever-changing, thus rendering them as different from one another as a rock is from another.

They are also pretty sizable creatures, one of them easily comparing to a small building

Osthirii Adult Size.jpgOsthirii reproduction

Though these creatures are a fairly big society, they are not all that fertile... These creatures only reproduce once a decade and for a group of Osthirii pups/buds to grow is anywhere between 10 to 20 years.

The main reason they are so sizeable in population is because of the fact that they do not die of natural aging!
The oldest known generation of Osthirii are theorised to be almost ten billion years old...
Though they are immortal, they have to sacrifice their memory for the purposes of survival, this being one of the reasons why their society can't remember very well where they began and how.

Osthirii resilience

As for how do they die, their systems can fail, or accidents or if they are hacked (due to them being computer-like)... Though they are not too easy to kill as they can regenerate, even if they are shattered to bits, burned or molten...
Principally, their greatest weakness is hacking, which can turn their nanites off, and leave their organism without any regenerative capabilities, therefore exposing them to being easily killed by a couple of rockets or strong plasma blasts.

Another weakness is draining them of nanites, which in turn these nanites once separated from their host, are not very resilient or independent, thus quickly melting away into primal chemicals and minerals, so once the nanites are turned off, it is officially game over for an Osthirii adult.
Their body generates a low-level forcefield which can be turned off with energy based weaponry, and thus giving a huge window for hacking.

Starvation does not kill them, because it is nearly impossible to deprive them of food, they can easily feed on the hull of a spaceship and the radiation from space and/or sunlight.

Osthirii energy usage and reasons for it being so high

The nutrients preserve their organism's energy production functions, which in turn fuels into their nanite core, that keeps the nanites reproducing and re-assimilating should a bunch of them fail. This also being highly important for their sentience functions, if they do not eat for three weeks, they officially become drooling vegetables, which slowly die off, as their engines stop producing energy little by little.

Added to this, they do not need to eat much due to the shear amount of energy they produce which keeps them from starving and the fact that it is almost impossible to stop them from feeding off of the universe's energy and radiation.

They basically only need to consume a hand-full of solid/liquid/gaseous matter or simply radiation and energy per day.
And the way they process the food allows for the production of dead matter crystals as waste.

This dead matter is toxic for them, and is almost alien to anything in the tangible universe, but it is incredibly beneficent for the nuclear fusion that happens inside stars - thus slowing it down and multiplying the hydrogen in the star.

And if enough quantities of Dead Matter are thrown in a star, the helium and heavier elements begin to reverse through nuclear fission in their original form of hydrogen.

Their poop, essentially is one of the main materials they use to prolong the lifespan of their suns.

Osthirii abilities

Besides their basic survival and reproduction set, their body acts as a low level gravity inverting system which allows them to hover, and if needed they can engage a small flying engine for short bursts - which is incredibly useful in space and acts as a replacement for their need of planet side vehicles.
A combination of hovering and flight bursts can easily act as a hovering land-rover.
Their underground cities provide magnetic belts (almost like a street) which allow them easy access to any location in the city through their natural movement abilities.

They use mostly radio-waves combined with low level telepathic field, in order to communicate, but due to their high intelligence and telepathy, they can easily learn any alien language they enter in contact with... not that they ever found the need for such, as far as they are concerned.

They do emit harmonious sounds and tones, which makes a planet which they inhabit, sound like an electric violin opera...

One of the most profound abilities which defines their nature, is their ability to split-shift form .
Basically what this is, is that their inner body clusters together in a densely crystalized core, almost indestructible and unloads their mind in their outer body. Their inner core is tightly packed in a red-glowing hexagonal crystal sphere the size of an average human, leaving plenty of body-mass for the process that follows:
Their body-mass - roots included - breaks up into several smaller chucks (depending on the matter needed for the form they will adopt), and the nanites go to work to shape those chunks into the form that they decided to disguise themselves as.
Having to consider that they never fancied themselves using this ability because they never needed it, they may be a bit rusty as to how to perform such a task nowadays.
But fundamentally, the shape they take tends to adapt to the species targeted so well, that apart from the nanites no medic or biology expert from the targeted species can spot their alien origin!

Well... that is for the fact that the shape they adopt is fundamentally perfect, a perfect version of said species - perfectly healthy - perfectly beautiful -perfectly intelligent... Think those traits might give them away?

This ability links with their psychology

Osthirii technology

They are ancient, and have rivalling technologies with the very Helekthior World Builders.
Though they never saw themselves in the need to use it except for space exploration, planet and asteroid terraformation and colonization, and star preservation (to prevent the natural decay and death of a star)
Due to a deeply encoded paranoia, they mainly used it to constantly scan the skies around their tight star cluster in order to prevent any form of detection from any civilization that might wonder too close to the galactic core.
They used their wisdom and knowledge to hide themselves and make their star systems appear non-interesting and even developed a massive perception filter to make any roaming explorer ignore their stars.

