China's Library.

Lila Renn

Hell on Earth.
China opened the door, narrowing her eyes at Darren. "You're late." She told him, before he could think of an excuse, a small wave of blue energy pushed him in. "It better not happen again or I will have you're head." She was sort of joking.. "Im going to show you something today, that I've done with my home." China smiled.

He was used to this by now. Darren allowed China's mostly-friendly push into her home, then turned and shit the door behind him. He chuckled nervously at her dark threat, hoping it was a joke. Better be early next week, he noted to himself.

He followed the older mage as she invited to show him something. She was a spectacular sorceress, and he was really excited to see what she had to show him. "Ooh, I can't wait!" he exclaimed, unable to contain his enthusiasm.
China walked in, pressing several symbols on her arms, causing the furniture to float. "This, allows you to control any inanimate object as long as it has this sigil to it." She pointed to a piece of paper. China made a sofa smash into a wall, destroying both the wall and the couch. The two instantly rebuilt themselves.

"Get to it." She told him, putting several pieces of paper down. One of them having the sigil drawn on already.

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China stood up. It had been a few hours since her student started working. Something didn't feel right today though, She stood up, closed her book and looked out the window. China always trusted her gut. She excused herself from her student temporarily, going into a small room with multiple cameras set up. Although they weren't cameras, they were sight sigils. Able to see anything from where they were but practically invisible.
Darren continued, replicating the sigil on page after page, paying attention to the nuance of every stroke: every curve, angle and detail. Eventually he got one that he thought was good enough, and he activated it.

Smaller furniture items with the sigil lifted, but the larger ones simply tumbled. He looked about at the mess he'd caused, then scanned the room for China. Luckily, she'd excused herself and didn't have seen this blunder. He righted the furniture, and when China wasn't back yet, he set about continuing his work. His next attempt caused them to jolt, jumping about 3 feet each. And his following attempt seemed, to him, to have been a success. He deactivated the symbol and called out excitedly to China.
She walked out, "Yes?" China asked, her eyes narrowed. "I'm in the middle of something D-" She looked at the mess on the floor, "My goodness. While i say well done for doing the sigil right, don't mess up my furniture, Most of them are extremely expensive." China smiled, "I think its time for you to go home, I'm expecting some Visitors."

China ushered him out, telling him to come by tomorrow.