1000 years after the end Chirpy


The local birb.
Name: Columbidae "Chirpy" Zeetil

Race: Aarakocra

Age: 17, in comparison to standard human aging. Even though they don't exist..w/e you get the idea <3

Gender: Male

Description: - Columbidae's plumage is a glossy brilliant white, like that of a well-kempt dove. He's built like the average Aarakocra, short and agile, but is a deal stronger. He also uses a significant amount of the chirps and other birdlike noises in his speech, finding articulating with his beak rather difficult.

Columbidae is a bubbly, social, and friendly character, but a little skiddish. He enjoys chatting and social events (which is where he got the nickname Chirpy.), but most importantly, he's incredibly curious. While most other Aarakocras are content to stay close to home and only venture out for food and such, Columbidae will go much, much farther just for the sake of adventure. He believes the most precious treasures are the ones far out of the way and most deeply hidden, and is willing to travel for weeks with no particular goal.

Favorite Weapon: Talons and natural things like sticks and rocks.

Brief Bio: Columbidae found himself in a tight spot. On one side, he had all his friends and safety and food and everything he could ever ask for. On the other, he had none of that. And it sounded awesome. He had already ventured out do far from home, and still he knew there was so much more to see, if he would only go further, though he knew if he started on this grand adventure, he would have to commit to it. Was it worth it? He guess he would have to find out.

Additional Info:
-Likes to sing

Genetic instability: A little more than average.