Their military capabilities are limited, as overall they are a peaceful species, though technically speaking they could easily and quickly adapt to the military capabilities of the attacking party.

They only use weak warp engines since they only found themselves needing it for a volume of 100 LY of stars in the densely crowded area of the central bulge of the galaxy.

Heavily unprepared for any conflict, due to their confidence in their apparent "invisibility" if they should be discovered by a greedy and hostile empire, they could be military conquered easily enough should the attacking party act fast enough to prevent them from adapting.

Osthirii Psychology
The Osthirii adult, is an independent entity.
As far as anyone else is concerned that is... You see, the average Osthirii has multiple personalities inside only one body!
This being what exactly happens inside is that one of them can carry up to 100 different psychic-virtual entities in one body, which are in fact mortal.

They are like small towns of virtual people, which reproduce in their psychic-virtual realm and when the amount of personality entities reach a high enough number (which takes 10 years, roughly) they produce mustard-seed sized seeds on their bodies, each containing one personality entity, which is dropped to grow another pup/bud.

But this is another one of the reasons they are so forgetful...
Their personality entities die of literal "old age" and re-assimilate in their nanite core, every 40-50 years, which makes it really hard to preserve their memories, especially since they are highly prone to a multiple personality disorder, should a conflict arise in that tiny community!

The fact that they generate multiple personality entities inside their psyche, is one of the core resources they use when using the Split-Shift Form ability.
When they finished the process of creating multiple bodies of the species one Osthirii Adult plans to disguise as, it downloads all of those personalities one per body, and sometimes, if they don't have enough personalities - the entities divide thus temporally creating more personality entities for the purposes of this power.

This aside, they also share in a hive-mind consciousness being ruled by several "queens" somewhere within their empire, having to consider that these "queens" are purely ethereal in nature and the only personality entities that are almost immortal.
They constantly migrate at random from Osthirii to Osthirii, as they so please, assigning new leaders, resolving conflicts, and being in charged of keeping as much as possible of their culture and history in check.

Surprisingly enough, they are also highly emotional creatures, but due to them living in a relatively peaceful society, they are not easily provoked to anger due to a ruling philosophy of peace and forgiveness, which played a major role in them not separating and flying off into the galaxy thus exposing their people to the aliens.
Though in their crowded star cluster, there are several factions which have developed, they still, subject themselves to the Queens and the will of the society.

It is as of yet unknown whether they will experience an internal conflict big enough to attract the attention of the galaxy.

They call the universe "The Sprout of Infinity", and "The Unending Mystery" as they have been studying it's secrets for so long that not even they can remember and still have not reach even 1% of the knowledge out there. And inside...

The Osthirii fancy themselves as the librarians of the galaxy, yet they are a proud people, thinking of themselves as the observers of reality, taking huge pride in the fact that they have not been discovered by anyone for hundreds of millions of years...
But despite their seemingly endless wisdom, they seem to lack the saying that "pride comes before a fall".

Should their very qualities prove to be their downfall? Who knows...

The Septygian Multiverse Network
The Septygian Multiverse.jpg
The Septygian Multiverse network, is not that unusual for the kinds of constructs one might find in the 5th dimension, and is the place where the Osthirii reside. More like in a universe that has been dubbed the Hellediax Universe.

At first this multiverse was thought it has no creator, no supernatural being who moulded it, as its structure seemed natural enough, though strangely ordered and seemingly technological looking.

One could easily say this multiverse is made out of chunks of various multiverses or is a network of smaller multiverses onto itself.

Full with gargantuan universes that keep replicating, it almost acts like a circuit board, all universes being channelled through 4th dimensional currents to different sectors all the while they replicate and replicate at insane rates.

An ever expansive seemingly mechanical 5th dimensional construct, it has been dubbed the Septygian Network by many visiting Gods and Demons as it feels more like a group of relatively young multiverses.

As to it's origin, it is rather unknown, or more uncertain, but as mentioned earlier it seems to be a natural construct that happens to have taken shape within the Omniverse, based on all the information that flows through it on a constant basis.

One theory has come to be considered by most cultures of Scribes within the Godly domain, that since time is widely relative within the Omniverse, that this multiverse came as a twist of power which was released originally by the Demon Arkanos, the originator of the Arkadian Corporation.

It has been concluded that at some point in his existence when it had recently ascended, resulting to [CLASSIFIED], a large burst of 4th dimensional energy was released into the local multiverse which kept snowballing until the Omniverse picked up the information and "extracted" said energy thus amplifying it into this Multiversal Network.
Though highly uncertain as to how this has happened, this has explained why does it's 5th dimensional structure is similar to that of a circuit board.

Such incident was also why the ancient Scolar Gods and Demons and even some Enders, were so certain at first it was a natural multiverse, because technically speaking there was noting unusual with it's origin as Multiverses replicate in similar fashion to how Universes replicate within said multiverses.
It was but for this unusual release of demonic energy that came from Arkanos that changed the theory of this magnificent omniversal structure.

The Hellediax Universe (WIP)
Hellediax Universe.jpg
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Shadrack Nor

The Expansion of the Arothai GM
Expansion of the Arothai Instance of ARDA - Lord of The Rings (WIP)
LOTR Theme
Rohirrim Soundtrack
Lord Of The Rings - Soundtrack

Arda Minor Dimension.jpg

The world Created by the God Eru Ilúvatar - a small pocket dimension within a minor multiverse owning but a handful of planets that orbit around a minor yellow dwarf star.
Most of LOTR Lore is the same - except for the elemental parts that are adapted to this universe. Such as the cosmic structure of the pocket dimension and the scale of the world.

Arda is the World on the right hand side of the picture the lush looking planet, while the others will be for further development.
Such change is in The middle earth, the whole of the continent of Endor is exactly as in the lore, in size and all, but it is a tiny speck of dust on the surface of this version of Arda, making the realm wider for further exploration and development and fanfictions to be developed.

Also, for obvious reasons, the world here isn't flat, and the origin story of the Sun and Moon, which here will be moons, can and will be changed, with some imaginative ways to be adapted for the purposes of linking this universe to the overall omniverse of the Thaumaturge.

Since humanoids can exist here - all characters in LOTR lore exist also just as known. But feel free to add your own creatures to enrich the story.

Here will be added some links to it on the broad picture - (Remember Lore isn't respected 100% here, just the elements such as some characters and places historic moments but they are adapted accordingly):

Lord of the Rings: Before the Ages (Complete)
Lord of the Rings: Dagor Dagorath (End of the World)
Tolkien Gateway (lots of reading)

Eru Ilúvatar
Eru Ilúvatar.jpg

Eru is the transcendent God, completely outside of and beyond the world of Arda.
As a 4th dimensional being, he resides within his own Multiverse that he interacts with in various ways.
In this instance he is the Originator of Arda and all life in it.

He first created a group of angelic beings, called in Elvish the "Ainur," and these holy spirits were co-actors in the creation of Arda and all the surrounding dimension, through a holy music and chanting called the "Music of the Ainur." He is known also as "The All-Powerful", and He alone could create independent life, or reality, using the "Flame Imperishable".

The next thing he fashioned was Eä, the "World and All That Is", and Eä was in the Void (or "the Outside" as it was sometimes called). He then gave the Ainur the option to go into Eä and fashion it as they will. The Greatest Ainur who chose to do so were called the Valar, and they controlled the shaping of the Arda.

They could not make life, however, as Aulë proves, who was able to give only shape to the Dwarves, while consciousness was given to them by Eru.

The Valar were accompanied by the Maiar, the lesser Ainur. Elves and Mortals, however, came directly from Ilúvatar's thoughts, and are referred to in The Silmarillion as the "First" and "Second" Children of Ilúvatar (or Eruhini), respectively.

Eru Ilúvatar Supreme - True form

Eru Ilúvatar Supreme - true form.jpg
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The Sorahnian Union | The Sorahnian Union Theme

The Sorahnian are a race of peacekeeping authoritarian humanoids, seeking the benefit and well being of all that stand under their flag, and those that cooperate among them. Sorahnian people are divided into separate castes, groups, and specializations, but always united under their beliefs, religions, pacts, banners, and social structure. Sorahnian people are xenophile, welcoming all races, religions, beliefs, cultures, backgrounds, and species into their universe, and grant redemption, guidance, and wisdom to those who believe otherwise. As a peacekeeper empire, the Sorahnian have dedicated their vast empire to keeping the peace in their universe, and to attempt to do the same in other universes around them. As an ancient megapower in their universe, whatever they say normally goes, however, even with all the power they hold, the Sorahnian still allow their countless trillions of underbanner empires to have their own thoughts, beliefs, and even oppositions to the Sorahnian Union, and even encourage others to have different thoughts, reasonings, and even opposing opinions; however, if the universal peace in their realm is being threatened, they will not hesitate to snuff it, but will guide those wrongdoings, rather than enforce, purge, or threaten. Although Sorahnian society is often forgiving, welcoming, and peaceful, it still contains corruption, crime, and even violence. In an empire as vast as theirs, it is still impossible to contain, control, and confront all wrongs, evils, and tyranny, in fact, it makes it far more difficult; but the Sorahnian Union is willing to, and making every attempt to pacify them, and ensure the peace, safety, and prosperity of all peoples within their reach.

Standing at an average of 5-7 feet tall, and weighing 142-166 lbs, Sorahnian people are somewhat vaguely humanoid, however, through their nearly monstrous appearance, they are gentle, kind, and caring. The Sorahnian have digitigrade legs and arms, with 4 clawed fingers on each hand, and talon-like feet. Their heads are stout and rounded, keeping a compact shape, size, and position. Their skin has a mixture between scaly and leathery texture and appearance, with common colors ranging between white, grey, tan, sand-yellow, brown, dark brown, light-red, red, and dark red. Sorahnian armor, exosuits, and clothing is commonly modified to fit them and their appearance, however, Sorahnian will also modify their apparel to fit other races almost as often as they modify alien apparel to fit them. Lastly, Sorahnian have a vast variety of different subraces, cultures, and even different religions, but nearly all of them look at least vaguely similar to the description and image shown here, and a vast majority of them follow the same, or at least similar beliefs and ideals.

Race Overview
Hailing from Soriah, the Sorahnian are a race of bipedal humanoids, each of which stand 5-7 feet tall, and weigh an average of 142-166 lbs. The Sorahnian are tough and hardy, oftentimes getting through the worst of situations without much trouble or worries, and will treat others with kindness and respect whenever possible. Sorahnian peoples rarely ever hold grudges and hatreds for long, and are quick and easy to move past former frictions, grudges, and wrongdoings. They often respect others and their way of thinking, and believe that other opinions are not just necessary, but vital in the development and growth of a society and its peoples. Sorahnian are kind and heartfelt, even coming to the aid of wounded enemy soldiers on battlefields, and will rarely keep prisoners of war, or torture them for information, oftentimes asking them for information politely, and releasing them back to their people eventually, or even giving them opportunities to join the Sorahnian Union. Most of the time, Sorahnian folk seek to improve not just their own lives, but the lives of others as well, committing great acts of selflessness and kindness, often seeking the benefit of all people, regardless of species, background, race, grudges, or religion. The Sorahnian seek to reach technological, genetic, and societal perfection and unity, building up new relations with other empires and welcoming them into their worlds and vast empire, building and expanding gloriously and graciously, ensuring a massing wave of peace and prosperity throughout their inhabited universe and beyond, building a grand society so others may live a better tomorrow. The Sorahnian Union is soon to become an Arothai society, and when it does, it will use its new power to spread more multiversal peace among the stars.

Military Overview
Although the Sorahnian are peaceful, caring, and welcoming, they still realize and understand the cold, unforgiving, and cruel laws of the Omniverse, and as such, they have developed a vast and complex military to defend themselves from the horrors, evils, and tyrants of the omniverse, and to ensure the peace of the omniverse and the peoples that inhabit it. Sorahnian military is nearly as complex as the universe they reside in, with a vast array of different castes, classes, divisions, groupings, ranks, models, and types; their military is nearly as vast and variable as the other species and Underbanners within their empire. The Sorahnian Union also keeps a vast variety of minor factions and military divisions under their banners, allowing a vast array of personalized, customized, unique, and even alien models, makes, types, and classes into their doctrines, but dividing them into their own separate Underbanners militaries; additionally, each Underbanner is allowed to hold, maintain, and construct their own militaries at their own volition, however it is regulated by the Sorahnian Peacekeeping Authority. Although each Underbanner has its own doctrine, specifications, classes, ranks, divisions, and classes, militaries and factions, it is not possible to list them all, as listing the entirety can and will take a few months at be of the Primary Sorahnian Union militaries and factions, as listing them all could take a few months at least.

Primary Military Factions
Sorahnian Union Military Operation (art is not mine)

The Peacekeepers
Peacekeepers are the police and authority of Sorahnian colonies. Generally, they are found in mass numbers and patrols around settlements. They are often commanded and garrisoned inside any kind of Peacekeeper structure, station, or ship. They are the first to deal with any possible threats, crime, dangerous hazards, or unrest that occurs in Sorahnian Settlements, and employ a variety of tactics, classes, units, and types for any situation. Peacekeepers will most often make every possible attempt to use as little force as possible, but will still do so if the need arises. Peacekeeper forces have access to standard and advanced Peacekeeper assets, and strictly regulated, monitored, and limited access to basic military assets when and if absolutely necessary. Peacekeeper forces rarely use lethal force, often only ever employing stun, concussive, or irritating weapons and ordnance, such as irritation gas, batons, and stunrifles.

The Vanguard
Vanguards are the rapid response authority, diplomatic force, and heavy ordinance for the Sorahnian Union. The Vanguard has a large variety of fast scouts and forward units, yet also a good deal of powerful and heavy ordinance and support. The Vanguard is only ever deployed during violent mass riots and protests, extreme-level crime, forward militaristic diplomacy, and rarely, minor military operations. Vanguard forces are very well equipped, with the most advanced and top-tier Peacekeeper assets, and even somewhat limited and regulated access to basic and advanced military assets. Vanguard forces are generally used as a lethal force option, but will still take every possibility to use non-lethal methods if at all possible. Vanguard forces have full authority and power over Peacekeepers, and often immediately become in charge when deployed into a situation or scene. Lastly, Vanguard forces are, although rarely, used as minor military operatives or holding forces to hold down and capture locations, as well as used in martial law declarations if and when necessary.

The Bastion
Bastion forces are defense forces, designed as a heavy military defense and protection unit. They specialize with heavy armor and weapons, and control, build, and hold heavy defensive positions all over pre-settled locations. They excel in urban, rural, and hive city environments, and do well in highly defensible locations such as a crag, mountain, or city. Bastion forces have full unrestricted, yet still slightly monitored access to all forms of Peacekeeper, Military, and Bastion assets. Bastion forces are only ever deployed, called upon, or used for warfare, galactic/universal threat, open terrorism/rebellion, and/or violent mass riots. The Bastion is always the first to defend against full on enemy forces, holding down key positions and locations of strategic, requisitional, societal, or cultural value. Bastion forces have minorly restricted and regulated access to any and all Peacekeeper, Vanguard, and Bastion assets.

The Sorahnian Aggressors
Sorahnian Aggressors are an actual military faction, specializing in assaults, actual military tactics, skills, and action, and are the primary assault forces. Holding a vast swath of infantry, assets, and authority, they are the main forces used in martial law, assaults, and aggressive military pushes in warfare. The Aggressors often hold a more warlike or militaristic behavior and personality than most, as they are commonly the first and last wave of forces to attack enemy forces. The Aggressors still often attempt to take less lethal options first when and where possible, but will primarily use any option that gets fewer of their soldiers killed. Aggressors have full access to any and all Peacekeeper, Vanguard, Bastion, Aggressor, and Military assets.

The Sorahnian Exterminators
The Exterminators are a last-resort military force, rarely used, but done so with devastating and terrifying effectiveness. The Exterminators are extremely skilled, very powerful, and most are psychologically insane or twisted, often mutilating their victims on the battlefields before or after killing them. The Exterminators are referred to as “the lost”, as they have twisted beyond redemption, repair, or aid, and must require divine intervention to heal. The Exterminator squadrons are composed of war criminals, death-row inmates, or former asylum patients. As Exterminators, they are allowed to do as they wish on the battlefield, but in order to be allowed to do so, they must behave. Regardless, the Exterminators listen to governments or high-ranking leaders, but during a battle on the battlefield, they listen to nobody but themselves, which has grown into their military tactics, as commanders do not need to worry about chain of command or disobedient soldiers, as each Exterminator with a close bond with another will always listen to each other and themselves, leading to fewer rouges. After the battle is done, they are picked up at a marked extraction point. The Exterminators are a last-resort force that is rarely, and regretfully used. They are only used against foes that do not care for diplomacy, are breaking an extreme amount of warfare edicate policy, or against foes that are far too powerful, and threaten universal peace. Even friendly forces in the presence of the Exterminators are advised to evacuate the region of operation, as the Exterminators will quite often be subject to cannibalism, psychopathic slaughter, or bouts and fits of murderous rage.

Culture, Government, and Religion Overview
Sorahnian culture is extremely diverse, as they rule their entire universe, culture divergence and changes are not just common, but expected and encouraged. Sorahnian culture is too greatly varied to be distinctly classified, but generally, Sorahnian peoples stick to a general cultural theme, but many cultures are mixed with others, and sometimes even alien ones too, as well as divergence and modifications as time progresses and the cultures expand. Sorahnian religion generally revolves around Dreamith, the God of Unity, however, many other sub-religions and religion variants have sprung out all over the place, and many Sorahnian peoples have not only accepted and appreciated other forms of religion, but they have also incorporated and integrated others religions and cultures into their own base culture and religion, adding to the diversity, unity, and equality of all. Sorahnian government is vast and expansive, with bureaucrats, judges, diplomats, sanitationists, leaders, governors, and rulers all over the place. Not one ruler holds sway over the whole of the Sorahnian Union, but rather, a collective of them. Each Legislative rules over their own sector of Sorahnian space, each Executive controls their own solar cluster, and sometimes, galaxy, and each Magistrate rules over their own planet, and sometimes, solar system. These are the 3 simplified branches of the Sorahnian government, but the government itself is far more complex, with a mass of subdivisions, lesser and greater classes, and an opposing wall of different types, ranks, and titles.

Economy Overview
Sorahnian economy is incredibly varied, with market shares, bureaucracy, currencies, taxes, and resource production and harvests changing, varying, and constantly modifying. Masses of imports and exports on a variety of worlds are always ongoing, sent, and received every second of every day. Starports, docks, trade hubs, marketworlds, and merchant factions constantly operate, function, and deal business day in and day out to keep the turning cogs of Sorahnian logistics, trade, economics, and bureaucracy turning.
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The United Warforged Mechanist Colonies (The UWMC) "
The rise of machines is now! Hail King Vallsiear Hashen! Hail the UWMC!"

Seemingly stuck in some form of primitive age, the United Warforged Mechanist Colonies, or UWMC, is a collective of militaristic human-likes, and a vast assortment of war machines. In recent times, the UWMC has just begun to touch the stars, and with them, they bring a new age of warfare. With walking bunkers, massive war machines, mobile artillery, and newer aircraft and ships, the UWMC was born, forged, and built in warfare with their rivals, and since then, still remains in constant warfare. Their culture, society, and constructions have since reflected such matters. A prideful nation which was born into a world without magic, nor gods or demons, naturally formed by the omniverse and its expanse. The UWMC brings a new layout of machines, warfare, destruction, and a new golden age of expansion for their banners, beginning to colonize and conquer the surrounding forces within their solar system, and eventually, galaxy. As the pinnacle of progress and expansion, the UWMC now sees a new age, bringing with it a grand spectacle of carnage and warfare, to pacify and subjugate their neighbors, and claiming land and honor for them and their banner.


-concept-sketch-il.jpgThe UWMC has a heavy warrior and mechanist culture, forming great societies and minor nations underneath them. Their weapons, armor, machines, and the like hold similar aesthetics to real-world WWI and WWII, with a mixture of Steampunk style mixed with the diesel machines of the industrial revolution. From constant warfare, their culture heavily reflects it. Cities are built in fashions similar to giant fortifications, facilities are built to greatly favor a defending force, and put both enemy attack and defense forces at a disadvantage, and massive rows of defensive fortifications hold down every possible defensible location, strategic position, and around the borders of both their nation, and every major settlement, city, and capital. Industrial sectors crisscross every known location, and every settlement is built like a giant complex, making it both incredibly difficult to navigate, but also incredibly harder to fight in. Many citizens not yet familiar to a settlement may quickly get lost in the spiral of hallways, districts, streets, and city sectors.

1616526557049.pngThe UWMC and their militaries is an extremely vast assortment of different divisions, subdivisions, classes, ranks, and the like. Innumerable variants of weapons, vehicles, and whatnot are uncountable, with something to combat anything else. Versatility, efficacy, and effectiveness are the core aspects of every weapon, machine, and asset in the UWMC military. From variants such as the LM18 Luthfield Rifle, up to the Barret K23 Aushfend, or machines such as the GR5V3R Linebreaker Mechanized Walker, to the L38 321mm Artillery Marshwalker. Versatility, firepower, and effectiveness are the key points in UWMC militaries, and such military power is always used with effectiveness and precision. From the lowliest of infantry, all the way up to the elite mechanist generals and leaders, the ranking system in UWMC society is based on former and current military service, and such effectiveness while in service. Due to this, both their military and social ranks are based on war ranks and levels, which led to both the formation of more advanced ranks, but also the desire to serve in the military, which ended the enforced conscription for their militaries. Currently, there have been a total of roughly 170,000 notable military divisions and subfactions, and about 2,000,000 minor subfactions.

The UWMC government closely resembles a military caste, but still holds true to actual government ranks and hierarchy. The entirety of the United Colonies is controlled by King Vallsiear Hashen, with Generals, Subgenerals, the Cabinets, and a collective of Commanders and Subleaders underneath him. With the government leading the UWMC through and past tragedy, terror, and fates believed to be inescapable, the government has earned the trust of the public, and the entire UWMC fully trusts, believes in, and follows their government nearly without question, flowing not only force, power, and strength into their actions, but also commitment and pure loyalty. With this, the UWMC’s populace is highly loyal to the declaration, actions, and decisions the government makes, and the militaries fight in the name of their King and Colony.

Relation with Magic/Supernatural Power:
The UWMC does not believe in such madness, as no magic exists in their realm, nor do Gods or Demons. Being entirely unreligious, the UWMC does not worship, nor follow a God or Demon, but rather, their King. Without a form of religion, the UWMC is prone to revelation when magic power, or supernatural power is revealed, but that will be difficult, as due to strange variables within their universe. Not only does magic not exist, but it cannot exist. Even alien magics of any kind just don't function in this universe. Any magic of any kind that is casted seems to be consumed by this universe, making low-power spells useless, and high-power spells incredibly weak, or even ineffective. Why this is true is unknown, but it may have something to do with the formation of this universe. It may still be possible to use magic in this universe, but the means to do so have yet to be discovered. Regardless, the UWMC does not yet grasp the concept of other universes, let alone the existence of magic.

Technological Overview:
zJGqjGQrS6uNT7Lcuq-wjRaiDWSlxZ5CnXPW52zcY2l4nSb5aHkNzpZkcnngAxy_GJvGH-fSgIAoGf9uC_IYr1VAECGZ_E...pngThe UWMC seems advanced in kinetic technology, but in reality, are quite far behind the tech tree. Technologies such as TV’s, Telephones, or the like don't exist... Instead, they send messages and information by letter or radio. However, this loss of technological progress still has been filled and patched with advances, such as mechs, ships, crude warp-travel, and powerful weapons. Even in a world of advanced civilizations, the UWMC seems to accelerate their usage of their weapons, and are not only deadly, but terrifying when compared to other standard forces and technology, even though their tech is still quite primitive. For a crude sense of aesthetic and tech, the UWMC is somehow able to put even advanced railguns and laser rifles to shame.
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Alissa Ming

Wandering Storyteller
Legends of Camelot

The Far Distant Future of the Capital of Nodorius, twenty years after the Third Species Wide War, during the Commerce Wars

In the future of this world, magic and technology are intertwined and aiding each other to make even more incredible things. They are starting on things like hover cars, though those are not common. There are three surviving large corporations, FaeCo; specializing in magic, TechCo; specializing in technology, and KnightCo; specializing in ancient armor and weaponry. All of them do have parts of the others integrated to encourage them working together, rather than always fighting. Once a year, they hold a tournament. The most important part of it was the jousting. Each company selected one knight to participate. The last year’s winning knight was the last to be faced. The winner of that year was in charge until the next year.

The History of Magic in the Hurios Race: As Written by Merlina Zanash

Exactly when and how magic was introduced to the hurios race is unknown. Some say that the beings from beyond bred with the hurios and that lead to magic in our race. Some say that ancient magical artifacts that were claimed, gradually lead to magic occurring in a person at birth. I sometimes suspect it was a bit of both, though who exactly made any artifacts is a mystery to me.

As the years passed, magic grew and grew. There was even a time when magic users were in charge of the evolving nations. However, magic is not natural to the Hurians. Or it wasn’t at one point, and over time, magic users started to be born less and less frequently. This, along with the rise of science and mundane thinking, ended the Golden Age of Magic. Though I do admit, I'm not certain that our kind wasn’t meant to have magic, as seemingly all life channels this fundamental paradigm of existence. Just the history that we know of seems to point to this collision with the spiritual realms which ignited, or more truthfully, re-ignited magic in our kind.

The Dark Ages of Magic started when King Dorius Evuu the Conqueror took over the Empire of Nodorius. Fearing that magic users would try to take his power, he found a way to seal magic away. The world began to slowly die, from magic starvation. This very fact pointing to my prior presumption about the uncertainty whether or not we were originally without magic.

As a result, Magic users went into hiding and stopped using magic, as the kinds of magic were varied in the sources, and even those that used magic from their own body energy could not be sure that they weren’t taking magic from our world, Traddia, when they slept. Magical creatures retreated into pocket dimensions or tried to fight for their right to survive on a slowly dying Traddia.

During The Second Species Wide War, a bomb fell on and broke the seal. Magic came flooding back, and with it came the beginning of the Renaissance of Magic. Though Magic would not fully surface until the the 400th Centennial cycle since the known apparition of our kind.
Or at least not in any real capacity, magical creatures started to return at this point, forcing ‘normal’ people to deal with them (though in my opinion any creature channeling the very essence of existence ought to be called normal, but pride and fear are ever so despicable).
In the end, as things would have it, this caused the formation of the Hunters. A group of people dedicating themselves to protecting the ‘average’ person (or rather the unnatural majority) from rogue magical creatures.

Finally, in the current era, magic has been fully integrated into our culture, with magic and technology living side by side.


Camelot is a shining beacon and many believe it to be a myth, that the knights and Merlin were all as they seem, but it’s not quite true. The knights were a fairly even mix of men and women, as well as commoner and noble. As for Merlin? Well, a young woman named Merlina stood by the side of Arthur Pendragon. Why these things changed is unknown, but it is suspected to be a mix of male bias and that someone so wise and powerful simply couldn’t be so young. Camelot ended tragically, starting with the marriage of Arthur and Gwenever.


Merlina Zanash-A half Fae, daughter of the Fae King (King of all Fae, though he is sometimes referred to as the Fairy King). Takes the place of Merlin, though this seems to have always been fated.

Lady Nimue Rivard-AKA the Lady of the Lake. She runs FaeCo as the CEO, and is the heiress to one of the oldest noble houses in England.

Arthur Pendragon-Son of Uther Pendragon. About the same age as Merlina, and trusts her implicitly until they have a falling out that causes her to leave.

Gawain-A thief who Arthur made a knight to give her a new lease on life. She has two parents who barely made ends meet before she and her younger brother were born. She was forced to become a thief because no one would apprentice a woman, and she needed to support her parents and brother.

Bedevere-A Noblewoman

Lancelot-A commoner, male. He is about 28 or 30 when he joins Arthur’s knights with a ten year old daughter, Galahad with his first wife, Elaine. He was one of Arthur’s closest friends and the only one to beat Arthur.

Galahad-A commoner, female. Daughter of Lancelot, by his first wife.

Mordred-Not much is known about Mordred. He is one of Arthur’s Knights. Most likely a noble

Kai-Arthur’s foster brother, and one of Arthur’s Knights. A nobleman

Ector-Arthur’s foster father and one of Arthur’s knights. A nobleman

Morgan-This spellcaster believes he should be in charge of England. Though if this is because of his power or because he was related to Uther somehow is unknown.

Bores-A commoner who joined Arthur’s knights.

Percival-Guardian of the Holy Grail and one of Arthur’s Knights. She is a commoner.

The Hunters

The Hunters were formed after the seal broke. They were formed as a sort of police to help keep peace between the Hurios race and magical creatures. Anyone with a passion for the job can join, but four distinct types tend to join at a clear rate.

Instructors-Marked by having some white hair in their natural hair. The hair slowly becomes more white as they reach the end of their lives and find their replacement. They cannot age or die without finding their replacement. They can live for centuries. They also have an excellent memories for anything they learn.

Sharp Shooters-Marked with a bow and arrow birthmark, these hurios are natural shooters, bows and arrows, guns, throwing knives, if it can be used at a distance, they have a knack for it.

Blade Singers-Marked with a sword birthmark, these hurious are naturals at close range combat. Swords, axes, lances, hand to hand, they need barely any training.

Rune Readers-These hurios are marked with a book birthmark. They can read the lost language of magic, commonly believed to be the Language of Angels.

These four kinds of Hunters are extremely rare and would barely make up one fourth of the Hunters even at their highest numbers.

Alissa Ming

Wandering Storyteller
Nightshade Chronicles

A Land in Turmoil

Once, the four races were united, each completing each other in significant ways. Then the fifth race, made up of five tribes, came into being. Believed to be decided from Weres, the Animan race is hated and despised. Though they are called Wilfen by the other races, as that is the most common race. This turmoil was made even worse when the Queen of the Gods, Kita was overthrown by her twin brother and cast from heaven. Up until that point the “children of the moon”, her blessed, were beacons of peace and hope. Now, they are seen as the cursed “Nightshades”, omens of trouble, and unwelcome. Few even remember the days the Nightshades were anything else.

The Five Races

-This almost demonic race are the assassins and thieves of the world. They specialize in being quiet and stealthy. Their names tend to revolve around quiet consonants, such as “Shu,” “Shiu,” etc.
Shu the Assassin v3_zpsstthd34q.png

Blados-This race is a weapons specialist. Their horns are their most obvious distinguishing trait. Their names tend to have hard consonants, such as “Brand,” “Blade,” etc. They are also born with facial tattoos

Iilven-This elvish race are exclusively magic users. They tend towards more mystical, lilting, or musical names, such as “Ilya,” “Aya,” etc.

Neutravos-A neutral race (effectively the ‘humans’ of this world). They cannot use magic, but while they are not as good at weapons as Blados, or sneaking as Stealthan, they can do either of those things as needed. However, they are better merchants and tradesmen, as well as craftsmen. They do not have a clearly defined naming convention.

Animan-This shape-shifting race takes on the traits of the specific animal they can shift into. There are five total tribes.
Wilfen: This tribe can turn into wolves. They have wolf ears and sharp teeth. They tend to used names with barking, or growling sounds, such at “Grath,” “Barla,” etc.

Felai: The Felai can turn into cats. They have cat ears. They tend to use names with purring or hissing sounds, such as “Cera,” “Histle,” etc.

Avian: This tribe of Animan can turn into birds. They have bird wings. No one knows for sure what their exact naming conventions are, but it is believed they use caws, and other bird calls to aid in chosen names.

Pisces: This tribe can shift into fish and mostly live in or near the water as a result. They are rarely seen away from the water. They can be recognized by their fin-like ears. They are believed to use common fish species to aid their naming.

Dagon: This is by far the rarest kind of Animan, and the rarest seen. They mostly live in the mountains and can turn into dragons. They are recognizable by their dragon wings. They tend to use roaring or growling sounds in their names.

The Gods of the Nightshade Universe

The gods of this world are highly thought of. They often bless people with part of their power. Their blessed tend to look like them physically. Not as a race, but like hair and eye color. The gods themselves tend to take on their preferred race’s appearance. They are the gods and goddesses of all races, but they take on the appearance they most like or relate to.

Kita Nightshade-Goddess of the moon, night, peace, and magic. Queen of the gods. In love with Eshin.

Naruin Daystar-God of the Sun, morning, and war. Twin brother of Kita. Overthrew his sister at one point for reasons yet discovered

Taria Loveseeker-Goddess of love. Married to Naruin
Taria Loveseeker_zps55abtrcu.png

Makin Seasonbringer-God of Seasons and Weather.

Darman Oceanwalker-God of the Oceans and Water. Married to Makin
Darman Oceanwalker v2_zpsyotlx6pl.png

Eshin Deathstalker-God/Goddess of Death. In love with Kita. They tend to be very gender fluid (don’t have any pics of female Eshin, sadly). And take on the attributes of every race.
Eshin Deathwatcher v2_zpsv1zjfvtw.png

Varn Skywanderer-God of the Sky, father of Kita and Naruin. Considered a Fallen God, as in no one has seen him in ages and few believe in him anymore.
Varn Skywanderer v2_zpsmdrmynyu.png

Yashina Earthtalker-Goddess of the Earth, mother of Kita and Naruin. Married to Varn. Considered a Fallen God, as in no one has seen her in ages and few believe in her anymore.
Yashina Earthwalker v2_zpsda700n7w.png
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